Your Social Status: The Rise of a Business

Your Social Status: The Rise of a Business

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Kate Salyers is the founder of Your Social Status

Jock? Burn Out? Band Geek? Regardless of your high school social status, your social media status matters now, especially if you’re a business owner. That’s why Kate Salyers launched Your Social Status, a full-service social media, internet marketing and website company.


Salyers started her consulting career in 2009 at Towne Properties in Mount Adams. She then brought on several new clients, such as Aveda Salons, 3M, Hard Rock Café, and Hertz. Then, in 2010, she formally launched her own firm, Your Social Status. Today, her booming business serves 75 clients.


While the firm is based in Dayton, Ohio, they work with clients virtually to support individuals and businesses across the nation. Your Social Status offers consulting services and training services for clients who need help with social media marketing strategy, social media training, or an expert to speak at an event. 


With Social Media and Digital Marketing constantly changing, Your Social Status prides itself on being early adopters of new platforms, strategies, tools, and more. “Our passion is what makes our expertise so valuable,” says Salyers. “Your Social Status makes every effort to provide a variety of options that will propel your business into the internet marketing space, while sticking to a strategy and reaching predetermined goals.”


The company has a simple philosophy: Training, Strategy, Success. “We believe that training someone how to apply our expertise of marketing to their industry is the way to go,” says Salyers. “You know your industry best, so we’ll leave that to you. Instead, we would like to teach you how to use Social Media and Digital Marketing to leverage your business within your industry.”


What makes Your Social Status unique, according to Salyers, is their industry and business experience coupled with their passion to teach and learn. “We’ve had multi-million dollar budgets, but being able to take those concepts and apply them to small businesses and small business budgets is what really sets us apart,” she explains. “We also take the time to develop custom and information-packed training classes to provide you with the tools to be successful on your own.”


In regards to pricing, Your Social Status runs on packages. Website Development packages are one-time fees ranging from $200 to $950. Social Media packages begin at $150 per month and can go up to $395 per month. Internet Marketing packages are also monthly fees, ranging from $200 to $500 a month. “We will do custom work depending on what the customer needs,” says Salyers. “We make sure to keep the lines of communication open with clients so we can assure our highest quality work. Each client has a different need, which warrants a customized project timeline.” Your Social Status also offers “Lunch & Learn” Classes, Half-Day Booster Classes, and online classes.


Today, Saylers provides keynotes, panels, workshops, and breakout sessions for countless national conferences, local events, colleges, high schools, trade shows and corporate events. When looking into the future, Salyers hopes to generate awareness about the company. “This summer we are aiming to generate 50 new businesses,” she says. “But personally, I have been speaking at junior highs trying to get behind students and the positive impacts of social media. I also want to evolve as the authority for Internet Media and helping businesses grow with a budget.”


Your Social Status will be offering its next free webinar on May 8, covering social media analytics and utilizing free tools. To sign up or learn more about Your Social Media, visit