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Learn about a quarterly event series featuring practitioners who share a behind-the-scenes look at how to make a business succeed with social media.


Dooley Media hosts Show and Tell events to bring media professionals together to share ideas.

Social Media Show & Tell events began when Matthew Dooley had a simple hunch.

When his career in social media got started in 2010, he found a community of other media professionals who regularly got together in person to share what they were learning.

Over time, so much of the learning had moved online to blogs, webinars, and virtual events that the group of creatives stopped meeting in person. 

Dooley decided to send out invitations for the first Social Media Show & Tell event in late-2016, hoping to gather 30-40 people because he missed getting together to share ideas. 

Over 80 people came to his first event. 

“We’re now on to our 6th event on March 22, 2018 and each quarterly event attracts 150 plus attendees. People are craving this knowledge, especially in a space that continues to evolve and require experimentation,” says Dooley.

The next Social Media Show & Tell event will be hosted at Union Hall on Thursday, March 22 and will feature keynote speaker Todd Henry, an esteemed author, speaker and consultant.

Attendees can expect to learn more about how to craft thumb-stopping content, how to navigate the latest changes across platforms, including Facebook’s News Feed overhaul, and how to refresh your social media strategy for 2018.

The event will also feature speakers Amanda Buechel, Social Media Manager at Graeter’s and Gina Gaetano, who runs social media for Thunderdome Restaurant Group, which includes Currito, The Eagle and more. 

Bites from Taste of Belgium will be available and Dooley says he’s heard a rumor that Buechel might be bringing the new flavors of Graeter’s ice cream. 

The Social Media Show & Tell encourages anyone who is a social media enthusiast to attend along with CMOs/Directors of Marketing, Digital Media Managers, Social Media Strategists and Small Business Owners.

Dooley is the founder and CEO of Dooley Media, a brand-building studio in OTR that helps clients get attention by being thoughtful about how they give it. He says he’s been fortunate enough to work with some of Cincinnati’s favorite brands, including Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa and Esther Price Candies. 

In addition, Dooley teaches social media to undergrads and MBAs at Xavier University, a course he developed back in 2011.

“I’ve always been an open book, which may be counter-intuitive within a field that rewards the latest trend or best practice,” says Dooley. “But by sharing what I know and passing the mic to those who know more, I think we’re all better off. I believe that the good you put out into the world multiplies and comes back to you in some way or another, and this event is one way for me to do that.” 

Check out for more information and use this $5 code for Cincy Chic subscribers.

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Learn about an O’Bryonville-based gallery that features artwork from contemporary work to American impressionism, along with space available to rent for cocktail parties and fundraisers. 


Greenwich House Gallery is an art gallery and event center that showcases a variety of different art.

Greenwich House Gallery is a premier art gallery and event center located in O’Bryonville that offers a wide variety of artistic styles, from contemporary to American impressionism.

The gallery was founded in the early 2000’s by Peggy Marquette, a local entrepreneur with a long career in fine art and design, and is now in the hands of Ramesh Malhotra, a longtime patron of local artists and the Greater Cincinnati art scene who bought Greenwich House Gallery when Marquette retired three years ago. 

With over 4,500 feet of space including three large rooms totaling 1,550 square feet plus private onsite parking, a partial kitchen and recently updated interior, Greenwich House Gallery is an ideal space for private events such as business meetings, charitable events, bridal showers, birthday parties and small weddings.

Mimosas for Memories, an event benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association of Cincinnati, will be hosted here for its third year on April 21.

“The backdrop of an art gallery has proven to be a truly memorable and unique setting for events,” says Greenwich House Gallery’s Jade Ausdenmoore.

Greenwich House Gallery is located in the heart of O’Bryonville.

Greenwich House Gallery is proud to represent local artists such as Lisa Schuster, Leslie Daly, David Mueller, George Bodine and Tom Post (among many others) and national artists such as New York City artist Chin H. Shin, Colorado artists Gregory Packard and Ann Jenemann and still-life Nebraskan artist Jeremy Goodding, says Ausdenmoore. 

Internationally, Greenwich House Gallery represents Spanish artist, Evaristo Alguacil, French artist, Frederic Pissarro and Indian artist, Bijendra Pratap.

The gallery’s next exhibit is the American Impressionist Society’s Annual Small Works Show, opening Friday, March 23. 

“This show brings in work from 200 of the top artists in the country and is hosted in a different city each year,” says Ausdenmoore. “Cincinnatians should seize the opportunity to view the show while it’s in their backyard! It will run through Saturday, April 21.”

Ausdenmoore says Greenwich House Gallery also enjoys offering modern art in a variety of styles which typically have openings one Friday night of each month and those interested can visit their webpage or follow on social media to stay up to date on events and exhibitions.

Greenwich House Gallery is located at 2124 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208. To learn more, contact them via telephone at (513) 871-8787, email or visit them online

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Learn about a local mother-daughter duo who turned a part-time creative hobby into a thriving floral business and event venue.


The Marmalade Lily Flower Farm and Event venue specializes in floral arrangements and an event venue setting. Photo: Eleven: 11 Photography

The Marmalade Lily Flower Farm and Event Venue, located in Loveland, Ohio, specializes in local, home-grown flowers, floral design classes and an event venue set in lush landscapes. 

After hosting their first few weddings in the spring of 2015, The Marmalade Lily has quickly gained popularity and has booked 56 weddings for 2018 alone, according to Founder and owner Laura Fisher. 

“I credit the success to the gorgeous grounds, welcoming environment and people, and the charm of the creative experiences offered. We all endeavor to treat our customers to a fabulous respite from day-to-day mediocrity and hustle and bustle,” says Fisher. 

Fisher, along with daughter Libby and husband, work together to manage the venue, which is set on their 10-acre flower farm that includes pond and barn. 

The Marmalade Lily can accommodate around 150 seated guests between the first and second levels of the barn. An option to rent a tent for an event increases seating up to 200 guests.

“When you host your event with us, you have use of the inside as well as the outside,” says Fisher. “Guests love attending events here and we always see them meandering around the gardens with their hors d’oeuvres in hand. Brides love to scatter hi tops, lawn games, photo booths, and vintage furniture throughout the many little flower gardens.”

The Marmalade Lily’s in-house floral design is the icing on the cake, according to Fisher. 

In-house floral services along with floral design classes where guests can create their own bouquet or flower crown are offered for all events. From birthdays, showers, quinceaneras, anniversary parties to family reunions, group graduation parties, funeral receptions, rehearsal dinners, all are welcome to enjoy the spacious grounds at The Marmalade Lily. 

Flowers grown throughout the farm create beautiful vignettes which benefit outdoor events and photography, says Fisher. 

“Locally-grown flowers are just so much more beautiful and unique. You have to come see it to really understand,” she adds. 

The Marmalade Lily also offers Flower Bar Fridays, perfect for a girls’ night out.

Guests can bring their favorite vessel to create a unique arrangement and with registration includes a bucket of flowers, some design instruction, music, hors d’oeuvres and refreshments. 

The next Flower Bar Friday is expected to be around Mother’s Day in May and The Marmalade Lily is planning to host a Flower Bar and farm tour in June. 

“Our clients are looking for a breath of fresh air—something different in a sea of all the same,” says Fisher. “Nowhere in the Midwest can you find a flower farm and event venue wrapped up into one to create an experience, bar none.”

For more information, visit or call (513) 604-6561.

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A female-led, Cincinnati-based integrated and digital marketing company is helping businesses understand their consumers in dynamic new ways.


The Deciding Factor is a woman-owned, full-service digital marketing agency.

The Deciding Factor, Inc. creates and delivers marketing that verbally and visually connects people to the reasons they want to buy. 

Every company has a reason why they do what they do, but putting your finger on what exactly makes it all work can be difficult. At The Deciding Factor, they believe the key to effective marketing is identifying your “why.” 

The woman-owned, full-service digital marketing agency works with B2B and B2C clients throughout the U.S. and provides services that include everything from company naming, branding, customer journey mapping and orchestration, to content development, design, website development, digital advertising, social media, SEO, marketing analytics and public relations.

The Deciding Factor can help a client at any phase of their business life, says President Karen Meyers Holzer. “For example, if they are a startup, we can help with company or product naming, brand/logo development and their new website,” she says. “If they are more mature as a company and need to recruit and retain more customers, we can do customer journey mapping and persona development.”

By content creation and distribution of that content through digital channels such as on their client’s website, on social media and through search and social advertising, The Deciding Factor constantly uses the data from digital marketing to look for customer behaviors and manage the ROI of their initiatives.

When it comes to their business, Meyers Holzer says they are far from a one-size-fits-all provider. “We love helping these customers tell their story in a way that resonates with their different audience segments,” says Meyers Holzer. “Each customer has a unique story and needs different marketing executions to reach their customers and prospects.”

The Deciding Factor offers comprehensive packages of digital and traditional marketing initiatives, which means a client doesn’t have to manage many different firms to get what they need. Their messaging and brand remain consistent and their dollars are spent more effectively, according to Meyers Holzer. 

An aspect of The Deciding Factor that Meyers Holzer believes sets them apart is their content development team made up of brand journalists. “This is because a journalist is inquisitive and a life-long learner. They can see both sides of an issue, and they know how to research and tell a story that grabs the audience’s attention,” she says. 

Marketing is both an art and a science, says Meyers Holzer, and The Deciding Factor team treats your business as if it is their own. 

To learn more, visit

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Learn about a new campaign that’s bringing together the power of movies to influence culture with the power of mentors to change lives.


Generation to Cincinnati hosts Movies & Mentors to bring together adults and children in Cincinnati.

Movies & Mentors is a national program hosted by Generation to Generation Cincinnati and Inspiring Service that aims to celebrate mentorship and inspire adults to become mentors through the power of cinema. 

Movies such as The Karate Kid, The Lion King, and The Sound of Music all have one thing in common: a mentor.

The presence of a mentor with different strengths, different interests, and different perspectives can have profound influence on the life of a child, says Jenna Ruttkay, Director of Communications and Insight for Inspiring Service. 

“Movies & Mentors brings these influences together to begin a conversation around the impact of mentoring, and hopefully inspire more adults to consider this rewarding way to give back,” says Ruttkay.

A mentor can be a parent or grandparent, a member of your faith community, a teacher, a neighbor or anyone who is willing to share their time with a member of the next generation, but many children and young adults lack a single mentoring relationship, says program lead Katie Fiorelli. 

Movies & Mentors is working to inspire older adults to become mentors, so that everyone interested in being mentored has the opportunity to receive the powerful benefits of intergenerational mentoring, says Fiorelli.  

In our region, many different sectors have a need for mentors, says Ruttkay. There are many opportunities to work with children experiencing poverty, with 53.1 percent of children in Cincinnati living in poverty, (based on the findings of the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey), the second highest rate in the nation. However, all children benefit from mentoring, says Ruttway. 

Movies & Mentors are gatherings in which friends, family, neighbors or colleagues come together to watch a movie that features the power of mentoring and encourage others to get involved. 

Mentors can sign up online to host a Watch Party where you will then be provided with a Watch Guide that includes movie suggestions, a downloadable invitation, and discussion questions.

The first twenty people who sign up to host a watch party (they must list Gen2Gen Cincinnati when prompted to enter how they heard about the watch parties) will be provided with Movie Packs that include popcorn and candy for six. 

Currently, Movies & Mentors is hosting a giveaway of $500 in movie tickets. To enter to win, visit and nominate your favorite movie that features a mentoring relationship.

“All relationships in life can be educational in some way, but intergenerational mentoring is especially valuable, says Ruttkay. “The things we learn as kids stick with us throughout our lives. With intergenerational mentoring, you are bringing together an adult with a lifetime of wisdom and experience to share and a young person with an entire lifetime during which to learn and grow from it.”

To learn more about Movies & Mentors or becoming a mentor, visit

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Learn about a newly-rebranded professional women’s networking group that’s on a mission to build you up, personally and professionally.


H7 Evolve is a networking platform to connect like-minded business owners.

Encourage, empower, evolve; those are the three words Angel Hicks, Founder of H7 Evolve and COO of H7 Network, says she inspires women to own when it comes to mentoring one another in their businesses and in their lives. 

H7 Evolve is a program offered at H7 Network that provides a revolutionary networking platform where like-minded business women can link arms, get off of the entrepreneurial island, and work together to build better businesses, says Hicks.

Within the program are special opportunities such as the Main Event, a monthly business networking meeting where you’ll learn from a Mentor Speaker, participate in a small group and connect your network in Movement Connections. Coffee and Collaborates, a monthly group meeting, is guided by a business coach that offers solutions to participant’s business challenges. 

H7 Evolve also offers Power Hour Socials, monthly evening events that guide conversation to allow guests to get to know one another better.

Networking is one of the most important factors of running a business, according to Hicks, that’s why H7 Evolve motivates women to make deeper connections. 

“In business networking, getting someone to know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you is the goal,” explains Hicks. “The fastest way to do that is to find commonality and add value. We help facilitate those two actions in everything we do. Helping others is the fastest way to be able to help ourselves.”

With six current locations, H7 Evolve’s Cincinnati East location follows the same format for each of the programs. 

The Main Event is held on the third Tuesday of the month at Oasis Conference Center. This month’s event will be February 20th from 11:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

A Board of Excellence manages the experience, making sure each visitor is introduced to someone and has a seat with a group, says Hicks. 

What differentiates Evolve from other networking organizations, Hicks says, is the emphasis on relationships. 

“We also have a focus on business development, helping each other learn new processes, applications for business, and working through challenges,” Hicks says. “No other networking group in our market does both business development and referral introductions.” 

H7 Evolve is geared toward professional women who are looking to not only grow her business but who want to mentor others and be mentored themselves, according to Hicks. 

“In Evolve, we strip the idea of being the perfect woman and get down and dirty, sometimes quite vulnerable, and say ‘I just found this great business tool. Maybe you could use it too!’ or ‘This is my challenge.’ The group then rally’s around her to offer solutions, action steps, resources.”

Women who are looking to get involved are encouraged to attend a meeting as a guest. 

You can view the calendar at or contact Hicks directly with questions

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Read on as we chat with the founder of an energetic, small group executive coaching experience for young professionals in Greater Cincinnati.


Pam Lowe Cho, Founder of Trek Executive Coaching

The motivation behind Trek Executive Coaching was discovered after Founder and Certified Executive Coach Pam Lowe Cho sought professional advice to reflect on the ideal profession for herself after leaving her former job. 

Prior to establishing the coaching practice in 2009, Cho served as a corporate communications executive for more than 15 years with Fruit of the Loom in Chicago and Cintas Corporation in Cincinnati. She also worked for Fifth Third Bank as an executive coach, and also the White House Public Affairs Department during the Reagan Administration, she says. 

During the past several years at Trek Executive Coaching, Cho says she has had several companies ask for help in attracting and developing their early career professionals.  

As Trek Executive Coaching is geared toward senior-level executives, Cho saw the need in the marketplace for a program that helps companies retain their young professionals. 

The solution was Trek Leadership Café, which is a three-month program that includes six, two-hour sessions. 

With meetings in local coffee shops such as the Red Tree Gallery in Oakley, the co-working space 1628 Ltd. downtown and other unique venues, the program is designed to focus on the topics of strengthening interpersonal communications skills, productivity and personal wellness. 

The difference between Trek Leadership Café and the one-to-one executive coaching offered at Trek Coaching is that the cohorts are usually limited to six to eight people per coach, explains Cho. 

“Companies get to choose from a menu of professional competencies they want taught in the program,” says Cho. “It’s fun, interactive and powerful to see the impact the coaching has on their performance and engagement at work.”

The fee for the program varies, depending on the size of the group, location and curriculum customized for each company, says Cho, but the three-month program typically starts at $2,450 per person and that includes all materials, breakfast from Maplewood, workbooks, pens, water bottles, etc.

If you’re not located in Cincinnati, but are interested in Trek Leadership Café, don’t fret. Trek Executive Coaching is working with instructors from a local university to create a virtual Trek Leadership Café so they can offer the program outside the tri-state area, according to Cho. 

For young professionals looking to grow and excel within their organization, Cho says Trek Leadership Café will provide you with the tips and tools needed to succeed. “I’ve seen young professionals find greater balance with their jobs, develop strong working relationships with their managers, earn promotions and be selected for special projects,” says Cho. “You can see the shift in the young professionals to a place of greater confidence, control and engagement throughout the program.”

For more information, visit or contact Cho at

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One local lady is guiding others to their best self through her contagious energy and expertise in diet and wellness - making your health goals achievable and maintainable! 


Kristin DeAngelis is a registered dietician and yoga teacher in Cincinnati.

Kristen DeAngelis is a Registered Dietitian and Registered Yoga Teacher located in Cincinnati.

DeAngelis’s passion for helping others meet their health goals has inspired her to create her own brand, which includes working with companies and groups to provide meal planning services, nutrition guidance, social media content for nutrition and health and more. 

After working with clients in her undergraduate at Virginia Tech, providing free nutrition sessions, she learned to how to understand habits and behaviors along with each individual nutritional needs and fell in love with the idea of owning her own business, says DeAngelis. 

DeAngelis received her license to practice as a Dietitian and began working as a personal nutritionist and executive assistant Joe Cross, CEO of Reboot With Joe and producer/star of the Netflix Documentaries Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

Once people began contacting her for individual nutrition counseling, DeAngelis decided it was time to start a practice of her own where she would work with clients and teach yoga. 

“After finishing up with Joe, taking a six week hiatus to India for a yoga training, I moved to Cincinnati two years ago, where my now husband was moving for a job opportunity, and the “official” start of my private practice, Kristen DeAngelis Wellness, LLC was born!” says DeAngelis. 

Today, DeAngelis offers individual nutrition counseling sessions, group counseling/workshops, health and wellness seminars (corporate wellness events, in-service events, etc.), cooking demonstrations/workshops, virtual tele-health services and even health-conscious recipes, all found on her website. 

DeAngelis also works with businesses and organizations as a contracted dietitian for various opportunities.“Depending on the organization/group’s needs,” she explains, “I provide anywhere from presentations, to break out sessions for nutrition and meal/menu planning, to yoga for work wellness, to mindfulness and mindful eating, to stress management or to simple behavior changes around food and our environments.”

For smaller audiences, DeAngelis creates personal training groups, collaborating with Mission 5 Fitness, and also integrates group work in some small programs such as “Hack The Pig,” a cross-training program for the Flying Pig this spring with Kelly Amshoff at Power 3 Fitness. 

DeAngelis is currently in the works of opening a new office for her nutrition services and group weight management classes, at Good Cincy in Sharonville. 

“I am excited to be offering group courses in mindful eating, weight management, yoga therapy, and weekly ‘Self Care Sundays,’ which will be and hour and a half of yoga, meditation and journaling,” she says.

When it comes to nutrition, DeAngelis says it is not a one size fit fits all approach. “Every person’s body is like a fingerprint, we digest, we respond to, and absorb things differently and that means we all need different and customized eating routines/patterns/foods etc,” explains DeAngelis. “I always stress the importance that it is not a ‘diet,’ it really is a journey, a lifestyle journey of steps and choices we make every single day. The best way to get healthy is to constantly work at it, to build yourself a safety net of people around you that prioritize health, that take care and respect their mind and physical body.”

To learn more, visit or contact DeAngelis at

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A local marketing firm is redefining strategy and creativity by hand-selecting experts to bring your brand’s vision to life. 


The Marketing Collective offers marketing, communications, and other marketing consulting services.

Shoestring Strategies is a marketing, communications, and strategic impact consulting firm supporting organizations in Greater Cincinnati.

Recently, Shoestring Strategies has changed their brand name to The Marketing Collective, but their goal to deliver smart strategy combined with targeted creative for every client on every project has stayed the same, according to Founder and Chief Client Strategist Kara Williams. 

Shoestring Strategies was founded in 2013 when Williams, who has worked in marketing, communication, and community engagement roles for over 15 years, saw a need for nonprofits and small business without a marketing department to be able to attain affordable, top quality, external marketing expertise. 

“I saw so many small businesses spending money on marketing and it wasn’t working,” explains Williams. “Their strategy wasn’t in place. They were working so hard, but the results weren’t there.” 

The client roster continued to grow and projects went from annual marketing plans and strategic guidance to ongoing management of the client’s marketing program. In 2015, the Shoestring Strategies’ team expanded and at the end of 2017 the firm rebranded to The Marketing Collective due to postive growth. 

“The rebranding doesn’t change who we are or how we do business. It explains what we do better and positions us for continued success,” says Williams.

The Marketing “Collective” is comprised of hand-selected experts; writers, designers, social media experts, videographers, web developers — that are chosen to be an exact fit for the client’s needs. Each team is customized for the client. 

Williams says their target customer are companies and organizations looking for a long-term partner. 

“Strategy is used as the foundation of any relationship we build or project we tackle,” says Williams. “We believe that marketing has evolved to a new place that considers all the brand touchpoints to best communicate with consumers in an authentic and effective fashion.”

The services provided at The Marketing Collective include strategic marketing plans and executional documents, brand development, content marketing, graphic design/creative services, social media management, and virtual marketing teams. 

What makes The Marketing Collective unique is their desire to be an extension of the client’s term, serving as a marketing department in most cases, and that most of their work is done virtually to keep costs down, says Williams. 

“No frills, no fuss, no uncomfortable trendy office furniture, just top-quality work,” laughs Williams.

Learn more about The Marketing Collective at or contact Williams

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Learn about a local lady who makes it her job to find your best career path and opportunities. Read on for all the details.


Dana Glasgo, a local career coach

Dana Glasgo is a Cincinnati-based career consultant on a mission to assist individual clients who are seeking a career change or are out of work and guide them to their next career move.

With 20 years of consultant experience behind her, Glasgo decided to branch out and start her own business in 2006 based on the process she had developed as a Senior Career Consultant for Lee Hecht Harrison (a global career management services company).

Glasgo assists professionals at all levels, from doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, manual laborers, and everything in between, and also provides coaching services that are applicable to any career. Glasgo’s coaching service topics range from finding a marketing strategy to resume and cover letter preparation, as well as interviewing and negotiating skills.

Recently, Glasgo has begun offering career counseling and assessments to high school students who are looking for more direction on what to do after graduation and college graduates who are unable to find that first job.

The student career counseling process starts with two specialized assessments of personal interests and personality characteristics followed by a face-to-face meeting to explore different possibilities for future career paths.

Glasgo’s passion for making a difference in people’s lives is what she says is her strongest motivation.

“I enjoy equipping clients with skills on how to write strong marketing documents, interviewing (how to ask for the sale or job) and the importance of networking,” says Glasgo. “I get a thrill when a client finds what he/she wants to do.”

For those looking to start their own new business, Glasgo offers a “quick and dirty” assessment and valuable resources to help take charge of your career.

Glasgo tells those who want to make the jump to becoming an entrepreneur to not quit their day job (at first).

“Get the business started and then see if it is sustainable,” says Glasgo. “Have a business plan, know when to stray from it and hire smart people.”

For more info about the Cincinnati Career Coach, visit Contact Glasgo at 513-260-0454 or