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    Want to add some spice to your holiday dinner? Read on to learn about a renowned local chef who recently retired from restaurant life to pursue his passions and launch a new seasoning line that will leave you lusting for more!


    Carnivore’s Lust Dust is a unique blend of spices created by local chef Jimmy Gibson.

    Jimmy Gibson arrived in Cincinnati in 1989. He came to open the restaurant at The Phoenix and fell in love with the city. After venturing around the country working in the restaurant industry, he wanted to make his mark in Cincinnati.

    In the 29 years since he came to the Queen City, Gibson has been involved in more than a dozen restaurants, including Jeff Ruby’s where he served as corporate chef. He made his way to his namesake Jimmy G.’s, but recently left there in May 2016 to pursue his passions.

    Jimmy Gibson, the founder of Carnivore’s Lust Dust

    Then he connected with friend and fellow restaurateur Sung Jun Oh, someone Gibson had previously helped design a restaurant for and even helped rebuild his bar.

    Gibson’s passion then transferred into woodworking. While he loved the restaurant business, he says he loved the work he was doing on the restaurants themselves.

    However, he couldn’t stay away from the food industry for long. Gibson, alongside Tom Carroll, launched Carnivore’s Lust Dust.

    “Carnivore’s Lust Dust is a handcrafted blend of the finest raw spices,” says Gibson. “This unique blend will enhance the natural flavors of your finest meats instead of masking what mother nature provides.”

    Gibson says that he gives his all in everything he does, including Carnivore’s Lust Dust. “My passion for food, fun, relationships, and attention to detail shines through everything and everybody I cross,” he says.

    “Tom has an extensive career in the fields of restaurant, bistro, deli, catering, menu design, telecommunications sales, and marketing, but has always been driven by gathering people and offering them the best when it comes to food,” says Gibson. “With that in mind, we became fast friends and had the same vision for his legendary ‘dust,’ market and distribute it to discerning and loyal ‘friends’ of ours.”

    Lust Dust can be used as a seasoning or rub and is sold not only on the online shop, but can also be purchased at Emmett Ridge Farm or Arteflame.

    To learn more about Carnivore’s Lust Dust, visit You can also follow along on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook. You can contact Carnivore’s Lust Dust at 513-910-9090 or email

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      From Eastern Europe to Cincinnati, a local fashion designer is bringing high-end, quality women’s wear to the Queen City by blending her love for fashion, history and the future into every piece. Read on for all the designer details.


      TextileHaus was founded by Anastasiya Yatsuk and features a women’s line designed and produced in Cincinnati.

      Anastasiya Yatsuk’s made the move from Eastern Europe to the Queen City, where she studied Fine Arts at the University of Cincinnati. In the time since she graduated school and made her way through the working world, Yatsuk launched a women’s wear line that’s designed and produced in Cincinnati called TextileHaus.

      “At the core, TextileHaus celebrates the minimal and sensible approach,” she explains. “Mainly, we offer basic items that have an artistic touch, and since I moved to the United States from Europe, the designs for TextileHaus are definitely influenced by European aesthetic and my love for the arts.”

      When it came to launching her own clothing line, Yatsuk found her inspiration in history. She says that she loves examining the way design responds to changes in society’s culture. Yatsuk also finds her inspiration in thinking about what it is she would want to wear for the next season, so she combines those two things to help create a new collection in her women’s wear line.

      Currently, TextileHaus focuses on woven garments, which includes anything from tops to bottoms as well as dresses and jackets. Prices for items from TextileHaus range from $80 to $400 per item.

      The team behind TextileHaus includes Yatsuk and an army of friends that do freelance work. She also sometimes has interns who help her out. “I see needing a professional sewer and a marketing person very soon,” she adds.

      When asked what makes TextileHaus unique, Yatsuk says that it’s the company’s production model as well as the designs themselves. “After I receive the fabric from the mill, it gets cut and sewn by one person right here in my Brighton studio,” she explains. “I think this is a very loving approach to making and I enjoy thinking of every person whose order I am working on at a given moment.”

      Yatsuk says TextileHaus will soon update their website with new content. According to Yatsuk, they will also soon add a style of garments for kids for the holidays. “I enjoy working with the little ones, so this project has been a dream of mine for a while now,” she explains.

      To sign up for the TextileHaus newsletter, where Yatsuk says they do frequent giveaways and updates, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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        The free and fabulous seventh annual Seasonably Chic Showcase is coming this Saturday at The Phoenix downtown! Read on as we highlight six of the 40+ local boutiques and vendors who will be there so you can holiday shop ‘till you drop, plus free gift wrapping and swag bag, brunch ’n’ learn, ornament decorating for kids, fashion show and so much more.


        Cincy Chic’s Seasonably Chic Showcase will be held Saturday, November 4 at The Phoenix in downtown Cincinnati.

        Holiday shopping season is upon us, which means it’s time for Cincy Chic’s annual Seasonably Chic Showcase! This seventh annual event will be held on Saturday, November 4, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Phoenix downtown.

        Not only is it a free event, and you get free gift wrapping and a swag bag, brunch ’n’ learn, ornament decorating for kids, fashion show and so much more, but the event also features 40+ vendors so you can shop for everyone on your list. Here’s a spotlight on just a few of the local businesses you’ll find at this year’s event:


        Up2Tempo is this year’s fashion show sponsor. Owner Deanna Hotchkiss will be bringing along some of winter’s biggest trends, and showcasing unique styles that you can add to your closet and the closets of your gal pals this holiday season.

        The boutique strives to provide styles for women who live busy lives but want to wear outfits that are cute, affordable, and comfortable.

        Learn more about Up2Tempo at

        Bring the kids for fun activities they can enjoy while you check off your holiday shopping list.

        Jules & BING Monograms & Embroidery

        The founder of this Mariemont-based monogram shop, Julena Bingaman, laughs that ever since she was young, she’s been monogramming everything she owns, so it’s only natural that she’s helping others do the same.

        Jules and BING will be joining the Seasonably Chic Showcase for the first time this year, offering a variety of personalizations on a range of items for everyone on your list, including men, women, children, babies and even your furry friends. In fact, place an order by 4 pm on Friday (November 3) and pick it up on Saturday at the event! 

        Their storefront is located at 6814 Wooster Pike. Learn more at

        Urban Design Gallery

        Bambino International has been taking memorable snapshots for clients in the Tri-State for years. In August 2017, they launched a new, private art division of the photography business called Urban Design Gallery.

        “Urban Design Gallery features international fine art by Michael Bambino,” says Studio Manager Michelle Jackson. “Urban Design Gallery showcases sizable, limited-edition prints of Bambinos’ exclusive Cincinnati, Chicago, and New York street scenes and Italian gardens.”

        The gallery is bringing along limited edition fine art canvases of the Queen City to the Cincy Chic Seasonably Chic Showcase, which the team at Bambino International is looking forward to. Jackson says they’re most looking forward to meeting with event attendees and helping to check items off guests’ shopping lists.

        You can learn more about Urban Design Gallery at or by emailing

        Don’t miss the lunch ‘n learn with Painting with a Twist.

        FlyGround Clothing

        As FlyGround Clothing continues to further its fashion movement, they’ll be showcasing their creative art at the Seasonably Chic Showcase.

        A culturally-motivated company, FlyGround Clothing inspires to help people feel the emotion of the art in its clothing designs.

        “The emotion behind the art is basically the feel of what you see. It’s more than just a picture on a shirt and a design with colors,” says FlyGround Clothing Founder Justice Dupree. “I want the world to see my creations and be able to relate to it in their own way. Art comes from emotions and that’s what makes my creations.”

        As for the holiday shopping event, FlyGround Clothing will be bringing along t-shirts for men and women. Prices for items from FlyGround Clothing range from $8 to $45.

        “We’re looking forward to selling our shirts to a big crowd and seeing their reaction to our clothing,” adds Dupree.

        Follow along with FlyGround Clothing on Instagram and Twitter.

        Miss Em’s

        Emily Madden launched her business, Miss Em’s, while she was still in school at The Ohio State University. “It was actually a class project to come up with a business plan of some sort and from there Miss Em’s spiraled,” she explains. “It’s always been a fun hobby, but lately has grown into a much bigger business.”

        Miss Em’s is an online-based boutique that carries jewelry, scarves, purses, children’s gifts, and holiday decor. You can often find them at Cincy Chic events during the year, but especially so during the holidays.

        Madden’s main goal with her business is to provide unique items for customers at reasonable prices. And to reach her customers, Madden also hosts Facebook parties, fundraises, and house parties.

        At the Seasonably Chic Showcase, Madden says she is bringing along a variety of pieces including jewelry, scarves, baby clothes, Christmas gifts for the kids, home decor, teacher gifts, and more. “All of our jewelry is $25 or less, so there is something for everyone to afford,” she adds.

        As for the event itself, Madden is most looking forward to all of the people she will get to meet from the Greater Cincinnati region. “I’m also really excited to show off our new holiday items for kids,” she adds. “I think they will be a real hit and I’m really excited about different products we have this year.”

        To learn more about Miss Em’s, visit or follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

        Walton Creek Boutique

        Locally owned and operated, Walton Creek Boutique caters to women and gift giving. Kim Lautman, owner of Walton Creek Boutique says the store carries brands that aren’t easily found in Cincinnati.

        “I wanted to be different, so I looked to local vendors for some items like handmade soaps, lotions, art, jams & jellies, jewelry, and purses,” she says. “Then I looked for items made in America and I found more jewelry, art, clothing, etc.”

        About 60 percent of the items in the store are made locally or in the United States, and there are two Fair Trade vendors who offer unique items for customers to shop.

        The store, which launched in November 2015, will be bringing a lot of items along to the Seasonably Chic Showcase. “I will be catering to the ‘Made in America’ theme so I will have a nice selection of hand-poured, organic soy candles with lots of different scents, as well as handmade shower bursts for your shower, handmade bottle covers, hats, jams and jellies, and hand-carved hearts and small metal ornaments.”

        Lautman says she’s looking forward to the vibe of the event. “There’s always a lot of laughing, smiling, chatting, and, of course, shopping,” she says. “Everyone seems to be having a great time, and that can be felt at this event.”

        Learn more about Walton Creek Boutique on Facebook and Twitter.

        The event will also feature tons of other local business owners, giving you the chance to shop with the best local boutiques and vendors in the area – all under one roof.

        Admission to the Seasonably Chic Showcase is free when you bring a canned good to donate to the FreeStore FoodBank. Attendees will also receive a swag bag, complimentary gift wrapping, refreshments, free 10-minute back massages, an interactive ornament decorating area for kids, and a freeze modeling fashion show showcasing the latest winter trends. In addition, there will be more than $3,000 in prizes randomly awarded to attendees!

        Learn more about the event and to RSVP at Don’t forget to follow along with Cincy Chic on Facebook and Instagram on the day of the event!


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          Ready to live the life you always wanted? A local lifestyle coach is giving you the tools you need to bring out your inner beauty, strength, and passion. Keep reading to learn more and be inspired to live your best life.


          Anne Tabor, Founder of Shine by Design

          Anne Tabor died. It was eight years ago when she went into Sudden Cardiac Death. With an 8 percent survival rate, even when CPR is administered, she was lucky to wake up.

          “When I awoke from a medically induced coma, I was in a fog of fear, and no comprehension of what had happened to me,” she explains. “Nine days later I was released from the hospital with a pacemaker/defibrillator, and continuing treatments for double pneumonia.”

          As she continued to recover at home, Tabor began thinking about the world around her. “I turned my thoughts to the beauty of the world around me,” she says. “I was surrounded by the gorgeous pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds of flowers. It was mid-March and things were coming back to life. Not only had natured bloomed, I too was given a second chance to bloom.”

          When she left the hospital, Tabor also took with her a reboot on the view of her life. In that new shift in personal perspective, she determined that she wanted to help women come into their own skills in their everyday experiences in order to live a fuller, more joyful life. And with that, she launched Shine by Design, a lifestyle strategist company with a focus on faith, food, and fashion through coaching.

          Shine by Design helps women experience personal growth while also offering up whole food healthy strategies and even personal stylist guidance.

          “When we focus on the harmony of our mind, body, and spirit, we create a purposeful intention of how we want to show up in our life,” says Tabor. “You were created to shine, and our Reboot Camp shows you how to Shine by Design.”

          Shine by Design has been a work in progress for Tabor for the last three years, and she continues to focus on helping women.

          “I was in the right place at the right time when all of my works came together this past May,” she says. “When strong women in your life are able to lift you into your purpose, magic happens. I launched my dream work in August of this year.”

          There are multiple ways in which women can work with Tabor and her coaching business Shine by Design.

          She offers a 12-week guided program called Reboot Camp that focuses on helping you discover your personal beauty and how you can bring out your shine. The three components cover faith, food, and fashion, and is a home study with weekly phone sessions. There are also speaking engagements with women’s groups, corporate women’s initiatives, local churches, and chamber or networking events with a focus on self-improvement. The Guided Closet Cleanse brings you and Tabor together to establish a working wardrobe of clothing that fits your lifestyle, including creating beauty bundles of your existing fashion to style new ideas and outfits, and designing a list of new items that would round out your wardrobe. And then the guided personal stylist shopping helps you find the colors, styles, and fit that look best with your energy and personality.

          Tabor says that what makes Shine by Design unique is that most health coaching don’t include fashion as part of their education. “Most personal stylists don’t include nutritional education with their wardrobe consultations,” Tabor laughs. “I have found most women need help in three different areas of their life: personal growth with daily strategies for their self-image, concrete education and direction of how to eat and exercise for health, and how to put the finishing touches on their wardrobe to create a unique personal style. At Shine by Design, we create a look that’s authentically you through faith, food, and fashion.”

          Tabor’s Reboot Camp continues to grow and she says she plans to offer workshops and webinars as a way to connect like-minded women. She’s also working on a book that is stand along with its content, but focuses on joyful living.

          To learn more about Shine by Design, visit You can also follow along on Instagram or “like” them on Facebook.

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            A Cincinnati mom uses her role at a strategic design firm to help bring customer experiences to life. Read on to learn how she’s worked with international powerhouses such as Tiffany & Co. and even played a role in the newly designed American Girl store that will soon launch in New York.


            Robyn Novak is the Creative Managing Director of the Specialty Design Studio at FRCH Design Worldwide.

            Robyn Novak has a lot of experience in helping clients bring their visions to life through strategic design. As the Creative Managing Director of the Specialty Design Studio at FRCH Design Worldwide, she’s in charge of helping bring branded retail and restaurant experiences to life.

            FRCH is an international architecture and design firm that works with some of the biggest brands in the world. They have offices in Cincinnati, New York, and Los Angeles and strive to create memorable brand experiences for the retail, hospitality, restaurant, and retail-mixed use industries such as American Girl, Tiffany & Co., Sephora, and Luxottica.

            “FRCH collaborates with clients to see things from a new and unique perspective,” adds Novak.

            “I lead a very talented team of creatives who are culturally aware of the shifting changes within the retail and restaurant scenes at the moment,” explains Novak. “My role is part chief inspirer, part strategic designer, and always collaborator with my team and clients.”

            Novak helps bring consumer experiences to life through retail and restaurant branding.

            What Novak says she enjoys most about her job is that every day is different. She has been with FRCH for 17 years and finds that each day is more exciting than the last.

            “My job has a lot of roles, but simply put, each brand we partner with is unique, therefore as a team, we learn a lot about the brand’s consumers, products, and business model, and in turn strategically create a distinct customer experience,” she says.

            She says that she enjoys learning about each brand she works with and having fun with developing their strategic design.

            Aside from working with what she calls an awesome team of collaborators among her clients, Novak says that it’s really the people that make FRCH so unique. “We create a lot of really amazing designs, but our people are driving award-winning solutions to keep our clients on a clear growth plan,” she says.

            There have been several huge accomplishments experienced at FRCH. They developed the new flagship design for American Girl. “The new iconic store, unveiling at its new Rockefeller Center location in November, will reinvent the American Girl retail experience,” she says.

            The team will travel to New York for the grand opening, which Novak says she’s very excited about. “I cannot wait to see the ‘sparkle’ in the girls’ eyes when they enter the store,” she says. “After all the hard work and strategic design in the end it’s really all about their (the little girl’s) happiness.”

            To learn more about the company, Novak says you can visit She adds that the company also has a fun blog called Creative Fuel that you can follow along with as well.

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              Blending the feminine with edgy, and fashionable with affordable, a local mompreneur just opened a boutique that channels her passion for fashion and her excitement for the new business development in Ludlow, Kentucky. Read on for all the fashionable details and watch a virtual tour video!

              Leeta Ruth Boutique is located in the heart of Ludlow, Kentucky, and features affordable fashions and a revolving inventory.

              When it comes to fashion, Kim Powers is all about bringing, blending, and merging seemingly opposing styles together through her store, Leeta Ruth Boutique.

              “Leeta Ruth Boutique is a women’s clothing boutique in the business district of Ludlow, Kentucky,” she says. “Having opened in November 2016, it celebrates the blend of feminine and edgy style and is for the woman that wants to stand out for her sense of style.”

              Kim Powers, Owner of Leeta Ruth Boutique

              Speaking of women who stand out, Powers was the granddaughter of two powerful women, Leeta and Ruth. “Both Leeta and Ruth were strong, determined women who exemplified chic, feminine, classic style,” she explains. The influences Leeta and Ruth had in their lives are seen throughout Powers’ boutique in the art, photos, as well as the clothing itself.

              When Powers was still toying with the idea of launching her own boutique, she was thinking about a way to bring an affordable boutique to her little corner of the Tri-State. She says Ludlow felt like a great place to take her venture, not only because it’s where she lives, but because she could feel the energy and momentum taking hold in the town. “There is an incredible sense of community and positive energy within the residents and business owners,” she says.

              She not only wanted to be surrounded by that energy, but also wanted to help contribute to the transformation of Ludlow, and felt that the boutique was the best way to do it.

              Prices at Leeta Ruth Boutique range from $19 to $98.

              When you step inside Leeta Ruth Boutique, you’ll find a relaxing, casual, slow-paced shopping atmosphere set in a historical part of town, Powers says. But it’s more than just the historic location that helps Leeta Ruth Boutique stand out in Ludlow. It’s also the boutique’s constantly revolving inventory. “New inventory arrives weekly as as the buyer for the boutique, my goal is to ensure that whether the piece is casual or dressy, when you wear it people say ‘Wow! Where did you get that?’”

              In-store, you’ll find items that vary from contemporary brands to curated accessories like hats, scarves, and local brand Hanks Pocket. “Our style leans toward a distinct blend of femininity with a  modern, playful edge,” she adds.

              Prices for most items at Leeta Ruth Boutique range from $19 to $89.

              As Leeta Ruth Boutique approaches its first anniversary, Powers continues to look toward the boutique’s bright future. She says she’s always excited to partner with other local businesses and organizations for fundraisers and Ladies Night Out events.

              “We just wrapped up a photoshoot with female business owners in Ludlow and we look forward to doing more events in the community as Ludlow continues to grow,” says Powers. “While we have no plans to move to online retail, you can keep an eye out for a website coming this fall or early 2018!”

              Leeta Ruth Boutique is located on the first floor of a 100-year-old brick building in Ludlow, at 325 Elm Street. To learn more, “like” them on Facebook or follow along on Instagram. If you have a question or you’re interested in hosting a group shopping event, contact Powers directly at

              Get a virtual tour of the boutique by watching the video below.

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                A local blogger who wants to look luxurious without the designer price tag is sharing tips on her blog, A Style Breeze. Read on to see how she’s inspiring readers to get out of their comfort zone and affordably try new fashion trends.


                Alli Robben, Founder of A Style Breeze

                Alli Robben grew up as a rather shy and conservative person. But she noticed a change within herself when she was confident and comfortable in what she was wearing.

                “I wanted to share this feeling of confidence and expression of self with other people,” says Robben.

                To share her confidence and self-expression she launched the blog A Style Breeze, an edgy and minimalist fashion blog meant to inspire and encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and try out new fashion trends.


                On her blog Robben says she mixes affordable clothing brands with luxury accessories, which she’s showcasing with her most recent blog posts about her favorite fall trends for 2017.

                “Fall is my favorite time of year, so I always have a blast creating content during this time of year,” she says.

                And it’s Robben’s personal style in fashion that helps set her and her blog apart from other bloggers in the city.

                “My personal style will always make A Style Breeze unique because no one else will have that,” she says.

                When it comes to running her blog, she says that what she enjoys the most is being a fashion influencer in a city that isn’t so fashion-forward yet.

                “I used to feel self-conscious when people would stare at me for what I was wearing but now I full on embrace it because I like to think I am being an inspiration above all else,” she says. “On top of that, I’ve always had a heart for helping other people and my fashion blog has allowed me to combine that passion with my gift of style.”

                Robben currently runs the blog on her own, but hopes to continue expanding and collaborating with different photographers in the industry and even hire an intern in the future.

                Robben says she’s always working on something new, either for herself or for the blog. “A few months ago I launched my own jewelry collection with RachelKeppelerDesigns, so it’s been cool to see the success of that,” she says.

                At the moment, Robben is in the beginning stages of planning her first collaboration with a local Cincinnati hotel, Hotel Covington.

                To learn more about A Style Breeze, shop Robben’s looks, and read her blog posts, visit You can find daily inspiration on her Instagram page or get to know her personally on her YouTube channel.

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                  Love books? Want to meet your favorite author? Interested in becoming an author? Learn about the annual event coming up at Duke Energy Convention Center that draws thousands of book lovers from near and far. Keep reading as we chat with the team behind the event to see what's new this year!


                  Books by the Banks will give local residents the chance to meet with authors, enjoy fun activities, and even take workshops on getting their work published.

                  Throughout the year, Books by the Banks brings authors to the Tri-State area where they can interact with residents and fellow literature lovers. Ultimately, the series of events culminates in October with the Books by the Banks Cincinnati Regional Book Festival, which takes place October 28 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

                  The mission of Books by the Banks is to entertain and enrich the lives of people in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. Books by the Banks Cincinnati Regional Books Festival is a day-long festival, which is free and open to the public, features national, regional, and local authors and illustrators; book signings, panel discussions, and activities for the entire family to enjoy, according to the event’s website.

                  Panel discussions give attendees the chance to hear from the authors about their inspirations and more.

                  Cari Hillman, MidPointe Library System’s Public Relations Manager, who sits on the festival’s Board of Trustees, says there are many exciting things to look forward to for this year’s Books by the Banks.  

                  “Over 150 authors have been selected to attend the festival and visitors can look forward to meeting their favorites, purchasing books, and having them signed,” Hillman adds. “Authors include Kate DiCamillo, Gretchen Carlson, Lauren Oliver, Chris Grabenstein, Matt Bellassai, Brian Alexander, Louis Stokes, Rafael Lopez, Stephanie Powell Watts and many, many more.”

                  You can see a list of all confirmed authors attending Books by the Banks by clicking here.

                  “We expect over 4,000 book lovers to attend Books By the Banks,” Hillman says. “Luckily, we have expanded the festival and there is plenty of room for all these literary fans!”

                  Additionally, there will be plenty of fun for all ages in the Children’s Area and Teen Scene, including a “farm” and “Halloween” theme, respectively.  

                  Hillman says that aspiring authors can participate in the many “Writer and Getting Published” panels, which will offer them insight into sharing their own work.

                  The Kids Corner allows children to get in on the book-lover action, too.

                  What makes Books by the Banks such a special event, Hillman says, aside from bringing so many authors and illustrators to the city and giving aspiring writers a chance to have their work shown, the event is free and open to the public.

                  With so many activities going on during Books by the Banks, Hillman says that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re interested in meeting with one of your favorite authors attending the festival, a teen who wants to hangout in the Teen Scene, or a parent who wants to give your young one a chance to hang out in the Children’s Area, there are activities for all to enjoy.

                  For more information about Books By the Banks (including a complete list of authors, event details, and day-of schedules), visit You can also learn more about the event on Facebook.

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                    Enjoy a fun day for the whole family and maybe even adopt a four-legged friend while you're there. That's the idea behind the annual My Furry Valentine event, which aims to adopt out hundreds of pets at their next event. Read on for more about the event that's sure to have tails wagging.


                    My Furry Valentine is a weekend-long adoption event that brings together thousands of adopters and hundreds of adoptees.

                    Throughout the last five years, My Furry Valentine has become the largest pet adoption event in Greater Cincinnati. Founded by Carolyn Evans, who also owns the business phoDOGrapher, My Furry Valentine was started as a way to help Cincinnati’s rescue community find homes for all the animals they rescue.

                    “With the goal of finding forever homes for Cincinnati’s homeless animals, we continued to grow each year, facilitating the adoption of nearly 3,000 companion animals in our five-year history,” says Evans.

                    The adoption event, which is held each February, draws thousands of attendees and leads to several hundred adoptions. In fact, says Evans, the 2016 My Furry Valentine event attracted a total of 13,600 attendees, leading to the adoption of 813 animals.

                    Evans has long been an advocate of adoption, stating that approximately 7 million dogs and cats enter shelters nationwide each year, and nearly 3 million don’t make it out alive.

                    “It doesn’t have to be this way,” she says. “An estimated 17 million people will add a new pet to their families this year. If more of them would choose to adopt a pet, instead of buying one from a pet store, a breeder, or online, we could significantly reduce the number of animals killed in shelters.”

                    As the My Furry Valentine event gets bigger each year, and her passion to find shelter and rescue animals a new home never dwindles, she aims to make each year bigger than the last.

                    Potential pet parents can help local homeless animals find their forever home at My Furry Valentine.

                    The 2018 My Furry Valentine event will be held at the Sharonville Convention Center.

                    “This year’s main event will feature hundreds of adoptable pets, including dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other small critters, from dozens of different rescue and shelter groups from around the Greater Cincinnati area,” says Evans. “Adoptable animals are gathered at a centralized location under one roof to make it easier to find your perfect pet!”

                    If you’re interested in putting the event on your calendar now, My Furry Valentine will be held February 10 and 11, 2018. The event will run from 12 pm to 5 pm on Saturday and 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday. General admission (for those ages 5 and up) is $5 per person. However, you can purchase early bird tickets: $25 for one or $40 for two.

                    With several rescues and shelters participating in the event, Evans put together a list of those who are participating so that you can check their sites in the days leading up to My Furry Valentine to see who will be there and available for adoption, which you can see by clicking here.

                    In addition to the rescues and shelters you’ll find at My Furry Valentine, there are also a number of vendors from groomers to doggy daycares and so much more. You can see a list of 2018 vendors here.

                    Because My Furry Valentine is a non-profit organization, it relies heavily on volunteers and donations to put on the event each year. There are several opportunities for local businesses to become a part of the event, including animal sponsorships, vendor booths, and more. To learn more about opportunities for businesses, click here.

                    My Furry Valentine is also in search of monetary donations. “The support of our generous donors has helped make My Furry Valentine Cincinnati’s most anticipated adoption event,” says Evans. “When it comes to monetary donations, every little bit helps and your financial support makes it possible for thousands of potential adopters to meet and adopt homeless animals.”

                    Over 13,000 people attended last year’s My Furry Valentine event and over 800 animals were adopted.

                    Those who may not be able to make a monetary donation can also support My Furry Valentine by donating goods or services for the adopter grand prizes and visitor raffles and by donating items for the adoption swag bags.

                    Every pet that is adopted from the event will go home with swag and the adopters can enter to win one of the adopter raffle baskets. Evans encourages people to keep their owned pets at home, but a meet-and-greet between your current pet and potential adoptee can be scheduled with the specific rescue or shelter the animal is being housed in.

                    Evans says that those who cannot make the main event should check out one of the satellite events that are also hosted throughout the weekend of My Furry Valentine.

                    To learn more about My Furry Valentine, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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                      A local couple is giving the Covington community a new private event space hosting workshops, classes, and even pop-up shops. Keep reading to see how they turned their dreams of making an innovative, creativity-inspiring business a reality.


                      The Frock in Covington can be rented to host private events as well as workshops, classes, and more.

                      After getting married nearly two years ago, local couple Dayna De Leon and her husband Ian Johnson have shared a common goal: To own their own business.

                      Today, that dream is a reality for the duo, who are the owners of Covington-based The Frock, a studio and event space that is available to rent for small-scale events and parties of up to 100 guests.

                      “We’re the perfect space for rehearsal dinners, workshops, bridal showers, and other private events,” says De Leon. “Our blank space is unique because it allows you to bring in your own creativity for your perfect event.”

                      Bridal showers, baby showers, and rehearsal dinners are among some of the most popular events at The Frock.

                      Giving those in the Tri-State a space to create their own event is a passion project that De Leon and Johnson love. While they both still work full-time jobs, they love that they have been able to give something to the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area.

                      “Community is really important to us and we hope to use the space as a place for all to gather and celebrate,” she adds.

                      The types of possible events at The Frock is nearly limitless. Currently, De Leon says that the most popular events are bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties, and rehearsal dinners.

                      When you rent The Frock, you’ll receive a list of accommodations. These include chairs, barstools, tables, a couch, two fridges, and a sound system in addition to two restrooms and a long bar.

                      If you’re someone who has already planned or imagined an event concept, and you simply need space to host your gathering, The Frock has an option where you bring in your own food, drinks and dinnerware.

                      The Frock provides you with a space to host your private event of up to 100 people.

                      “When you rent from us, the space is completely yours,” she says. “We hand over the keys and give you the freedom to set-up the space for your event. Think of The Frock as an extension of your living room.”

                      De Leon and Johnson really want their space to be a location that guests can really make their own. “We can accommodate intimate weddings, elopements, and other private events,” she says. “We also love to partner with creatives to host workshops and classes.”

                      When it comes to classes, The Frock hosts workshops and such in a variety of fields, from yoga to hand-lettering and so much more.

                      Rooted Yoga Covington, a neighbor of The Frock, hosts free yoga classes at the studio from 7-8 pm on the last Wednesday of each month, for example.

                      “We’re excited to be hosting Jolie Ankrom of Brim Papery for a hand-lettering workshop on September 23,” says De Leon.

                      The space is ideal for intimate gatherings like baby showers and even small weddings.

                      The events don’t just stop at health workshops and art classes. De Leon says The Frock is also in plans to host a small business pop-up shop for Small Business Saturday on November 25 from 5-9 pm. “We’re excited to see guests use the space for their holiday parties this season,” she adds.

                      If you’re interested in booking space at The Frock for your own private party, send De Leon and Johnson an email at to request a quote and setup a showing.

                      De Leon says that she and her husband are working on bringing more unique events to The Frock for the community to enjoy, including movie nights, dance parties, co-working events, and much more.

                      To learn more about The Frock, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and stay up-to-date with the space’s upcoming events on Facebook.