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See how two local women are disrupting the money conversation through experiential education, laughter, storytelling and emotional freedom.

Your financial future and truly understanding the value of your money can be stressful, confusing and daunting. SheMoolah is here to help with the tools and support you need to take the reins and be the “SheHero” of your life. 

SheMoolah is a partnership between financial experts Liz Kitchell and Dawn Parks. Together, they have over 50 years of experience, stemming from every angle in the financial industry. When Kitchell and Parks crossed paths a couple of years ago, SheMoolah was born. 

“Together, we saw an opportunity to bring our combined skills and experience together to disrupt the money conversation people have about women and that women have about themselves,” says Kitchell and Parks. A unique aspect of SheMoolah is there focus on disruption through experiential education, laughter, storytelling and emotional freedom when it comes to the topic of money. 

SheMoolah offers a variety of programs, each specific to one’s current financial journey. Their programming takes place on a wide scale, including Zoom, consultations, public speaking events, and conferences. Some examples of their programming include, Understanding Your Money Archetype: 90-minute workshops to introduce participants to the concept of “money personality.”

Embracing Your Money Personality: 4-week, highly interactive Zoom-based program for participants to understand the power of your “money personality” they have developed. Crack Your Money Code: 6-week examination of how your established “money personality” impacts your future. One Day Intensives: 1-day, intensive workshop celebrating important money conversations that provide a strong foundation one’s life. SheMoolah Mastermind: 6-month journey with coaching and peer-to-peer coaching for one to uncover their next steps with the SheStory mindset. For more information on their various programming, visit their website (coming soon) at

“Since starting we have helped hundreds of people at SheMoolah,” says Kitchell and Parks. “We select tools based on what participants want to disrupt regarding their money story. The number of clients and impact we’ve made in previous coaching and consulting is several million dollars in impact.”

Their multi-modal practice includes tools such as meditation, journaling, mind-mapping and many more. “It is so exciting to see women pursue their dreams and find the financial support and guidance they need to get there. When participants step into their own power and create their own dreams, it is an amazing and tremendous award.”

To stay connected with SheMoolah, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit their site (coming soon) at

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From tutoring and subscription boxes to birthday parties and Parents Night Out events, see how one local company is providing unique, hands-on resources for a lifetime of learning.

The idea behind Strive Academy, LLC. sparked from a simple conversation between two middle school teachers. Today, it has impacted nearly 500 local children, and families worldwide have taken part in hands-on learning for life-long learners. 

Strive Academy, LLC.encompasses STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) based learning and activities to engage learners of all levels. “Using STEAM, students will be able to increase their creativity, ask questions, and be innovative,” says Strive Academy founders Amber Hawk and Emily Hunt. “As certified teachers, we know how important it is for students to increase their problem-solving skills through hands-on learning. These skills will help our next generation change the world for the better.”

Strive Academy, LLC. offers parent’s nights out events, birthday parties, tutoring, after-school programming, summer camps, and just recently released, STEAM box subscriptions. “We have been established in the Cincinnati area since the summer of 2018,” says Hawk and Hunt. “Each year, we have expanded our offerings based on family interests and needs.”

Since inception, children and families in the Cincinnati area have been engaging in its Strive Academy’s STEAM learning through a multitude of services, such as:  

  • Parent’s Night Out: 3-hour activity time for kids on select Friday nights for hands-on STEAM games, challenges and activities. 
  • Birthday Parties: 8 fun themes available with the option to host in home or on location at Strive Academy, LLC. 
  • Tutoring: In-person and virtual tutoring for a variety of ages and subjects. 
  • STEAM Subscription Box: 4 hands-on STEAM activities, shipped right to your door each month. Materials and video instructions included.

Strive Academy LLC offers many more services and activities for all ages, visit for a complete list. At Strive Academy LLC., STEAM learning is encouraged outside of the classroom and welcomed into homes, with over 40 free activities on their site, brand-new subscription box model, math bundles, and the option to custom design a program that is best fit your group to match its needs. 

“Some of our favorite activities are lava lamps, volcanoes, paper airplane challenges, squishy circuits, chromatography, and solar ovens,” says Hawk and Hunt. “We love watching children have fun when we give them the freedom to be creative and imaginative. In most aspects of life, they have so many constraints, so it is incredible to see what they can do when given the opportunity.” 

The best way for families to become involved is to visit and stay up to date by registering for the latest programming by joining the email list. You can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook, visit their website or email them at

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A Cincinnati-based company producing cinematic stories is harnessing the power of commercial film to connect brands with their audiences around the world.

Since 2011, Barking Squirrel Media has been using the power of cinematic storytelling to connect audiences all over the globe.

Their talented team takes corporate videos to new heights by combining the oldest form of communication known to humanity (storytelling) and the most modern technological form of engagement (film making), according to their company’s mission statement. “Since the beginning, our goal has been to make corporate films that change the way people think about a product or service,” says Barking Squirrel’s President and Producer David K. Bray. “We have a history of creating commercial films that engage hearts, change minds and inspire measurable action.” 

Barking Squirrel Media has produced thousands of videos since the beginning, filming in over 24 countries on 4 continents. While they have not shied away from adventuring outside of the city, they have never lost touch with their Cincinnati roots. 

“I came to Cincinnati from North Carolina to go to UC’s College-Conservatory of Music. After a number of years of living in the area, I fell in love with Cincinnati, the area, culture, OTR, start-up incubators, professional sports, and so much more,” says Bray. “While I have been offered many positions over the country throughoutthe years, I have always turned them down, so I could live in the city of my choice, Cincinnati, Ohio. There is no place on earth I would rather live and base my company out of.” 

Barking Squirrel’s client list is very robust and continues to grow, seeing as it includes companies such as P&G, Amazon, DHL, Kroger, Miami University, St. Elizabeth Health Care, Northern Kentucky University, and Perfetti Van Melle. At Barking Squirrel Media, collaboration and synergy are key, seeing as they welcome creatives into the process and maintain many partnerships with companies such as iHeart Media, Agar, Culture Monster, YGB, and Ashire Communications. 

Their cinematic storytelling is unique to each client, whether it be an educational film, corporate film, humorous film, non-profit film, testimonial film or product film. A company like this is no one-man-show. 30+ sub-contractors, overseen by three core staff,specializing as gaffers, art directors, make-up artists, script writers, and many other specialties make the magic happen. How does the process work to make the videos? There is a five-step holistic approach that guides Barking Squirrel throughout the producing process:

1. Discovery: Becoming inspired by the client’s story and theuncovering the best approach to tell it. 
2. Pre-Production: Preparing every detail of the shoot and creating the script, storyboard, and talent.
3. Production: Filming the project (duration dependent on the scope of the project) by an award-winning team.
4. Post-Production: Editing video, enhancing audio, creating scores, and animating graphics using cutting edge technology and equipment. 
5. Distribution: Ensuring the film gets to the right people, on the right platform, at the right time using the correct marketing strategy.

To find out more about the producing process, visit Barking Squirrel’s website. “I love everything involved in film making. To be fulfilled, I need to be creative, collaborate with people and create something that allows people to truly think. It is safe to say I am fulfilled every day.” says Bray. “My favorite films are the ones we create about people that struggled, but through the help of others, overcame all of their obstacles and rose up. A film that encapsulates that was for Hamilton City Schools and particularly Nate Lampley.”

There are many ways for you to stay connected with Barking Squirrel Media. 

Visit their website:

Follow them on InstagramFacebookVimeo, and Youtube.

Find out more about their company and process by visiting their client deck.

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Ready to take the next step toward reaching your goals and creating the life you've always dreamed about? Learn about an upcoming workshop that connects, inspires, and engages.

Beginning June 22, Melissa Kirkpatrick of Find Your Own Drive is launching a two-week mastermind workshop. The workshop gives you access to the mastermind sessions, a self-care package of organic, handcrafted products from Earthganics, and a 21-day mindfulness daily email package. 

The workshop, called Progress Toward A Purpose – Successful Principles for Manifesting From Quarantine and Beyond, provides life-changing work that will not only inspire and motivate but also take you into the best version of yourself.

“When the pandemic happened, I wanted to help and what I could do to support others in this fearful time of their life and it became evident that I needed to offer a vision board workshop to focus beyond their current circumstances and manifest from quarantine a life that they love more than ever,” says Kirkpatrick. “And I did just that by donating my time to create the Virtual Vision Board Workshops. With over 300 registrations I knew my gift offered hope!”

Self-care package from Earthganics

The new workshop is a new idea following Kirkpatrick’s previous Vision Board workshops. “I started thinking how can I help these individuals further,” she says. “What seemed evident was that I need it to be able to personally connect with them and help them as they develop these vision boards and also create more effectively from a place of understanding the connection between their thoughts and actions.”

Kirkpatrick knew that she wanted to help others find progress toward a purpose, which led her to establish eight principles that she knows works and will offer others a cornerstone from getting from here to there quicker and more easily. 

The format for the mini-mastermind workshop includes motivated individuals who are ready to take action toward emerging from the pandemic strong and well-equipped to succeed. “Collectively the energy will ignite the power to achieve your goals faster,” adds Kirkpatrick. “I believe when we work as a group we can discover what is or isn’t working that may be someone else’s concern. The mastermind approach is the perfect way to engage, learn, and share with one another.”

The original price of the workshop is $147, but Kirkpatrick is offering it from $97 until midnight on June 19. Participants will receive a workbook with daily lessons, mentorship from Kirkpatrick, accountability, and support to make game-changing progress toward a purpose that will bring about the life you’ve always wanted.

You can take back your life and make real progress toward your desire future by registering for the mini-mastermind workshop at

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Learn more about this unique, web-based video series inspiring the next generation of scientists by focusing on science happening right in your backyard. 

Cincinnati is a unique city full of amazing sites, great eats and even curious scientists. Each day, new discoveries are made by scientists both around the world and in back yards across Greater Cincinnati. 

Science Around Cincy is a web-based series highlighting engineers, researchers and scientists and their distinctive work and passion. The platform is geared towards 4-8th graders, but anyone curious about the world is welcome to join in on the fun. “Our platform is all about inspiring the next generation of curious scientists and engineers,” says Science Around Cincy Founder and Host, Chris Anderson. “There is so much to learn, and science is all around us, even here in the city!” 

Anderson began teaching science at Princeton High School in 2008, but made moved out of the classroom and began working as a coach with Hamilton County ESC in 2016. He started to write for a blog and several local publications when he realized his yearning to connect with his audience through visual storytelling, rather than just words on a page. He combined his love for teaching science and visual storytelling together and, with the help of amazing colleagues and community, Science Around Cincy launched. 

Science Around Cincy is made up of several different resources. “We have 7-9-minute main episodes highlighting a broad array of scientists, bonus footage from the episodes, teacher resources and remote learning resources on our website,” says Anderson. “The topics covered in our episodes range from Frog Cryobiologists to a geneticist from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We want kids to know that being a scientist means so much more than just wearing a lab coat, science can be found everywhere.” 

A project like this is no one-man-show. Anderson’s team is made up of 10 dedicated individuals, ranging from Northern Kentucky University interns to staff. Each member holds a specific role that is vital to making Science Around Cincy into what it is today. “My team is amazing, and I could not do what I do without them – I admire each one of them greatly,” says Anderson.

“My favorite part about Science Around Cincy has been the positive feedback from students. Being able to see the kids so intrigued and invested really brought home our mission statement to get kids excited about science,” Anderson says.

To stay connected with Science Around Cincy, follow them on Instagram and Twitter and visit their website, You can also check out all of their videos their YouTube channel.

*A special thank you to the Science Around Cincy team: John Gibson, Jordan Bardgett, Michael Pikar, Megan Mixon, Corinne Byrne, Arianna Manners, Kerry Stephans, Aria Brice, and Jason Houston. 

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Read about the new kits available from the Cincinnati Chamber to help businesses get back to work.

The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber teamed up with P&B, CVG, and Brain Brew Custom Bourbon to help local businesses get back to work amid the COVID-19 outbreak that has shuttered many small businesses for months.

These packages, called RESTART Kits, are free and available to businesses throughout the region, and aim to help companies return to operation while following suggested health and social distancing guidelines. 

Each RESTART Kit includes six 750ml bottles of Safeguard® Hand Sanitizer, one 28oz bottle of Spic-and-Span® Disinfectant, and 100 face coverings.

Kristen Bailey, owner of Sweets & Meats BBQ

Some of the RESTART Kits have already been sent out to local businesses, including Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber Member, Sweets & Meats BBQ, which is owned by Kristen Bailey. 

“The RESTART Kits have been vital in helping us re-open our doors,” says Bailey. “It is helping us to put the focus back on serving more of our customers safely.”

The kits are assembled and distributed at Brain Brew’s facility in Newtown, and each kit can accommodate up to 25 employees for two weeks.

At a time when uncertainty abounds, many local businesses are finding solace in the kits provided by the Cincinnati Chamber.

“We’re so grateful to have the Cincinnati Chamber advocating for us and connecting us to resources to help us thrive through this challenging season,” adds Bailey.

Local businesses are eligible to receive one RESTART Kit for every 25 employees, based on the anticipated employee count when they re-open. To learn more about the RESTART Kits, visit

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Having happy employees is good for business, as it raises sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and task accuracy by 90% according to academics  at the Harvard Business Review. Despite this fact, Mercer’s “What’s Working” survey showed that around 85% of Americans are unsatisfied in their current jobs, with top causes including lack of opportunity for growth and progression, being overworked, receiving little feedback and recognition, and having little discretion to make decisions. How can bosses  improve happiness and motivation, leading their teams and achieving a myriad of goals along the way? 
Creating a Safe Space
Before workers can feel joyful at work, they need to have the basics covered. These include having a safe workplace; one in which there are structural and procedural protections set up to avoid accidents, injuries, and other traumas. As stated by workplace safety experts at  JJS Law, catastrophic injuries “can forever change victims’ and their families’ lives. They often require costly ongoing medical care and can have a significant impact on a victim’s emotional state, ability to work, and quality of life.” Offices should also be ergonomic, possess good air quality, comfortable furniture,  and plenty of natural light.
Continued Progression
After a few years in the same company, workers can feel stuck if they are not encouraged to broaden their knowledge through continuous learning opportunities. The  benefits of employee training and development include a 59% lower rate of staff turnover, greater employee empowerment, and enhanced engagement. When managers encourage staff to grow, they essentially help employees feel like part of a ‘family,’ each of which has new and valid contributions to make. Continual training can also keep a company at the top of its game by narrowing the skills gap and keeping staff on top of digital developments. 
Feedback and Recognition
Around  four out of 10 employees disengage when they do not receive feedback. Of course, feedback shouldn’t simply flow in one direction. Employees should also be able to give their honest opinion when asked about a procedural or role change, without fearing the consequences of disagreeing with a manager’s suggestions. The success of feedback ultimately depends on the extent to which employees authentically respect and trust their managers. Part of earning this trust involves taking a non-offensive stance to employee suggestions and giving them due recognition for excellent ideas and hard work.
Employee Discretion
Those who manage teams (large and small) can sometimes lose track of roles and procedures, even though goals can be crystal clear. It is important for communication to flow well between staff and managers, so that useful changes to procedure can be made by employees. Trusted employees should ideally have discretion when it comes to getting their job done, provided that proposed changes enhance or, at the very least, do not interfere with goals. Discretion can extend to aspects such as flexibility and remote work. With studies showing that many employees greatly value working from home, savvy managers can study the extent to which permitting this arrangement can actually enhance the flow and quality of work. 
Keeping employees happy and productive isn’t rocket science. Despite research indicating that happy employees are more productive, many basic flaws still exist in American workplaces — including lack of feedback, discretion, and recognition. Employees who feel that they are growing alongside the company and contributing to refining its procedures also feel more empowered. This is food for thought for results-oriented managers.

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A local life coach is hosting two free sessions to help participants visualize, plan, and create a process for success as they re-enter the world after COVID.

Melissa Kirkpatrick, a Cincinnati-based transformational coach, wants to help others live their best life. To get there, she says, you have to get really clear on where you want to go, and the steps you can take right now to get there.

To help in this mission, she’s hosting an upcoming Virtual Vision Board Series on June 4 and June 11, with live and interactive online learning sessions. These events will be free and open to the public, with the ability to also donate to The Christ Hospital’s COVID Relief Fund as well if participants choose to do so.

“Earlier in May I offered the Vision Board Workshop: Manifest from Quarantine, and the participation was over 100,” she says. “After speaking with many who took advantage of the free follow-up call with me, I discovered there was a need to offer a “next step.”

This second part is called “Next Step to Ignite the Magic” where she will show participants how to tend to the vision board and bring those desires into your reality, or something even better. 

However, she wanted to bring back the first part again for those who missed it the first time around and others who may want a refresher. 

Kirkpatrick says she was inspired to launch this series from her own journey. 

“I have been a powerful manifester in my own life since I was a kid, I just didn’t know that’s what it was called,” she says. “I would see how I wanted things to happen and they always worked as planned or better. From getting my first job as a young adult to going back to school and earning my teaching degree at 30, or even owning and operating two public golf courses. Those dreams and desires came from creating a vision so strong that it wasn’t possible for it not to happen.”

Kirkpatrick wanted to find a way to help others in a similar situation, and quarantine felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. 

“I felt so many had lost their joy and their vision for the future during quarantine that once brought them joy,” she says. “So with my experience I wanted to offer an opportunity for others to get reacquainted as they move out of quarantine to what’s next and how to visualize a future better than their current circumstances and situation.”

This series, says Kirkpatrick, is more than just putting a board together with scissors, glue, and magazine pictures, and waiting for those goals to come to you. “There is a formula and technique which is what I’ll be sharing during the workshops that will really open up the Cosmic Kitchen and allow you to create your life through images, words, and feelings, and get the results or something better – faster,” she adds. 

Although times are tough and negativity courses through many aspects of life at the moment, Kirkpatrick wants to help others realize that their thoughts become the things you create your life with. 

“What if you could flip the switch and create from a place of excitement and joy?” asks Kirkpatrick. “This is what I want to deliver to the participants, that you can create more and something better when you align your thoughts on an energetic exchange with the Universe. And, if for only the time during the workshop, you can release the fear for a moment and learn into the love I know this series will change your life moving forward.”

The Virtual Vision Board Workshop: Manifest from Quarantine will be on June 4, from 8-9:30pm. You can learn more and RSVP here. The Next Step – Activate the Magic: Virtual Vision Board Workshop is on June 11 from 8-9:30pm. You can learn more about the second workshop in series and RSVP here.

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Quick Ways to Instantly Increase Your Career Prospects

If the average person spends over 8 hours every workday, that’s thousands of hours a year dedicated to your job, and nothing else. If you’re going to be giving a third of your career to your profession, it makes sense that you’d want to get the most out of it. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to track down the perfect job opportunity. Economic conditions, changes in the marketplace, and countless other factors could mean that you end up wandering down a career path that you’re just not that excited about. If you’re sick of not getting enough out of your job, the following strategies might help. 

Build on Your Education

Not everyone looks forward to going to college or university after school. It can be daunting to consider daunting extra years of your life to your academic pursuits. However, the truth is that getting a student loan to further your education could be one of the best investments you ever make. Pursuing higher education gives you a unique opportunity to develop skills in areas that make you much more attractive to the leaders of tomorrow. With a degree, you can boost your chances of being able to apply for jobs that you actually enjoy, rather than just whatever might be available. What’s more, you can pursue things that you’re genuinely passionate about. 

Make a Plan

Making a plan won’t guarantee that you’re going to end up exactly where you want to be five years from now. However, having a strategy for what you’re going to do in the years to come could mean that you’re more likely to accomplish your goals. Sit down with a pen and piece of paper and ask yourself what you want to do with your professional life. Is there a specific job that you would really like to do? If so, what do you need to accomplish to reach that goal? Will you need to start in a different position and work your way up, or can you improve your education and go from there? On the other hand, you might decide that you eventually want to be your own boss. This could mean that you develop a strategy for saving cash until you have enough to invest into your own business. 

Say Yes to Opportunities

Finally, if you really want to get the most out of your career, then you need to make sure you’re not just sitting back and waiting for great chances for growth to come to you. Whenever you have a chance, go out and pursue the things that you want to accomplish. This could mean buying tickets to an industry event that you’ve always been too nervous to go to. Other strategies that could open you up to greater chances of success include networking whenever you can and getting to know people in your field. When your boss asks if you’re willing to take on a new project or try extra responsibilities, say yes. Embracing opportunities may mean you need to work harder at times, but it will also open more doors for you.

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It’s a time of great change in the economy and that may mean a career transition. Click here to read about a local collab that’s helping you find success in a post-COVID-19 world.

Tamara Schwarting, the founder and CEO of 1628 Ltd., and Julie Bauke of The Bauke Group have teamed up to launch Project Launch Pad, a collaboration that’s aiming to jumpstart the region’s recovery by providing resources to displaced professionals who want to get back to work as quickly as possible following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The dynamic duo behind the project have been professional colleagues for years. They’re also passionate about the Cincinnati community and wanted to find a way that the both of them could work together to give back to the region through their expertise and resources. 

The Bauke Group is a premier career coaching firm in the region, while 1628 Ltd. is an innovative workspace that is currently offering resources to participants at no cost. 

“I [Bauke] am the region’s most recognized career expert with a weekly segment on both 700WLW and Fox19,” explains Bauke. “Tamara is a highly accomplished executive who has herself made several very successful career pivots.”

Through Project Launch Pad, participants are taught life skills – the process of how to think, plan, and execute on a job search that will help them find the right job. “And those who complete the program will receive three months of free coworking at 1628 to execute their career search plan,” says Bauke. “While at 1628, there will also be the opportunity for participants to continue with additional training and to connect with mentors.” 

This three-part training program is focused on giving participants what they need to be successful in the post-COVID-19 economy as well as the remainder of their careers. “Leveraging times of great shift to evaluate and ensure a career is on track may seem counterintuitive but it’s very necessary,” says Bauke. “This is an excellent time to take an action-oriented approach to a career transition.”

Those who are interested in participating in Project Launch Pad will need to submit their registration by June 1. Bauke adds that the program is limited to 100 participants. You can apply to the program by clicking here

To learn more about Project Launch Pad, click here. You can also learn more about The Bauke Group at and 1628 Ltd. at