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The Basics
"First thing I like to do is a good, thurough look at everything in the closet. Assessing the mess," says Mary Kacaba, professional organizer and owner of Cincinnati-based company Choice Environment. "I try to get a picture of what the closet could look like in its best state," she explained. Kacaba then recommends removing everything from the space, using a system she calls "Treasure, Trash, Tithe," in which a person's belongings are separated into keep, trash and donation categories.

At the same time, Kacaba advises the would-be organizer to put like treasures together and carry full trash or tithe bags to the car immediately, so that once the organization is finished orderliness mavens aren't left with twenty trash bags to carry out. Otherwise, "it's a breakdown in the exciting flow of the day," she says.
But if you don't like the sound of completely emptying your closet, Jamie Sebens, professional organizer and owner of Cincinnati company Working Order LLC, says a just as efficient way is to select a category of clothing, such as work, and remove those pieces from the closet. Then, make space in the closet for that section, hang the clothes back up and move on to the next.

"Favorite categories are work, gym, casual, evening," Sebens says. "So that when you are getting ready for work you're not sorting through evening clothes to find your work clothes and so forth."

This system works well for most people, Sebens says, but especially for people who have trouble getting ready in the morning. "So if every space is given a name, and those names correspond with uses, then when you go to dress you have a smaller section to look at," she explained.

Kacaba agrees. "The goal of organization is for everything to have a home and putting like things together," she says.

Another small, but important, step to organizing clothes is utilizing the right hanger. Standard plastic tube hangers are useful for most items, but for heavier pieces of clothing like suits, the best choice is the wooden variety with clips so that the jacket and pants or skirt can be on the same hanger, Sebens says. Wooden hangers also prevent ridges in sweaters and other heavy pieces of clothing, which sometimes happens with wire or plastic hangers.

Shoes and Accessories
Once you've got your clothing separated into sections, it's time for the hard part: shoes. "The shoes are the problem for a lot of women. Once you stop debilitating behavior, you've pretty much got it nipped," Kacaba says.

One way to nip your shoe organization problem in the bud is finding your perfect shoe holder. This choice depends on the individual, but, as always, space can be the deciding factor.

"Shoe holders oftentimes are not so much of a choice in terms of exactly what a person exactly wants, but often it's what will fit in the space that they have, although, my theory is that the floor is not a storage shelf," Sebens laughs.
Instead, try an over-the-door holder, plastic tubs or the oversized box variety, complete with compartments holding up to 50 pairs of shoes. Sebens also says running shoes and other non-crushable varieties can be stored in a basket on the closet floor.

Once you've sorted your shoes, it's time to organize the trimmings: jewelry and accessories.

Difficult to store items such as necklaces, bracelets and even camisoles and slips are easily kept on a belt rack, Sebens says. When hung this way, matching your accessories to clothes isn't a problem because you can see everything you own at once, and match accordingly.

Another good way to store miscellaneous items, Kacaba says, is to hang s-curved shower hooks from your closet's rod. Scarves, purses and belts can be stored on them. "It's easy to slip one off and return it to its home on the hook," she says. Kacaba also recommended using plastic milk crates on their side, as a kind of cubby hole, to store oddly shaped items such as boots or tall handbags.

Maintaining Order
Once your closet's become a paradigm of organization, you may wonder, "How long will this last?" That's up to you, but both Kacaba and Sebens says five minutes will do the trick.

"Put it on your calendar for every Saturday morning to spend five minutes making sure that it's still in order," Sebens says. "It's ongoing maintenance like anything else, and if you just check it once a week to make sure that it's not slipping, then you won't end up with it back where you started."

Another way to keep your organized closet staying that way is to allow yourself a little breathing room, Kacaba says.

"I like to create 12 inches of hanging space that can be your messy space. It creates a little space where you can quickly put things back and they don't have to return to its original home," she says. In other words, these temporarily-stored items can be put back in their proper place when it's most convenient, rather than shoving them in other sections.

Extras to Remember
Real life isn't a TLC special, Sebens says. "I think that, particularly, on TV shows, organization is done too much by neatness," she says. "Neatness and organization are not the same thing."

Sebens stressed that while there are many neat people who are terribly disorganized, there are also fairly messy people who have strong base organizational systems, and know how to put things back quickly.

"Gross organization is putting all of your underwear in the underwear drawer, but not necessarily folding it or dividing it by color," Sebens says. "And that's fine. Some people don't have time for refined organization. They can just work with gross organization and still get dressed."

When you don't worry too much about neatness, your organizing can go even more smoothly by using the buddy system, Kacaba says. "It's a vulnerable experience to let someone into your messy space," she says. "Ask your friend or professional organizer to ask you questions like 'When did you last wear that?' and 'Will you wear it in the next year?'" If you're not sure about whether to treasure, trash or tithe, an extra voice can help move the process along.

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Whether for exercise, work, nursing, comfort or seduction, most women – from almost A to double J – possess a rainbow of bras for a variety of occasions. It hasn't always been this way, though.

The bra began its evolution a century ago to become the garment we know, love – sometimes hate – and wear today. In the early 1900s, the corset was still the standard for fashionable women. The tight-fitting dresses and beauty standards of the era demanded ultra-tiny waists, and cinchable corsets made this look possible.

In 1907, French dressmaker Paul Poret designed a line of looser, less form-fitting dresses. And with them – God bless him – he introduced a smaller, less constricting undergarment. Alas, the brassiere was born.

Fast forward 100 years, and Oprah Winfrey reveals that 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. The show's makeovers were incredible: droopy breasts were transformed into buoyant ones; torsos rippling with back fat became silhouettes as sleek as porpoises. And now – as Oprah's powerful word tends to do – women are flooding local lingerie shops to find a good fit.

Jennifer Loerich, the store manager who specializes in bra fittings at Candice's Boutique on Montgomery Rd., says there's a few tell-tale sign that you're part of that staggering 85 percent. "The signs would be seeing the breast tissue coming out the bottom of the bra, the bra may creep up your back and you may see tissue bulge out the top of the bra," she says. "These would all be signs of a bad bra fitting."

If you have any of the above, you'll want to get fitted. Loerich says you'll want to go to a place that has private fitting rooms and bra fitters on staff, such as those available at Candice's Boutique.050707FASHION2.jpg

Proper sports bra fitting is important too, says Katie Rhodes, a West side-based physical therapist. "Prior to my pregnancy I just wore two or three sports bras to prevent the bounce, but when I jumped to a 32E/F, I had to get fitted," Rhodes says. "It has been the best decision of my life. The girls don't giggle and I am a ton comfier."

So, hands down, a bra fitting is necessary. But if the sound of a bra fitting makes your knees weak with images of public nudity and a bevy of bra-fitters poking and prodding your breasts, Loerich says it's nothing like that. She says they do take a measurement, but it is a private situation if you go to a place with private fitting rooms.

"With this measurement they will be able to tell you what bra size and body type you are and what bra will work best for you," she says. "They will then explain and teach you what to look for in a bra that will suit your needs."

If you're still apprehensive about the bra fitting experience, you can go online to sites like where there's a do-it-yourself guide to measuring yourself and a bra calculator that will give you a reasonably accurate indication of your size.

Once you do figure out your bra measurements, then you have a completely different hurdle: cute – but tricky – summer tops. For those, Loerich says, you'll want to get a bra that is a little lower in front to accomidate the tricky cuts, but still give you a smooth look. There are also some bras that have detachable straps so you can wear it the standard way, or convert it to a racerback or strapless bra.

And something else that sticks out just as bad as stray straps is the color of your bra. For example, just because you wear a white bra under a white top doesn't mean it won't scream "Hey everyone, lookie here, I have a white bra on!" Because it will. Instead, wear nude or other hue of bra that best matches your skin tone. Also, black lingerie is best worn under black garments.

If your garment is too tricky for those tips, don't fret, you still have options. Loerich recommends stickies – adhesive-backed fabric stickies to cover your nipples – for garments such as low back dresses. "Because low back bras are hard to find, I don't recommend them for everyone because everybody has a different shape," she says. "What may work for someone may not work for the next person. So it really depends on the body shape and the size cup and the look they are trying to accomplish with the outfit or dress."

Loerich says Candice's offers many other products, such as backless, strapless self-adhesive bras, breast prostesis and post-surgical bras, hair prosthesis and compression garments, as well.


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Gone are the days of tattered gym shorts and oversized t-shirts. Ladies: It’s time for the 21st century running style. After all, you’re divas in your jobs and personal lives – so why not out on the track?

According to Dana Carman, a PR representative for SportSkirts, when it comes to running-wear, women need to maintain their femininity. “In the old days, women's running apparel was created by ‘shrinking and pinking,’ which means that manufacturers would take the existing men's line and offer women smaller sizes in pastel colors,” Carman says. ”But these days, running wear is actually designed for a woman's body so it fits better and works better for performance.”

When asked about her favorite up-and-coming trend in running wear, Carman enthusiastically cites the running skirt. “As a woman who grew up playing sports in a pre-sports bra era, I can really appreciate having apparel that is specific to women … and nothing says that better than the skirt,” she says. But, her fondness for running skirts has more to do with than just style.

From a technical standpoint, she says, “It's very strong, as it prevents chafing by not having material between your thighs, and it's [also] extremely lightweight and cool.” Because of this, Carman heartily endorses the running skirt for long-distance running.

And, in regards to color, Carman thinks women should get out of the pink rut. “Last year,” she says, “pink was the color ‘du jour’; and there's still some pink out there, which is great, but it looks like more colors have entered the market.” This season’s must-have shades: fruity, succulent colors like lemon yellow and kiwi green. Note: the brighter, the better; running safety is always a "Do."
Another trend making its way onto the fashion scene is X-static odor-free running apparel, says Brad Dunlevy, owner of Northern Kentucky-based Meters and Miles. According to Dunlevy, X-static technology benefits runners in a variety of ways, including:

  • Eliminating bacteria and ammonia
  • Keeping the garment cool in the summer by distributing heat, and warm in the winter by reflecting heat
  • Featuring silver fibers, which pull the skin’s electric charges away from the body; this aids in quicker muscle recovery and reduces muscle fatigue

Thanks to such technology, Dunlevy says that exercise enthusiasts are now more comfortable than ever. “The saying is ‘cotton is rotten!’” he says. But for Leah Peelman, a front-runner for this year’s Flying Pig marathon, it’s all about combining style with functionality. And, considering her outfit has to last her for 26.2 miles, Peelman is careful in her selections. This year, Peelman plans on gracing the Flying Pig in a yellow Mizuno tank top and bright blue Puma t-shirt. Outfitted in such style, Peelman will likely leave a fashionable footprint in her trail of dust.


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All of us are beautiful and we all can find something that will work for us. It’s just a matter of being able to recognize it. I’m going to explain those essentials and how to make them work for you!

Body types are all different. We all have our areas that we’d like to change. Clothes give you the opportunity to play up what you love and hide what you don’t. They are the gift that keeps on giving all year long. With the change of every season (at least here in Cincinnati) comes new opportunity to give your look a twist.

In my personal opinion, jeans are the absolute wardrobe staple. Dressed up or down, a good pair of jeans is the one thing that you should not be afraid to spend the money on. I know, I know, they’re only jeans, right? But think about how often we wear them. Invest in the best and you won’t be disappointed.

The key to a great pair of jeans is in the fit and length. The placement of a rear pocket is key. The lower the pocket and wider out the pocket goes, your posterior will look petite and perky. If you have ever noticed on what some call “Mom Jeans” the pocket is small and placed near the center stitch. This does the exact opposite to your body.

The longer the length, the longer the leg. So without letting your hem drag on the floor, let the denim graze your shoe. You will add an instant two inches on your height. The wide leg cut is great for those of us (I’m one of them) whose problem area is in our hips. It gives the illusion that they are smaller but still curvy and beautiful. This goes for any pant as well. Trust me, just go to a nice department store or boutique that sells a higher-end jean and at least try them on. Try a pair that has some stretch in them. These are hands-down the most figure flattering. I could go on and on about style and wash. Give them a test fit. You will feel a difference immediately. I promise!

One of the season’s most fabulous trends is the little Trapeze Dress. You see this all over fashion right now. It’s a dress that has an empire bust line and gives the illusion of just skimming the body but not clinging to it. The Trapeze Dress is perfect for any body type. It’s very sweet, yet can be absolutely sexy. That, paired with a flawless flat or pumped up peep toe and you are ready for anything.

In the top cut department, if you have a wider shoulder, stay away from the tube top. The horizontal line only accentuates your broad bod. The halter top is your friend. The vertical lines break your natural shape. Darts in a blouse are the perfect way of feminizing a blouse with out having less material. You want your top to fit, and fit well. You don’t want to swim in your clothes, or God forbid, be showing off the farm. Remember, trust your instincts! If you think it’s not right, it probably isn’t. However, if you are thinking about changing up your style and stepping out of your box, don’t be afraid to try something new. Change is good for the soul. Like the sun rises and falls… a new day is another day to dress your best.

I’m a big believer in less is more. If I’m showing my arms, then I’ll cover my leg and visa versa. Remember that confidence is the key to appeal. Whether it’s a night out, or going for that new job, your appearance is the first thing people see and the last thing they remember. Let it reflect the way you feel inside. No matter your age or body type, every single woman out there is beautiful, smart and sexy. You just have to know what works for you… and then put it on!

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041607FASHION2.jpg The relationship between fashion and rock 'n' roll is one of self expression, rebellion and creativity. Each evolves and intertwines with time, exemplifying freedom of expression. Learning where the rockstar fashion trends emerged, how they evolved through many generations and stood the test of time, will make you appreciate it so much more the next time you walk into your favorite boutique and see a pair of rockin' ripped and studded jeans.

Old Time Rock 'n' Roll

Rock and Roll and its fashion counterpart danced onto the scene in the 50s, when American Bandstand went on the air nationwide. From day one, fashion and music were fused together in a rock 'n' roll whirlwind with a visual presence. Artists were able to express themselves not only through their music, but also with the style and image they wished to portray to their audience. In the 1960s when the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan show, fans not only reveled in the rock 'n' roll sound they heard, but also the fashion elements that made them iconic: mop tops, skinny black ties and matching suits. Other popular rock icons were no exception. Bands like The Rolling Stones portrayed a street image with long hair, rocker tees and leather.

People began to recognize rock 'n' roll as a rebellious form of expression, one they could emulate by copying their favorite rockstars. The over-the-top designs and musical lyrics from the seventies were portrayed by rock 'n' roll icons like David Bowie and his interpretation of Glam rock, the punk style of the Sex Pistols and the disco era complete with bell bottoms and psychedelic colors.

As music evolved with the times, its fashion counterpart was front seat on the wild ride. The 80s introduced heavy metal bands and pop-style music and fashion. Metal bands rocked their way on to the scene, proving that men could wear as much hairspray and makeup as women, and still look cool. Van Halen and Mötley Crüe, to name a few, sang about life as a party with their tattoos and defiance of the norm. 041607FASHION4.jpg

Pop-rock icons of the decade like Prince and Madonna donned ripped jeans, funky hair and shoulder pads that the public could not get enough of and could view on MTV. As times in the world were changing and music began to evolve, a new sense of rebellion against glam – and life in general – erupted.

Enter, 90s grunge; one of the most memorable rock fashion movements to date. Groups like Nirvana made it cool to just "be," starting a trend of unkempt hair, baggy jeans and flannel shirts. Their message was expressed in their relaxed style, attitude, image and tone of music.

Throughout the years, Fashion houses have been forced – by popular demand of young America – to follow the these trends in order to sell rock styles. Whether it’s the music itself or the visual intent of the artist, designers are privy to the power of "rock on" fashion and often use it as a source of creativity.

For Those About to Rock

So how does rock 'n' roll influence fashion trends today? It’s clear in today’s world of fashion and music that there are no rules or guidelines. The wide variety of musical preferences allows people have more freedom than ever to rock any style that suits them from one day to the next.

041607FASHION3.jpg Whether it’s hard rock, classic rock, pop rock or punk rock, there is an appreciation for individualism and keen understanding of music’s influence on fashion by rockstars and their adoring public. The relationship between rock 'n' roll and fashion has evolved into a freedom to wear style from the past with a new twist often created by rock icons themselves.

With an understanding of their influence on street wear, many design for fashion labels or have their own clothing lines. Destiny’s Child channeled artists from the Motown days with their lavish gowns and "uptown" glamour, reminiscent of the Supremes in the early 60s. Tina Knowles, their stylist and Beyonce’s mother, had so many fans asking about her designs that she started her own clothing line, House of Dereon. Gwen Stefani has helped to bring the pop style of the 80s back, while adding her own Rasta spin to it. To capitalize on her unique style, Gwen started the clothing line LAMB (love angel music baby). In 2005, Justin Timberlake joined forces with his childhood best friend to form William Rast Clothing. It’s clear rockstars are aware of their influence on street wear, and they’re cashing in. Even popular music brands like Fender and Gibson have recognized the correlation. Fender, the number one maker of stringed instruments, created There, you can find accessories and clothing inspired by rock 'n' roll music.

Designers continue to capitalize on rock’s fashion influence, and through today’s wide array of technology, it's all readily available. Many create a style reminiscent of decades before, bringing it right to your fingertips via the Internet. 041607FASHION1.jpg

Tattoo fashion, inspired fashion from bands like Mötley Crüe, are created by fashion empires like Christian Audigier’s Ed Hardy line or 2bfree Clothing. Found in department stores and their own websites, fans are easily able to live on the edge wearing tattoos without actually breaking the skin! If you’re pregnant, you can still wear your favorite rock 'n' roll style and log onto . They offer maternity wear like Sex Pistol tube tops, Jimi Hendrix tunics and ACDC tees. You can even outfit your baby with a rocker style and find a punk rock onesies, a Romones creaper and a Bob Baby Bib. The availability of rock inspired fashion online and in stores all over the nation, make it quick and easy for all music fashionista’s to get a rockin’ wardrobe.

Let’s Get Rocked

The evolution of music and fashion may change through time, but the underlying core of individualism and creativity are always present. rockstars and designers are in tune with their influence and collaborate to bring rockin’ style to your fingertips. Feel free to live vicariously through your favorite rockers from any era and continue to express yourself and your individuality. Today it’s about wearing what makes you feel your best. Evolution, individualism, freedom and style. There's no doubt about it, fashion rocks!


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It's time to take stock of how you've neglected your feet during the cold months. After a winter spent in boots, skin on the feet tends to be dry and scaly or have thickened areas, and the appearance of your toenail might make your stomach turn a little bit. Since sandal season is just around the corner, women are scrambling to whip those feet into shape.

Here are a few tips, provided by Xenna Corporation, to help you dewinterize your feet:

  1. Trim toenails carefully. Toenails should always be trimmed straight across. This is easier to do when they're damp from the shower. Toenails also deserve the attention of a scrub brush to clean underneath. Invest in high quality instruments and never share pedicure or manicure implements with anyone else.
  2. Tend to cuticles. If cuticles are a problem, use a cuticle remover and then push back the cuticle or trim any remaining skin with cuticle nippers.
  3. Exfoliate and moisturize. Use a dry heel ointment to thin and soften hardened skin and exfoliate dry, cracked heels.
  4. Use nail polish sparingly. While nail polish provides a temporary fix for unattractive toenails, continuous use is not advised. Toenails need to breathe and have occasional breaks from polish.
  5. Use sunscreen liberally. Fresh air and sunshine are great for feet and toenails, but sunscreen is advised to protect sensitive skin from harmful rays.

040907FASHION.jpg As for popular pedicure fashion trends, it's time to get pretty in pink, according to Wendy Wesley, nail department manager at Mitchell's Salon and Day Spa. In her 16 years at the salon, she's seen a lot of possible trends pop up here and there. But, "the color is definitely pink this summer," she says. "After the vamp, dark shades from last year, we're moving into a sweeter, flirtier, pink summer."

From sheer medium pink to a bright hot pink, there's no doubt that pink is paramount this season. Wesley says experts note another foot fashion that's right around the corner: all white nails with all white outfits. "They're saying that's going to be really trendy," Wesley says.

And a little further south in Florence at Hairspray etc., stylist Deanna Snowball says she's seeing a lot more traditional reds this year. "No pastels or tips," she says. "Just red toes."

But no matter how you paint them, you have to take care of them because the current fashions are giving your toes more limelight than usual this year. "People are wearing open-toe and peep-toe shoes a lot earlier than usual," says Wesley. "So, getting a pedicure, and taking care of them at home, is very important this summer."

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Contact Deanna at Hairspray ect.

Get a $20 dollar express pedicure and a glass of wine with any chemical service when you visit Deanna at Hairspray etc.

Who could resist a glass of wine and getting their feet rubbed while their highlights process?

Contact information:
Deanna Snowball
Hairspray etc.
(859) 814-7842
8115 Connector Dr.
Florence, KY 41042

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1 2 Strand Sterling Silver Tube Clasp
4 Sterling Silver Crimp tubes (size #2)
40 6mm Bicone Crystals in your choice of colors *
20 Color A (Tanzanite)
20 Color B (Purple Velvet)
44 3mm Crystal (clear) Bicones
Beading wire (recommend Soft Flex or Beadalon)
4 Horseshoe shaped wire guardian (optional)
4 Crimp Covers (optional)



1 Crimping pliers
1 Bead cutters
Tape or Bead Stoppers
Bead mat or design board is nice as it keeps the beads from rolling around



*I used Purple Velvet and Tanzanite Swarovski crystals. You may need more or less beads depending on your wrist size. This is 7 1/2 inches long, with an inside diameter of 61/2 inches. Given the design of this bracelet it’s easy to make it bigger or smaller.

Measure your wrist and add three inches to that. Cut two of those lengths from the beading wire. (I cut mine to 10 1/2 inches).

Open the two-strand tube clasp and put one end aside.

Take one of the lengths that you cut, thread on a crimp bead, the wire guardian (if you’re using one) and thread it thru one of the loops on the clasp, bring the end back down the wire guardian (if you’re using one)) and back thru the crimp bead. Pull it snug but leave a little “wiggle” room.

Starting with a 3mm bicone repeat the following pattern tillpic3.jpg the bracelet is a comfortable length:
3mm, color A, 3mm, color B, 3mm, color A, 3mm, color B, 3mm, color A, 3mm
(I have a total of 20 6mm bicones on mine)

Attach a piece of tape (or use a bead stopper) on the end to keep the beads from falling off. Then pick up the second length of the beading wire and attach as above.

This time the pattern is:
3mm, color B, 3mm, and color A, 3mm, color B, 3mm, Color A, 3mm, color B, 3mm. Again, attach either tape or the bead stopper to the end

Make sure both lengths have the same about of beads and that you started and ended each strand with a 3mm bicone.


Place comfortably around your wrist and make any adjustments that you deem necessary.


Attach the other end of the clasp as you did before, but make sure that the strands don’t cross. Pull snugly but still allow a little ‘wiggle” room.

Put the bracelet on and brag to everyone that you made it yourself!









All photos by Dave Abdon, DCA Photography. More of his photos can be seen at .







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Spring has sprung, so it's time to rip off those thick wools and drab wintery colors. It's all about being bright and shiny in the sunny months, with metallic finishes, acid colors032607FASHION.JPG and classic 1950s glamor.

Don't be seen in public this spring without a couple of outings encased in metallic! Shimmering silver seems to be leading the way whether all-over shine or trim detail in piping or buckle. As for shoes, gold still glitters whether in moc-croc leather platform or sashaying wedge or a hint of bling in solid-screwed high heels. Jewelled metallic flats offer this season's bright alternatives in pink and green.

Acid Colors
Good bye grey and black. Say hello to this season's essential acid colors. More specifically, hot pink. But also an array of brights from electric blue, jade green and shiny pillar box red. For the feet, find it in strappy sandals or patent pumps or punched out 80s peep toes.

032607FASHION_INTEXT.JPGFifties Glamour
This season has been influenced heavily by the 1950s. For the threads, that means more structured fabrics and classy, feminine lines. In shoe terms, that means you get to travel back i
n time and look for the peep-toes, mary-janes, round toes and patent pumps that just shout "Riviera chic." Whether cruising by the waterfront or dressing up for dinner, this season puts the "G" in Glamour.

Decoration still abounds, so have fun with it! We're not talking about the big lapel flowers and bows circa three years ago. And don't go bedazzel all your clothing, shoes and accessories. The beauty is in the simple flares this season, whether it's in contrast stitching, buckle detail, chains or jewels. Bows sit on peep-toe wedges, embroidered birds fly over raffia wedge heels and glinting jewels sit tantalisingly on demure satin sandals or sweet-wrapper colored flats.

– Shellys online