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Keeping your skin healthy is a constant struggle. No matter how hard you try using at-home methods like lotions, there comes a time when clinical treatment is a necessity, if you want to continue having healthy looking skin. The question is what type of clinical treatment do you need? You may have heard that lasers offer the best skincare treatments you can get, but is that true? Let’s find out. 


Why Lasers Are Popular Skincare Devices

Lasers are popular. There is no denying that. For about thirty years, skincare specialists have been using them to treat many different skin ailments. One reason for their popularity is their accuracy. Another is their speed. A single laser treatment involves a certified clinician pointing the laser at your in a systematic way. In less than a second, a laser can treat an area about quarter-sized. 


Lasers are also popular because of the number of skin conditions they can assist with. The versatility of lasers for cosmetic procedures is indisputable. There are ablative lasers used to perform laser peels. There are even laser procedures that can spot treat such issues as specific scars or mild wrinkles. Non-ablative lasers are available to revitalize your skin from the inside by triggering higher collagen production rates in your body as well. 


The Convenience of Having Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are also quite convenient. Each one typically takes under an hour to complete. There is also very little chance of serious side effects or any need for time off to recover. With no hospital admittance and limited minor side effects, such as temporary swelling, you can have laser treatment without disrupting your life too much. 


Not Everyone Can Have Laser Treatment 

Laser treatment may sound perfect for every occasion and person, but it is not. Lasers have limits. For example, severe skin sagging requires surgery to correct. Your skin type can also make you ineligible for laser procedures. Lasers produce heat, which can put you at risk for burns when your skin is excessively oily. Having skin that is too thin, too dry or otherwise places you at higher risk for side effects may also make laser treatment a poor choice.


If your skin is dark or you have certain conditions, such as active acne outbreaks, you also may not qualify for laser treatment. Most lasers are better at treating skin that is light. Additionally, dark skin means the laser has the potential to alter your skin pigment. That means you may have discolored skin patches after the treatment is over.


Clinical Skin Treatments That Offer Alternatives to Lasers

There are several clinical skin treatments that offer alternatives to lasers. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. Among them are microdermabrasion, chemical peels and intense pulsed light therapy. Sound wave treatment is even an option. However, most of those treatments are milder than laser therapy. Therefore, you might need five or six laser treatments to get desired results, but you might need more of those other treatments to achieve an equivalent goal.


Making a Final Choice About Clinical Skin Treatments

In some cases, it may be difficult to decide which clinical skin treatment is truly best for you. If two treatments seem equally beneficial, consider other factors. For example, they may differ in cost or time investment. Talking to a skincare clinician at your local clinic can also help you decide. After assessing your skin, he or she may have insights you hadn’t thought of. After such a consultation, you should be able to make a clear final decision.


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Meet the nurse-turned-aesthetician transforming faces through age-reversing dermatological procedures.

Jennifer Bleser, owner of Skin Esteem LLC in Fort Thomas, KY is not only an aesthetician and entrepreneur, but she also holds the titles of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). 

Bleser worked as a Registered Nurse for nearly 20 years before becoming a consultant for Rodan and Fields skin products, wherein she discovered her passion for aesthetic dermatological procedures. In September of 2018, she opened Skin Esteem LLC. 

With all of her certifications, Bleser says she knows what her clients want and how to give them the best results. With one clinician at Skin Esteem LLC, Bleser says she “offers a tailored plan for each patient’s individual needs without the concern of getting a different provider each visit,” she explains. “The patient/provider relationship is very important to us here at Skin Esteem.”

This personal one-on-one experience keeps clients loyal to the company and to Bleser. “Follow up is key to having your patients satisfied and returning. Most aesthetic businesses collect their money and send the patient on their way, not knowing if the patient is completely satisfied,” Bleser says. For this reason, Skin Esteem always schedules follow-up consultations/phone calls to ensure patients are happy with the results of their procedure. 

By going out of the way to ensure patients are getting exactly what they want, Bleser says she has built many strong relationships. “By far the most rewarding part of owning Skin Esteem and being the practitioner there is my patients light up when they see their results! I’ve cried with my patients, laughed with them, and even provided somewhat of therapy sessions [for] them,” she explains. 

Personal relationships with your aesthetician, no crowded waiting room, and follow-ups to ensure your satisfaction are just some of the benefits of seeking out Skin Esteem’s services. 

Skin Esteem offers a variety of procedures meant to transform the face and reverse the signs of aging. Some of these procedures include Botoxâ/XeominâJuvedermâBeloteroâRadiesseâKybellaâ, and Sclerotherapy. 

Bleser says that she plans to expand Skin Esteem’s services in the future to include hormone replacement, wholistic pain therapy, and weight loss procedures. 

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or consultation with Bleser, you can do so on Skin Esteem’s website or call (859-957-5916). 

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Learn about a local organization inspiring you to feel healthy, empowered and beautiful through retreats, fitness meet-ups and a community of like-minded women. 

The Beauty Boost is a space for women to come together to help them feel healthy, empowered, and beautiful.

The Beauty Boost is appropriately named. Founder Rachel Kerr says she created The Beauty Boost to give women a community that helps you feel a boost of confidence and beauty – inside and out – after every interaction.

“A space for women to come together to feel healthy, empowered and beautiful. We do this through fitness, retreat getaways, workout and inspiration partners, life coaching and most importantly, surrounding you with a group of inspiring and like-minded women,” Kerr explains. “We’re your support to create the changes you need in your life. Our mission is to make women, just like you, feel beautiful in all areas of your life.” 

Kerr launched the business in 2015 and is based in Columbus, with community managers in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

The inspiration behind starting The Beauty Boost came from a passion to energize and recharge the community. “I heard so many friends talking about how much they disliked their jobs and dreaded their days. I listened to women put each other down and create competition. I searched for a community of inspiring and motivating women but couldn’t seem to find just what I was looking for,” Kerr says. “I would meet amazing women throughout the day who I knew would benefit from being connected to other amazing gals just like you. So I aimed to create a space where women with shared values could come together to motivate one another, inspire each other and create an overall happier lifestyle. That’s why The Beauty Boost was created.”

To Kerr, “Beauty means feeling strong, free and confident in our own skin,: she says. The business defines success by women realizing there is no perfect size or perfect way to live. “You are successful with beauty if you are happy and proud of yourself and are living your best, happiest life,” she explains. 

There are a variety of different services offered through The Beauty Boost and they include: Everyday Inspired Events, Everyday Inspired Facebook Page, Retreats, Membership, Taste of Fitness events, Empowerment Workshops, Socials, Paddleboard Series, Namaste + Craft events. To check out the events going on, go to:

“It is important for people to make the changes in their life they need to feel happy and beautiful in their own skin,” Kerr says. “It can be hard to do this on your own so having a support system and other women loving you for you is important, which is what we bring to the community.”

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with The Beauty Boost, follow them through their email list at: or their website.

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Learn about a microblading, waxing and lash extension expert who recently opened her own studio in Milford.

Minx Studio offers eyebrow microblading, eyelash extensions, and other services on Cincinnati’s East Side.

Megan Raabe was spending her days performing treatments at a local waxing center when she noticed a pattern of clients asking how to fill in their eyebrows after she waxed them. Many had been over-tweezing or over-waxing them, and were left with very sparse hairs. In 2016, Raabe discovered an up-and-coming treatment called microblading and she knew she had found the answer for her clients. 

Microblading has been all the rage in the past few years. Simply put, it’s a process of tattooing semi-permanent hair-like dashes within the eyebrow. It appears similar to what an eyebrow pencil would do, which is just drawing on fake hairs to fill in the brow, except it lasts one to three years depending on skin type.

After discovering this new treatment, Raabe went and immediately got certified to perform microblading. Shortly after, she got certified to do lash extensions as well and ended up opening her salon, Minx Studio, in April of 2017 in Milford. 

“I was the first person to offer both services on the East Side [of Cincinnati],” Raabe proudly declares. “Being able to offer lash extensions and permanent makeup in an unsaturated market sets me apart from everyone else.”

So why get microblading? “There are a multitude of eyebrow creams, powders, and pencils on the market, but it takes an expert to apply them in a way that looks natural. Also, just like other makeup, these can fade throughout the day and require touchups,” says Raabe. 

Although the process is similar to that of a tattoo, requiring ink to be deposited into the skin by needle, it’s far less painful. At Minx Studio, they apply a numbing cream to the area so clients only feel slight discomfort. 

Aside from microblading, Raabe also offers eyelash extensions, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyelash lifts, permanent nanoeyeliner, facial waxing, and makeup application.

“My favorite part about what I do is being able to make people feel better about the way they look. The eyes are the window to the soul – and I believe some lashes and fresh brows can make the biggest difference in someone’s face,” she states. 

Minx Studio is located at 137 Main St in Milford. To learn more, visit

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While there are many innovative procedures for healthier and younger looking skin, one of the most promising is microneedling treatment. Also known as collagen induction therapy, a small tool with tiny needles rolls on the skin. It is safe, convenient, and effective. If you are having second thoughts on giving this a shot, keep on reading and we’ll list down the compelling reasons to try it today. 


Before we start, if you are looking for top-notch providers of microneedling treatment in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, one of the best options that should be on your list is Coastal Skin Solutions. 


1. It Boosts Collagen 


Collagen delivers a long list of benefits for the body, including reversing the visible signs of skin aging. It makes the skin glowing and vibrant. However, as we grow older, the ability of the skin to produce collagen decreases. One of the best ways to address this is through microneedling treatment. The process is even made more effective with the use of Vitamin A and C creams, which help to achieve a more youthful complexion. 


2. It Lightens Acne Scars 


Over time, acne scars will lighten on their own. However, if you think that it is taking too long before they finally become less visible, you might benefit from trying microneedling treatment. However, it is important to note that this treatment works best only when you have depressed acne scars instead of raised. The treatment is more effective when Vitamin C serums are used. Aside from acne scars, it can also be great for surgical scars, burn scars, and stretch marks, among others. 


3. It Reduces Wrinkles 


Wrinkles are amongst the most common signs of skin aging. While there are many treatments promising to help get rid of wrinkles, microneedling is one option you might want to try. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are both crucial in making the skin look radiant to eliminate wrinkles. It triggers the production of new skin cells to hide the lines that are already existing on your face. 


4. It Reverses Sun Damage 


When it comes to the skin benefits of microneedling, one more thing worth highlighting is its ability to reverse sun damage. It also gets rid of dark pigmentation on the skin that is caused by sun exposure. This benefit can also be linked to the fact that microneedling boosts the collagen production of the skin. 


5. It Reduces the Size of Pores 


If you are looking for the best solution to shrink large pores, microneedling can also prove to be a promising alternative. Even if it pierces the skin thousands of times, you don’t have to worry that it will cause the pores to become larger. It stimulates the collagen production around the pores to make the skin plump and close the pores. 


With all the benefits above, now is the time to invest in a derma roller at home or schedule a microneedling treatment. It boosts the production of collagen, fades scars and dark spots and shrinks the pores, among other incredible benefits.  

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Aging is inevitable. Everyone grows older, but with the proper skincare and lifestyle habits, you can look younger than your years. Here are a few tips and tricks to maintain your youthful glow even as you age:


Pay Attention to Ingredients

A lot of the inexpensive products you can easily find in the drugstore or supermarket contain ingredients that can cause skin problems in the long run. These are cheap ingredients that are easy to mass produce, but are not necessarily the most skin friendly. One of the best ways to prevent early signs of skin aging is by paying attention to skincare ingredients and investing in the best organic beauty products like those offered by Well Within Beauty.


Look for plant-based, nourishing ingredients and steer clear from harsh sulfates, drying alcohols, and added fragrance, all of which can irritate your skin and cause dullness or breakouts. Long term use of irritating or disruptive ingredients can age your skin and make you look older than you really are. Well Within Beauty’s products are made from the finest ingredients that nature has to offer, to pamper your skin and keep it looking plump and youthful.


Add Antioxidants 

Antioxidants protect your skin for harmful free radicals that can damage your skin cells, leading to early signs of aging. They can be found in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and in other plant sources such as green tea. Increase your intake of antioxidant-rich foods, and choose products like an antioxidant moisturizer to maintain your youthful glow for longer.


Citrus fruits, berries and dark green leafy vegetables are full of antioxidants, while skincare products that contain ingredients like green tea are packed with antioxidants that are great for your skin. Incorporate more of these into your diet and your skincare routine to maintain your skin’s youthful glow, and to protect it from external factors that can age it faster.


Daily Sun Protection 

The sun’s powerful rays can cause the most damage to your skin if you don’t protect it daily. Overexposure to the sun can lead to sunburn, wrinkles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and even skin cancer. A good sunscreen is one of the best anti aging skincare products you can invest in.


When buying a sunscreen, choose one with broad spectrum protection and an SPF of at least 30. In the hot summer months, choose a lightweight yet water resistant sunscreen that doesn’t give off a white cast. Be sure to apply sunscreen every day to keep your skin protected and looking youthful, even on overcast days and in winter. The sun’s rays are extremely penetrative, and can cut through clouds and glass to wreak havoc on your skin.


Aging is natural and not something to be afraid or ashamed of. But there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to maintain healthy, youthful skin for as long as you can, either. Follow these simple tips and practice good skincare habits consistently and patiently, and your skin will remain plump, youthful and healthy for longer, even as you grow older.


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A new Dayton-based company makes hand-made, organic body care products that are not only good for you, but also good for the environment.

Baba Love Organics offers skin care products that are good for you and the environment.

If you’ve ever looked at the back of the bottle of one of your favorite lotions or skincare products, you’ll probably find several unfamiliar, and difficult to pronounce chemical names. While those chemicals might perform a job well, they might be good for you or too harsh for sensitive skin.

In February of 2018, Dayton native Vaniti Byrd launched her very own skin and body care line, Baba Love Organics, so that consumers could find natural products that perform well, but are free from any harsh unfamiliar chemicals. 

The company’s official launch included only four products but now has a range of 27 different face and body care items.

The mission of Baba Love Organics is to support total well-being, inside and out. “What we use on the largest organ of our body is ultimately going into our body,” Byrd says. “If we are placing toxins on our skin, we are placing toxins in our body.” 

The entire idea behind the brand was to create skincare formulas that are free from toxins, made with organic and raw ingredients, cruelty-free, and ethically packaged. 

One of the ways Baba Love Organics has made an effort to stay true to their vision of sustainability is by hosting “Bring Your Old Bottle” events where fans and customers can come by to give old packaging a new life by refilling them with organic body butters and oils. These events also bring the community together and provide a way for Byrd and her team to get feedback from the customers in real life. 

Another popular event the company holds is their “Masks and MUMosas” beauty brunch. They feature a DIY mask bar, bottomless mimosas, vegan brunch foods, and one-on-one facial consultations with Byrd herself. 

As an Etsy-based shop with no brick-and-mortar location, it’s extraordinary that loyal customers get to have experiences like this. “The experience keeps customers excited about using plant-based beauty care products,” says Byrd. 

With products ranging from tooth polish to “bath tea”, Baba Love Organics offers a variety of products for those looking for a natural approach to self-care. 

To visit the Baba Love Organics online shop, visit To follow along on the company’s Facebook page, click here.

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After years in the beauty industry, one local lady decided to venture out on her own. Read on to learn more.

Toolbox Studio Salon offers a variety of hair and beauty services in its O’Bryonville-based location.

After working more than 22 years in other salons, Heather Cooper turned her dream into a reality when she opened Toolbox Studio Salon.  

“I owed it to myself to see if I could do it,” says Cooper, of her O’Bryonville-based salon that’s now been open for four years. She was ready to be independent and create her own space where she had creative liberty, Cooper adds.

“Most people start out as a client, change over to a friend, and eventually become family,” Cooper says. With just herself and four independent co-workers, it’s a tight knit community of beauty gurus, she explains.

Cooper says customers and clients of Toolbox Studio can find unmatched hospitality in the salon. “I want to always put myself in their shoes,” Cooper adds. “If I forget what it’s like to be a client, I will stop relating to the needs of others.” 

Cooper says making the salon unique is a labor of love, but it comes naturally. “I have pieced this place together over the years with antique and vintage finds, modern touches, and a bit of country,” she explains. “It’s bright and welcoming and everyone feels it.”

It’s the people, though, who make it truly unique, Cooper says. “[We] make you feel at ease and provide you with the knowledge needed to make the best choices in your salon services.” In an industry with a lot of competition, Cooper adds, Toolbox Studio stands out by going above and beyond in customer service, as well as providing fair prices and a salon menu with variety. 

The Toolbox Studio menu of services includes: hair services, manicures and pedicures, waxing, facials, dermaplaning, permanent cosmetic makeup and microblading, eyelash extensions, and bridal makeup and styling. 

Toolbox Studio is located at 2037 Madison Rd. To learn more, visit

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Transport yourself to the Cote D’Azur one lather at a time with these locally-made small batch luxury soaps. 

South of France has become a nationally-known soap brand.

South of France Natural Body Care defines its mission as “small batches, big hearts.” Founded in 1999 by two local sisters, Molly and Katherine Oliver, the brand has grown into what is now one of the highest sellers of all-natural bar and liquid soaps nationally. 

The original formula for South of France soap was developed by a French expatriate living in the United States. The soap was manufactured in France using the traditional Marseille “triple milled” recipe. Triple milled means that the soap is milled three times in order to guarantee the bar is long-lasting and dissolves slower. 

Today, the soap is produced in the United States, with the company is based in Erlanger, Kentucky, but still uses the traditional French recipe. 

Molly and Katherine, both mothers, value the use of natural ingredients in their products. Each one of their bar soaps are Non-GMO Project Verified, assuring that they’ve been produced according to consensus-based practices for GMO avoidance. Both the bar soaps and hand washes have also been certified gluten-free by the National Celiac Association. 

Continuing their consumer-friendly certifications, all of South of France’s products are cruelty-free, according to the Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ Leaping Bunny Program. This means that no animal testing is conducted by the company or any of its suppliers or producers. Another bonus: all of South of France’s packaging is recyclable.

The brand remains as transparent as possible for its consumers by including an “ingredients glossary” on their website that gives a breakdown of every ingredient used in their products and what its purpose is. 

Molly and Katherine drew upon their love of the Provence region of France for inspiration. They have filled their products with “scents that evoke happy memories of times spent wandering through small towns, picnic-ing in the countryside and playing with our children on the beaches along the Mediterranean sea,” say the CEOs. 

With different scents in categories such as citrus, floral, and indulgent, there’s truly a product for any preference one may have. 

According to the sisters, “Our family and its employees stand behind the quality of our products and believe in our traditions. We find joy in sharing the love of great soaps with you and yours.”

You can find South of France Natural Body Care products at a local Fresh Thyme Farmers Market (in Montgomery and Newport) or on

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Inspired by Aveda products and its fresh new location, a local salon is giving clients a new kind of experience full of sustainable style.

Benefit Salon offers a variety of hair services with a new customer experience.

At Benefit Salon, relaxation comes in the form of light and lush greenery in a peaceful setting. The salon is the dream of Jocelyn Palmer, a passionate beauty industry veteran who is focused on training and education, as well as sustainability.

“Benefit Salon is a welcoming retreat where you will find a dedicated and talented team of women drive to help you look and feel your best,” says Palmer.

Palmer, who is a lover of Aveda products, says she loves working with and developing her team while also being a full-time mom to daughter Florencia.

The inspiration behind Benefit Salon comes from years of experience and the desire to stay connected to what is going on in the industry and fashion world.

“I am also driven by sustainability and being conscious about our environment,” she says. “The product line Aveda is so much more than just a brand. It is the driver for my company. I believe beauty is as beauty does.”

There are a range of hair services available at Benefit Salon, including cutting, coloring, keratin treatments, and Bellami hair extensions in addition to facial waxing.

“With each service we also offer a complimentary mini facial or hot towel with their conditioner,” adds Palmer.

The team at Benefit Salon is comprised of women who define the space’s relaxing and laid back, yet highly focused culture.

“We put a tremendous amount of emphasis on education, grooming new talent, and constantly improving our skills,” says Palmer. “We recently cut back on an extended range of services to focus exclusively on hair and providing the best service experiences possible.”

Benefit Salon recently moved into a new space that features arched windows and plenty of natural light.

“My husband and I completely renovated the space to be a reflection of our salon culture and the Aveda values,” says Palmer. “It was a ton of work gutting out the old, opening up walls, and refinishing every surface. We tried to use materials and elements from the original history of the space and neighborhood; it used to be a pharmacy and a grocery store in the 1940s.”

Palmer says she will be traveling to New York City in July to complete a Vidal Sassoon course in advanced cutting techniques. Then, in October, the salon is hosting Bellami to train the team and other salon professionals on advanced hair extension education.

“We are always seeking something to spark passion inside us for growth,” she adds.

You can learn more about Benefit Salon on their website, but Palmer says it’s easiest to stay up to date on salon happenings via Instagram.