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    See how one local woman’s sense of wanderlust turned into a unique travel agency that helps everyone - on any budget - travel the world like a local.

    Something ventured is something gained. That’s the motto, and inspiration, that Sarah Baker applies to her full-service travel agency Something Adventured Travel. 

    “Something Adventured Travel is a full-service travel agency that makes the client a priority,” she says. “It takes a client’s dream vacation and turns it into a reality. I offer personalized planning an on-call support should any issues arise during your travels.”

    Baker says that the inspiration behind her business, something ventured is something gained, is applicable especially to travel. 

    “When you get out and see the world, venture outside your bubble, you learn so much,” she says. “You learn about the world you live in, gaining a new understanding of the cultures, people, and yourself. Therefore, Something Adventured is gaining something priceless.”

    Baker’s love for travel has always been a part of her, but it really took off when she and her husband decided to sell everything and live somewhere else in the world.

    “Starting with an exploratory trip to Costa Rica for our 10 year anniversary, we decided that was a great place to start,” she explains. “We wanted to experience a new culture and have an adventure with our young children.”

    The Bakers sold their home, stored everything they wanted to keep in a storage unit, and moved to Costa Rica. 

    “We were fortunate to rent a house located in a coffee field on the side of the Poas Volcano,” she says. “The view was breathtaking. We ended up staying there for about seven months, leaving a little earlier than expected due to a family need.”

    Sarah Baker, founder of Something Adventured Travel

    While their journey in Costa Rica ended early, her desire to continue traveling never slowed down. The family then went to Europe for just over 5 months to stay in southern Spain, France, and England, where they explored and immersed themselves in the culture the best they could.

    “We were able to go anywhere with an internet connection, still working remotely, being digital nomads,” says Baker.

    Eventually they returned home, but the itch was still there. Baker realized that she loved planning trips and enjoyed being able to help others who said they felt overwhelmed in planning their own trips.

    Baker opened Something Adventured Travel in January 2018 and has since been able to help people take trips they were not able to or did not want to plan alone. “I have met some amazing people and formed priceless relationships,” she says. “And my personal bucket list has at least doubled.”

    Baker can help her clients plan trips to anywhere in the world. 

    “From the Caribbean sea to the rivers of Europe, hiking to Machu Picchu, on safari in Kenya, seeing the glaciers of Alaska, or even the glaciers of Antarctica, I can help you explore wherever your heart desires,” she says. “Whether you are looking for a first-class honeymoon to an exotic locations, a family adventure to Universal Studios, or a fun group vacation with your own private, local guide, I can customize your vacation to make it all your own.”

    Sarah Baker specializes in offering tips and opportunities to travel like a local

    With travel comes a price tag, an area in which Baker is well-versed. With her former career in finance, she realizes how important it is to stick to a budget and make small payments leading up to the trip instead of big lump sums. That’s why she works with vendors who allow clients to do a down payment and then pay the remainder of their planned trip closer to the travel date. “Even better, this is at no extra cost to my clients for the flexibility in payments,” says Baker. “The down payment and final payment date vary based on the travel arrangements.”

    Baker prides herself on being able to offer clients perspective on what may be good places to visit, with or without children. “I offer clients VIP service in their travel planning as well,” she says. “As a small business owner, I truly value your experience. Not only do I help you plan your dream vacation, but I can also offer ideas for packing, places of interest in your destination, and amazing value for your desired travel style and destination, many times matching or beating the cost of booking on your own – all the while offering your personalized service that cannot be had with an online booking site.”

    You can find travel inspiration and see what’s going on in the world on Facebook. You can also sign up for the Something Adventured newsletter or start planning your next vacation at

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      After a life-changing trip to Indonesia, one local woman wants to make a difference in the world selling Fair Trade jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Click here to read the inspiring story and how you can help one beautiful buy at a time.

      Mandy Nagel is on a mission. She wants to expand the global marketplace of hardworking people in developing countries. 

      “By designing and selling Fair Trade accessories, apparel, and jewelry, we offer products handmade from natural and sustainable resources,” says Nagel. “Each purchase represents a building block for constructing a business that provides income to people who need it most.”

      When people choose to shop Fair Trade, the styles those customers purchase help to transform real lives in real ways while also reusing upcycles and eco-friendly materials.

      “The artisans who craft these styles are inspiring women who have found steady and rewarding work through this sustainable venture,” adds Nagel. “Fair Trade items take on a whole new value of living a life with greater meaning. By practicing conscious consumerism, the question of what you want to own is actually a reflection of how you want to live your life – your purpose becomes giving others a purpose.”

      Nagel, who was inspired to launch I Thought of You after a trip to Indonesia, says that she felt her brand was “meant to be” because of its start based on circumstance and coincidence. 

      While in Indonesia, Nagel met a woman selling handmade jewelry at a local market. The woman, named Yulia, was selling pieces that had a unique beauty and undeniable craftsmanship about them. “I bought roughly 20 pieces and returned home with the, excited to show off my new ‘collection’ and to share Yulia’s story,” she says.

      When people began commenting on her pieces purchased in Indonesia, Nagel knew that she needed to build a fashion brand that was there to support artisans and makers like Yulia. 

      From there, the rest was history. “Our story began from the experience of this trip,” says Nagel. “We wanted to creative positive change so we set out to make it happen. We’re a small but powerful team of five and we just celebrated our 5th birthday this November.”

      Nagel says she enjoys being able to help artisans from around the world and making a positive impact on the lives of the women with whom she works. 


      “The choices you make when you shop reflect your intentionality in creating a lifestyle that leads to substantial impacts,” says Nagel. “What you own can also stand for something truly significant. These impacts are what drive us to always be a company for good.”

      There are a range of modern styles available at I Thought of You that range from accessories, apparel, jewelry, and sunglasses. “Because each and every product is handmade, they will always be one-of-a-kind,” says Nagel. “When you buy our products, you are truly buying something that is uniquely yours.”

      Products in-store include:

      While I Thought of You is online-based at, you can also find them popping up at local events in Cincy, around Ohio, and beyond.

      Nagel is excited about the future of I Thought of You because of the work she gets to do with artisans from all over the world. 

      “This January, we will be releasing a whimsical collection of accessories and apparel handcrafted in India, Indonesia, and Peru,” says Nagel. “These new products will feature one-of-a-kind fabrics, semi-precious stones, and real shells. From hues of pink to bright pops of red, these styles will be perfect for thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifting.”

      Then, in March, I Thought of You will celebrate the arrival of spring with statement tassel necklaces, glitzy glam backpacks, new designs of some of the store’s best-selling upcycled fabric headwraps, and more. 

      “Keep your eyes peeled later in March when we introduce Zoo Babies, a collection that has been more than a year and a half in the making,” she says. “This collection will feature the daintiest, miniature animal earrings made from ceramic and polymer clay. You can’t help but go wild for these adorable styles.”

      To learn more about I Thought of You, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. There’s also an Insiders Facebook Group for others to join as well. 

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        Want to up your cooking skills or introduce your little ones to your love of cooking? Check out these inspiring classes that encourage even the littlest of chefs to be hands-on in the kitchen.

        Whether you have a little one who’s interested in cooking and being in the kitchen, or you want to learn how to up your cooking skills, Cook Inspired is here to help. 

        “Cook Inspired offers cooking classes for kids ages 8 and up, teens, and aspiring cooks of all ages,” says Cook Inspired Founder Kim Tepe. 

        Classes from Cook Inspired focus on practical, basic concepts and techniques, rather than just following recipes. 

        “This allows students to easily go home and use what they’ve learned,” says Tepe. “We cook with whole food ingredients, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and very minimal sugar to create meals that are beautiful, healthy, and delicious.”

        Tepe finds joy in cooking and sharing wholesome meals, and find that it’s become a lost art in the new normal of busy schedules and lifestyles that seem to surround fast food and other convenience foods that can lead to health issues. 

        “Learning to cook efficiently and creatively can transform cooking from a chore to an enjoyable and relaxing activity, making it easier to create and enjoy healthy meals,” says Tepe. “And for kids and adults alike, it’s a good, clean fun – mixed with a little science, a little math, a little art, lots of teamwork, and no screen time.”

        All of the fun found in the classes at Cook Inspired are due to the hands-on activities that end with a meal. “My goal is to inspire new cooks of all ages – and with that, make the world a little bit healthier and a happier place,” she says. 

        The Kids Cooking Series for Cook Inspired is for kids ages 8 to 10 and is a set of four 1.5 hour classes. There kids will learn safety rules, knife rules, and how to work in the kitchen. They’ll learn how to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals over the four weeks of the class. 

        The Beginner Cooking Series is for older kids ages 11 and up, consisting of five 2-hour classes and covers a wider range of basic cooking concepts and techniques. The class begins with safety, knife skills, and prep/organization. Each week also has a meal theme, such as Mexican Fiesta, while learning to work with proteins, fruits and veggies, pasta, and grains using techniques such as sauteing, roasting, steaming, and boiling. 

        There are also two new classes offered by Cook Inspired – High School/College Holiday Bootcamp and Adult Beginner Cooking School. 

        “High School/College Holiday Bootcamp is a set of three 2.5-hour classes over holiday break when older kids might have some free time to learn to cook so they can eat healthier and save money,” explains Tepe. “Adult Beginner Cooking School focuses on even more techniques for adults who want to start cooking more confidently, efficiently, and creatively.”

        Students who take classes with Cook Inspired are given copies of each recipe they make and includes ideas for using the recipe as a template to create new dishes of their own.

        Upon completion of Tepe’s Cook Inspired classes, she hopes her students, no matter their age, leave with the ability to use practical skills, simple ingredients, and basic equipment to eat better and healthier every day.

        Cook Inspired classes are held at Tepe’s Terrace Park home. In the future, she says she’d like to take the adult cooking school, or a version of it, on the road to better reach young adults who have limited free time but would like to learn to cook so they can eat healthier and save money.

        “They can ultimately build on these skills to be creative and have fun in the kitchen,” she says.

        Tepe is taking a break from offering classes during the month of December, but she is working on the curriculum and recipes for intermediate level classes for kids or adults who want to continue beyond the beginner level of cooking.

        To learn more about Cook Inspired, visit them on Facebook. There you can find full class descriptions and menus and see photos of the aspiring chefs in past and current classes. You can also contact Tepe through her page or at to schedule a class. 

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          Local high school students are producing their 14th annual fashion show and fundraiser. Learn about this Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed event featuring local boutiques that benefits the Dragonfly Foundation.

          Students at Sycamore High School are doing their part to contribute in the fight against cancer with their annual Fashion for the Cure charity fashion show. 

          “All proceeds from the tickets, basket raffle, silent auction, and all prior fundraising go directly to the Dragonfly Foundation – a local nonprofit that provides comfort and joy to kids and their families going through cancer and bone marrow transplants,” explains Student Chairman Eva Armbruster. 

          Fashion for the Cure 2020 will be held on March 6 at Sycamore High School, and while the date may seem like a ways away, the students behind it all are already busy preparing.

          The show will feature student designers and models wearing clothing from TJ Maxx, Folchis, Bridal and Formal, as well as Dragonflies wearing shirts they have designed themselves. 

          The next show, in 2020, will be the 14th annual event and the 6th show to benefit The Dragonfly Foundation, and alongside Armbruster are co-chairs Grace Mirande and Zaynab Syed, who work in a committee of 15 Sycamore High School girls with teachers Deborah Klemt and Sarah Chapman. 

          “We also receive a lot of support from our student models, designers, and the rest of the Sycamore student body, administration, and community,” adds Armbruster. 

          Fashion for the Cure 2020 will feature a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme and will include upcycled student designs in the fashion show. 

          Tickets for the event will be available in December at Armbruster says that last year the group was able to raise over $48,000 for The Dragonfly Foundation. 

          To learn more about the event, click here. You can also follow along on Instagram and Twitter.

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            A local boutique just opened its second location just a year and a half after opening its first storefront. Read more about their Instagram-worthy aesthetic and affordable, trendy clothing.

            The Native One is a chic boutique located in the heart of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. The Vine Street boutique offers affordably, trendy women’s fashion and accessories.

            Owner Anna Steffen opened the store at its current located in 2018 at 1421 Vine Street after previously doing pop-up stores and online sales and, more recently, opened a new store in Covington at 326 Scott Street. 

            “The Native One is a one-stop-shop for all things fashion and minimal home decor,” explains Steffen.

            The store offers a neutral aesthetic and all of the items from the store are hand-selected from wholesale vendors in the Los Angeles Fashion District. 

            The second location for The Native One opened last month and was something that Steffen says she knew she wanted to do eventually but didn’t know it would happen so quickly.

            “I didn’t think it was going to happen this soon,” she says. “It was more of a five-year goal but when the opportunity was there I jumped on it. Last year’s sales completely blew any goals that I had out of the water and this year, it’s only gotten busier.”

            Steffen says The Native One’s Covington location will offer a similar aesthetic as the OTR location. 

            “The Covington store has a similar appeal as our OTR location, stuffed with everything from rompers and oversized outerwear to affordable statement footwear and lacy underpinnings,” says Steffen. “You’ll also find accessories, apothecary, and home decor.”

            Steffen she will soon move the OTR location to a new building to better accommodate the new inventory and demand. As growth for The Native One speeds along, Steffen says it’s creativity that fuels her team. In fact, she says she’s currently working on revamping an old auto body shop in Dayton, Kentucky. “It’s going to be a private garage studio space, where the team can process inventory, photograph products, and host events,” she says. “It can be stressful to do everything in the shop because we don’t have a huge back room. So to have a separate space to just work out of and be creative will be really beneficial.”

            To learn more about The Native One, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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              We’re highlighting eight of the 40+ pop-up shops you’ll find at Cincy Chic’s November 16 Seasonably Chic Showcase! Read on to learn about these local businesses, boutiques, and makers!

              Have you been totally blown away by the fact that it’s already November? With the arrival of fall, the turning back of the clocks, and a sudden drop in temps, that can only mean one thing – the holidays are almost here!

              To help you get your holiday shopping started off on the right foot (with a mimosa in-hand), Cincy Chic is hosting its 11th Annual Seasonably Chic Showcase on November 16 from 10am to 2pm at The Phoenix in downtown Cincinnati. 

              There, you’ll have the opportunity to shop local businesses, boutiques, and makers while helping to support a great cause – anyone who brings in a canned good for the Freestore Foodbank will receive free entry, a swag bag, and complimentary gift wrapping. Plus, when you bring the littles along with you they can participate in crafts and princess/superhero photo opportunities. 

              With the event just 12 days away, here’s a sneak peek of the businesses you’ll see:

              Walton Creek Boutique
              Walton Creek Boutique in Anderson Towne Centre is a one-stop gift shop that features an eclectic array of items that range from apparel to home decor items. 

              “Our fashions are very bohemian in style, fun, and flattering,” says Owner Kim Lautman. “Our accessories are mostly handmade, one-of-a-kind items.”

              The store features hand dyed scarves, handmade jewelry, and plenty of other accessories to make an outfit stand out. 

              “Our goal is to bring in as many products locally made and American made as we can,” says Lautman. “Need something ‘artsy’ as a gift or for your wall? We have it all!”

              From jewelry and handbags to soaps, jams and candles, Lautman says she hand-selects a variety of artisan makers to feature in the store.

              Tillage Clothing Co.
              The inspiration behind the comfortable fashion brand Tillage Clothing Co. is to fight back against human trafficking. 

              It was a combination of finding inspiration in textile and the passion to fight sex trafficking that inspired Abby Farr to launch Tillage. “I knew I wanted to start a business that would platform the issue, give back directly to strategic organizations, and educate the consumer on the issue,” she says.

              The crop pants from Tillage Clothing Co. allow customers to be comfortable while also looking fabulous – all while supporting women and children around the world. 

              “It’s my belief that we must give a portion back to women and children who don’t have a voice,” says Farr. “From day one, our goal was and is to inspire women who buy a pair of fancy pants that they can make a difference; there is hope that the freedom they know can be known to the marginalized in society. Every step or sip of coffee our customers have in Tillage speaks. When they wear and use the high quality designs, they are constantly connected to the cause.”

              Foodie Cincy
              Are you a local foodie that can’t get enough of the Cincinnati restaurant scene? Then you don’t want to miss out on the Foodie Cincy deck, it’s a deck of 52 cards that offers special discounts and rewards for dining at the local restaurants named in the deck. 

              “Each restaurant card features all of the restaurant details, including name and contact information with restaurant and cuisine description,” explains Founder Gina Barrera. “The card acts as a $10 off discount at each restaurant.”

              Barrera says that the deck is a fun incentive for users to try new restaurants in the city and for the eateries it’s a unique marketing tool directed specifically toward experiential diners.

              The decks for 2020 will be available at the 2019 Seasonably Chic Showcase on November 16. 

              Gigi’s Cupcakes
              Gigi’s Cupcakes has its roots in Nashville but has a locally-owned home in Cincinnati. The bakery, which features unique and seasonal items, boasts a signature swirl in its icing that you won’t find anywhere else. 

              Amy Jones is the owner of the Kenwood location for Gigis’ Cupcakes and loves being able to offer customers products that aren’t just cute, but also delicious. Jones says they can also customize their sweet treats, which is perfect for a special occasion or holiday order.

              “With a seasonal menu for walk-in guests and custom catering options available, there’s always a sweet treat waiting for you,” says Jones. “Be sure to try a complimentary taste of our cupcakes at the Cincy Chic Seasonably Chic Showcase.”

              Beauty Lounge
              The Beauty Lounge is a full-service salon where upscale meets beauty. 

              “After thousands of new clientele returning to the salon with smiles on their faces, we are very proud to be able to say we have formed a family,” says owner Jonae Tye. “Our goal is to offer every client that has a seat in any of our talented stylists’ chairs nothing but the best.”

              The Beauty Lounge wants its customers to come in, unwind, and relax while they receive high-quality services that range from hair to skin and body. 

              Whether you want to pick up some products for a loved one or purchase a gift card for future use, you can do just that at the Seasonably Chic Showcase. 

              Eileen Fleming Pattern Design
              Eileen Fleming of Eileen Fleming Pattern Design offers her customers products that enhance visual appeal and communicate messages or feelings. 

              “My passion for pattern design started with my love of fabrics, sewing, and quilting,” she says. “I have considered myself an artist from my earliest memories. My love of art and sewing naturally transitioned into this niche field of design.”

              While she has a broad background, Fleming has chosen to offer products to her customers that are focused on surface and pattern design. Products from her lines can be used in homes and even shipped to shoppers themselves. 

              DeGroot Handbags
              Handbag designer Missy DeGroot of DeGroot Handbags will be at Cincy Chic’s 2019 Seasonably Chic Showcase. With a newly relaunched branding of her business, DeGroot will be offering her different silhouettes in more than 20 different leathers and fabrications. The pieces from DeGroot are chic and timeless – so they’ll look great for years after being purchase.

              Greenfeather Homestead
              Looking for an herbal or homeopathic solution to improving your health and wellness? “We focused on diet, homeopathics, herbs, emotional wellness, and bodywork,” explains Greenfeather Homestead Founder Lindsay Hastings. “We found this to be highly beneficial and as people who love education and teaching others it was a natural fit to become a practitioner myself and then an herbalist.”

              Products from Greenfeather Homestead include tinctures, balms, salves, and flower essence blends; personal adornment in the form of gemstone therapy jewelry and hand-crocheted items.

              To RSVP for the event, click here

              Check out more details on Cincy Chic’s Seasonably Chic Showcase below:

              2019 Seasonably Chic Showcase

              Sat., Nov. 16, 10am-2pm

              The Phoenix, 812 Race St. Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

              Learn more and RSVP at:

              Shop for everyone on your “nice list” as you browse some of the best local businesses, boutiques and makers. Bring the kiddos for crafts and princess/superhero photo opps! Bring a canned good for the Freestore Foodbank for free entry, swag bag and complimentary gift wrapping by The Wraperie. $2 parking available at Garfield Garage located next door on 9th St.

              Sponsored by: 

              Supporting Sponsors: Performance Lexus RiverCenter, Guaranteed Rate with Ron Erdmann

              Photobooth Sponsor: The Dermatology, Laser & Vein Center of Cincinnati

              Pop-up Shop Sponsors: Walton Creek Boutique, Gigi’s Kitchen, Bruetta, DeGroot Handbags, Slate & Vine, Becoming Mom Spa + Ultrasound, Gigi’s Cupcakes Kenwood, Paparazzi by Anna Forte, Scentsy with Lacey Perkins, Lipsense Suzanne Goodpaster, Ever Skincare with Leslie Young, Beautycounter with Kate Flaig, Renewal by Andersen, UC Health, Beauty Lounge, My Body Snatcher, Colored by Gina, Nail Envy by EJ, Curated, Eileen Fleming Pattern Design, Green Feather Homestead, Relax Mom, Tillage Clothing Co., Foodie Cincy, Monarch Enterprises, Green Bee Ohio, and more!

              Cocktail Sponsor: Diverse Events

              “Shop ’till You Drop” Mini Massages provided by: Gateway Emerge

              Photographer: Twin Spire Photography

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                A local woman turned her sweet tooth and baking passion into a palate pleasing profession. Read on to learn more about her new boutique bakery in Over-the-Rhine serving up gourmet cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other desserts. 

                Freshness and quality is something that’s never sacrificed at Sugar, a boutique bakery that offers gourmet cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and other desserts. 

                “We pride ourselves in freshness and quality, so we bake in small batches daily and offer whole cakes and bulk item orders by pre-order only,” says Andrea Sutton Lee, Ph.D., the sole owner, baker, and decorator at Sugar. 

                Lee says her passion for baking started out as a hobby. “I taught myself how to bake and decorate cakes because I found myself dissatisfied with products that were currently on the market,” she explains. “I found that they either looked great and tasted bad or tasted great and looked bad, but never both.”

                After creating a customer base of her own, she ventured out and started Sugar, which recently opened a location at 6 W 14th Street, next to Graeter’s on Vine Street in Over-the-Rhine. 

                The store is open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 9 pm and Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 11 pm. At the OTR location, you can find cookies, cupcakes, cake slices, dessert jarts, and other treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

                Pre-orders for Sugar can be found on the website, including bulk orders, whole cakes, and even the current Thanksgiving menu.

                Lee says that she’ll soon be rolling out Sugar’s new holiday menu in the coming month or so. 

                To learn more about Sugar, visit or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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                  From Queen City entrepreneur to multi-million dollar company investor, learn about the local woman who launched a venture capital fund to help lift women up in the world.

                  H Venture Partners wants to help emerging consumer brands in North America succeed. More specifically, the early growth equity and venture fund focused company focuses on aspirational and innovative brands within specific categories including food, personal care, family care, home care, apparel, beauty, health, wellness, hardware, consumer devices and the Internet of things.

                  Elizabeth Edwards, General Partner and Founder at H Venture Partners, is a Cincinnati native. She plenty of experience in the investment industry, working as a partner with Maywic Select Investments and helped brands including the former locally-based SkinnyMom. 

                  H Venture Partners is an early growth equity and venture fund focused on emerging consumer brands in North America. The fund is focused primarily on seed, venture, and early growth equity investments in consumer products and consumer devices. 

                  “I began my career as a strategy consultant with the Strategy & Operations practice of Deloitte Consulting, specializing in innovation, corporate strategy, and strategic acquisitions,” Edwards says. “Some of those clients include Johnson & Johnson on both the clinical and consumer sides, and XM Satellite Radio.”

                  Today, at H Venture Partners, Edwards has taken priority in female founders. “Less than 2 percent of venture dollars are invested in women, representing a significant opportunity,” she says. “More than half of consumer startups we talk to have at least one female founder.”

                  Although the company itself doesn’t exclusively invest in female founded companies, Edwards believes that there is so much opportunity for women-owned businesses to gain traction from investors that they deserve.

                  “On one hand, the lack of funding for female founders offends our sense of justice,” says Edwards. “As investors, we think it impacts returns. We believe that the opportunity cost of this implicit bias is no insignificant – and everyone loses out: consumers looking for brands that get them, female founders starting companies, and investors losing out on potential returns.”

                  Plus, companies who have female founders have proven to perform better than companies that are comprised of only men. 

                  “According to First Round Capital, cmpanies with a female founder performed 63 percent better than investments with all-male founding teams,” she says. “According to Credit Suisse, companies with at least one woman on the board outperform their peers by 26 percent.”

                  Edwards says that this evidence of success among female entrepreneurs is why many of the founders she speaks with are women who are creating brands with which H Venture Partners collaborates.

                  To learn more about H Venture Partners, visit

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                    A popular novel inspired one local woman to launch a small, family-run business that’s on a mission to save the bees. Keep reading to learn more about this new shop that’s all a-buzz in Over-the-Rhine.

                    The novel “The Secret Life of Bees” was a life-changing book for Sam Gordon back in 2005. In fact, it inspired her to launch a small family business dedicated to caring for bee hives and educating others on the ways we can all help the bees called Bee Haven.

                    “The novel made beekeeping sound almost mystical and I decided I wanted to give it a try,” she says. “My mother and I started two hives in my parent’s back field in New Richmond where I grew up.”

                    Although the two didn’t know a whole lot of anything when it came to caring for the bees, they figured it out quickly as their number of hives went from 2 to 10 and quickly up to as many as 40.

                    Today, Gordon and her husband Sam take care of the bees together and run the business, which offers jams, creamed honey, beeswax candles, lip balms, and hand salves. 

                    Most recently, the couple and Bee Haven opened up a storefront on Elm Street, after being located in one of the roll up doors at Findlay Market since 2008.

                    “After 11 years in that location it was obvious we needed a little more room,” says Gordon. “We were still making everything at home. I was spending way too much time in the basement making candles and lanterns.”

                    Now that they’re at the Elm Street location, Gordon has the space she needs to sell all of the products Bee Haven offers as well as a place to produce them. 

                    “We carry everything we did at our Findlay Market stall,” she says. “But at our Elm Street store, you will find honey, local and honey from other regions as well, and other gifts from the hive.”

                    With a bigger location, Gordon is hoping that she will be able to offer her customers more than the gifts and bee-related items in her store. “In the new year we’re hoping to have candle making classes and beekeeping education sessions,” she adds.

                    Bee Haven is located at 1815 Elm Street in Cincinnati. Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm.

                    To learn more about Bee Haven, visit You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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                      A local fashionista is helping you stay trendy and chic through her buying and reselling business. See how she keeps her followers looking and feeling like a million bucks, without spending it.


                      Sarah Heitkemper’s journey to took a leap of faith when she quit her desk job in September 2017, but it’s not a leap she regrets taking.

                      The fashion-forward mom-to-be started selling clothes on Poshmark in June 2016 as a hobby. She had a desk job but was going to thrift stores and buying clothes to sell as a side income. 

                      “I quickly discovered the thrill of buying and selling and bringing in money to the point of questioning my desk job and whether I could quit and sell full-time,” she says. “My husband and I knew we wanted to have a baby but knew daycare wasn’t something that was easily affordable.”

                      That’s when she decided to take her hobby and turn it into an entrepreneurial adventure. With a list of goals she set for herself, Heitkemper was able to quit her job in September 2017. “Before our son had arrived, I did my best to set myself up for success,” she explains. “I worked long hours to establish the organization my business so desperately needed. I went to local thrift stores and consignment shops and stocked up on all the new arrivals.”

                      Heitkemper says she’s learned a lot since she started her full-time adventure buying and reselling on Poshmark, including time management, how to stay organized and manage inventory, and even how to find the support she needs to keep going. 

                      “I have met many great friends through the Poshmark-Instagram community,” she says. “Some are moms, some aren’t, but all care so much about me and my success, both in my business and as a new mother. I have a few Poshmark friends on speed dial who I can reach out to for advice, who I can vent to, and who reassures me when I need reassurance in any aspect of my life. In the past year or so I have learned that having a community of people who you have things in common with and who can talk to frequently makes a world of difference.”

                      Not only has Heitkemper learned a lot from her journey, but she’s hoping that she’s teaching the little eyes watching her. When she starts to doubt herself as a mother, she says this experience and its community remind her that she’s an amazing mom doing her best. 

                      “I love my son with all my heart,” she says. “He watches and someday will understand just how hard I work for him so that I can help provide for our family. I’ll teach him how to pour his heart into something he’s passionate about and not to look back. Not even when someone doubts what he’s capable of.”

                      The hard work from Heitkemper doesn’t just stop at Poshmark, she’s also the founder of Sustainable Accessories. “I founded and began creating sustainable accessories due to the lack of affordable, quality, ‘slow fashion’ hair accessories on the market today,” she says. “My goal is to always avoid shopping fast fashion so why would my hair accessories be any different?”

                      The scrunchies and hair accessories available from Sustainable Accessories are made from upcycled, secondhand clothing that is unable to be worn but can be remade into something useful. 

                      There are currently two purchase options available including unique/limited edition items in the shop tab or by signing up for a subscription box – which gives you access to the products that are released in batches. 

                      To shop Heitkemper’s Poshmark closet, click here. You can follow along on Instagram and check out Sustainable Accessories at