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You love supporting local, women-owned businesses, especially when the product is maintenance-free and guaranteed under warrantee. That’s what you get with Vertex Gutters.


With more than 10 years of experience in the business, President and Owner of Vertex Gutters, Claire Degenhardt, recently developed a new maintenance-free gutter product line with patent pending components. This system is guaranteed to never pull away, never clog and is manufactured right here in Blue Ash, Ohio. It comes complete with a lifetime transferable warranty. Plus, Vertex Gutters now offers Owens Corning blown in AttiCat insulation.


Located at 11138 Luschek Dr. Cincinnati Ohio 45241, Vertex Gutters manufactures, sells and installs their proprietary system. “We manufacture our product so there are no franchise fees or dealership fees and we pass that savings on to you, the customer,” Degenhardt says.


Vertex Gutters is the only Maintenance Free Gutter Protection System with a Patent Pending Universal Endcap. “Our Endcap is designed to fit on both left and right side of the Gutter System,” Degenhardt explains. “This saves money on inventory and we pass those savings on to you, the customer.”


The Vertex Gutter System:

  • Prevents your gutters from clogging and overflowing
  • Prevents animals, birds and insects from nesting in your gutters
  • Directs rainwater away from your home’s foundation
  • No maintenance fees
  • Comes in 8ft sections
  • Perforated or non-perforated
  • Bracket made of nylon and 10% talc
  • Mounted every 2 ft.
  • Seamless high back premium grade aluminum
  • Made of nylon and 10% talc for durability and weather protection.
  • Keeps you off of that dangerous ladder!


GUTTER: The gutter is warranted against cracking, chipping, blistering, pulling away from the fascia board, or peeling for as long as the Owner owns and resides in the house in which the Gutter System was installed.


CLOG FREE: The Gutter System will not clog and will remain free-flowing for as long as the Owner owns and resides in the house in which the Gutter System was installed, provided that the gutters and downspouts are not externally damaged so as to impede the surface tension adhesion and/or internal flow of roof rain water. This warranty applies only to the Vertex Gutter System and does not apply to any underground drain systems.


LABOR: Vertex Gutters will perform all work in a professional manner using high-quality materials and supplies, and in conformance with applicable building code standards. Vertex Gutters warrants to the Owner that the installation work performed by Vertex Gutters will be free of defects due to workmanship for as long as the Owner owns and resides in the house in which the Gutter System was installed.

To learn more, visit, call (513) 827-6329, “like” them on Facebook, or watch the video below to see how the system works!

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