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A local fashion designer leverages her eye for style at an event that'll add some haute to your next headshot.

Professional headshot taken by Aaron Conway

From social media and Google searches to e-introductions and video conference calls, most first impressions are made online in today’s business climates.

That’s why Chelsea Cutrell is leveraging her experience and connections as a design/styling consultant to host a Headshot Event. Cutrell says attendees will leave with professional headshots that support that support their career and branding needs, as well as learning from experts in various image development fields.

“Each member of our team has experience with portrait sessions and events,” Cutrell explains, “but this is a new style of event hosted by a coffee shop that caters to business professionals who work on the go or need a change of scenery from the office.”

Example of a client headshot taken by Tracy Doyle

Cutrell wanted to focus on the convenience of taking headshots in this way. She knows how hard it can be to devote the effort and time it takes to curate the perfect image. She says she wanted to make it as simple as ordering a cup of Joe.

“This type of event highlights my work as a wardrobe and prop stylist, as well as a fashion design/styling consultant, and custom designer,” she explains. “It is a great way to introduce people to my areas of expertise and how those can support their personal career path and business marketing needs.”

When it comes to the members of her team, Stefani Carol and Tracy Doyle, Cutrell says, “Stefani is a licensed makeup artist and Tracy is a photographer. I respect their work in the industry, as we are all passionate about our craft and we enjoy showing people what we have to offer creatively to help them succeed and feel their best. Stefani has trained her team by instilling high standards for makeup and hair styling. Tracy and I have collaborated on many projects, including published work. Our team is always one step ahead of the clients’ needs on set.”

Doyle started Tracy Doyle Photography after 15 years of assisting some of the best professionals in the business in both commercial and event photography. She focuses on fashion, commercial, and portrait photography with a motto of “We can help tell your story in pictures.”

The headshot events are one-day in format, and participants can select a window of time during the day that works best for them. “Our focus for this headshot event is on business professionals who need collateral for their marketing materials and who may have other photography/styling needs in the future,” Cutrell says. “We decided upon this one-day event format, because it allows us to help many people invest in themselves. Our collaborative process reduces the clients’ stress about having a portrait taken.”

Example of Cutrell’s fashion design work taken by Tracy Doyle. Sabrina Ellison of Heyman Talent Agency.

Cutrell says she will leverage her wardrobe and prop styling experience at the event. “I will consult with the clients on which pieces to wear during our session and make sure everything is in place on set while the photographer takes the photos,” she adds. “We work as a team to help the clients feel comfortable and confident during the photo session.”

Cutrell graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program, studying fashion design. “I primarily focus on custom designed garments, working with small businesses to develop products, commercial and editorial wardrobe styling, and I create special items that are infused with healing energy,” Cutrell says. “I am selling a variety of garments, accessories, and apothecary products at local boutiques in Cincinnati. I enjoy using my craft to help others forge their own paths in life.”

All future headshot events are at Cocoon Coffee in Mason on January 4, April 12, July 19, and October 11. Their headshot event link for January is:

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A new concept skincare bar is opening soon in Over-the-Rhine. Keep reading for all the fresh-faced details!

Oasis Face Bar will offer quick and effective treatments with non-invasive equipment, similar to a blowout bar.

Molly Bower has been in the skincare industry for 6 years. In that time, she’s opened three businesses – Columbus-based Skin Oasis in 2012, Columbus-based Oasis Face Bar in 2018, and now Oasis Face Bar in Over-the-Rhine coming in 2019.

“Oasis Face Bar is a new open concept skincare bar that focuses on quick and effective facials without all the ‘fluff’ typically associated with a spa experience,” explains Bower. “We’ve pared down the services to deliver only the most important aspects of a facial using cutting edge technology and our very own naturally derived skin care products.”

Bower says that she was inspired to open Oasis Face Bar from her own personal life and lack of time. As the mother of a 2-year-old and the owner of a growing business, she was often finding it difficult to schedule in self care sessions.

“Oasis Face Bar was my answer to that problem – it’s affordable and effective skincare services in a fraction of the time – each service is only 30 minutes,” she says.

The shortened down version of the facials available at Oasis Face Bar mean that you can head out to treat yourself on a lunch break, make it an afternoon with the girls, or take some time for yourself when you have a chance.

“With this concept you can kill two birds with one stone – a day out with your friends while still being able to talk to one another and get a facial at the same time – much like you would if you were getting your nails done,” says Bower.

When asked why she decided to bring Oasis Face Bar to Over-the-Rhine and Cincinnati, Bower said that it was her passion to focus on up-and-coming, urban settings.

“Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati was a no-brainer,” she says. “It is a similar ‘feel’ to our current location in Columbus and seems to cater to a very similar demographic. It was the perfect opportunity to get into a rapidly expanding area and offer a one-of-a-kind skincare experience.”

There will be six “core” facials available at Oasis Face Bar, each priced at just $49. These facials include Sculpt, which includes a facelift massage and electric current known as microcurrent to lift and tone skin. There’s also Smooth, it’s a facial that includes dermaplaning using a surgical blade to remove the dead skin and peach fuzz. Other services include Enlighten for “evening out” skin, Clear for acne-prone skin, Gent for men, and Sooth, which Bower says she’s excited to offer.

At Oasis Face Bar, the facial bar uses Columbus-based Cannuka products, which are derived from Cannabis and Manuka Honey.

“We are one of the first and only skin care spas to use and retail CBD products,” says Bower.

Add-ons can also be thrown in with any service at Oasis Face Bar. “All of our facials can be customized with add-ons, each for only $10,” she says. “Those include dermaplane, chemical peel, the facelift massage, LED Light Therapy, cannabis products, and so on.”

Bonus services available at Oasis Face Bar include brow waxing, lash and brow tinting, and lash lift to curl the lashes for up to 6 weeks.  

Bower says that what makes Oasis Face Bar stand out from other spas in the city is its open concept. “Most spas take you into a small treatment room with sleepy spa music,” she says. “You’ll find Oasis to be a bit more upbeat with more lively music and atmosphere.”

Oasis Face Bar also serves cold pressed juices, wine, and sometimes even a little bourbon.

Oasis Face Bar prides itself on the fact that it offers cutting edge services at a fraction of the cost. “We do this to make healthy skin care habits accessible to everyone,” adds Bower.

With a planned opening for the first or second week of January 2019, Bower says Oasis Face Bar Over-the-Rhine will be located at 1345 Walnut Street, one street east of Vine Street and one street west of Main Street.

Aside from the excitement of an expansion of her business, Bower says that she’s excited to become part of a community of all locally owned businesses. “We love the diver businesses and strong community support and entrepreneurship in Over-the-Rhine,” she says. “We are also excited to be the first to offer the ‘open-concept’ facial bar in Cincinnati!”

Keep your eyes open for the launch of the new location, and when they do open, use code “cincychic” for 50% off your first service at Oasis Face Bar.

Learn more about Oasis Face Bar at, and follow along on Facebook and Instagram. Watch below for a peek inside their downtown Columbus location: 


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Learn about a local microblading studio that one local lady started because she knows her clients' struggles all too well. Read on for more.

Better Brows is a new Cincinnati microblading studio.

Alexia Triantafilou has always been obsessed with eyebrows. Even as a kid she was always the friend doing others’ eyebrows. But there was one thing she noticed – there were always others struggling with their brows in some way – including herself.

“I would research day and night for a solution and that was when I came across microblading,” says Triantafilou. “Instantly I knew it was something I wanted to pursue and achieve. After I took the course, I continued to pursue my dream of helping others wake up feeling beautiful.”

Today Triantafilou is the owner of Better Brows, a microblading studio that empowers others to be their most confident and elegant selves.

“Our award-winning process guarantees perfect symmetry and focuses on individual hair strokes to achieve a subtle, natural beauty customized to you personally in a fun and engaging environment,” she says.

Better Brows specializes in microblading, a form of semi-permanent makeup that gives the illusion of real hair-like strokes. According to Triantafilou, the procedure is done with a manual hand tool where pigment is inserted into the skin, creating very crisp strokes and giving very natural results.

“On average, it typically lasts about a year depending on your skin type,” she says. “We do use numbing as I know this is a very common question. Most clients describe the feeling as a little scratch.”

An appointment to have microblading done lasts about two hours and includes the consultation, brow design, microblading, and after care. The microblading part itself takes just about 40 minutes.

To make clients feel even more sure of their decision to have their eyebrows microbladed at Better Brows, Triantafilou says that she pays extra attention when it comes to safety.

“Safety is important to us as we use pre-sterilized and disposable tools as well as hospital-grade wipes to wipe down all surfaces and instruments,” she says.

The ultimate goal behind Better Brows is to make clients feel like their best selves and to customize each service to the person.

“We have special tools where we measure your natural facial features, where we can show you what the best look for you is as well as a combination of your desired look,” says Triantafilou. “Microblading requires a lot of persistent practice and patience. For this reason, I’ve taken numerous trainings.”

One of those artists Triantafilou has trained with was featured on Good Morning America and Marie Claire Magazine. Another artist has a  MAster title at the top academy in the world for microblading, Philbrows.

“Phibrow Artists are top in the industry and produce high quality work,” she explains. “I went through rigorous training, mastering 11 levels in 6 months to ensure that my techniques maintain a high standard from top trainers. Attention to detail requires a lot of dedication and talent. I am now a Phibrows Artist in which I received my own logo within the academy as well as an identification number and am placed on their world map to find the best artists in each area of the world!”

Triantafilou says that while she’s currently only offering microblading, eyebrow threading is in the works and will be offered soon as well as additional brow services.

Currently, Better Brows is running a special for the holidays. For $350 you will get you first appointment as well as you 6-week touch up.

Better Brows is located in the Blue Ash area in Salon Sean at 4169 Hunt Road.

To learn more about Better Brows, visit You can also follow along on Instagram, send her an email at, or give her a call at 513-702-0818.

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From innovative updos to textured waves and dimensional color work, learn about a West-side salon that's leveraging social media to showcase her work.

Mary Baute of Primp offers hair services at JCPenney in Colerain.

Mary Baute is a Master Stylist at JCPenney Salon Stonecreek Towne Center location in Colerain.

Baute wanted to find a way to connect with clients while showcasing her range of art, so she launched the “Primp Cincinnati” social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

From innovative updos to textured waves and dimensional color work, Primp Cincinnati is a page that’s solely focused on posting photos of Baute work — not selling products or running promotions.

“Primp is my Facebook page and Instagram account to showcase my professional work,” she says. “My inspiration behind these accounts is my passion for this business. I wanted a way to connect with my clients and highlight my work at the same time.”

At her JCPenney-based salon, Baute offers a variety of salon services ranging from haircuts to updos, to balayage and ombre. She also offers waxing and eyebrow shaping services. “And everything in between,” she adds.

With 12 years of salon experience, Baute says that she’s always learning new techniques and trends so that she can provide clients with the latest and greatest hair salon services available.

The salon is located at 3675 Stone Creek Blvd. in Cincinnati. To learn more, follow along on Facebook or Instagram.

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A soon-to-come salon wants you to feel beautiful -- and like family -- as soon as you walk through the doors. Click here to learn more.

Amanda Fitzpatrick is a wife, mama, salon entrepreneur, and a skincare business owner. She’s also adding rebranded salon owner and building rehabber to her resume after launching (and soon-to-open) Haven Modern Hair Studio.

“Simply put, Haven Modern Hair Studio is not only our haven, but yours as well,” she says. “It’s the place that you can go to at any time to get away and truly relax. Know what while you are in our home, you are our guest, in every sense of the word. Whatever you say is safe within these walls, and when you leave, you’ll feel like family.”

Fitzpatrick says she was inspired to launch Haven 10 years ago when she was operating under a different business name but wanted to try a few different salon scenarios. 

“Being completely transparent, being afraid of failure subconsciously had me playing small,” she recalls. “Always renting space, never fully standing up for myself or the business like I should have.”

Then, an opportunity landed in her lap nearly four years ago that she couldn’t pass up. And the rest is history. In that time, Fitzpatrick says one of the best parts has been the personal development. “I woke up one day and realized that I was the only thing holding me back,” she says. “That you have to fail forward. And that we weren’t failing – all of the struggles of the past 10 years to get it right had actually led us right to this amazing property with a truly amazing group of women.”

Alongside Fitzpatrick at the salon is Ryan Fultz, whom she met in hair school 12 years ago. The duo has forged a friendship unlike any other. “While we saw all of our personal dreams coming true, we knew that while our current location was doing great, something just didn’t feel right,” she says. 

Now, the new salon will be located at 4796 Ridge Road in Oakley, between Ibsen and 71 South. “We’re so excited to bring this property back to life,” says Fitzpatrick. “And we’ve gained some awesome new neighbors.”

Fitzpatrick says the goal is to be in the building by January 2019, after finishing demo and renovations. The salon will be strictly hair. “I’d rather be a master at something than a jack of all trades,” she says. “Hair is what we live and love, it’s what we know. And we soon realized that we needed to get back to the basics – that was where our hearts were.”

Haven will offer everything from cuts and color to keratin treatments and extensions.

To learn more about Haven Modern Hair Studio, visit them on Instagram and Facebook. “We are so ridiculously excited to open the doors come 2019 and unveil our true passion project and what we have been working so hard on,” she adds. “All of us are so excited to have you as guests.”

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Learn about a local that offers everything from skincare and body sculpting to a new plasma skin tightening option that can replace surgical face lifts. 

Dr. Atluri of Transform MedSpa and her team.

Dr. Pratha Atluri at Transform MedSpa says she’s on a mission is to provide the best, cutting-edge aesthetic medicine with skill and artistry.

Dr. Atluri and her team of licensed professionals launched in 2005 in the heart of Kenwood on Montgomery Road. The facility offers comprehensive skin care treatments such as Botox, Dysport, and dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, and Bellfill in addition to Coolsculpting, laser hair removal, Smartlipo, and Vaser liposuction.

Dr. Atluri is a member of the American Board of Cosmetic Physicians and has received training by well-known expert surgeons in the field of liposuction. “I am trained in hi-definition lipsuction by the world renowned plastic surgeon Alfredo Hoyos, MD,” says Dr. Atluri. “I’m also experienced and skilled in injecting Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers, photo facials, and laser skin care.”

New to the offerings at Transform MedSpa is Platelet Rich Plasma, which can now be added to various skincare and body sculpting treatments to enhance results. 

J plasma, a cutting edge skin tightening technology was introduced in 2017 for added skin tightening with body sculpting procedures. Facial skin tightening with J plasma can replace surgical face lift, Dr. Atluri says.

In addition, Transform MedSpa also offers several liposuction alternatives and non-invasive body sculpting options. “[We were] one of the first centers in Cincinnati to introduce Smartlipo and Vaser liposuction,” says Dr. Atluri. “Smartlipo and Vaser lipo are minimally invasive body sculpting procedures where through a small incision the area where fat needs to be removed will be numbed, fat melted and suctioned out. Smartlipo and Vaser lipo are body sculpting procedures where, not only is the stubborn fat removed, but attention is given to fine curves and muscle definitions.”

When it comes to Botox, Dr. Atluri says that Botox is used to treat things like frown lines, crows feet, worry lines, unbalanced brows, vertical lip lines, wrinkles under the eyes, neck bands, chin crunch, low or heavy eyebrows, and down turned mouth corners.

Additionally, laser treatments for the face include photofacials, Hydrafacial MD, and microneedling/dermapen. According to Dr. Atluri, these are popular anti-aging treatments for the face and help to reduce and remove fine facial lines and wrinkles as well as slow down the skin’s aging process.

Transform MedSpa is located at 9050 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. To learn more, visit

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A nationally known hair colorist is opening a new salon in Northern Kentucky. Click for all the beautification details.

Zoe Grace Salon is a new salon that focuses on the customer experience.

There’s a new salon in town and they’re focused on helping clients look and feel their best.

“Zoe Grace Salon is a new, chic salon where stylists are obsessed with making sure guests love their hair and their experience,” explains salon owner, Ella King. “Zoe Grace stylists are experts with problem hair types and know what styles look best with face shapes and what colors look best with skin tones. They use techniques derived from years of experience and ongoing training.”

King herself has more than 16 years experience in the hair industry is a nationally known hair colorist and top Holland Certified educator for Keune Haircosmetics. She travels the country to teach other stylists, grow as an artist, and to stay on top of the latest hair care industry techniques and trends. “I am passionate about serving my guests, educating other stylists to perfect their skill, and staying on top of all the new color trends, cuttery, and styling techniques,” she says.

Aside from knowing the latest trends in the hair industry, King also wanted to provide a salon that allows guests to feel pampered.

“We believe whether you’re a hard working business professional, college student, mom, dad, or retired, you deserve to be pampered and you deserve to feel beautiful in being who you truly are,” says King.

The full-service salon focuses on customizing hair design and coloring techniques, offering cuts and styles for men and women as well as smoothing services, extensions, hair removal, brow and lash services, airbrush makeup, and formal hairstyles.

“Everything in this tranquil salon was architected with the guest in mind from the feeling of privacy at styling stations to a unique free standing color bar and shampoo bowls with neck and head rest pillows,” says King. “This is where stylists deliver the Signature Zoe Grace Shampoo Massage using techniques designed to target the specific areas of the scalp that promote relaxation and stress relief for each guest.”

Guests can relax in a massage chair or work at a desktop station while their color processes. The salon provides free wi-fi, charging ports, and a snack and beverage bar.

Zoe Grace will host its grand opening launch party “Consults and Cocktails” on Nov. 3 from 3-6 pm. The salon will provide light hors d’oeuvres, door prizes for the first 50 guests, and giveaways, including free hair color for a year. The event is also where the salon will reveal the winner from their “Complete Beauty Makeover” contest. Those who RSVP for the event will receive 25% off any product purchase the day of the event.

King says you can RSVP by calling or texting 859-250-6827 or by emailing

Zoe Grace is located at 287 Buttermilk Pike in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, in the newly renovated Buttermilk Square Development.

To learn more about Zoe Grace Salon, visit You can also find styling tips, announcements, contests, fashion tips, and hair trends on the website, or stay up-to-date with the salon on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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Learn about a new Norwood salon that wants you to feel welcome when you walk in, then beautiful and loved by the time you walk out.

Wild Honey Salon offers a variety of services and uses environmentally-friendly and humane products.

Inclusive, humane, eco-friendly, simple and relaxing. That’s the idea behind Wild Honey Salon in Norwood.

Established in June of 2017, Wild Honey creates a narrative of inclusivity. For example, rather than titling men’s or women’s cuts on the menu of services, the haircuts are classified by varying lengths of hair instead.

Wild Honey Salon is also humane and environmentally friendly, using R&Co. products, which are vegetarian, gluten-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free and paraben-free.

The salon is home to five independent stylists including owner, Melissa Leitru. “I wanted to create a space where each stylist could be their own boss, yet we all work together with the same vision,” she explains. “The other girls who work with me are so amazing. They’re all so talented and the fact they they saw what I was doing and wanted to work here is still so cool to me. I want the salon to be a place for everyone to feel welcomed and loved.”

Wild Honey Salon offers a variety of services, including haircuts, colors, waxes, style and special occasion looks. They also offer deep conditioning and keratin smoothing treatments. Both of these specialty services range in prices with the keratin treatment at $300, and the deep conditioning at $25. 

Special occasion looks by Wild Honey Salon include weddings, formal up-dos, and variations of blowouts.

“Design wise, the idea of Wild Honey Salon was to be minimal because of our small space. I love when people say that it feels relaxing and doesn’t feel cluttered,” Leitru shares. “I wanted a space where I could think and didn’t feel overwhelmed or distracted. It was always a dream of mine to open my own salon. Sometimes, with all the craziness of owning my own business and trying to stay on top of everything, I forget to sit back and realize that I’m living out my dream.”

Wild Honey is located at 3966 Montgomery Rd. in Cincinnati, Ohio. To find out more information or book an appointment, visit You can also follow along on Instagram or “like” them on Facebook.

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Learn about a local beauty aficionado who launched her own subscription box for lip products while running a popular lifestyle account. 

Sue Anne Cho-Collins, Founder of LippieBox and the blog Heart of Plastic

When it comes to beauty, fashion, healthy living, travel, and lifestyle, Sue Anne Cho-Collins wears a lot of hats.

Cho-Collins is the founder of the Instagram account Heart of Plastic. “It’s my baby,” she says. “I’ve been on Instagram since it came out in 2010, no joke. It’s changed a lot over the years but I’ve adapted and am staying active! I post about fashion, beauty, healthy living, travel, and lifestyle.”

Cho-Collins says that what inspired Heart of Plastic came from a previous fashion blog she once co-wrote with a friend. She says they put a lot of time into the blog but eventually decided to go their separate ways, and she took that inspiration and continued on her own through Instagram.

In addition to Heart of Plastic, Cho-Collins is also the owner of LippieBox, a monthly subscription box for everything lips.

“We ship out a box full of 5 full-size lip products to everyone who subscribes,” she explains. “That can include lip balm, lip gloss, lip scrubs, or even accessories for your lippies.”

The inspiration for LippieBox came from her experience as an influencer on Instagram, where she reviewed lip balms on the account Lipbalm. “People were asking me all the time where they could get those products for themselves,” she says. “I didn’t want to sell someone else’s products; I wanted my own. So I created LippieBox, a curated box of lip products that was my own brand.”

Although she runs three different Instagram accounts, Cho-Collins says that there isn’t a single post that sticks out to her because she loves them all. “I don’t have a favorite, but I love creating vibrant, colorful images,” she says. “That’s what I go for in my feed.”

Through all of her Instagram adventures, Cho-Collins says that the most enjoyable part is the connections she makes with other brands. She also says that she loves getting the opportunity to try out new products. “The sponsored trips and meals are my favorite,” she adds.

Cho-Collins says to keep your eyes out and to follow along with Heart of Plastic, as there’s something new just around the corner. “It’s a secret,” she says. “You may just have to follow along to find out!”

To learn more about Heart of Plastic and LippieBox, Cho-Collins says you can follow all three of her Instagram accounts at @heartofplastic, @lippiebox, and @lipbalm.

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From microblading, makeup and massages, to hair, lashes and waxing, Anderson has a new go-to for everything beauty.

Eden Salon and Day Spa is a new spa in Anderson.

Anderson is now home to Eden Salon and Day Spa, headed up by two beauty industry enthusiasts, owner Melissa Hunter, and salon manager, Katie Mahoney. 

They wanted to create a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. After many months of planning and preparation, they celebrated their official grand opening — complete with a ribbon cutting with the Anderson Chamber of Commerce — in August 2018.

Today, Eden’s Salon offers a wide range of services, including: hair, lashes, microblading, facials, waxing, make-up, and massages. Products carriers are Kevin Murphy and Brazilian Blowout. 

According to Hunter, beauty at Eden Salon and Day Spa isn’t skin deep, though. She says it also means caring about the community and helping others. That’s why they’re sponsoring an effort with Susan G Komen to kick off breast cancer awareness month that’s focused on funding the research and treatment needed to decrease the current number of breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by 50% by 2026.

We are partnering with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer. We will have a booth next to Ford at the ‘More Than Pink Walk’ on September 30, 2018,” Hunter explains. “Eden Salon and Day Spa is dedicated to helping the victims, survivors and families of breast cancer by pledging to do our part to help find a cure for breast cancer one dollar at a time.” 

The importance of health and wellness at Eden Salon and Spa is also underscored by the products used. “At Eden Salon and Day Spa, we use 100% organic and biodynamic products that ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients that yield maximum results,” a recent Facebook post notes. “Experience the power of plant based skin-care. Our facial services include relaxing neck, shoulder, hand and arm massages that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and rested.”

Eden Salon and Spa is located at 7434 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45255. To learn more, visit their website:, their Facebook or Instagram.