WELD’s Upcoming Virtual Panel

WELD’s Upcoming Virtual Panel

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There’s an upcoming virtual event featuring several Ohio-based entrepreneurs discussing how they moved forward without waiting for their turn.

Panelists for the upcoming webinar hosted by Women for Economic Leadership and Development on May 20.

Mark your calendars for May 20 when Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD) hosts its monthly leadership panel. This month, it’s called “In Our Shoes Panel: Moving Forward Without Waiting for Your Turn.” 

“‘In Our Shoes’ signifies that this panel is from the perspective of emerging professionals and what it is like to be in their shoes,” explains WELD National Chapter Management Officer Deepa Kellar. “Our diverse panel of emerging professionals will address how they achieved rapid success so early in their careers and overcame objections encountered along the way that they need to ‘bide their time.’”

The panelists will also share how they were able to navigate changing dynamics in business relationships as their careers advanced. 

This monthly event, which started last year, has gained a lot of attention from other women in the professional world. “We brought back the moderator, Mikaela Hunt, and a new group of high caliber, successful panelists who have already made their mark very early in their careers,” says Kellar. “These women are fierce and have a lot of proven business and career strategies to share.”

Panelists for the event, in addition to Hunt, include Lynn Rich, Chief of Staff at Vertiv; Amy Scalia, Publisher and CEO of Cincy Chic and Cbus Chic; and Erin Scott, Executive Director of the Ohio Women’s Alliance.

Kellar says that she hopes those who participate in the panel will learn how to quell the “negative self-talk” that many women engage in even when they’re ready for the next level of leadership. “Panelists will share strategies on how to keep moving forward when they might be getting subtle, or not so subtle, messages that the ‘time isn’t right’ or ‘they need to wait their turn’ for a promotion or business opportunity,” she adds. “Attendees will learn tips on how to advocate for themselves to show advancement readiness and deal with push back from detractors.” 

While many events are being cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, WELD wanted to go virtual with this event so that others could still seize the opportunity to hear from its panelists. 

“Business and career opportunities don’t necessarily come when they are ‘convenient’ for people,” says Kellar. “New opportunities can be created in the most stressful and bleakest of times. These are the exact times when extraordinary leaders are identified and rise to the occasion, and entrepreneurs innovate mission critical business solutions. Our businesses and communities need these kinds of leaders now and emerging professionals must be tapped for the talent that they have.”

Even more so, Kellar says that the diversity of the panelists makes this virtual event unique. “The diversity of our panel combined with the high levels of business success the panelists have achieved so early in their careers will make for an excellent cocktail,” she says. “We have individuals representing various professions, and all have unique stories to share on how they’ve reached their current positions and roles. Mikaela Hunt is a moderator at the top of her game and knows how to bring it – she will deliver the best out of the panelists and get the audience fully engaged.”

To learn more about the event or to register, click here.