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We're mad for plaid in this week's edition of Styling with Amy and Amy! Keep watching to see how you can incorporate this hot trend into your fall wardrobe!

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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A locally-based online boutique aims to help women feel beautiful from the inside out. Read on for all the details.

Pretty Please Boutique is an online-based boutique offering clothes from size small through 3X.

Pretty Please Boutique aims to provide women with fashionable clothes that are not only stylish but also affordable. Owned by Angela Walker, Pretty Please Boutique is a Cincinnati-based women’s clothing boutique that’s all online. 

“I offer sizes small through 3X in a variety of casual tops, great fitting jeans, fun, flirty dressed, and classy yet comfortable clothing,” explains Walker.

Walker says she was inspired to launch her own clothing boutique because of her love for clothes as well as her desire to offer women of all different sizes and body styles a unique way to shop.

“I wanted to be able to offer these women a more unique way to shop and maybe step out of their comfort zone and into a fashion zone,” she says. “I also had a desire to own my own business and possibly have something to leave to my kids or grandkids.”

Prices from Pretty Please Boutique range from $30 to $50, although Walker says she will be running specials, sales, giveaways, and, as her business grows, to possibly offer a special occasions line.

“Right now the hottest items are my jeans,” she says. “They are so figure flattering and comfortable. I also have some very trendy tops with open shoulder, tie knots, and twist details.”

Walker says that what makes her boutique unique from others is her and the mission behind her business. “I want to sell clothes but I also want to let women know that you don’t have to be a certain size to feel beautiful,” she says. “Clothes should be comfortable and exciting to wear – not dread going to the closet.”

It’s also the clothes that make Pretty Please Boutique unique. The items from the shop come from designers out of Atlanta and California. “Most items you can only purchase from a store like mine because it is not offered to the public,” says Walker. “So the clothing itself is unique. You also have the ease of buying from home or work.”

Plus, Walker says, she ships orders to women all over the country for free.

Walker hopes that her business will grow as she continues to offer fashion to women from all over, and eventually be able to open a storefront.

You can learn more about Pretty Please Boutique on Facebook where you can also join her Facebook group. Walker says to keep your eyes out for the website launch on October 1, which will be at

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Read on as we chat with the local lady behind an upcoming event that features a fashion show, shopping, and a famous speaker, with all funds benefiting neglected children and companion animals.

Jan Malley, Director of the Humanitarian League, with husband Chip Malley

The Humanitarian League will be hosting its biennial fundraiser, Diva Day, to support local charities in need on Thursday, October 25, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at Drees Pavilion overlooking the Ohio River.

“Diva Day is a day of women coming together to embrace each other and help charities that serve abused and neglected children and companion animals,” says Jan Malley, director of The Humanitarian League of Greater Cincinnati, the organization behind Diva Day.

The charities that benefit from Diva Day are those that are the least funded and least represented in the area, Malley says. Some of the groups that have received funds from Diva Day in the past include Court Appointed Special Advocates in Kenton County (CASA), the Kenton County Shelter (a pet rescue organization), Milestone Therapy for Disabled Children; Northern Kentucky Tails; and Potter’s Ranch, a therapeutic equine program for children.

This year, Diva Day is serving as the signature fundraising for The Humanitarian League of Greater Cincinnati and it’s theme is “Divas Take Flight.”

As an added bonus, this year’s speaker for the event is Jenna Bush, daughter of President Bush and host on NBC’s Today Show. “Jenna will do a meet-and-greet, a Q&A, and a book signing for her children’s book,” says Malley.

In addition to the guest speaker, there will also be a fashion show and lunch provided for guests – all at a cost of $65 per person.

To make the day even sweeter, Malley says that adoptable dogs will be there looking for their forever homes. “Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of a great group of inspiring women,” says Malley.

To learn more or save your spot for this year’s event, send Malley an email at

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Read on and watch as we're talking “uniforms” -- and the advantages of having these go to looks -- in this week's edition of Styling with Amy and Amy!

Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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Learn about a local and independently owned online boutique with a boho-chic style.

Acoustic Living Boutique is an online-based store selling boho-chic items.

Kayla Moreland has always had a love for fashion but never knew how to incorporate that into her life. Once she knew that opening her own shop was where she wanted to take this dream, the rest was easy. She knew the vibe she wanted to go along with her store as well as the style, now all she needed was a name.

“The hardest part was picking a name,” says Moreland. “I knew it had to be something real and something that had meaning.”

Moreland has been asked several times where she came up with the name Acoustic Living, and she wishes that she had a crazy story behind it, but the truth is, it just hit her. “I was driving to work, stuck in traffic, and listening to Bob Marley, and that’s when it just popped in my head, Acoustic Living,” says Moreland. “It’s raw and stripped just like the acoustic version of a song.”

Moreland is passionate about life and her work. She is a full-time fur mama to two pitbulls and shares her life with the man of her dreams. She also works full-time as the marketing coordinator for a local plastic surgeon’s office.

“I’m not quite sure how I keep it all together, or if I really am, but this is my life,” she laughs. “No one is ever going to care about my dreams more than I will. Everyday, I try to be the best person I can be and live a life I am truly proud of.”

Kayla Moreland, Founder of Acoustic Living Boutique

Moreland says that Acoustic Living Boutique is unique because it is just owned by one person: A 26-year-old, ambitious woman chasing her dreams and giving it her all to make sure that they come true.

Moreland hand-picks everything that goes up on the site, does all of the photography, shipping, and website maintenance. “I’m not a franchise or someone who bought into the next ‘trendy’ protein shake to sell,” says Moreland. “This is my dream, my vision and my hard-work.”

Moreland is currently working on some new t-shirt designs to bring into the shop, and her goal is to give a portion of proceeds to a local animal rescue. As someone who is very passionate about breed recognition, Moreland wants to contribute to giving dogs second chances and help them find their happily ever after.

To learn more about Acoustic Living Boutique, you can follow Kayla Moreland on Instagram or Facebook. You can also go to the website

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Learn about a local vintage consignment shop opening this week that features unique, one-of-kind clothing items, shoes, and accessories with high-end flair.

Gold Beret Boutique is a new mother-daughter owned business in Middletown.

Growing up one of 13 children with seven older sisters, Cecelia Vogelsang Nenni learned at an early age how to make hand-me-downs look like high fashion. 

With an always-evolving style and an eye for design, the idea for a vintage consignment shop came about. Today, the soon-to-open Gold Beret Boutique is a mother/daughter partnership between Cecelia Vogelsang Nenni and Monica Nenni, respectively. 

Cecelia’s expertise is as a buyer and creative director, while Monica manages the branding and business development. Monica is also the co-owner of neighboring business, West Central Wine, a wine shop and bar in Downtown Middletown.

Monica and Cecelia found their inspiration in the timelessness of fashion. “Trends can be so cyclical, and there are pieces out there, hiding in racks or closets, that can find new life in a new generation,” says Monica.

In addition to shopping at Gold Beret Boutique, customers can also consign. Gold Beret Boutique offers 50% split on the final sale price of each item. They accept vintage in good condition as well as designer items, preferably with tags in tact or high brand labels.

Cecelia Vogelsang Nenni and Monica Nenni of Gold Beret Boutique.

“We encourage people to step out of their comfort zone, to try on something that reflects their individuality and radiates confidence,” says Monica. “Helping someone show their best self to the world is our favorite part of what we do.”

Gold Beret Boutique’s grand opening will take place September 7 during the neighborhood’s First Friday festivities. The theme is “Dog Days Downtown” and Gold Beret Boutique will be hosting Christina from Christina’s Creative Hair Design, located at 2201 Central Avenue, who will be doing temporary hair color applications for dogs and their owners. Monica and Cecelia are looking forward to becoming a part of the fabric of Downtown Middletown.

The storefront for Gold Beret Boutique is located in Historic Downtown Middletown at 1118 Central Avenue. They also have a retail website where customers can shop through a selection of the inventory. To learn more about Gold Beret Boutique, follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and information.

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Learn about a Cincinnati based non-profit that creates space for crafted storytelling with an “electric sense of belonging.”

Bespoken Live is a Cincinnati based group that creates space for crafted storytelling, genuine story-listening, and story-driven mindfulness in order to experience belonging.

Bespoken Live is a Cincinnati based group that creates space for crafted storytelling, genuine story-listening, and story-driven mindfulness in order to experience belonging. The Bespoken Live team does their own live shows as well as partnering with organizations to do shows and experiences. They teach storytelling and story-listening workshops, do videos, podcasts, and have storytelling card game called Storycards. 

Brad Wise, Ryan Eten, Sarah Buffie, Laura  Buffington, and Joey Taylor are the people behind the current “Leadership Team” for Bespoken Live. However, there are many other band of creatives, storytellers, and supporters that make it all happen. 

“We did our first live show under a different banner, “Rebel Storytellers” at the Woodward Theater around Valentine’s day of 2015,” says Brad Wise. “Our inspiration was just to get our talented friends together to create something cool on stage.” 

The group told KISS stories, played improv games to get the crowd involved, and had music. “The whole thing was magic,” Wise adds. “The best word we had for those early shows was ‘transcendent.’” 

Wise describes the combination of storytelling, music, and crowd interaction of feeling like they were tapping into something bigger than themselves. The mixture of humor and vulnerability created an electric sense of belonging. 

“Since those early days, we keep experimenting with different ways of using story to make space to experience that electricity,” says Wise.

Wise is excited about Bespoken Live On Campus run by Joey Taylor. Taylor goes into schools, after school programs, places of worship, and facilities storytelling, story-listening, and mindfulness programs for high school students. 

“We believe students finding their voice together and experiencing belonging is the best way to address social isolation, depression, and anxiety,” says Wise. “Amazing things are happening wherever Joey goes.”

Wise is also excited about the newly redesigned Storycards. The “Leadership Team” has seen these cards break down walls and connect people in corporate settings, schools, family gatherings. Wise says that he has even heard of someone taking them on the Bourbon Trail with his friends. 

Bespoken Live has a podcast series called the BOON Reflections ( that is an 8-part contemplation series designed to help people make their ideas happen. The series takes listeners through the stages of the creative process and uses story-driven meditations to help you find the courage to step out and stay on the path of creating something uniquely you. Different organizations are using this content for retreats and team-building. People have quit their jobs and started new ventures because of the BOON Reflections. 

From the start, the Bespoken team has been intentional about getting everyone involved. They never just wanted to be a stage show where the communication is only going way. 

“I’m proud of how we keep finding ways to test our theory/belief that we are ALL storytellers,” says Wise. “The most powerful nights of storytelling we’ve experienced are when we lead the audience in a simple reflection and then open up the mic for the group to share.”

Wise believes in some ways, in the current climate, that we’ve forgotten that we’re all humans, and we’re in this together. Bespoken Live has t-shirts and stickers available as a reminder to Be Human and Be Curious because that leads to connection. 

This ties into the Be Kind 2016 campaign that Bespoken Live did during the election. (Watch “#BeKind2016” on Vimeo). They made stickers that look like they were from a campaign and put them in coffee shops and bars all over town. 

“I still see cars driving around with them,” says Wise. 

Wise believes that responding to what’s happening in culture makes Bespoken Live unique. When the violence in Charlottesville took place last year, Bespoken Live did a pop up HATE show. They pulled the show together in a couple days and gathered for stories and discussion about love conquering hate. Wise describes the show as “beautiful, messy, and hopeful.” 

Currently, Bespoken Live is beta testing a small group format using their Story Cards. Wise recently took Bespoken Live through a fellowship program called Common Good. It uses content from Peter Block, Walter Bruggeman, and John McKnight who teach the power of small groups and neighborliness. Bespoken Live is finding ways to combine story with that power.

Bespoken Live is also looking to start combining storytelling with the enneagram, a personality typing system that’s rapidly growing. The Bespoken team plans to do a series of shows and a contemplation podcast series. 

To learn more about Bespoken Live follow their Facebook page and website.