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Learn about the local woman behind an internet marketing firm that helps businesses big and small make a profitable impact online.

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Joanne Westwood, Founder of Westwood Virtual Associates.

In today’s digital world, put simply, “If you are not online, you don’t exist,” says owner of Westwood Virtual Associates, Joanne Westwood. She adds, “My focus and passion is to help local businesses use the global platform to secure local customers. I love watching other businesses flourish and take pride in knowing I had a part in the growth.”

Westwood Virtual Associates is a one-stop-stop for internet and social media marketing. Westwood had been working in the non-profit world when the social media boom happened. Already interested in a career change, Westwood immersed herself in social media for a year before taking the leap to open Westwood Virtual Associates. “Social media leveled the playing field and anyone can harness a reasonable size customer base.” Westwood helps clients harness all the online resources available to them in order to maximize their reach and success.

With so many social media platforms available to use today, Westwood recommends her clients mix and match to determine which ones best fit the goal of their individual businesses. She explains, “[It’s important] to be selective as to which ones will best serve you, or the best ones that your target market uses.”

Westwood Virtual Associates has evolved from just social media marketing to a full integrative marketing firm. Among their services are website creation, social media marketing strategies, SEO and local directory services, and computer generated videos. Westwood explains, “I function as the virtual marketing director or coordinator, making sure that the best options are being implemented and there is no duplication. So many times I see such a dysfunctional process they they never make headway. We have a concerted approach that brings results.”

So where is Westwood seeing the most impact for businesses online today? “Right now I think Facebook Ads offer the best value. Its amazing how fine-tuned you can get so you are only being presented to the audience that could best use your services.”

In the ever-changing digital landscape, Westwood and her team thrive on the fast-paced nature presented by the internet. She explains, “With everything we do, we really need to be sure it is mobile-responsive. Over 50% of the internet usage is now from phones and mobile devices; we [need] to be easily seen and understood.”

Her advice is to start small when first venturing into the world of social media. She advises, “Do the research and find the best platform for your business. Do it first, do it well, then go to the next. It can get overwhelming very quickly if you try to do it all at one time. Don’t get scared. A little can go along way.”
Westwood Virtual Associates operates on a customizable business model, offering flexibility in the way clients use their services. She says, “You can use us a lot, or a little and that can even change month by month. We only charge for what we do!”

To learn more about Westwood Virtual Associates or to schedule a consultation, visit www.westwoodva.com.