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This beautiful home is in a vibrant, Over-the-Rhine location. The tax abatement on the home allows payments similar to a home priced at $1.2 million. Exceptional details make this modern masterpieces irresistible. It has a luxurious owner’s retreat, state-of-the-art kitchen, custom finish details, a first floor guest suite, four decks, a rooftop patio, stunning city views, an elevator, and parking for 4 cars. The home has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and is listed at $2.2 million.

This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    Click here to read more about savoring some of life's biggest moments in a 1963 camper.

    The Peachy Keen Photo Camper is a 1963 canned ham camper.
    Life is just peachy, and Rebecca Wade wants to help you capture life’s greatest moments in the Peachy Keen Photo Camper.
    “Peachy Keen is a traveling photo booth in a 1963 canned ham camper,” she says.
    The inspiration for what would become the Peachy Keen Photo Camper started with Wade’s love for setting up photo booths for friends and family at weddings.
    “I’ve always loved capturing people at weddings – so full of life and love,” she says. “I randomly thought how cool it would be to run it out of a little camper, immediately started scouring the internet for one, and finally found my perfect peach in Kentucky.”
    In what Wade says is an experience, the Peachy Keen Photo Camper is a one-woman show with a little assistance from her team, including Wade’s sister.
    Photo services available from Peachy Keen range from weddings to parties. There are 5 curated styles and packages to choose from, so Wade says there’s something for everyone.
    While the camper itself is unique, Wade says that she finds people are most intrigued by the fact that she uses Polaroid film instead of typically photo strips, which are also available. 
    “There’s something extra sweet and nostalgic about that Polaroid popping out,” she says. “I also offer custom themes and props, whatever the people are into, I’m into!” 
    Wade is looking forward to the opportunity to attend markets this summer and team up with a few venues. She’s starting the process of renting her camper out to other local photographers to use for a background and photo shoots.
    To learn more and follow along with the Peachy Keen Photo Camper, check out their Instagram page. 

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    You don't want to miss this stunning, custom-built home in this week's Listing of the Week!

    This beautiful, custom-built home is only 4 years old and has everything you could want. There are 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a custom gourmet kitchen, 2-car oversized garage, private backyard, and a finished lower level with a full bathroom. The home also has surround sound speakers, a climate-controlled wine room, dry bar, self-watering window boxes, 10ft ceilings throughout, a second-floor laundry room, 2 master closets, custom bookshelves, and crown molding. It is a walk away to Ault Park and has been tax abated until 2033.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    Cincinnati Chamber’s WE Lead program assists women in getting to the next level of their careers.

    Clarissa Doggett, Senior Operational Leader under Medical Operations at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, felt like her career was at a standstill before she participated in WE Lead.

    “I felt like I was experiencing a plateau in both my professional and personal life, therefore I was seeking something that would challenge me, but most importantly help me identify why I’m currently in a plateau,” says Doggett. 

    WE Lead is a 10-month executive leadership development experience from the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber for high-potential, goal-oriented women actively preparing for the next level of their career. 

    WE Lead brings together high-achieving, professional women from a variety of backgrounds to learn from one another and creating a strong, supportive network. Through a combination of professional development and executive coaching, participants learn leadership skills and strategies unique to their personal and professional development.

    The Leadership Center’s WE Lead program is different from other leadership development programs offered by chambers throughout the region because it offers several opportunities for participants to improve and gain new ideas throughout its 10-month course, where other programs only offer small nuggets of opportunity and guidance at one-time events. 

    Clarissa Doggett, Senior Operational Leader under Medical Operations at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

    “I was so focused on trying to improve professionally I did not realize that this program would allow me to dig deeper personally as well. It definitely assisted me with trying to find a healthy balance between professional and personal,” says Doggett. 

    During the month of March, the Chamber kicked off the opening of WE Lead applications for Class 16 and celebrated International Women’s History Month by honoring WE Lead alumni and women in the region who have become incredible leaders and role models. WE Lead alumni shared their experiences and highlighted the women in their lives who have inspired, encouraged, or empowered them along their leadership journeys. Check out #WELeadCincy to hear how WE Lead has impacted our alumni and the meaningful relationships they built.

    When asked about what she enjoyed most about the program, Doggett says it was the chance to look inward and focus on herself for a change.

    “I appreciate simply being comfortable to bring my authentic self in every discussion without feeling judged. As women, I think it’s hard for us to be vulnerable because we want to always strive to be strong, and in general we tend to struggle with finding a sense of belonging, particularly when it comes to leading. I didn’t imagine that this program would also help me identify personal things in my life that were inadvertently feeding into this ‘plateau’ state I was experiencing. It has allowed me to think deeper, reflect on things I value the most and identify what actually motivates me to be great,” she says.

    “If you are looking to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and growing professionally and personally while connecting with other amazing women leaders throughout our region, I would highly encourage you to apply for this amazing program,” adds Doggett. 

    “We hear time and time again that women are so appreciative of WE Lead as it pushes them to enhance their leadership and provides an opportunity to develop life-long relationships with an incredible network of women who will help them advance locally,” says Vice President of the Leadership Center Amy Thompson.

    There have been more than 600 graduates of the WE Lead program through the Leadership Center at the Cincinnati Chamber. You can see a list of previous graduates by clicking here

    There is a competitive process to participate in WE Lead, including an application and references. Applications for the upcoming WE Lead program are open now and will close on May 21, 2021. Click here to apply.


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    Free up space in your daily routine and your mind with this mindset and productivity coach.

    Laura Albers knows all about the struggles that a busy lifestyle, medical issues, and wellness difficulties can cause. As a woman, she wanted to find a way to help support and empower female entrepreneurs, so she launched Albers Mind & Body Wellness.

    Albers focuses mainly on health and wellness coaches and mental health therapists, to help take away their fears and eliminate limiting beliefs while also helping them to feel more confident while creating a soul-centered business that not only helps them find success but also maintains their sanity. 

    Albers Mind & Body Wellness started in January 2017 as a coaching and counseling practice.

    “My passion was to help women focus on self-care without all the guilt, free up more of their time and energy, and overcome health challenges like emotional eating, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, and anxiety and depression,” she says. 

    However, in the 4 years since she first launched her business, Albers has taken on another approach to helping clients.

    “While I still often help clients with many of those challenges, over the years, I’ve transitioned into focusing primarily on mindset, productivity, and business coaching for female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs,” she says. 

    Albers is passionate about helping women take care of themselves, and she wants to help change how the world views self-care as being something that frees up your time and energy while also eliminating the clutter that can bog you down.

    Albers has worked as a mental health therapist with a specialty in trauma for nearly 20 years. She also holds a master certification in wellness coaching and is a consultant for The International Association of Wellness Professionals. “I now specialize as a mindset, productivity, and business coach for female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs,” she says. 

    Following some scary medical diagnoses, Albers found that the changes she was forced to make in her life helped to propel her toward a new career in wellness coaching, holistic health, and functional medicine.

    “After adopting many new healthy habits, self-care, and stress management practice, I became obsesses with the amazing results I was experiencing,” she says. 

    Albers offers three main coaching programs through her business: 

    1. Quick Wins VIP Strategy Session: for female health and wellness coaches, entrepreneurs, and busy female professionals who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted, and a lack of time and energy. Your 90-minute VIP strategy session is completely customized to your unique needs, challenges, and top 1-2 results you most desire. Three of my more common Quick Wins sessions include: Set Yourself Up Like a B.O.S.S., Reclaim Your Calendar, and Successful Certification. Click here to learn more.
    2. Emotional Clutter Cleanse (ECC): a 12-week program designed to help female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs clear their emotional clutter and unproductive habits. We work through the fears and limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and from creating your successful coaching practice. Building confidence, creating more productive habits, and freeing up your precious time and energy to re-invest into your business, family, and life are the primary goals of ECC.
    3. Business Building Breakthrough (BBB): a 16-week program for female health and wellness coaches and entrepreneurs to not only create a success mindset, but primarily to build your successful coaching business. No more feeling stuck, overwhelmed, scattered, and disappointed with lackluster business results. This program is designed to take you through all vital aspects of creating your dream coaching business, including nailing your niche, creating an enticing and irresistible signature system and various levels of support to meet your clients’ needs, creating content and nurturing your audience, confidently conducting discovery calls without feeling sleezy or salesy, and promoting your business even if you’re an introvert or have no marketing skills.

    Services can also be customized to address the needs of clients, including their unique challenges, to get them the results they’re searching for. 

    While it may feel like there are wellness coaches popping up everywhere, Albers likes to point to the two thing she believes makes Albers Mind & Body Wellness unique. 

    “I teach self-care in a way that starts with clearing instead of adding more to your never-ending to-do list,” she says. “I help my clients free up their emotional clutter, limited beliefs, negative self talk, fears, and unproductive habits so they can be more present in their relationships and in their business.” 

    Additionally, she says that her training as a mental health therapist, a wellness coach, and a business coach helps her to understand all the pieces that come together in helping clients find success in all aspects of their lives.

    “If one area is out of balance or isn’t working for you, like your health, stress, or relationships, it will dramatically impact the focus, happiness, and success you’ll have in your business,” says Albers. “I help my clients address any and all areas where they’re feeling stuck. It’s like having a business coach, health coach, and therapist all rolled into one!”

    Albers is exited about the direction her business is heading. She is co-hosting a new group coaching program with Suzanne Monroe, founder of The International Association of Wellness Professionals that offers a dual certification in advanced coaching skills and virtual business mastery. 

    She also recently launched a new Masterclass, called “Clearing the Emotional Clutter: 3 Steps to Reclaim 5+ Hours This Week.”

    “The class is a 2 hour self-paced virtual class that gives you specific strategies and action steps to free up your precious time and energy,” says Albers.

    Later in 2021, Albers will launch a new free training called “5 Failproof Steps to Create Your Dream Coaching Biz.” 

    “It’s a free 5-part video training series for health and wellness coaches to help them jumpstart their business building,” explains Albers. “I’ll also be creating some online courses for entrepreneurs on productivity, creating confidence, and business building strategies.”

    You can keep up with the news on this launch, as well as learn more about the coaching services Albers offers, on the Albers Mind & Body Wellness website.

    When you visit the website, you’ll find a free 7-day self-care challenges that you can download while also receiving a weekly email newsletter. “I like to share simple, actionable tips around mindset, productivity, marketing, business, and self-care,” she says. 

    Albers Mind & Body Wellness is also on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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    Practice mindfulness and improve your health with this Newport-based yoga studio.

    When Rachel Roberts opened The Yoga Bar in 2010, she wanted to offer a studio that was focused on unity, community, and equanimity. 

    “After returning to the region from Mysore, India, I wanted to give back to my hometown so I opened the studio to create a community center that was focused on mindfulness and movement,” she says. 

    Roberts’ involvement in the wellness community stretches far and wide. She has previously been a featured presenter at conferences, festivals, and educational forums. She’s also served as a mentor and judge for various business and artistic incubator programs and is a Kentucky State Representative for District 67. 

    Roberts says that her greatest talent, though, is her ability to offer ancient philosophies in a way that is approachable and applicable to our modern-day trials. “Whether it’s in one-on-one or in a room with 1,000, I can help you move into your true, powerful nature and to develop a supportive culture around you,” she adds. 

    Classes currently available at The Yoga Bar are traditional, accessible yoga classes. They are offered from gentle like Yin and restorative, to fiery like Vinyasa and Ashtanga. 

    “If folks get can up and down from the ground on their own, we can make our group classes accessible to you,” she says. “We also offer private and therapeutic classes as well as corporate and special event plans.”

    The main focus at The Yoga Bar is being a philanthropic and community-focused hub in the region. 

    “We hold regular fundraisers for local charities ranging from family services to LGBTQ causes to arts organizations and have partnerships to offer mindfulness to groups for thousands through NamasDEY with the Bengals, and yoga for PTSD with local fire departments,” adds Roberts.

    As we look for a return to normal in a post-COVID world, Roberts says the studio is beginning to ramp back up after being entirely virtual for most of 2020. In-person classes just resumed again in April and she plans to continue taking things slowly and cautiously, as your wellness practice shouldn’t risk your health. 

    She plans to hold outdoor classes again when the weather warms up and will expand the in-studio class schedule. “Our sweet studio is embedded in a quiet, historic neighborhood, so we throw the doors opens it feels like you are practicing outdoors, inside our practice space,” she says. 

    In addition to the services Roberts and The Yoga Bar can offer here in Cincinnati, she is looking forward to expanding her horizons through Bija Retreats. The Yoga Bar regularly hosts 6-7 retreats a year as close to home as Hocking Hills in June and October and as far away as Bali in Spring 022. “I just got back from Sayulita, Mexico, where we were scouting for a new retreat location,” says Roberts. “We will be finalizing an offering there in the coming months.” 

    When The Yoga Bar first opened its doors, they were in downtown Cincinnati before moving to the Newport location in 2013. In 2017 The Yoga Bar purchased the Newport building and in 2019 consolidated all operations to the location at 701 Park Avenue in Newport, Kentucky. 

    To learn more about The Yoga Bar, click here. The Yoga Bar is on Facebook and Instagram, and you can follow the hashtag #wherewillthepracticetakeyou. You can also keep up with Bija Retreats on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Spread a little bit of positivity everywhere you go with these affirmation stickers!

    Cincy Chic: What is Tangibles?
    Diana Yates, Owner & Founder of Tangibles: Tangibles is an online gift shop that creates positive affirmations for everyday spaces, so you never feel discouraged again. We also partner with coaches, youth empowerment groups, and other like-minded organizations to create custom affirmations for their clients and communities.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
    Yates: The idea for tangibles came from a personal story. Through a battle with eating disorders years ago, I would stick post-it notes with hand-written encouraging notes in my most triggering spaces – mirrors, refrigerators, cabinets, etc. These simple affirmation notes, like ‘you are loved’ and ‘you are enough’ helped to give me pause before my once-systematic binge. These messages gave me encouragement, even subliminally, and helped me check in with myself. These simple but powerful words were a turning point in my recovery journey. 

    And then it hit me one morning around 4:30am a year later. If a tangible message of love and encouragement – that I could see every day – helped me, could it help others? And that’s what we’ve set out to do with tangibles.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
    Yates: Tangibles is proud to be a woman-owned and operated business run by me, Diana Yates.

    Cincy Chic: What will readers find when they shop online?
    Yates: When visiting our online shop, you’ll find multiple ‘kits’ of affirmation vinyl stickers, which is our main tangibles product. Each kit includes 3-5 stickers, each with their own simple affirmation, and all flow together under one theme. For example, our best-selling (and first-ever!) tangibles kit titled ‘you are loved’ includes five stickers with the messages ‘you are loved,’ ‘you are radiant,’  ‘you are strong,’ ‘you are brave,’ and ‘you are enough.’ You’ll see affirmations that we’ve tagged great for women, great for kids, social justice-themed, and more, to help you find the perfect gift.

    Cincy Chic: Tell us more about your custom orders and how they work!
    Yates: We would love to work with you to create custom affirmation stickers! Some of our favorite collaborations are with coaches, community-driven companies, inspirational events, fitness + wellness businesses, recovery groups, and youth empowerment organizations. Custom tangibles also make great party favors and swag bag add-ons. Once we receive an inquiry, we’ll set aside time to learn more about your vision for these, and then dive into creation mode to come up with your simple, powerful affirmations. Custom colors, fonts, graphics, and even packaging for the stickers are all possible as well.

    Cincy Chic: What do you hope to accomplish through Tangibles?
    Yates: Through Tangibles, we want to encourage more people on an individual level, with simple but powerful words they need to hear right now. We want to be the first gift you think of for a friend, family member, child, or colleague who’s going through a tough time or a big life change and needs some consistent encouragement.

    We want to be a fun and meaningful way that coaches reach their clients, organizations empower their teams, and teachers inspire their students.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Tangibles unique?
    Yates: While there are other affirmation stickers and products out there, tangibles is unique because our products are simple, versatile, and customizable. To dig a little deeper, our products are created to be simple in both words and design, so you don’t miss the message. Second, tangibles work great in so many spaces, so they’re even more useful for our customers – or your gift recipient. And finally, you have the opportunity to create your own affirmations with us, whether you’re a coach, team leader, teacher, or just looking to send unique affirmations to your inner circle!

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for 2021?
    Yates: Yes, yes! We’re currently developing new products – beyond our vinyl stickers – that embrace the tangibles mission. We’re also working on new partnerships with local businesses so you can find tangibles in more of your favorite places! And, we’ll be launching a fun giveaway in May, so be on the lookout for that, too.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Yates: Head to or follow along on Instagram


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    Ready to learn more about the Enneagram? Whitney Ellison of Wellison Enterprises is your gal.

    You have likely at least heard the word “Enneagram” by now. For those completely new to this tool, the Enneagram is a 9-sided symbol that represents a spectrum of 9 personality types. This secular tool has mysterious origins but is believed to have originated with early Sufis or Christians thousands of years ago and has withstood the test of time. From individuals to religious organizations, to therapists, this tool is used to help folks with self-discovery, developing self-awareness and empathy, and dismantling defense mechanisms that hold us back – among many other amazing reasons. 

    If you want to effectively use the Enneagram, you must understand the tool holistically. A holistic understanding will ensure that you accurately discover your type. This is not easily or accurately done by using a typing test or being typed by another person. This is because the Enneagram is based on motivation – why we do the things we do – not behavior. Motivation was developed in childhood – what happened to us when the world got to us (as I like to say) that made us think and operate a certain way. You see, in childhood, we develop defense mechanisms and motivations that form our personalities and influence who we are today. Those seeds planted so long ago may not be evident in our behavior because our behavior changes with the seasons of life. Think about it – if you are in your 40s, are your behaviors the same as they were in your 20s? Probably not. The through line of the seasons of our lives is that our motivation and defense mechanisms – if unchecked – continue to drive our subconscious automatic decision-making – even if our behavior presents differently. These defense mechanisms and motivations that often may have served us early on may no longer serve us now and can become barriers to receiving our desired outcomes. 

    Once we use the power of the Enneagram to discover our core motivation, we become more mindful of living from integrity – from our truth, and not in defense of ourselves. When we stop operating in defense-mode, barriers are dismantled, and intentionality and clarity begin to drive healthy decisions in favor of the lives we want. 

    This is why a test and/or another person typing us is not recommended. Tests only see a snapshot of answers based on a moment in time – and tend to capture the behavior versus the motivation. Humans typing humans is just a big no-no. Nobody can tell you what your motivations are – they can only assume based on what they see and how they know you – again behaviorally based during a specific time frame. Enneagram coaches, such as I, can help guide discovering type by asking probing questions, and helping clients gain an understanding of the Enneagram types, but ultimately, the internal work of discovery must be done by the individual on the journey.  As a matter of fact, the Riso Hudson Enneagram Type Test – the most popular and accurate Enneagram test – is only somewhere between 56-82% accurate. I can vouch for that, because I have coached many people who took the test or had corporate coaching with the test as a starting point and were mistyped. Being mistyped is counter-intuitive because it does not get to the heart of who we are. That is why I encourage everyone to understand each type. We have every type in us, we just happen to lead with one of the nine types. In addition, understanding each type ensures we develop empathy for others – it allows us to discover something truly ground-breaking: not everyone thinks the way we do. When we gain this knowledge, we have less conflict and more productive communication. It sounds basic, but it is a powerful truth. 

    This is why, for the next 9 weeks, I hope you’ll join me as we explore an overview of each Enneagram type. In next week’s Cincy Chic edition, we will explore the Enneagram Type 1, the Perfectionist or Reformer. 

    If you find yourself wanting more information about the Enneagram, consider taking my online introductory course which will give you a more in depth overview, and provide a path to help you discover your type! 

    Whitney Ellison is a thought leader and coach of the Enneagram and Quantum Energy. Learn more about her by visiting her website, and following her @wellisonenterprises on Instagram where you can find all of her Enneagram series interviews and other comings and goings.

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    Anchor Wellness Center and WISe Wellness Guild empower Cincinnatians to take control of their health and wellbeing.

    Dr. Sarah Crawford, Founder, Anchor Wellness. Photo: Julie Doran

    Through a shared mission to change the way women access healthcare in Cincinnati, two women-owned businesses – Anchor Wellness Center and WISe Wellness Guild – have aligned. Both businesses serve as educational platforms and provide services that empower women to take health and wellness into their own hands.

    Anchor Wellness Center, a Kenwood-based center offering physical therapy, clinical Pilates, lifestyle coaching, nutritional therapy and yoga therapy, was founded by Dr. Sarah Crawford, a licensed physical therapist in 2019. WISe Wellness Guild, founded by Stevi Carr in 2019, leverages expertise in behavioral sciences, healthcare, wellcare and women’s empowerment to provide a platform that shifts the way women work and live. 

    “We formed this partnership to help women challenge the norms set for them,” says Dr. Crawford. “We are pushing for women to prioritize themselves, think bigger and demand a seat at the table. To do that, women need to be the best versions of themselves which means prioritizing their mental and physical wellness and having a supportive network to help them function optimally and achieve exactly what they want. We’re providing the tools to do just that.”

    “Wellness is a spectrum, and it is important that we acknowledge that each woman’s journey is individual and personal” says Stevi Carr, Founder of WISe. “With that being said, one of the biggest contributors to healthy habit formation is the power of a like-minded community. WISe aims to create an ecosystem of empowerment and accountability to offer a culture of wellness.”

    Stevi Carr, Founder of WISe Wellness Guild. Photo: Tasha Pinelo Photography

    WISe Wellness Guild Members get access to special events and promotions within Anchor Wellness Center. Other benefits include the opportunity to connect guild members and corporate partners with providers inside Anchor Wellness Center. 

    For additional information on Anchor Wellness Center and WISe Wellness Guild, please visit and, respectively.

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    Our business and life coach shares how being both a doer and a learner empowers you to accomplish more.  

    Are you the type of person who is a jump all in and hopes you can figure it out along the way? Or are you someone that needs to be provided an in-depth explanation and information about the process before doing the work? Maybe you’re a little of both.

    For me, I’m constantly learning new things, and honestly, I get so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do first, so I jump, hoping I will figure it out.

    I especially like the hands-on training; however, after the presentation, being left on your own to implement can often lead to not following through or completing the task.

    Sound familiar? You are not alone!

    Here’s a couple of ways to effectively use content to take you to the next level:

    Listen first, then take notes – Often, when you are learning something, you feel the need to take notes. That is what becomes your focus, often missing out on hearing the process. The key is to listen for understanding and visualizing the instruction in your mind’s eye as a learner. Taking notes is a disconnect from that vision. Try dropping the pen and listen to learn, then write notes 

    later. And if that doesn’t seem possible, ask permission to audio record the instruction to reference later. 

    Be an Action Taker – Following anything you’ve learned, be sure to repeat it right away so you can see how the pieces fall together – the “doers” mindset! The delay in taking action will only allow you to forget key points and steps for doing the task.  By taking action, you see the results and understand the process, which encourages you to keep taking action. 

    Once you begin to see how learning and doing is one of the same, you will soon discover how quickly you will want to learn more. You feel empowered and can accomplish more. Learning is vital when leveling up. You don’t know what you don’t know, so go out there and learn. Embrace the journey and watch all the opportunities that show up for you to expand your knowledge and power so you can live your best life!

    Here’s to creating the life you deserve!