WE Succeed at the Cincinnati Chamber

WE Succeed at the Cincinnati Chamber

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Read on as we chat with a success story from an innovative and intensive three-month coaching experience offered for women.

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s WE Succeed is an intensive three-month coaching experience that aims to provide resources to women leaders in the city that allows them to navigate their own thoughts, questions, and situations in the workplace. 

One of those who is a WE Succeed alum is Jennifer Nenadov, Vice President of Client Services at Paycor. 

Nenadov says that she’s someone who has had the opportunity to work alongside inspiring people throughout the course of her career. 

“There have always been a few “stand out” leaders at each company I’ve been a part of that I could look up to and learn from,” she says. “With each organization – Charles Schwab, Fifth Third, BMO Harris Bank and now Paycor – I’ve sought out opportunities to learn new skills and be mentored. As I sought to gain new experience, I crashed head-on into project management and the skills I developed in leading large-scale initiatives helped me move into new roles, new industries and new challenges. In the past few years, it’s been rewarding to start shifting to the mentor role myself as I lead large teams in the Client Services division at Paycor. We all have experiences to share with each other and this is how I approach each new and growing relationship.”

Jennifer Nenadov, WE Succeed alum. Photos by Erin Jackson Photography

The fulfillment Nenadov finds in her career is something that comes from home. She is a first generation American, as both of her parents were born in the former Yugoslavia, and knows first-hand that the opportunity to get an education and have a career in the United States isn’t something that is all to common in other parts of the world. 

That’s why Nenadov says she is motivated to do the best that she can and take advantage of the opportunities that are laid out in front of her – including participating in WE Succeed.

Nenadov was nominated to participate in the WE Succeed program by the leaders at Paycor. “Part of the fabric of Paycor is to invest in our talent, and I was fortunate to be nominated by our leadership team to participate in WE Succeed,” she says.

Now that she has participated in the program, Nenadov says that what she enjoyed the most was its intentionally intimate setting.

“WE Succeed pulls together a handful of female leaders from various local companies to talk about the challenges we’re each facing in this season of life,” Nenadov explains. “I was surprised how much work and personal life blended in this program, which I believe speaks to how we’re wired – we like the idea of compartmentalizing our lives into clean categories but, the truth is, they all blend together. What’s going on at work shows up in my personal life and vice versa. It was refreshing to be able to be authentic with other women and talk about what we face in all aspects of our lives.”

Following the program, Nenadov says that she walked away recognizing that she was at a pivotal point in her career where her comfort zone was living just off the radar screen and that with more responsibility she was going to have to take more risks.

“Shortly after finishing WE Succeed I was promoted to my current role,” she says. “This program helped me realize there’s so much that I will continue to learn and that only by taking chances I experience the reward of those lessons.”

Nenadov says that she thinks WE Succeed is an important program for the city’s women who serve in leadership roles. 

“I think women can be our own worst critics,” she says. “We can be self-critical and critical of women around us. I’m a firm believer that if we learn more about each other, we’ll want to do all we can to support each other. It’s very likely that our aspirations all look a little different, which is how it should be. We’ll only know how to support each other by participating in the opportunities and relationships around us with open ears and open hands.”

The Cincinnati Chamber is now accepting applications for its Fall 2019 WE Succeed session. Deadline to apply is August 23. The format of the WE Succeed leadership program provides a “just in time” coaching experience for executives taking on new challenges in their organization, and allows busy senior leaders a chance to reflect, refocus and re-energize their professional passion. Participants leave this program feeling empowered and ready to take their career and company to the next level. More atwww.cincinnatichamber.com/wesucceed.