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A locally-owned, woman-owned business is making waves in the content community. Read on for more on their team of women writers and thought-provoking insights.

Untold Content focuses on creating well-written, thought-provoking content to help businesses reach their audiences.

Katie Trauth Taylor earned her PhD in rhetoric and composition from Purdue University. The former English professor then made the decision to step away from university teaching and launch her own business, Untold Content.

“Untold Content is a national writing consultancy that helps innovative organizations share their insights and establish their thought leadership through clear, thought-provoking content,” explains Taylor. “We are expert writers who serve government agencies, healthcare systems, scientific and technical companies, academic and research institutions, and other innovative organizations.”

Taylor adds that Untold Content’s team is comprised of women writers who work together with clients in order to help them think more strategically and creatively about the content they put out.

Taylor, a Cincinnati native, says that she was inspired to launch her business in order to help promote public intellectualism. Untold Content wants to help all voices be heard, share insights, and ensure that people have access to information.

“Practically speaking, we translate research insights and clearly communicate what is oftentimes quite complicated: How do you work with an engineer to help them articulate what they’re trying to say to an everyday consumer through well-written user guides? How do you work with a healthcare organization to help them give patients diagnosis information in a way that they can understand? How do you help a nonprofit inform the community about an unknown problem? These are some of the problems we tackle as a company, and serve as examples for how we work to make sure insights are shared and people understand one another,” says Taylor.

Taylor’s team is dedicated to bringing organizations’ stories to life as a proudly women-owned and women-run business.

At Untold Content, you’ll find white papers, research reports, website content, and manuscripts to name a few. However, because the team has high-caliber writing capabilities, they’re able to reach several disciplines and industries with their content.

“We like to say that we serve ‘thought-generating organizations,’ which means innovative organizations who intelligently work to solve complex problems or develop creative solutions that deserve spreading,” she says. “Our speciality is working with organizations who differentiate themselves through their deep knowledge and technical know-how. As specialists in technical writing and marketing, we help thought-generating organizations translate their insights for non-expert audiences.”

Untold Content was incorporated in 2016 and launched with its company name in 2017. Despite only being in business for about a year, the company has gone from one woman with a major client to a team of five female writers that support more than 20 clients not only in Cincinnati but outside the area as well.

What helps Untold Content stand out among other design firms, branding agencies, and marketing consultancies is that they take their knowledge of human perception, qualitative research, technical communication, document design, and more and share it with several industries.

“By immersing ourselves in the organizations we work with, we engage in a creative act of building understanding and learning how to communicate knowledge with nuance and authenticity,” says Taylor.

Currently, Untold Content is a finalist for the 2017 ArtWorks Big Pitch. The team is up against eight other finalists and will compete to share their brand story and win $20,000 to help the company grow.

The Big Pitch event will be held at Memorial Hall on September 28. Taylor says you can support Untold Content by purchasing tickets.

To learn more about Untold Content, visit www.untoldcontent.com. You can also like them on Facebook and follow along on Twitter and Instagram. “We are always sharing insights into our creative process and projects, and would love for you to join the Untold community,” adds Taylor.