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See how this locally-based Ennegram and quantum energy coach helps you understand your motivations and wiring to truly feel alive - in business, relationships, leadership, and more.

Whitney Ellison, Founder of Wellison Enterprises

We’re all searching for our purpose in this world. But sometimes, we have a tendency to make that search a little more complicated than it needs to be. 

To help us find our “why,” is Whitney Ellison, the founder behind Wellison Enterprises. 

“Wellison Enterprises is the business home to the two-step Wellison Method: 1. Enneagram type development work and 2. Quantum Energy coaching,” she says. “This method is for people who are ready to dismantle their subconscious defense mechanisms and move beyond societal constructs to rediscover what makes them feel alive – in business, relationships, leadership, and/or life.”

Through her business, Ellison hopes to convey her philosophy and message to the world: People overcomplicate the idea of “purpose.” Everyone’s purpose is the same. Our collective purpose on the earthly plane is to experience life. It is what makes us feel alive that is unique to each of us. 

Ellison believes that when people do what makes them feel alive, that is when they full step into their purpose. “This experience of purposeful flow has been called spiritual, holy, religious, divine, The Universe, God, the holy spirit,” she says. “Whatever you name it, it means we are mindfully and presently living and acting from a space of love and abundance. Being loved and worthy is our birthright. We tend to forget this as we move out of infancy and learn to survive in this world – or as I like to say, ‘as the world gets to us.’”

At Wellison Enterprises, you’ll find a focus on their two-prong method called the Wellison Method.

“First, we work on rediscovering the person we were before the world got to us (usually a pivotal moment that happened somewhere in childhood),” she explains. “I use the Enneagram as a tool to do this work. I am an avid proponent of doing Enneagram work without being typed by a test. The Enneagram is a tool based on motivation, not behavior. This is not something easily diagnosed and assigned by a test. This day and age, we all have the expectation to get answers quickly. When we do divine soul work, we need to exercise patience, grace and the ability to dig in and really learn about ourselves and a tool that can be incredibly life changing. It can also be incredibly ineffective when a person is mistyped – which tests often do (being on average about 54% accurate – and yes, I am even talking about the good ones that you pay for – I have coached many people typed by that test who were mistyped too).”

After discovering a client’s Ennegram type, recognizing and dismantling the defense mechanisms associated with it, becoming more self-aware, and opening the repressed child-like energy, Ellison begins part two: the energy work.

With coaching certification in the 7 Universal Laws of vibrational energy, Ellison can work on the vibrational energy that we give off. “We continuously put off a vibrational frequency – not unlike sound waves,” she says. “ This frequency includes even our thoughts and words – hence the word ‘quantum’ – the idea that these vibrations are so tiny we do not even realize they exist.”

Ellison says that when we match our emotions with our thoughts, we begin to manifest. “Mywork in the second prong of the Wellison Method is to help people start consciously understanding their emotions and matching them with their thoughts and desired outcomes to engage in fully living the lives of their dreams,” she adds. 

Wellison Enterprises offers workshops for other to participate in:

The Introductory Enneagram workshop is a 2.5-hour workshop to help people understand the tool, each type, and basic elements that will give them a basic level of fluency in understanding and talking about the Enneagram. Some people leave knowing their types, others continue to do the work to really hone in on what their type is. The objective is to make sure everyone understands each type (because empathy for others is just as important as self-awareness) and is on a solid journey of discovering the Enneagram type they lead with. 

“I am doing an upcoming 7 Universal Law weekly series of virtual workshops with the WISe Wellness Guild, starting 1/7/21 and running through 2/18/21, where we will gather Thursday evenings at 7pm. Each 45 minute-1-hour workshop will be an introduction to one of the 7 Universal Laws, and then we will do an exercise to learn how to open our minds to the energy work associated with that law,” Ellison says. “Exercises include meditations, writing, list making, dialog, breakouts and more. It is going to be so much fun! Limited seats are available.”

Wellison Enterprises offers private events and is collaborating with Maggie Gough of Relize WellBeing to do a 6-month virtual retreat and round table program for 10-12 Executive Women. “This program will be called the Infinity Squad,” she says. “We will provide a restorative path for wellbeing, utilizing the Ennegram, the power of a squad, and transformation of personal growth into influential leadership.” 

Ellison says that what makes her business unique is that she’s combined Ennegram coaching and Universal Law coaching into one. “When I do Enneagram work – people always ask me – ‘what’s next?’ and the great thing is, I have an answer for that,” she says. “In addition, my credentials go beyond coaching – I have excellent training in working with clients of all walks of life and backgrounds because of my success in both corporate sales, as a practicing attorney, and through clinical and human rights fellowship work in law school. Finally, I realize my work and I are not for everyone, and I am completely at peace with this. I know that whomever my work is meant for will find their way to me and it will change their lives.”

Wellison says that she’s looking forward to launching pre-recorded workshops for Ennegram and Universal Law Energy basics for people who want to do the work on their own time. 

Additionally, she will be launching a second Instagram Live Series, called the Ennegram Entrepreneur Interviews, featuring entrepreneurs from all over who know and understand their Ennegram type and will talk about how it relates to their businesses. 

To learn more about Wellison Enterprises, visit wellisonenterprises.com. You can also follow along on Instagram. They are also on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/wellison-enterprises, YouTube and Facebook.