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    From the Windy City to the Queen City, one local nutrition expert is returning to her roots to share in all that Cincinnati’s fitness and food scene has to offer. Read on for all the delicious details!

    Kayla Hansmann, the founder of Cincyfitfoodie.

    Cincinnati may not be one of the biggest cities in the country, in terms of size alone, but its fitness and food scenes are big, bold and beautiful. Capturing this beauty is what inspired the platform Cincyfitfoodie, launched by Cincinnatian Kayla Hansmann.

    Hansmann, a registered dietician, fitness instructor, and local foodie, says Cincyfitfoodie is a platform for sharing her food, fitness, and fun, which is usually related to food and fitness, throughout Cincinnati.

    “I share #foodoftheweek highlights, where I utilize one food item or ingredient in several ways throughout the week,” she explains. “I also show clips, videos, and ideas from my workouts, clases I teach and my own personal workouts, to motivate and encourage others to do the same.”

    Hansmann says she was inspired to launch Cincyfitfoodie after spending a few years in Chicago.

    “Since moving back home, I’ve found that the food and fitness scene in Cincinnati has just what most every other big city has to offer, but without some of the hype and features,” she says. “We have such great talent here and I love highlighting that and especially really enjoy meeting others who are doing cool and innovative entrepreneurial ventures.”

    Although Cincyfitfoodie’s story got its start in January 2018, Hansmann’s blogging past goes back further.

    “I had previously started a food blog with a friend from grad school living in Nashville, and while it was a lot of fun learning the process and getting started with a really good friend passionate about all the same things and food trends, we both had our own cities and clientele to pursue, so we made the decision to branch off into each of our own niches,” she says. “It’s crazy to think it’s only been a year, but I love the whole branding, design, and social media component of this world so I dove right in and tried to learn as much as I could and meet and network with others right off the bat.”

    Hansmann also offers nutritional information and recipes on her platform.

    Through Cincyfitfoodie, you can find personalized nutrition services for individuals and groups. Hansmann says that she does one-on-one assessments as well as monthly accountability to ensure she’s following along closely with clients to meet their goals.

    She’s also dipping her toes into corporate wellness speaking engagements and events – which she says is fun because she gets to reach large groups of people in environments that can sometimes be toxic to health and wellness.

    “In these sessions, we talk about timely nutrition hot topics and taste recipes for easy workday lunches and busy weeks,” she adds.

    Hansmann is looking forward to the future as she prepares for yet another adventure.

    “I very recently started a new business/branch off of Cincyfitfoodie with my mom – it’s a business targeted mostly to moms, pregnant and nursing moms, called Milk’d Nutrition,” she says. “We offer a wide array of baked goods, energy bites, smoothie mix and nut butter that have specific ingredients that are beneficial to mothers for lactation but are delicious and nutritious for everyone.”

    Hansmann says Milk’d is something that she’s been thinking about for a while thanks to her role in her part-time job at Children’s Hospital.

    “It’s an amazing opportunity to work with my best friend and mom who is retired and recently receive her culinary certificate from the Midwest Institute here in Cincinnati,” says Hansmann. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness and support of other local businesses here and really excited to see where this venture takes us.”

    To learn more about Cincyfitfoodie, visit You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.


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    From six bedrooms and seven bathrooms to a wine cellar and three car garage, this week's Listing of the Week has lots of room and even more charm. Read on to see inside.

    There’s certainly no lack of character in this beautiful home located in Walnut Hills Historic District. Rooms are large and their unique architecture feature endless character. Every room is gorgeous, including the 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. Listed at $985,000, this Walnut Hills home has a fenced in lot with a fountain in the backyard for entertaining. There’s also a 3-car garage. Location is also ideal as it’s near everything in Cincinnati.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    A Cincinnati native is on a mission to help build online presence for businesses of all sizes. Keep reading to learn more.

    Scott Keever SEO helps to build the online presence of businesses.


    Scott Keever is on a mission to help make businesses of all sizes become more visible online. Because it can often be difficult to navigate the world of digital marketing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be more specific – he launched Scott Keever SEO.

    Scott Keever SEO is a full service digital marketing agency that uses SEO to help boost the online presence of businesses.

    “Most businesses don’t understand SEO or the powerful effect it can have on their business,” Keever explains. “A lot of our clients have also had a horrible past experience with marketing companies. We wanted to create a business where we can build long-term relationships with clients and partner with them to really help make an impact on their business.”

    Scott Keever SEO dates back to 2015, when Keever, a Cincinnati native, launched the business to help further the strong ties he already has within the community.

    Since its launch, Scott Keever SEO continues to provide SEO, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, and Web Design.

    With the services offered, Keever says that the business is passionate about both what they do and the success of its clients.

    “All of our work is focused on gaining a positive return on investment for our clients to ensure long-term relationships and growth for their business,” he says. “We have also been features in Forbes,, USA Today, and Thrive Global.”

    We are very passionate about what we do and care about our clients success. All of our work is focused on gaining a positive ROI for our clients to ensure long term relationships and growth for their business. We have also been featured in, USA Today, and Thrive Global.”

    Scott Keever SEO, thanks to its Page 1 rankings in cities all over the country, has been able to partner with one of the biggest online marketing communities in the country.

    “We are working on a special project to help other marketing agencies streamline their SEO and link-building process to help maximize their efforts and achieve the kind of results we see at our agency,” he adds.

    To learn more about Scott Keever SEO, visit You can also check out the blog to find guides on marketing for the different industries the company works with. “A lot of good information for business owners to help better their online presence,” he adds.

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    From barre to cycling, yoga to trampoline, plus kids movement classes and child care, learn about this locally-based fitness studio that aims to make you happy from the inside out.

    DEFINE Oakley offers a variety of fitness classes for adults and children.

    Tired of boring, lonely workouts? A local fitness studio aims to redefine the idea of health with happiness. 

    “We offer barre, cycling, yoga, and trampoline as well as kids movement classes and kid care,” says co-owner Tallie Neltner. “These high energy, low impact workouts are safe and effective for any fitness level – even prenatal.”

    The inspiration behind bringing a DEFINE location to Oakley was to help clients become their best. “We love our clients like family and we treat our studio and the folks inside like a second home,” says Neltner.

    At DEFINE, it’s more than just a workout, she says. “It’s a place where you can find happiness in the community that surrounds you,” she adds.

    Neltner helps to manage the Oakley location alongside Mikel Quast, who opened the studio in 2014. Neltner says they continue to grow their passion for the community and the DEFINE method year after year.

    At DEFINE Oakley, Neltner says, you’ll find everything you need when it comes to fitness under one roof. “In our rhythm-based classes you will find amazing music, talented instructors, safe and effective movements, and a workout that creates fast results,” she adds. “We appeal to men and women of all fitness levels and we were the first studio to offer child care and trampoline classes.”

    Neltner says that DEFINE is aiming to incorporate more kids movement classes into the schedule including Kids Bounce, Kids Yoga, and Kids Movement.

    “We are also starting to utilize ankle weights in our barre classes to kick it up a notch,” she adds.

    Neltner says to keep an eye out for DEFINE Beat in 2019 as the corporate team in Houston has already launched the dance cardio workout and seeing good feedback from clients.

    DEFINE Oakley is located at 3012 Madison Road in Cincinnati, between Rooted Juicery and Dewey’s Pizza.

    To learn more about DEFINE and the classes it offers, click here. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see the latest happens. MindBody users can use the free app.


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    A local DAAP graduate launched a line of bows and scrunchies featuring high-quality fabrics and designs. Click for all the fashionable details.

    Bardot Bow Gallery sells quality hair scrunchies and bows.

    Emily Mayer is all about the celebration of femininity and self-confidence. In fact, it’s at the foundation behind the designs she makes for her business Bardot Bow Gallery.

    “Bardot Bow Gallery is a branded collection of upscale hair accessories that are locally made,” she says. “I refer to them as ‘Hair Ware,’ styling essentials that take you through day or night. They are a modern revival of retro bows from the 60s and 70s, and scrunchies from the 90s.”

    Mayer says that when it comes to her brand, her main inspiration came from a personal mission to re-discover her own style and femininity after having children.

    “I love the juxtaposition of casual dress while adding a feminine touch – it’s a fun way to self express and ‘romance the ordinary,’” she says. “Just like a new hair cut or new tube of lipstick, these are a small and affordable way to add a little fun and make you feel fresh. They span a wide range of age, from the young to mamas in messy buns or women in their prime.”

    Bardot Bow Gallery is comprised of special pieces, each one designed with purpose. Each of the collections offered are made with unique, high-quality fabrics.

    “Some of them are geared toward specific needs: for example, the Sweatproof Series are made with a super soft bamboo jersey that is moisture wicking and antibacterial,” explains Mayer. “Or, the Scarf Series is extremely versatile and can be styled in multiple, unique ways. The Upcycled Series is a collection of styles using reclaimed fabrics from linings, retro scarves or retro printed fabrics that haven’t been put to use.”

    Mayer says that for Bardot Bow Gallery, she makes a major effort in eliminating fabric and garment waste. “I do my best to make meaningful use of every scrap,” she adds. “I have a passion for textiles and I really enjoy shopping fabrics and ribbon that have a vintage feel and combining that with modern silhouettes.”

    Thanks to the revival in bows and scrunchies in fashion right now, the long Velvet Bow Series is popular among customers. The Knot Scrunchies offered by Bardot Bow Gallery are also a staple while Mayer says that many clients purchase several colors in the Crepe and Silk Series.

    Mayer says that she’s the one who takes on most roles when it comes to Bardot Bow Gallery. These roles include product development, production management, graphic design, photography, and marketing. She did recently hire a student part-time who is studying fashion design at DAAP and she works with a local sewing company.

    “I enjoy working with other local creatives with pro photography and cross promotion,” she says. “It is an excellent growing community for creative entrepreneurs and I’m really proud to be a part of it.”

    Mayer is looking forward to the future for Bardot Bow Gallery as she prepares to launch the Spring collection as well as more headband designs.

    She is also ready to grow her online presence and participate in more local pop-up shops and markets.

    “After several requests, I’ve just released a wholesale catalog,” she adds. “I’m excited about the relationships I’ve established and I’m so thrilled with how it has been received in several local small businesses. I hope to expand my production locally to keep up with demand as the line continues to grow.”

    To learn more about Bardot Bow Gallery or shop the products, click here. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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    Fancy a spot of tea? Want a fast and healthy pick-me-up? Learn about a booming tea business that’s taking Cincinnati by storm one tasty cup at a time.

    Bruetta is a innovative brewing system for loose leaf tea.

    Tea has been long-celebrated for its health benefits, taste, and subtle energy. But it hasn’t always been easy to make.

    That’s where Bruetta, an innovative brewing system for your loose leaf tea, aims to help.

    According to Aly Bleistine, Sr. Account Manager and Ambassador of Development at Bruetta, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water and it’s often celebrated for its wide variety of health benefits and naturally energy-boosting abilities.

    “It’s all these facts about tea that inspire us the most,” says Bleistine. “Bruetta sources the best ingredients and teas from around the world and blends them to perfection so that their taste is second to none.”

    Bruetta is comprised of a team of professionals who have backgrounds in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and distribution to help build the Bruetta brand and tell its story.

    “Bruetta has established partnerships with office coffee services and brand ambassadors,” says Bleistine. “Bruetta has even created a franchise marketing model for the tea entrepreneur.”

    According to Bleistine, Bruetta offers a variety of loose leaf tea flavors available for every type of tea drinker. Popular black tea flavors including Mystic Blue Lady, Peach Mango Paradise, and Grand Masala Chai. There are also other flavors available as well such as Coconute Creme Green, Bru Berry, Jasmine Towne Special, Citrus Hibiscus Refresh, Vanilla City Spice, and Apricot Rooibos.

    In addition to these loose leaf tea flavors, oolong tea is available and white tea. Starter kits, Bleistine says, are popular among customers, as are 1lb and 1/2lb packages, tea tins, and 1-ounce packages.

    “In regards to accessories, we offer a reusable plastic cup, displays for use in the home and the office, and, of course, our (patent pending) BRU-LID,” she says. “And, just recently, we’ve added coffee through a partnership with Copper Moon World Coffees.”

    The tea offerings Bruetta isn’t the only thing that makes it unique. According to Bleistine, Bruetta has developed an innovative way to brew quality, loose leaf tea in an instant, and on-the-go with its BRU-LID.

    “This is the foundation of the Bruetta brewing system,” she says. “No tea bags, no diffuser, no strainer needed. Tea leaves float freely in the cup so they are able to fully extract, giving you superior taste and full health benefits.”

    Utilizing the BRU-LID requires you to add Bruetta loose leaf tea to your cup, pour in hot water, swirl lightly, snap on the lid, let brew for 2-3 minutes, sip, and go.

    “Want ice tea? No problem,” explains Bleistine. “Same system, just add ice. You can even customize your flavorings by mixing and matching, or just choose one flavor.”

    You can shop Bruetta online, exclusively on the website, although other businesses are jumping on board with Bruetta.

    “Offices have been ordering as part of their health and wellness and employee engagement offerings,” Bleistine says, adding that you’ll find several Cincinnati-based businesses carrying their products. “Salons and spas order as a customer premium. Colleges are adding Bruetta teas to their cafes and bookstores. Companies are adding to their business and meeting catering menus. Coffee shops and bakeries are adding Bruetta teas to their menu selections. And, of course, nothing beats a cup of tea in the comfort of your own home.”

    Bleistine says to keep your eye on Bruetta this year as the company will introduce sachets this year.

    “Sachets are pyramid bags that give whole leaf tea room to expand to a full flavor and aroma,” she explains. “They are biodegradable and eco-friendly.”

    She says they’ll also be introducing the BRU-CUP, a stainless steel tumbler with an advanced lid system that is washable and reusable.

    “This expansion of our brewing system caters to customers who want a completely disposable product, a reusable cup with a disposable lid, or a reusable cup with a permanent lid,” she adds.

    To learn more about Bruetta, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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    In and around the beauty industry for 34 years, one local hair guru recently opened a stunning new salon. Click for a peek inside.

    Angela Packer Hair is a salon in the heart of Oakley.

    After spending decades in the beautification business, Angela Packer decided to venture out on her own. Today she is the owner of Angela Packer Hair, a two-chair, boutique salon.

    “I have been in and around this industry for a collection of 34 years,” she explains. “I have loved everything about my industry.”

    Packer started out her career as a hair model and then held a position as a receptionist for five years, during which she attended cosmetology school. However, it’s her time as a receptionist that she says really got her passionate about cosmetology.

    “I loved everything about the culture of a salon,” she says. “The art that was created with hair, the education about styles and retail product I found fascinating, the music that played every second of work, the personal style of the stylist – I loved it.”

    Aside from the work atmosphere itself, Packer says she was also inspired by the personal relationships that she saw being forged between stylists and their clients. “It was something to be rivaled,” she adds.

    Packer says her career behind the chair started in 1992, and over the next 10 years she worked locally for two salons before she branched out and opened a salon with a former business partner.

    “I co-owned that salon for 13 years,” she says. Then, in 2015, she took on a solo journey at a local suite concept.

    Soon after her solo journey, Packer found what she calls the “perfect space” in Oakley.

    Now, Angela Packer Hair is tucked off Oakley Square in downtown Oakley.

    “We are on a great little street, Allston Street,” she adds. “The street houses several small businesses. It’s so great to be part of a small business community.”

    Angela Packer Hair focuses only on hair, and Packer has her salon-mate Brittany Retherford working alongside her.

    “Brittany began her career as my assistant,” says Packer. “We met seven years ago and have worked together ever since. Brittany is seven amazing years into her career.”

    At Angela Packer Hair, you’ll find that the duo focuses on hair coloring, cutting, keratin straightening, and styling.

    “We both love choosing the absolute perfect color and method of application for each client,” explains Packer. “Brittany also has been known to be quite the Keratin Complex guru.”

    As for the space itself, Packer wanted to welcome guests to a cool, relaxed, inspiring, nurturing, and artful space – complete with music, television, and magazines.

    “Pour a glass of wine, enjoy a hot coffee or tea, and relax into your own time while your service processes,” says Packer. “Gaze out of the floor-to-ceiling windows and watch the world go by.”

    You can follow Packer on Facebook and Instagram, as well as Brittany on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Tired of paying full price for your favorite products? Learn about a locally-based startup that finds you discounted dupes recommended by a community of shoppers nationwide.

    Brandefy finds dupes to brand name products to help save you money.

    Cincy Chic: What is Brandefy? 
    Carolyn Kochard, COO at Brandefy: Brandefy is a platform that finds product dupes to save shoppers time and money. For instance, you are out of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara but you want to see if there is a similar, less expensive product just like it. Open our app, search for the Too Faced Mascara you love, and see that L’Oreal makes a mascara that is extremely similar, and save $16 by getting the dupe instead.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
    Kochard: Our founder and CEO, Meg Pryde, worked in private label manufacturing and knows that sometimes the high-end product is made in the same factory as the drugstore or generic brand. Shoppers have no way of knowing when the cheaper product is the same and when they should pay up for the prestige brand.  We want to be your pocket detective, finding the best products at the best price. We do this using ingredient panel analysis, and direct, side-by-side comparison either using a panel or someone well-versed in the products they are testing.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
    Kochard: Meg Pryde (CEO), Carolyn Kochard (COO), James Graham (CTO) and a dedicated group of panelists and review captains. Meg uses her industry expertise to steer the ship, James develops app updates to offer new features to our users, and Carolyn manages reviews and generates content.

    Cincy Chic: How does Brandefy work?
    Kochard: We take the top requested product comparisons (e.g. Target’s private label, up & up, and the name brand counterparts) and test the products side-by-side. Our team of panelists or review captains takes it from there- scoring the two products on their similarity.  They rate based on a list of attributes and share their opinions on whether or not shoppers should switch to the less expensive product dupe to save. Brandefy takes these ratings, calculates ingredient similarity scores, and generates a nifty overall similarity score. All our users have to do is find product reviews in the app and start saving!

    The team behind Brandefy: Meg Pryde (CEO), Carolyn Kochard (COO), James Graham (CTO)

    Cincy Chic: What makes Brandefy unique?
    Kochard: There are several product review companies on the market, but they don’t focus on side-by-side comparisons of copycat products.  We compare their ingredient panels and review the two products based on a thorough list of attributes, and make the information easy to access.

    Cincy Chic: How can readers use Brandefy?
    Kochard: iPhone users can download the app, or anyone can find reviews online here. They can search by product or category and see direct comparisons of some of their favorite name brand products. Once they see the reviews, they can purchase the best products for them, saving time and money.

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for the company?
    Kochard: We’re adding new products every month! This month, we’re adding more makeup dupes as well as reviewing generic baby products. You’ll also be able to save products to your favorites list.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Kochard: Check us out online:, or follow us on Instagram.

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      The founder of a powerhouse digital marketing startup has a story you’ll need tissues to read. Read on to hear how this local entrepreneur turned a nightmare into inspiring a dream come true.

      David Brauntz, the founder of Hudson Brauntz, was inspired to launch his business by the loss of his son. Photo: Melanie Pace

      David Brauntz, the founder behind the digital marketing startup Hudson Brauntz, and his wife have traveled some treacherous terrain on their journey. But through it all, they’ve found peace, inspiration, and love in their tragedy.

      David Brauntz, founder of Hudson Brauntz

      Hudson Brauntz, based in Northern Kentucky, works to connect small and mid-sized businesses with customers in order to help propel their business forward.

      “We help clients thrive by delivering high-impact digital marketing solutions,” explains Brauntz. “We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to create digital work that helps them grow and succeed in an increasingly digital world.”

      Brauntz likes to focus on the relationship his business has with its clients. “It drives our decisions, our business model, and our pricing structure,” he says. “We help clients enhance their online presence. At the same time, we are committed to maximizing the return of our clients’ online spend.”

      While Brauntz focuses on bettering the business of his clients, there’s much more to his story and the story that inspired him to take the first step toward his dream.

      Brauntz has more than a decade of experience working in the digital marketing world for a variety of companies. He loved what he was doing but owning his own company was always in the back of his mind.

      However, at the front of his mind, and of his wife’s mind, was starting a family. After years of trying, Brauntz and his wife Rotha were pregnant with twins thanks to fertility treatments. As expectant parents are, they were over the moon. Everything was going just fine, until it wasn’t.

      “On February 20, 2017, while at a meeting, I received a phone call from my wife that would change my life forever,” Brauntz recalls. “At first, all I heard was my wife crying hysterically and then a voice came on informing me she was the nurse from our OBGYN and that I needed to come to pick up my wife immediately and take her to the hospital because they couldn’t find our son’s heartbeat and that he had passed in utero at 32 weeks. However, because we were expecting twins, a boy and girl, we needed to get my wife to the hospital to see how our little girl was doing.”

      The Brauntz twins following their delivery. Photo: Melanie Pace

      Brauntz did what anyone would – he acted without thinking to get to his wife’s side as quickly as he could. “All I knew was that I needed to get my wife to the hospital,” he says.

      Despite being told that there was indeed no longer a heartbeat coming from his son, Brauntz says it was something he needed to see for himself.

      “What used to be my son’s sac was just darkness,” he explains. “My son, my baby boy, my daughter’s twin brother was gone in an instant. I was in shock and numb.”

      While the loss was devastating and beyond anything they could have ever imagined, they found solace in knowing that their little girl was still doing well. However, she was tiny, so the goal was to keep her in the womb for as long as possible in order to give her the best possible chance of survival.

      Brauntz’s wife stayed at the hospital on bedrest for the next two weeks, until doctors decided she would deliver both babies at 34 weeks.

      Brauntz says that March 8, 2017 was both the happiest and saddest day of his life.

      “We said goodbye to our little man and hello to our little girl,” he says. “Born at only 3lbs and 3oz, she was rushed to the NICU where she would spend the next four weeks growing and learning how to eat.”

      Those tragic six weeks made Brauntz rethink everything he thought he knew. To him, time and fear had an entirely new meaning and everything that he had feared before simply didn’t make sense anymore.

      “I had just lived through one of the worst fears a person could face and somehow managed to come out OK on the other side,” he says. “While he was only on this earth for 32 weeks, his impact on my life lives on in everything I do.”

      That tiny little person, who impacted the lives of more than just his parents, also gave Brauntz the courage to do something he’d always dreamed of doing – starting his own company. “So when it came to naming the company, it only made sense to name it after him,” says Brauntz.

      At Hudson Brauntz you’ll find a variety of digital marketing services available from its team of strategists, designers, and social media experts who have decades of experience with small and Fortune 500 companies. These services include:

      • Brand Design & Identity
      • Brand Positioning
      • Local SEO Content Strategy with Blog Writing
      • Website Design, Development & Hosting
      • Ratings & Review
      •  Local SEO Directory Listings Package & Voice Search Readiness

      There are multiple distinctions that make Hudson Brauntz unique, aside from the company itself being a lifelong vision of its founder.

      “For the most part, digital marketing agencies offer similar products and services,” says Brauntz. “However, I’ve learned it’s how you provide the services that makes the difference. We treat our clients like we would treat our friends, which means 100 percent transparency.”

      Brauntz also has experience in a range of industries – from retail to merchant services – and with businesses of all sizes. This experience, he says, has taught him that, above all else, it’s about being honest, respectful, and kind. “This will bring in more success than any pricing model or marketing efforts,” he adds.

      While the first year of Hudson Brauntz was focused on getting up and running, the future of the business is looking to sharing its journey and providing tips along the way.

      To learn more about Hudson Brauntz, visit You can also follow along on Facebook.

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      Whether it’s for your Valentine or Galentine, your kiddos or your own sweet tooth, we checked out the sweetest shop in town for ideas on how to spread the love this week.

      Valentine’s Day might be Feb. 14, but it’s a week-long celebration at Gigi’s Cupcakes! 
      “We do Valentine’s Day gifts all week long,” says Amy Jones, owner of Gigi’s Cupcakes – Cincinnati.  “Our treats are made daily in our Kenwood shop with lots of love and care.”
      The in-store menu offers a selection of both classic and seasonal cupcakes, minis and cakes. Each cupcake is topped high with those Gigi’s Signature Icing swirls. Always gluten friendly options too! “We’ll have a lot of flavors to choose from,” Jones adds, “even if you forget to order ahead of time.”
      They have several different Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes you can pre-order that come in a 4-box or a dozen. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day party or just bringing home to surprise the family!
      Gigi’s Cupcakes is located at 7940 Hosbrook Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45243. Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm. Learn more by visiting their website or checking them out on Facebook.

      Photos: Twin Spire Photography

      This is a special advertising supplement, paid for by Gigi’s Cupcakes – Cincinnati.