Yo Productions: Production with a Purpose

Yo Productions: Production with a Purpose

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Yolonda Sanders, Founder and CEO of Yo Productions

Need help being inspired, published, and promoted? Yolonda Sanders, founder and CEO of Yo Productions, can help.


Yo Productions, a theatrical entertainment and literary services company based in Columbus, Ohio, specializes in providing wholesome material for reading and watching, as well as assisting others with perfecting their works through proofreading, editing and creative workshops.


Yo Productions officially launched in 2008 after Sanders wrote a stage adaptation of her first novel, Soul Matters. “I had also been doing freelance work on the side related to my writing, so I started the company to legitimatize all of my endeavors and it has grown from there,” says Sanders.


Since their launch, the company has grown exponentially since its days of having a handful of clients and preparing for the first stage of production. “We now offer programs such as Yo Pro Cares, in which we partner with non-profit organizations and donate a percentage of sales from a special orders page to them,” says Sanders. “We have even expanded our creative writing activities from simply doing single workshops to planning an actual weekend retreat.”


Yo Productions offers proofreading, editing, ghostwriting and general freelance services such as writing book reviews or creating web content for individuals and businesses. “At various times throughout the year, we host writing workshops that I create and facilitate,” says Sanders. “In addition, groups can request customized workshops specifically for their purposes.”


The workshop prices start at $30 per person for a two-hour session. Other services such as proofreading and ghostwriting depend on the project length and deadline. However, they offer potential new clients a free 30-minute consultation to discuss their needs.


By 2015, Yo Productions will also add “publisher” to its repertoire when they begin producing works for other authors. “This will be our biggest leap of faith thus far because Yo Productions will assume all of the costs associated with publishing – like traditional publishers do – except we will be operating on a much smaller scale in terms of the number of books we release each year,” says Sanders.


What truly sets Sanders apart as a person is that she has never truly been motivated by money. “Don’t get me wrong, I like to have money, but it has never been my driving force to do what I do,” she explains. “I began writing simply for the love of the craft and wanting to positively impact those whom I came in contact – and that same mentality has carried over into my company. Yo Productions has distinguished itself from similar companies through its philanthropic core.”



When looking to the future, Sanders aims to be a leader in the entertainment industry and literary world – going beyond writing, producing stage productions and doing film.


“I think what I truly love most about Yo Productions is that it doesn’t feel like work,” says Sanders. “Sure, there are times when things get stressful, but overall, I enjoy what I do and I have fun doing it.”


To learn more about Yo Productions and Yolonda Sanders as an author and person, visit her website at www.yoproductions.net. You can also “like” her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/yoproductions or follow her on Twitter @ytsanders.


“I appreciate the support of all those who read my books and share information about my projects with their friend and family, encouraging them to do the same,” says Sanders.