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Explore how a hard-working mother turned her passion for fashion into an online boutique and community of empowering women.

Six years ago, Allie Meyer was an expectant mother with a passion for fashion. Today, she is a proud boutique owner, working mother, and working toward empowering women of all ages one fashionable find at a time. 

“I have always had a love for shopping and styling,” says Meyer. “I started in the blogging world about 12 years ago, sharing outfits I would create and my favorite shops. Once I became a new mom, I quickly realized how much I missed the connection with other women who shared my same love of fashion. TwoTwentyTwo Market was born.” 

TwoTwentyTwo Market is an online boutique bringing stylish clothes for women of all shapes, sizes and walks of life. Their main mission is to inspire confidence and provide empowerment. The trendy boutique offers unique clothing, jewelry and small ticket items such as coffee cups, koozies, wristlets and candles. 

The boutique’s unique name derived from Meyer’s desire to include her two kids. “It just so happened that my kids both have birthdays on the twenty-second and the name was born,” says Meyer. “They are the reason I strive to become the best.”


Since Meyer loves to engage with the customer, TwoTwentyTwo often engages on social media to gain insight into what the customer is currently loving to stock her store. The business is truly all about the customer, Meyer says. 

“Each piece is intentionally chosen and make great gifts for both yourself and loved ones.  We love to have our products shopped by working mothers or driven women who love to be on trend at affordable prices,” says Meyer. “She has places to go and wants to look great with trendy pieces without breaking the bank. I want to personally get to know each customer and personalize their shopping experience, down to the details of the packaging.”

TwoTwentyTwo Market is an online boutique, but can frequently be found at local events around the Cincinnati area. “I have loved sharing my vision and style with the world and I cannot wait to continue to continue in the future,” says Meyer. 

 To shop TwoTwentyTwoBoutique, visit You can also stay connected via social media on Instagram and Facebook.

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With All Souls Day coming up Nov. 2, we wanted to share some fashionable ways to remember loved ones after they’ve passed.

Cremation Bracelets
Was your loved one cremated? Keep them close to your heart every day with cremation bracelets for ashes. You can also make a necklace with keepsake pendant for ashes. These come in a variety of styles and materials that allow you to include a small pinch of cremains, burial soil, or other memorial item inside the jewelry to keep with you always. Some designs and materials also allow for personalized engraving.

Memorial Flower Jewelry
Have fresh flowers from a recent service, or dried flowers stashed away from one long past? Several custom jewelry designers and vendors on Etsy will make memorial flower jewelry for you to treasure for years to come.

To make these, you typically need about 1/4 of a rose OR equivalent if you prefer to use other types of flowers or leaves, to make one bracelet or necklace. For a rosary, you’ll need one full rose or equivalent if you prefer to use other types of flowers or leaves. To create a ring, only about one petal – or a petal from each flower if there are multiple types that can be mixed together once dried and crushed. Two petals are needed for earrings.

Remembrance Accessories
Cincinnati-based jewelry designer FENNO FASHION makes memorial flower jewelry as well as several other types of accessories, like keychains. Does it matter if the flowers are fresh or dried? Typically, the drier the better, so if you have fresh flowers, ask first. Most designers will have techniques and equipment that can dry the petals while still maintaining the vibrancy no matter the type of flower.

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Learn more about this hand-crafted and Cincinnati-based accessory company inspired by both nature and fashion

For the past two years, Pistil Calyx has been bringing fun accessories to the Cincinnati area and beyond. The company specializes in small floral hand-crafted polymer clay hair and lapel pins. 

“When looking for a name for the business, I wanted a name that wasn’t made up of too obvious floral words,” says owner Jahmaiah Martin. “Pistils are part of the reproductive parts of the flower and calyxes hold the flower together. I loved the way the two looked together.” 

Pistil Calyx originally started out with knit brooches only and then switched focus to small sculptured clay goods. Each product is hand-made and has a very unique process when designing. 

“The first start of the process begins with inspiration,” says Martin. “I have been collecting pictures of flowers for years from gardens and parks all over Cincinnati. I look over these images to find inspiration for my realistic and imagined succulents and flowers.” 

Next step? Color. “Next, I think of my colors that I want to present and the scheme I want to create. These can derive from roses, season, mood, or imagined.” 

After the inspiration and color are solidified, it is time for Martin to get to the two-hour sculpting process. They are each pressed and carefully arranged into the flower she wants to represent. 

Each accessory is unique in their own way, seeing as they each go through this intricate process. Over the past two years, the creative process has remained Martin’s favorite part. 

“I enjoy the days where I get to work with clay and photograph my pieces – it really allows me to get creative.” 

To shop Pistil Calyx’s hair and lapel pins, you can visit their Etsy shop. To stay connected, you can follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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This Cincinnati blogger is sharing her love for Ohio, and Disney, with the world. Learn about her popular blog and the launch of her new website.

Jessica doesn’t fit one particular style when it comes to fashion, so when she decided to launch a blog, she thought a play on words was the best way to come up with a name. 

JessMeStyle is her own way of saying “just my style,” everything her fashion is about. “I just love what I love, and share what inspires me,” she says. “I’m just myself.”

After deciding to take the leap into the blog-o-sphere, Jessica wanted to find a way to share fun, affordable outfits for all seasons and events. 

Additionally, she shares the fun things she does throughout Ohio as she frequents not only Cincinnati, but also Cleveland and Columbus (and she’s an avid Disney fan). 

Jessica grew up in Cincinnati, and her husband is from Cleveland. “When we first started dating while in high school we needed fun places to meet throughout Ohio,” she says. “Sometimes meeting in Columbus, but we also tried to find things to do around our downs of Cleveland and Cincinnati, so we’ve always been doing fun things throughout the state.”

Jessia likes offering up inspiration to her followers, showing them just how much fun they can have right here at home. 

Currently Instagram is where she mainly runs her account from, and she says she’s enjoyed being able to connect with others. In addition to JessMeStyle, she also runs a Disney-themed Instagram where she says she’s also met people who share the same interest.

“I’d say the most rewarding things about my pages is when someone lets you know they checked out the place I recommended and share how much fun they had,” she says. 

Jessica says her favorite post on the blog thus far is the one she shared about her visit to Mentor, Ohio. “It’s such a great beach that many people from Cincinnait wouldn’t have even thought to travel to,” she says.

Jessica is working on finalizing her website, to officially launch JessMeStyle. “I cannot wait to expand on what I share through a blog because you only have so many words that you can share on Instagram,” she says.

You can follow along with JessMestyle on Instagram, where you can find the announcement of her official website launch. You can also check out her Disney-themed page and watch her YouTube channel focused on Disney World and Disney Cruising. 

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Most people who shop for shoes will enter a store and head right for the shoe they find the most appealing in a visual manner without thinking about how they fit or what they were made for. It can become frustrating when your shoe starts to fall apart just weeks after you’ve bought them. This will happen if you don’t wear them, how they were intended to be worn. You’re making the shoe have abnormal wear and tear. 

How to Find the Right Shoe

If you’re having some trouble finding the right pair of shoes for a certain occasion, then keep reading. You may think it’s a good idea to invest in an expensive pair of shoes for a special occasion because they look nice, but it’s not. There are long-term consequences to your actions. Did you overpay for a pair of Nike shoes that may only last a month? You should think about where you are going to use your shoes. You will want comfortable shoes if you plan to use them for long periods of time for activities such as hiking, walking, and running. 

Characteristics of a Good Shoe

Not all shoes are going to be the same. Some shoes are constructed better than others. Before you buy any pair of shoes, it’s important to try them on first. This allows you to test the fit, how they feel when you walk, and more. They should fit your specific needs. You’re going to be in a long-term relationship with your shoes, so it’s pivotal that they are what you need and not what you want. 


You should also consider the insert in the shoes. Are they removable? This is a great choice if you need a specific kind of in-sole. You can easily swap them out if you prefer orthopedic or memory foam for added comfort and support. 


The durability of your shoe is vital. Depending on what you are using your shoes for, you need to consider either a thinner or thicker sole. Don’t forget to consider the arches of your feet as they need to be properly supported. Pick up the shoe and examine the weight of it and how sturdy they feel. Will they withstand rigorous hiking? Are they flexible and light enough to run in? Leather shoes are more sturdy than other shoes and are an ideal characteristic of a good running shoe.

If you want something cheaper, consider suede. You can apply a layer of Scotchguard to increase its longevity. However, if you are looking towards mesh for a running shoe, remember that even though it’s lightweight and easy to clean, it’s also flimsy and won’t last as long. 

Lastly, I know that there are a ton of choices out there and it can get overwhelming. However, with all the information I have provided you with, it should take some of the stress out of shoe shopping. It can be fun, so make the best out of it!

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Get your kiddos into the Halloween spirit with new specialty boxes that include books and cookie decorating kits.

My Bookworm Box is a subscription-based business that introduces your little ones to the world of reading. However, as parents and working moms, life can get busy and trips to the library can often become far and few between. 

“That’s when I came up for the idea behind My Bookworm Box,” says My Bookworm Box Founder Amy Kelly.

The books in each box sent to scribers are customized for each child. “Even though we mail out monthly, each box for each child contains different books,” says Kelly. 

Now, as we head into the Halloween season, My Bookworm Box is teaming up with Cakes by Kat Bake Shop to offer Halloween Boxes.

There are two options for the Halloween Boxes offered by My Bookworm Box. Customers can choose from four Halloween Board Books or Easy Readers Books for you to keep, or three Chapter Books for you to keep. 

Also in the boxes is a cooking decorating kit put together by Cakes by Kat Bake Shop. These kits include four vanilla almond sugar cookies, one packet of each orange, black, and green icing, and one packet of sprinkles. 

All of the boxes ship on Thursday, October 1 and are priced at $44.97. 

Monthly subscriptions for My Bookworm Box are $14.99 per month for easy reader and chapter book boxes. Board book boxes are $19.99 per month. 

To learn more about My Bookworm Box or to order a Halloween Box, visit You can also follow song on Facebook and Instagram.

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Ready for a new look? A new boutique in Madeira is ready to give you a fresh look without the buying pressure.

Have you ever walked into a store and felt like maybe you were shopping at a store you weren’t quite welcome in? Allyson Schumacher, Janice Hartman, Susan Wright, and Jennifer McNair aim to change that with their new boutique Honey on Miami. 

Located in Madeira, the goal at Honey on Miami was to create an elevated, yet approachable buying experience.

“We wanted to bring a warm, welcoming, and friendly experience to shopping for your next new outfit,” says Honey on Miami’s McNair.

At the store you’ll find women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and gifts. 

“You can come in and buy an outfit, including shoes and accessories, and even a hostess gift as well,” she adds.

Price points at Honey on Mimai range from $20 for some of the gift items, to a couple of at-the-top pieces listed at $400. 

The team behind the business is excited to bring a fresh new look to friends and customers in Madeira. 

“We are thrilled to be working together and starting a new adventure,” McNair adds. 

McNair says the team is always planning for upcoming seasons, so to keep an eye out on new arrivals in inventory. 

The store hosted its grand opening on September 11 and is hoping to host a Grand Opening Ladies Night in October, with the hope of larger gatherings permitted later this fall. 

Honey on Miami is located at 6928 Miami Avenue in Madeira. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 11am-5pm and Sunday from 12-4pm. 

You can learn more about Honey on Miami at You can also stay up-to-date on Facebook and Instagram

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Learn about an exciting event coming up, produced by the premier program for local and emerging fashion designers in Ohio.

Fashion Week Columbus is the flagship program of the Columbus Fashion Council, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide scholarships to fashion design students and a platform for local and emerging fashion designers. 

The inspiration behind the program, according to Thomas McClure, Founder and Executive Director of Fashion Week Columbus, was to life up the fashion community through an industry that every single person can relate to – fashion.

“Columbus is now the 14th largest city in the US, and most major cities have a Fashion Week,” says McCure. “However, Columbus being No. 3 in the nation for the number of resident fashion designers, gives us a huge reason to have Fashion Week as a platform that many local & emerging designers launch their brands from.” 

Now in its 11th years, Fashion Week Columbus will continue to spotlight why Columbus is No. 3 in the nation for fashion designers as they host a week of fashion events at various locations. 

Thomas McClure, Founder/Executive Director of Fashion Week Columbus

Some of the events are either fully virtual or have a virtual component. “Our signature kickoff event, High Fashion Tea Runway Show, is going fully virtual and is hosted at The Joseph,” says McClure. “We’re so excited to go virtual. And our Finale Runway show is hosted by Ohio HD Studios, where they have an almost 5,000 square foot, 360 cyc, wall studio. It’s going to be amazing. 

A list of this year’s fashion designers can be found here

Details on the week’s events are listed below:

September 17th – FWC20 Virtual Launch Party (virtual)
Nia Noelle hosts a panel discussion with all the FWC20 Designers, including the headline designer. Free Viewing

Sept 20th – High Fashion Tea Fashion Show – The Joseph (virtual)
Fully Virtual live stream with Karina Nova hosting from her own fashionable afternoon tea, featuring 2 designer collections in a fashion show/fashion film format. – Tickets On Sale Now – A $15 donation will receive a virtual front row/runway view of this super innovative fashion event.

Sept 22nd – Passport 2 Fashion (virtual)
We’re building the future of fashion and it includes all ethnicities, cultures, ages, genders, and sizes. Explore a new nation of fashion that smashes outdated expectations and believes that fashion is for everyone. Seven continents. Countless cultures. One Runway.Become a part of the movement at Passport To Fashion. Join us on September 22 for an immersive virtual experience. Proceeds benefit Dress For Success Columbus. Tickets On Sale Now

Sept 23rd – Macy’s Fall Fashion Show – The Parking Garage Rooftop across from Macy’s Easton (in-person experience)
Macy’s hosts their annual Fall Fashion Show in partnership with Fashion Week Columbus, with limited seating, social distancing, and fun fashions. – RSVPS Go Live soon!

Sept 24th – Easton Fashion Night & Philanthropy Meets Fashion (in person experience)
Easton hosts their annual Easton Fashion Night in partnership with Fashion Week Columbus, featuring local African-American designer collections presentation style around the Easton Unity Pavillion and closing out with FWC20’s Philanthropy Meets Fashion – a fireside chat with the headline designer and other FWC20 designers, hosted by Nia Noelle at the Easton Drive-In Stage and Screen.

September 25th – Fashion Industry Mixer hosted by IL Moda Brand Development
A celebration of everything fashion in Columbus by bringing together everyone fashion in Columbus. Details to be confirmed soon.

September 26th – 11th Annual Fashion Week Columbus Finale Runway Show – (virtual & in-person)
Featuring amazing 5 local & emerging fashion designers plus our FWC20 headline designer at Ohio HD Studios. Strict COVID-19 restrictions will be followed with all participants. Limited seating capacity for the in-person experience.

Virtual Experience – Front row seat to the virtual Finale Runway Show and backstage access to virtually hang out with the designers, models, and crew during the show! Only our virtual guests will get to experience the 4 camera experience which includes different aspects of the runway, the audience, and backstage during each designer collection showcase.  

Donations of $50 will receive this exclusive access.

In-Person Experience –  This is a limited and low seating capacity event due to the space and to COVID-19 Health & Safety restrictions. Audience members will consist of sponsors, partners, and board members with an up close and personal view of our amazing designers on the runway at Ohio HD Studios. Sponsorships start at $500 and include in-person tickets.

This year’s event is clearly different since COVID-19 turned the world upside down, not sparing the fashion industry. However, even with limitations in place, Fashion Week Columbus is important because it’s a platform used by local and emerging designers to launch their brands, procure new clients, and to put their brand in the spotlight,” he says. “It also raises funds for fashion design students, so they can complete their schooling. We’ve implemented strict COVID-19 health & safety guidelines for all participants at our pre-production events and FWC events. We want our audiences, designers, models, and crew to all feel safe. This is a priority for the organization. We have wellness check forms, registration, temperature checks, mask requirements at all times, and social distancing.”

McClure says to expect a lot of collections in this year’s events to include face masks. “Fashion reflects the current state of the world,” he says. “Fashion is political. Fashion is art. Most of all – fashion has heart!”

You can learn more about watching and attending the events here.

To learn more and follow along, visit or stay connected on Facebook and Instagram

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Inspired by shameless confidence, two Ohio-based women launched an online boutique and lifestyle blog to help every woman feel and look their best every day.

“Her Distraction“ might be the name of her business, but for co-owner Jasmine Lawrence, she’s not distracted at all when it comes to her mission for curating on-trend pieces for every woman.

According to Lawrence, Her Distraction delivers timeless fashion with online access to the shop and lifestyle resources. This online boutique and blog was started by two women obsessed with all things fashion, style and aesthetic. “Our business was inspired by our owner’s growth into becoming shamelessly stylish,” says Lawrence. “She went from feeling over-dressed into not minding being the one distraction in the room. From there, our Her Distraction was born.” 

For the past two years, this Cincinnati and Columbus-based company has been serving countless customers. The website is full of new arrivals, sale items and on-trend pieces. 

The unique products include tops, bodysuits, blazers, and dresses. Each product has been carefully picked to allow customers to feel their best self. “We carry chic style, such as our signature off the shoulder blazer that is essential to every wardrobe,” says Lawrence. “Our favorite part about the brand is the women that shop with us daily. Receiving a notification that we have been tagged in a customer’s outfit gets us so excited and makes it all worth it.” 

Her Distraction also has a blog on their website. The purpose is to provide up-to-date trends, tips and information to keep readers informed. 

Customers receive free shipping on all orders. Sign up for their email list and receive 10% off your first order. To stay connected with Her Distraction, shop online at and read their blog. You can also follow and shop along on Instagram and Facebook.

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Learn more about this new company transforming everyday activities that bring joy into stylish t-shirts.

If it brings you joy, you’ll probably find it celebrated on a Remi Tees. Launched in June 2020, the Cincinnati-based company delivers unique t-shirts about the everyday life. 

“Our company was founded on turning a bad situation into something fun,” says founder Nancy Rembold. “Launching in the middle of a pandemic has been a great way to get our creative juices flowing and gave us something to look forward to each day.” 

Each t-shirt has a simple design of one word with an “-ing” at the end. Phrases such as beer-ing, smore-ing, happy hour-ing, and coney-ing are included on their extensive list of designs.“Our brainstorm sessions when it comes to our designs are just about us talking about things we are ‘doing,’” says Rembold. “Whether it be traveling somewhere, starting school or going out with friends, we want to make the simple activities in life more fun.” 

If customers have a specific saying they would like on the shirt, the team is happy to print anything with an additional $3 charge a shirt. Remi Tees is a lot more than just spirited t-shirts, the support behind the company holds a lot of joy. 


“Our grandma goes by ‘Rockin’ Remy’ and we wanted it to be a family company and attract customers of all ages,” says Remold. “We decided to name the company after a family name because our first few ideas we generated were centered around the joyful, simple things we do with our families in our own lives – wine, cocktails and food.” 

You can connect with Remi Tees on Facebook and Instagram. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, you can order through this form or by visiting LouLou’s Boutique. Once the form is completed, Remi Tees will send a confirmation e-mail and Square invoice with order total. Shipping and pick-up are available. Click here to watch a live release of the latest designs from Remi Tees on Sept. 17 at 5:30 with a virtual happy hour on Cincy Chic’s Facebook page.