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A local makeup artist launched a subscription service that brings box of unique products you'll love to your door each month. Keep reading for all the details.


Makeup artist Chenese Bean is launching her own subscription box of products from her Glam by Chenese Bean line.

Chenese Bean wants her clients to feel glamorous, and to help them “go glam,” she created her own line of cosmetic lip products called Glam by Chenese Bean.

“Glam is a cosmetics lip collection filled with various lip glosses, lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, and lines,” says Bean. “The motto behind the line is ‘Be You. Be Free. Be Glamorous.’”

Bean says she was inspired to launch her cosmetics line after working with clients who were always looking to her to help them choose makeup.

“And whenever it came down to lip application, I’d always get asked ‘what color is that?’”

That “color” was typically a combination of 2-3 shades, so Bean thought it better to create her line rather than sending clients to the mall to purchase several different products.

Now, along with her own product line, Bean is also launching the “Glam Box,” a monthly subscription box.

“Each little black box will be presented as an elegant Christmas or birthday gift to yourself each month,” says Bean. “And it’s reusable, unlike other boxes, which helps our carbon footprint.”

The box is $25.99 per month and is filled with 3-4 various full-size lip products from the current Glam by Chenese Bean collection in addition to a few other surprises as well, and will launch later in 2018.

“We’re excited about making the world glamorous,” adds Bean. “A product card will be included with each box to give a description of the products as well as an ingredient card all wrapped up nice and cute.”

Bean says the boxes are tailored to the wants and needs of each client, and are based off their results from taking a short profile quiz.

To purchase products from Glam by Chenese Bean, visit Currently, Bean says her subscription box is in launch phase, but those interested in learning more about the box can click here to join the mailing list for additional information and for a product launch date!

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From Montreal to Australia, and all the way back to the Queen City, one beauty pro is giving your brows a new look. Keep reading to learn more!


Beau Regard Microblading Boutique offers eyebrow microblading.

Shannon Rose has traveled and worked around the world. From Montreal (where she’s from) to Melbourne, Australia, and then to Colorado, she mastered the art of hair. But those travels also inspired her to go down another path in the beauty industry: microblading.

“Being a teenager in the 90s, I had tweezed my eyebrows into oblivion and knew I wasn’t the only one,” says Rose. “Knowing that microblading was a way to get brows back (semi-permanently), I immediately became intrigued and decided that this was something I wanted to pursue and perfect.”

That’s when Rose packed her bags and headed to California, where she trained under microblading expert Lindsey Ta at Microblading LA, before eventually following her heart to the Queen City.

“My husband and I met abroad, but he is originally from Cincinnati,” she says. “While living in Colorado together we got the great news that we were going to be having a little girl and we decided to move to CIncinnati to raise our family.”

Today, Rose is the owner of Cincinnati’s Beau Regard Microblading Boutique, which specializes in creating custom, natural-looking eyebrows to fit your lifestyle.

“At Beau Regard, the microblading technique used is not simply creating a stencil,” says Rose. “Each client’s face and bone structure is different. Customizing brows for each client is something I pride myself on.”

Rose says that prior to all bookings, she meets with clients for a consultation. This pre-appointment meeting allows her to chat with the client and learn more about what it is they’re looking for in their brows.

A full brow service at Beau Regard, including a touch-up, is $450. This includes adding microblading hair strokes from the beginning of the brows to the ends. A half brow service including touch-up is $300 and includes adding microblading hair strokes from the arch to the ends or from the beginning to the arch only.

Shannon Rose, Owner of Beau Regard Microblading

Rose also offers scar correction and touch-up, which includes adding microblading hair strokes to an empty spot in the brows caused by a scar or loss of hair, and it costs $200. Additional touch-ups start at $100.

Rose says that before the end of 2018 she will be expanding her services. “I will offer permanent eyeliner treatments and powder brows,” she adds.

To learn more about Beau Regard Microblading, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and give the studio a “like” on Facebook. To contact Rose, email or call 513-978-7233.

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A photographer turned professional makeup artist is helping her clients feel refreshed and renewed in the new year! Read on to learn more.


Meg Valentine Professional Makeup Artistry offers makeup applications for all types of social outings.

Meg Valentine has more than 20 years experience in the professional makeup industry. After working as a national artist for the the makeup and skincare line Trish McEvoy Cosmetics, she decided it was time to step out and take her professional passion to the next level as an entrepreneur.

What started out as a photography business in the early 2000s, Valentine has since combined her love of photography with her passion for makeup, launching Meg Valentine Professional Makeup Artistry.

This one-woman show offers professional makeup for clients.

“Meg Valentine Professional Makeup Artistry is an elegant, cozy space where I do makeup artistry for any modern day woman who wants to look beautiful for a simple evening out, special events, for brides, for photography clients, models, or just for fun,” she says.

Valentine says that women from every walk of life sit in her makeup chair, and she works with each client individually to determine the look they want.

“Once we determine, together, what look and style will make her feel the most renewed and refreshed, I go to work,” she adds.

Valentine says that her artistry ranges from simple, classical looks often requested by brides to polished looks for the modern woman.

“I also do pinup and boudoir glamour makeup all the way through the most current editorial, Instagram, and theatrical looks,” she adds.

The passion that Valentine puts into the work she does for her clients is what she says makes her business unique. “My parents always told me, find something I have a passion for, and if I could also make money doing that, I would always be happy in life,” she says.

Now that the calendar has officially flipped to 2018, Valentine says that she is planning events for the year, with the goal of having at least one themed “Makeup Tips & Champagne Sips” part each month. “They are always so much fun for both myself and my clients,” she adds.

To learn more about  Meg Valentine Professional Makeup Artistry, visit You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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Inspired by her own struggles with hormone imbalances, weight loss, and aging skin, a local doctor opened her own practice to help others with those same issues. Read on for more!


Dr. Magdalena Kerschner, Owner of Victory Wellness & Medspa

Dr. Magdalena Kerschner is a board certified anesthesiologist and board certified interventional pain specialist. She’s also someone who’s struggled with hormone issues, prematurely aging skin, and weight problems.

After earning a medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, and an anesthesiology residency as the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kerschner opened Victory Wellness & Medspa. Her Montgomery-based practice combines her professional medical background with her personal struggles to help others with the very hormone issues, aging skin, and weight problems she, too, experienced.

“My extensive experience as a physician and a woman helps me to understand people’s needs and how to care for them,” says Kerschner. “I have a personal passion for personal growth and passion for beauty. I believe we should try to be the best that we can be at any point of our lives. I believe in preventative medicine as opposed to conventional pharmaceutical medicine. Patient interaction. I am very gratified when patients become happy and lead fulfilling lives once again.”

Today, Victory Wellness & Medspa offers several services and programs for weight loss and hormone replacement, as well as skin services for anti-aging treatments for men and women.

Kerschner says that when her patients leave Victory Wellness & Medspa, she wants them to leave feeling better about themselves.

“We are unique because we care for the external as well as internal well-being of people,” she says.

Caring for the overall well being of her patients leads to positive responses, which Kerschner says makes her job all the more worthwhile. “I had a patient who told me that for the first time she feels alive and enjoys living life to the fullest,” she adds. “I define success as a grateful smile on my patient’s face.”

Kerschner is also the founder of the Unleash Your Sparkle Gala, which was hosted in September and saw more than 180 guests. The event, which included a cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner, and entertainment, supported the Division of Integrative Care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Kerschner says she was inspired to spearhead this year’s event due to her own experiences in the medical field. After many years of practicing traditional medicine and treating an illness after it’s already developed, Kerschner turned to preventive medicine, resulting in healthier and happier patients.

As she heads into the new year, Kerschner says she hopes to continue offering and providing solutions to the health and wellness needs of others when it comes to hormonal imbalances, weight loss issues, and anti-aging treatments.

To learn more about Victory Wellness & Medspa or to schedule an appointment, visit or call 513-936-3065.

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Inspired by a love for natural skincare products, a local lady launched her own line of products and DIY events. Keep reading for all the decadent details.


Cypress Skin & Beauty is a locally-based company that sells skincare products.

In a busy world, finding time for self-care isn’t usually at the top of the to-do list.

That’s why Nia Baucke wants to make it easy and fun to fit in a little self love with her company Cypress Skin & Beauty, also known as Cypress Beauty Co.

“Cypress Skin & Beauty is a small batch skin care brand based in Cincinnati, promoting skin care as self-care,” explains Baucke. “Our natural skin care products are sold online, at events, and at local boutiques.”

Baucke says she’s always wanted to create a skincare brand. It’s something that she’s always had a passion for, in addition to self-care, which she shared a love for with her mother, who passed away.

Baucke’s love for skincare goes back to when she was younger. “Struggling with acne and hyperpigmentation, I set out on the quest for the perfect glow,” she says. “Spoiler alert: no one has perfect skin!”

Even though she knows there’s no such thing as perfect skin, she fell in love with studying skincare ingredients and learning about the endless number of skincare rituals that are out there.

“I ended up creating an Instagram-blog where I documented and reviewed different products and, during that time, became exposed to and passionate about, natural skincare,” she says. “I found that so many other cities already had a natural skincare “scene” with local makes, but it seemed to be missing in Cincinnati.”

From there, Baucke launched something the Queen City didn’t know it needed.

The name, Cypress, is an essential oil best known for its healing and energizing properties. It’s also a nod to the essential oils that Baucke uses in her products and highlights how she wants her customers to feel after using the products or attending an event.

As for her first product, Baucke says she chose to create a clay mask as the first product from Cypress because it’s her favorite type of skin care product. “It’s also a fantastic way to decompress while taking care of yourself and your skin,” she adds.

The current skincare line, in addition to the clay mask, consists of three products that give its users a few moments out of their day to relax, treat themselves, and take care of their skin. These products are the clay mask treatment, facial oil, and lip scrub.

“While our current skincare line is small, it’s the perfect started set for someone who is both interested in natural skincare and incorporating a self-care routine into their everyday life,” explains Baucke. “Our most popular product is our Illuminating Mask – it’s formulated with white clay that gently detoxifies the skin and draws out impurities. It’s also jam-packed with amazing natural ingredients like shea butter, apricot oil, and lavender essential oil.”

Cypress Illuminating Mask

In addition to its skincare line, Cypress also hosts DIY beauty workshops and events, and hosts private events by request. “During these events, guests have an opportunity to formulate and enjoy natural skincare products using quality, natural ingredients, and they get to take their creations home to enjoy,” says Baucke. “At our DIY Skincare Bar, our guests learn about effective ingredients and techniques while relaxing with friends, drinks, and small bites.”

What makes Cypress Skin & Beauty stand out among other skincare lines, is not only its local presence that’s exclusive to the Cincinnati area, but the products themselves are meant to provide individuals with a fun and relaxing way to take care of their skin while learning more about using natural ingredients to treat the skin.

“We provide an approachable and affordable alternative to the skincare pampering found in pricey luxury skincare shops and spas,” says Baucke. “Moreover, our natural, high-quality ingredients remove the guessing game of the unpredictable effects of toxic chemicals on the body.”

Products from Cypress Skin & Beauty officially launched on December 1, and are sold online and at events throughout the Tri-State. You can also find the Illuminating Mask at Spruce Nail Shop and The Green Store Cincy.

To learn more about Cypress Skin & Beauty, visit You can also follow along on Instagram to check out upcoming events and stay up to date on all happenings with Cypress!

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Head north for a mini-getaway in a castle! Read on to learn more about this historic bed and breakfast, complete with award-winning spa, nestled in a nearby small town.


GreatStone Castle in Sidney offers spa treatments, a bed and breakfast, and a lodge to get you off the grid for a weekend.

Head about 90 miles north of Cincinnati and you’ll find the small town of Sidney. Situated on Interstate 75, Sidney has that small town feel with modern day amenities. It’s also home to multiple castles, one of which was converted into a lodge and spa that lets you escape the stresses of everyday life for a time.

“GreatStone Castle is an elegant and unique venue for private and corporate events and meetings, a bed and breakfast, and a day spa,” says GreatStone Resorts Day Manager Elizabeth Evans.

GreatStone Castle’s history dates back to 1895 when the Victorian mansion was constructed by owners William and Fannie Goode. According to Evans, the castle is now run by retired Lt. Col. Frederick and Victoria Keller.

The Castle is available for weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, family gatherings, business and organizational meetings, showers, graduations, anniversaries, and celebratory of all sorts.

However, when you’re looking for a place to go to escape the busyness of the city, GreatStone Castle has you covered. The bed and breakfast as well as its spa offer relaxing accommodations and services.

It terms of its spa services, GreatStone Castle offers relaxation, deep tissue, and European stone massages as well as a variety of body rubs, mineral whirlpool baths, and facials featuring Repechage products. Evans says that all spa services are available by appointment to both bed and breakfast guests as well as walk-ins.

“The Spa at GreatStone only offers the finest face and body treatments with Repachge products,” says Evans.

Skin care services include OptiFirm Eye Treatment and a variety of facials. Spa treatments at GreatStone include mineral baths, hand and feet masques, hand and feet treatments, body rubs and polishes, which are between $25 and $105 and range in length from a half hour to an hour and a half.

Aromatherapy can be added to massages and there are also packages available for individuals as well as couples. Evans says that stays with the Castle can be booked alongside spa services to get everything scheduled at once.

Lodging options at GreatStone Castle includes the Windsor and Brighton suites and the Victorian room. “The suites are a bedroom, dressing room, and bathroom en suite,” says Evans. “Both feature king-size beds, original gas fireplaces, and flat screen televisions with cable.”

Meanwhile, the Victorian, which is popular with groups of ladies, has both a queen and a full bed and television with cable.

“Breakfast at GreatStone Castle is served from 7:30 am to 10:30 am and is cooked to order from our menu and served in the Conservatory,” explains Evans. “We are always happy to accommodate special dietary needs if notified when reservations are made.”

The Castle also offers Wi-Fi, but if you’re looking to go off the grid for a weekend, the Canal Lake Lodge just outside Sidney is an ideal place to visit.

The Canal Lake Lodge, which is a separate facility about 10 minutes from the Castle itself, is built of log and stone. “It’s a mile off the road, surrounded by 100 acres of farm and woodland,” says Evans. “The Lodge sits on a wooded plateau overlooking a private 8-acre lake.”

For those in search of a relaxed getaway, the Lodge is the ideal spot, according to Evans. “Guests that bring their fishing gear can take one of our rowboats out on the well-stocked lake. There is also a much-used shuffleboard court.”

“The Lodge is available for overnight stays for a couple, group of friends, or a family. A king, queen, and three twin beds are available. It has a huge wood-burning fireplace, gas grill, and fully-equipped kitchen,” she explains. “A flat screen television and BluRay player are provided but the Lodge has no cable or Wi-Fi, making it the ultimate ‘get away from it all’ destination,’”

The cooking and cleaning at the Lodge is up to the guests, although breakfast foods are supplied. Evans says for the ultimate stay at the Lodge, you can book massages there, too.

Evans says a weekend getaway to GreatStone Castle and Canal Lake Lodge is ideal because it’s geared to adults that wish to have a quiet, pampered getaway in unique surroundings. “It is our goal to make every guest feel welcome, while affording them the privacy they crave,” she says. “Many of our guests are now ‘regulars,’ returning again and again.”

Plus, the Castle itself is unique. Constructed of an 18-inch thick Bedford Indiana limestone, it features a wraparound porch supported by stone columns. “Three turrets give the massive structure its castle-like appearance,” says Evans. “GreatStone is finished in rare hardwoods from various countries, transported by ships and rail, to their final destination stop a hill in Sidney.”

Within the Castle is an extensive collection of stained glass and antiques, which are displayed throughout the mansion. “With over 4,200 square feet on each floor, there is plenty of room to explore,” says Evans.

Plus, GreatStone Castle is just a few blocks away from downtown Sidney, a small town that is in the midst of a revitalization with booming shops and eateries, and also features architectural gems such as the county courthouse, its Gothic revival Civil War memorial building, the Big Four Bridge, and the famous People’s Federal Savings and Loan building, designed by Louis Sullivan, a mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright.

GreatStone Castle is located at 429 N Ohio Avenue in Sidney. To learn more about their services and pricing information, or book your stay, visit or call 937-498-4728. You can also “like” them on Facebook.

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If all you want for Christmas is some rest and relaxation, check out one local spa that specializes in a mom-friendly all natural experience, and what they have special for the holidays.


The holidays are just around the corner and Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound offers pampering services to make this time of year a little less stressful for you, while also providing the perfect gift idea for your mom friends and family.

“Becoming Mom is the perfect place for all moms, not just expecting ones,” says Ally Osborne, General Manager at Becoming Mom. “Our guests love that we use natural spa products and our specially trained staff is attentive to their needs at all stages of motherhood – before, during, and after pregnancy.”

Osborne says that Becoming Mom offers many services that you can’t find elsewhere, especially not all under one roof. They offer 3D and 4D ultrasounds, where you can see your little one in higher definition than ever before, or find out the gender as early as 16 weeks. In the spa, they have unique services like a “Mom on the Go Manicure,” and “Pregnancy Enhancers” that help with anything from swollen feet to stretch marks. They even have an add-on to take an uninterrupted, candle-lit, aromatherapy nap after your spa service (every mom’s dream, right?).

“I love seeing how over time our services have made an impact on our clients and their families. We have seen families grow from their first baby to their fifth, watched Great-Grandmas see an HD ultrasound for the first time, helped moms to be sending pictures of baby and even heartbeat recordings to their husbands overseas,” Osborne says. “I’ve had moms that limped in from sciatic nerve pain; walk out with relief after a massage. It’s really amazing.”

If you can’t hit the spa with your mom, or your mom friends, Osborne recommends purchasing an online gift certificate from Becoming Mom. “Our online gift certificates can be emailed instantly or you can buy now and set the date to be delivered right before your holiday,” says Osborne. “This is perfect for those busy families who want to check someone special off their list!”

Osborne says following their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram has its perks. For example, she says, they just alerted fans to a special where you can get a free heartbeat recording when you purchase a gift certificate for an Ultrasound, now through the end of the day today, November 27, 2017. Also, you can get a free manicure with any spa or spa package gift certificate purchased today. You can visit to see a list of their current promotions.

“We have several special spa packages, discounts on services and products to help you get ready for the holidays,” Osborne says, offering the following list:

Comfort and Joy package: includes a pregnancy massage and Simply Sweet 3D/HD ultrasound. Comfort for her changing body and pure joy to see baby’s face for the first time.

Before and After: one of Becoming Mom’s most loved packages with a holiday twist. This package includes a pregnancy massage, a postpartum massage and a $50 retail credit for mom to choose what she needs most.

Alone Time! : Ask any mom what she wants most and a little bit of alone time might be at the top of the list. This package includes a 50 minute Massage, our Get That Glow Spa Facial and our Signature Spa Pedicure. At just $200 for three hours of pampering, it’s a win for Mom and the gift giver, too!

And because it is the season of giving after all, Becoming Mom is offering a free treatment enhancer to every customer that received a spa service in December. Guests can choose from warm soothing hot stones, moisturizing treatments, and even treatments targeting conditions like carpal tunnel, nausea and headaches.

Gift certificates can be purchased online at or in the spa at 5485 Deerfield Blvd. in Mason, Ohio.

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We chat with owner of a new aerial arts studio about their performances, classes, and how it’s a beautiful way to bring healthy benefits to your body.

Elevated Aerials focuses on aerial arts and offers a variety of fitness classes.

Brittany Naegel opened up Elevated Aerials just this past May, serving as the only studio just focusing on aerial arts in the Cincinnati area. Located on Mitchell Ave, the studio offers a variety of fitness classes including Aerial Fit Express, Aerial Fit & Flexibility, Aerial Yoga and Aerial Yoga Conditioning. Every class is either taught by Naegel herself, or her aerial partner Jessi Monte.

The aerial arts are a type of performance where one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from fabric that hangs from the ceiling for performers to climb on.  These are beautiful performances, but aerials are also a fun way to keep the body healthy.

At the time when Naegel really started to get into aerial arts, there were no classes being offered in Cincinnati, so Naegel would travel all over to take classes.

“I knew then, that this city was in need of an aerial arts studio,” says Naegel. “I knew as soon as I touched the fabric for the first time that I wanted to share this art form with the world in any way I could.”

Naegel really started to practice the aerial arts only a few years ago. Before then, Naegel had always stayed active growing up.  In high school Naegel was more into fitness-based sports, such as swimming and rowing. After high school, she graduated from SHI Integrative School of Medical Massage and has been working as a Massage Therapist for over a decade.

“Body awareness and knowing how to work out tight areas in the body comes naturally to me. It was learning how to dance and move gracefully that was the challenge for me, and of course building up enough strength for aerials,” says Naegel.

There are a few different types of aerial art performances as well as skill sets that Elevated Aerials teaches. They offer workshops and private lessons on aerial silks, sling and lyra for all different skill levels. Aerial silks, consists of two long tails of fabric that hang from the ceiling for performers to climb on. Aerial sling is similar to aerial silks only the fabric is raised a little higher and is attached at the bottom forming a sling or hammock. Lyra, also known as aerial hoop, is a suspended circular steel apparatus.

“All of these apparatuses are used to fly through the air, spin, strike poses, drop, dance and be creative as you like forming the perfect workout that is not only fun, but empowering as well,” explains Naegel.

However, Elevated Aerials also has opportunities for beginners and even younger kids ages 12 and up.  They offer classes throughout the week that are low to the ground so they are perfect for anyone to do.

“It’s perfect for beginners wanting to test the waters and try out the aerial equipment as well as advanced aerialists wanting to increase their strength and flexibility,” Naegel says.

Elevated Aerials is all about creating confidence, empowerment and teamwork. “This is why I choose Elevated Aerials. It’s not just you in the air. It’s you and your apparatus, or you and your partner(s). You have to work together creating the same expression or to create opposing forces. You can have one without the other, but it’s not until you put them together that they truly become alive,” Naegel explains.

Aerial arts are challenging and require a lot of determination and drive to practice and progress, however Naegel wants to let people know that anyone can do it.

“I want to show that even though you might not have been raised a dancer doesn’t mean it’s too late to become one. It doesn’t matter your age, or background. If you have the determination and drive, you can truly do anything you set your heart on,” she says.

Outside of teaching, Elevated Aerials is also available for performances. They have a wide range of performances to choose from for corporate events, weddings and concerts.

To learn more about Elevated Aerials, visit


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It’s a fashion boutique, gift shop, furniture store, salon, and more — all under one roof. Read on to learn about this new one-stop-shop in Mason.


Lavish Grace is a beauty salon, gift shop, fashion boutique, and furniture store.

It’s a fashion boutique… gift shop… furniture store… salon… oh my!

Owner, Angie Adkins had worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years before opening Lavish Grace Boutique and Salon in the heart of Mason last spring. The boutique and salon is one of a kind, offering affordable and trendy beauty services as well as “couture on a dime” apparel, gifts, accessories and furniture both new and vintage.

In addition to the boutique, Lavish Grace offers a variety of beauty services. Adkins works with another hair stylist, Carissa Ames, to create beautiful looks. Ames has worked in the beauty industry for five years and loves the challenge and creativity involved with her role. She offers haircuts, coloring and formal styling to women, men and children.

Women’s fashions, accessories, gifts, and decor are some of the items sold at Lavish Grace.

“Angie and Carissa work to build relationships with each of the customers,” says Cassandra Kingman, marketing director. “Angie has a strong relationship with her long time hair clients and decided to bring her love for fashion and beauty together to create a salon and boutique as there was not yet a boutique in downtown Mason.”

According to Adkins, Lavish Grace filled the void and has quickly become a go-to spot. “I opened in a quaint historic district, which many of my clients lovingly refer to as The Steel Magnolias of Mason,” she laughs.

The Lavish Grace staff prides themselves with offering the best in quality, hair design, and a variety of contemporary and southern fashion. The sizes range from small to a 3X so there is always something for everybody. Their typical clients are women between the ages of 35-55, however Lavish Grace takes hair appointments for any age from children to seniors. As for the boutique, Adkins says it’s easy for anyone of any age or gender to find what they’re looking for.

“Our inventory is ever changing and we are constantly bringing you the latest trends in women’s boutique clothing,” Adkins adds. “We feel it is important to keep the boutique feel by continuously bringing in unique items several times a month.”

In addition to fashion, the boutique also sells resurrected furniture from “Not Too Shabby” by Crystal Williams. Adkins says these unique pieces are full of character and also affordable.

According to Adkins, Lavish Grace is the perfect place for relaxation and fun, and also a great boutique and gift shopping. Every third Thursday of the month from 5-8p.m. customers can join the boutique for special deals, discounts and giveaways. “Each customer is always treated as a VIP,” Adkins says.

Adkins’ passion for beauty and fashion was truly brought to life in Lavish Grace Boutique and Salon. “I love what I do! I have had the honor of lavishing love, faith, beauty and fun upon many women and families in the Northern Cincinnati area,” she explains.

Lavish Grace is located at 105 East Main Street in Mason. To learn more about them, follow along on Facebook.

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Learn about a local photographer that teamed up with hair and makeup experts to provide innovative, eclectic, and stylized photography sessions.  


Purplei Potion is a photography studio located in Covington.

Our greatest talents are often discovered on accident. That’s what happened at six years old when Tashia Harris’ mom gave her a camera and said “go play.”

From that moment, a passion began to develop. Today, Harris owns her own photography studio, Purplei Potion, she launched in 2012 based in Covington, where she specializes in photography of portraits and small weddings, in addition to hair and makeup services to complement her shoots, and she also sells select pieces of African jewelry.

For 20 years, Harris worked in clinical research but she always kept her passion for photography on the side. “It was always about what crazy projects I could come up with,” she says. “I always kept that creative gene with me.”

Tashia Harris, Owner of Purplei Potion

But after collaborating on a photo shoot to help her friend with an organization to support young teens with leadership and confidence, she knew she needed to make her photography studio dreams a full time career.

Today, nearly six years later, Harris enjoys being as creative as possible with her shoots. She describes her business aesthetic as fierce, bold, eclectic, and cool. The name Purplei Potion is a combination of her favorite color and how she views the art of photography.

“Photography is magic. It’s healing, like a potion,” Harris says. “When you get someone in front of a camera, people transform to be someone else or to do something crazy.”  

Purplei Potion offers three different photo packages, and the starting rate is typically $250. They also offer three specials a year in the spring, summer and fall. Harris mainly focuses on portraits but she also does small weddings, usually of 60 people or less.

Harris does all her photography on her own, and works with two local makeup artists for her shoots as well as a creative director to bring her ideas and her customer’s ideas to life. She is typically is attracted to very abstract concepts which is something that makes her photography different compared to something you would see on Pinterest.  

“One thing we do differently is we don’t pose,” she explains. “Things in my pictures aren’t perfect because they aren’t supposed to be.”

Another exclusive aspect of Purplei Potion is that they sell handmade jewelry. While visiting family in Africa a few times a year, Harris works with a local artist to make the jewelry. These one of a kind pieces are available for purchase and are also used in her photo shoots. One of Harris’ favorite shoots so far was actually last Tuesday, Oct. 24, where she photographed the jewelry on a young woman who wore it in distinctive ways to showcase the originality.

In addition to Africa, Harris enjoys traveling around the country and to different parts of Europe. “Traveling allows you to see what different cultures have to offer, see things differently, what pushes and inspires people,” she says.

To learn more, visit the Purplei Potion website at