What’s For Dinner?

What’s For Dinner?

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Learn about a locally-launched text marketing program that provides you with a delicious incentive to keep coming back to your favorite businesses.

A new texting-based marketing program asks you a question and gives you a certificate to go back to your favorite eateries.
A new texting-based marketing program asks you a question and gives you a certificate to go back to your favorite eateries.

The use of technology has infiltrated every aspect of life, even what’s for dinner.

Cincy Mobile Marketing, a five-person text marketing team based in Milford, recently launched a program called “What’s For Dinner” that helps local food establishments to build their businesses. The program allows restaurants to send out texts which describe the special of the day and provide a coupon.

“They can choose a specific day and entrée each week that will be sent to their clients around the time of day they start thinking about dinner,” says Cincy Mobile Marketing CEO Allen Walker. “They can also develop a birthday club, and a rewards and loyalty program where the consumer can share the coupons. It is really a very in-depth program that requires no downloading of an app.”

The reward/loyalty program is easy-to-use, Walker adds. After eating at a location, the establishment asks “How was your dinner today?” and the customers receive a coupon for their next visit. Customers can sign up for the birthday club, which allows a coupon to be sent directly to their phone. “If the client hasn’t checked in for 30 days, “What’s For Dinner” will send another automated text with a new coupon letting them know they have missed them and to stop in.

Walker says they have a variety of tech-savvy products that cater to a wide range of clients and industries.

“Our mission is to help local small and medium businesses be able to compete with the national chains to help retain and grow their client base,” he explains, adding that they offer a customer loyalty technology that’s popular among auto dealers. “Each dealer can have a link by every photo, that a client can click and have downloaded directly to their phone. When the client comes in they can just pull up the vehicle they were looking at right from their text.”

The Cincy Mobile Marketing team offers a texting program that helps doctors’ and dentists’ offices, as well. It helps offices to reduce the amount of cancellations and helps prevent income loss. The service provides help to the small and medium sized businesses that don’t have the same budget, like the larger, national companies. “This allows them to compete at the higher level with less investment,” says Walker.

There’s a growing need in Cincinnati for text marketing, Walker says. “There are so many businesses and restaurants in this city that could improve their bottom dollar just by using out service and bringing a customer back that extra day a week,” he says, adding that “What’s For Dinner” has received a positive response since its launch. “The customers think it is extremely cool and they become your biggest promotional tool when they share the coupon on social media.”

To learn more about Cincy Mobile Marketing or “What’s For Dinner,” call 513-900-2032 “like” them on Facebook or visit them online at http://www.whatsfordinners.biz/.