Workplace Wellness Cincy

Workplace Wellness Cincy

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Kristy Brandabur, founder of Workplace Wellness Cincy

Did you know that wellness programs are often linked to greater productivity, less absenteeism, and a reduction of long-term health care costs? At Workplace Wellness Cincy (WWC), they recognize that all businesses do not have big budgets to spend on wellness programs for their employees. So, they provide the same services, but with a more affordable price tag.


“Our services are the same as the big dollar programs, but designed with a more personal touch,” says owner, Kristy Brandabur. “We focus on smaller businesses that are just as important as large organizations.”


WWC launched this past summer as a result of Brandabur’s vision for all people to be healthy and productive in the workplace. Having worked for large business as well as owning a small business herself, she realized that the smaller businesses were unable to keep up with the incentives provided by big business.


“Most large companies have affiliations with local hospitals and fitness facilities through their medical insurance providers,” says Brandabur. “WWC provides the same services on a downscale model with the same qualities of big business wellness programs but with the “personal touch”. WWC provides a much more personal approach to holistic wellness of the employee.”


The list of services that WWC provides includes: 1) Preventative health screenings like cholesterol, blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, body composition 2) Educational workshops 3) Organize seasonal vaccinations 4) Healthy catered meals for business meetings and weekly fruit and vegetable trays for office snacking 5) Life and Wellness Coaching 6) and Proper Body Alignment to reduce work-site injury.


“Since this is a new launch, we are still in the process of reaching out to local small businesses to familiarize them with our services,” says Brandabur. “The response has been very positive.”


WWC is a sub-contracted organization through Metamorphosis: Holistic Wellness Center LLC, which is located in the historic district of Columbia Tusculum at 3567 Columbia Parkway, Cincinnati.


Metamorphosis: Holistic Wellness Center LLC provides a variety of holistic (body, mind, spirit) wellness programs that are all open to the public. They offer Group Fitness, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Guided Meditation, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Aromatherapy and Apothecary. All of these programs are available to the clients for which WWC provides services.


“What I love most is providing top-notch, personal wellness and preventative services to small businesses who work so hard to survive in this economy,” says Brandabur. “We do not “skimp” on the services we provided. We do the same programs on a smaller scale, which provides a much more personal touch.”


Why Cincinnati? “Statistics are showing that small businesses are the way of the future, and Cincinnati is seeing this growth in its own communities,” says Brandabur. “What we realized is that there are smaller business popping up everyday that are also making a significant impact on the local economy without the big dollar budgets. We want to serve those companies who need the personal attention to provide incentives and improve the performance of their employees.”


To learn more about Workplace Wellness Cincy, contact Kristy Brandabur at (513) 235-7567 or visit the WWC webpage.