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Your Literary Prose

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Learn about a local service that offers clarity, guidance, and helpful workshops to help you turn thoughts and ideas into a published book.


Your Literary Prose is a service provided by M. Colleen Wietmarschen that helps anyone realize their dream of writing, publishing, and seeing their book in print.

With a mission to make authors’ lives easier, Colleen Wietmarschen and son, Peter, founded Your Literary Prose in 2015. Your Literary Prose was the product of rebranding Wietmarschen’s business that she has owned and operated since 1996. In 2015, Wietmarschen won a scholarship to take the Certified Author Assistant course, a demanding examination covering all aspects of book publishing. After Wietmarschen achieved her certification to become an Author Assistant, the rest, she says, was history.

By providing an author assistant and coaching services, Your Literary Prose makes it so authors are better prepared and organized on their journey to publication. Wietmarschen says working with a service like Your Literary Prose will save you time and money when it comes to publishing your book. “[The authors] aren’t bogged down working on the tasks and details they don’t know how to do or waste their time learning how to do,” explains Wietmarschen. Some of the services that Your Literary Prose can provide are organizing author’s source documents, researching the author’s ideal reader and sending potential publishers the author’s book proposals.

As a victim of book publishing scammers, Wietmarschen says her misfortune was the driving force in creating a reputable and safe service for authors. “Our goal is to truly provide authors with the best information and the best knowledge to help them make the correct decisions and goals for them and their book.”

At the beginning of 2018, Your Literary Prose will begin a new program, “Write with the Pros,” that is geared towards those with busy lives who struggle to find time to write their book.

Weekly trainings and coaching calls will help keep the author on track, but what makes this course special, Wietmarschen says, is that each course begins with a three-hour VIP day with both her and Peter that helps the author become clear on their goals and aspirations.

As a special offering for the holiday season, Your Literary Prose will be taking 18% off for 2018 and offering the three-month “Write with the Pros” program for $1,845.00 (offer good through December 31, 2017).

For those who aren’t sure where to start in the book writing process, Wietsmarschen says to get with someone who is experienced.

“The best advice we give someone who wants to write a book is to find an expert or a mentor who knows the publishing process and can help the author reach their goals,” says Wietmarschen.

For more information, contact Colleen via email at or via phone at 513-675-1286. Their rebranded website, is being completed and will be ready soon.