Transamerica Women’s Initiative

Transamerica Women’s Initiative

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Diana Berry, Investment Advisor Representative at Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.

Women are a driving force in today’s economy, and are key decision makers for both business and family financial decisions. Yet, while women make and share responsibility for a majority of the family’s financial decisions, they unfortunately lack education in many areas of financial planning.


“We offer an opportunity for women to learn the steps of how to have a financially sound future. We also recognize that there is a growing demand for female advisors, with demographics working in our favor; more Baby Boomer women are making significant financial decisions at home without the resources to guide them,” says Diana Berry, Investment Advisor Representative at Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.


They provide a step-by-step process to achieving a plan regardless of what stage of life women are in while recognizing that there is a large need for women to have the knowledge of how to protect their family and their future financially.


The biggest misconception, according to Berry, is that a lot of money is needed to get started or that it’s too expensive to have a financial professional to help guide them through the process. “Most people don’t plan to fail, but fail to plan,” says Berry. “We want to reduce the percentage of women who fail to plan because of a lack of knowledge of what options are available that are specific to their needs.”


You can get involved by attending their events to learn more about what they are doing and how they are helping families. Their next event is The Women’s Event on July 24. “We have our events quarterly,” Berry explains. “You can also meet with one of our financial professionals for a free consultation to find out how they can assist you with setting up a game plan for your future and goals.”


The benefits are having the knowledge of knowing how to get started and how to navigate with a personalized plan is priceless, Berry says. “It’s the elimination of fear and guesswork when it comes to understanding what your personal game plan is to establish the future you want and to protect your money,” she adds.


“Today, women comprise only 17% of the financial services industry and yet 95% of women will become their family’s primary financial decision maker, and by 2020, women are expected to control $22 trillion of personal wealth assets” Berry explains. “If women will be making most of the financial decisions and control most of the wealth, it makes sense that women better understand the financial needs of other women.”


With “Only Blue Skies,” their new Women’s Business Platform, they envision transforming the largest industry in our country from one that talks about women’s financial needs to one that is actually doing something about it – helping women address their own financial needs through education.


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