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White Board Solutions

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Michelle Vondrell, founder of White Board Solutions, LLC.

While many people want to improve their future, the majority wait for opportunity to knock. That’s why Michelle Vondrell created White Board Solutions, LLC.


Six months ago, Vondrell forged the path to make White Board Solutions a reality. This fresh and new connection company helps individuals reach their goals through step-by-step personalized plans.


Vondrell started White Board Solutions after a company reorganization at her previous job. Instead of just applying for jobs that she really didn’t want, Vondrell decided to take a leap of faith and start building White Board Solutions. “The purpose of White Board Solutions is to connect ideas with action, people with people, and companies with ideas,” says Vondrell.


Vondrell has always been passionate about making successful connections between people and companies, she says. “I love to hear about people and their dreams, their thoughts, what makes them tick and I love to create ideas and work on action,” she adds.


Vondrell uses past experiences from her job with a non-profit organization along with various connections she has made over the years to establish an even larger network. These intimate and personal connections are what makes her company thrive, Vondrell says.


People who want to improve their lives are the sole inspiration for White Board Solutions. Vondrell’s enthusiastic and energetic attitude is key to her success. It is clear to see that Michelle Vondrell is an avid supporter of people and has an insatiable appetite for helping others. “I am a great cheerleader for people,” Vondrell says. “I am trusted quickly and folks aren’t afraid to share their dreams and ideas with me.”


White Board Solutions is a company that cares about people and wants to help them in their quest for bigger and better things. White Board Solutions is unique due to the fact that it focuses on obtaining measurable results. The plans that are put into effect to reach success are carefully created so that individuals can obtain concrete proof that their goals are being reached.


Vondrell has big plans and multiple events on the horizon. For example, on January 30 there will be a Vision Board event held at Book Bums on Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. The event will be from 6 to 9 p.m. and limited seating is available. Email her for more details or to RSVP.


For more information on White Board Solutions, visit www.whiteboardsolutionsllc.com.