Working with Purpose

Working with Purpose

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Kimberly Mitchell, author of Loving with Purpose and founder of “Working with Purpose” seminar series

Want to give your life purpose? Kimberly Mitchell can help. She’s the author of a book titled Loving with Purpose and she recently launched a “Working with Purpose” seminar series.


Mitchell began writing the book in Dec. 2007, after making some major changes in her personal life. At that point in her life, she decided that everything she did from that moment forward she needed to do with a purpose and love for what she was doing.


She then began developing her first seminar topic, titled “Expect To Be Respected,” in Sept. 2012 and finished it in Jan. 2014. “I know that sounds like a long time to prepare, but during this time I was also busy preparing for a couple other presentations, giving interviews for television and radio, had an editing job, and was writing a few books that will be coming out soon,” explains Mitchell.


She took her time with each seminar topic because each is important to her and she wanted to make sure that she was offering something of real value. “Although writing will always be my first love, I knew I wanted to reach more women about the importance of getting more respect in their lives,” says Mitchell. “I know in my heart and mind that I have accomplished that goal.”


After being a published author for seven years, organizers of events and groups began asking Mitchell to speak at their events. Since she had some speaking experience from her former Fortune 500 Company job, Mitchell says it was a natural, “although nail-biting”, transition into the next phase of her profession.


In addition to her television and radio interview experience, Mitchell has now presented her seminars to many different groups about very different topics, the first of which was a local church group. “I created ‘Unity’ to help the younger and older groups of the church realize the potential that each group brought to the other,” says Mitchell. In Jan. 2013, the president of the Fairfield Rotary Club asked if she could speak at their club meeting about “Loving with Purpose,” but tailor it to business and financial relationships.


That is when “Working with Purpose” seminar series concept was born. From there, she did “Law of Attraction Through Vision Boards” for the ladies of Dress for Success, and a “Expect To Be Respected” themed seminar at the Kenton County Library and Hope Hill Children’s Home.


On May 17, 2014 she will be presenting “Financing with Purpose” to The Strength of a Woman group, along with offering “Expect To Be Respected” on multiple dates and locations around Cincinnati and the surrounding area.


“I have seen ‘Loving with Purpose’ go in the direction of work, unity, and finances, so I always leave the future to God,” says Mitchell. “I am along for the ride, and can’t wait to see where He takes me.” Dates for more “Expect To Be Respected” seminars will begin in May 2014 and are offered as one- or three-hour seminars. Mitchell will also offer “Law of Attraction Through Vision Boards” seminars starting June 2014.


“I’m always up for offering any of my seminars for private events in someone’s home or office,” says Mitchell. “My seminars are great for anyone who needs to lift their self-esteem and confidence; along with changing the look of their future.”


Mitchell plans to continue developing new seminars and published works to inspire substantial change in the way people treat each other. “I want to help women get out of pain faster than I did, while showing both men and women how they can be happier, more respected, and with more love by simply refocusing their efforts and changing their choices,” says Mitchell.


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