Toyia Montgomery, Charm Consulting

Toyia Montgomery, Charm Consulting

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Learn about this local entrepreneur and executive recruiter who has dedicated her career to helping others make the connections they need to succeed.

Toyia Montgomery
Toyia Montgomery

For Toyia Montgomery, it’s all about connections.

Today, she’s the Business Development Manager and Staffing Manager at Ajilon Professional Staffing where she connects people with professional opportunities. But she does so much more.

It all started when Montgomery earned her Journalism degree from Ohio University and spent some time in England studying sociology and mass communications at the University of Leicester.

After returning to the States, she earned her MBA and eventually founded a non-profit organization called Relate Marketing. “Relate Marketing was established to expose children from single parent homes to a world outside of their communities through educational trips and community events,” Montgomery says on her website. “The organization also provides marketing assistance to small businesses at discounted rates.”

After getting her feet off the ground and launching Relate, Montgomery also opened Cliqq & Sip Internet Cafe near the University of Cincinnati. Throughout these experiences, Montgomery learned that she loved giving others opportunities through her resources and connections.

That’s when she teamed up with Talia Townes and Tiffeny O’Neal as the talented trifecta that launched Charm Consulting, a locally-based business that specializes in branding, public relations and event management. “Our primary focus is to help people bring their vision to reality by connecting them to resources and others that can help them realize their dreams,” she explains.

Because helping others with networking and resources is such a passion, the idea of helping others achieve their dreams plays a major inspiration to her everyday life. “What inspires me everyday is giving people hope that whatever they dream can be achieved if they work toward it diligently, meet the right people and keep the faith that it’s possible,” says Montgomery.

As a new mom, Montgomery is especially proud of Charm Consulting’s “Jr. Charm School” program, which is comprised of girls ages 9-17 and teaches participants how to be positive members of the community.

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