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    A local mom launched a business that makes cute stationery and planner stickers for the organization-driven people of the planet, and it’s all for a good cause. Read on to learn more about the little boy who inspires her.

    Plan-It Planet sells planner stickers to help keep your busy life organized.
    Between OT, ABA and all the IEPs for her son, who’s on the autism spectrum, Carla Garza needed something to keep her life organized… ASAP.
    That “something” led to launching her business Plan-It Planet, an online, handmade shop dedicated to those who still use paper planners or calendars to keep their lives in order. “As someone that knows all that goes into keeping up with the appointments and the needs of a child on the spectrum, I incorporated stickers specifically geared toward helping to stay on track,” she says.

    Spectrum or not, between appointments, extracurriculars, events, and more, Plan-It Planet helps you keep it all together – in the cutest way. “We provide cute and functional stickers and other accessories to help people stay on track in their busy lives,” says Garza. “Every item is made personally by me and we have nearly 1,000 items to choose from.”

    An advocate of paper planners, and a user since middle school, Garza says that it was just a few years ago that she was inspired to start making her own stickers on pre-cut address labels before eventually moving on to design and cut her own custom stickers for herself and launching an Etsy store in 2015 that overflowed into its own website in 2016.

    Because being organized is so essential as an adult, and especially as a parent, Garza says that her planner is a way for her to relax her mind by having everything written out and organized. “It became even more necessary once I got older and even more so when I had two kids to keep up with as well,” she adds.

    Garza is the one-woman show behind her business and is self-taught in everything that she does – from web design to illustration and all the business stuff in between.

    Her penchant for stickers helped her to create a business that features unique designs as well as high-quality customer service.

    “A lot of my designs are hand drawn and the shop has its own exclusive character, Luna, who is adored by many and is loosely based on my daughter Kaelyn,” explains Garza. “Luna is drawn by me personally and can be found in hundreds of different poses and scenarios, and she’s also featured as the main subject of our autism sheet.”

    Plan-It Planet also sells pinback buttons.

    The autism sheet is a special sheet of stickers that Garza offers every April for Autism Awareness Month. She says that all of the proceeds from the sale of that sheet are donated to the Autism Research Institute.

    “I knew that with the success of my business I wanted to give back to a cause that was close to me and to many others I know,” she adds.

    As her business continues to expand, Garza says that she’s recently recent new sticker albums to help keep your stickers better organized, as well as pinback buttons.

    “I’m also working to branch out and broaden my product line, as well as offering wholesale,” she says. “In the future, I’d like to incorporate my son and his drawings into my shop as a permanent fixture to teach him a bit about what I do and running a business, as well as become a permanent fixture for donating to the Autism Research Institute on his behalf and to help him save up for future needs he may have.”

    To learn more about Plan-It Planet, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and give them a “like” on Facebook.

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    In this week's episode of Styling with Amy and Amy we're teaching you how to wear tennis shoes with the trendiest summer fashions! Keep watching for more!

    Amy Scalia with Cincy Chic chats with Amy Elberfeld, founder of Styling with Amy and a personal stylist with NYGARD Direct. To learn more about Styling with Amy, contact Elberfeld at 513-260-2696, or you can visit her website at

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    Learn about a statement jewelry store that spreads female empowerment and confidence one fashionable piece at a time.

    Catherine Blubaugh, Founder of Design & Curiosity Studio

    Design & Curiosity Studio is the lovechild of a passion for statement jewelry and the desire to spread positive female empowerment.

    Catherine Blubaugh, owner of Cincinnati-based Design & Curiosity Studio, is inspired by many different aspects in everyday life. “I am mostly inspired by powerful women: female business owners trying to make it on their own, and my confident and colorful friends,” says Blubaugh. “I’m also inspired by anything colorful like architecture, flowers, and design. Life’s too short to be boring!” 

    Design & Curiosity Studio offers handcrafted, fun, and one-of-a-kind statement jewelry. Some of Blubaugh’s most popular products are her word earrings. “The literal interpretation of ‘statement’ earrings,” she laughs. Her best sellers are the earrings that spell BOSS BABE and GRL PWR. 

    Blubaugh’s goal is to make pieces that she hasn’t seen anywhere else. “A lot of times the ideas just pop into my head or I work them out through many iterations,” Blubaugh says. “I make stuff that I love to wear, and my hope is that other people want to wear them too!” 

    Blubaugh says she’d love to expand her product line and design even more fun designs. Since she laser-cuts the majority of her pieces herself, she wants to experiment with some fun designs and new techniques in the future.

    To learn more about Design & Curiosity Studio, follow along on Instagram, or visit her shop online at and her Etsy store.

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    A local lady started a new online talk show that connects the community with helpful wellness information and practitioners in an interactive yet convenient way.

    Healthwell Enterprises is hosting online wellness talk shows to give audiences the chance to learn about a topic from their home, or anywhere on the go.

    Getting healthier just got a little easier thanks to a local lady who’s launching a wellness talk show that you can watch, and interact with, from the comfort of your home.

    “Healthwell Online Wellness Talk Show is a question and answer format presentation online (or on phone) with a wellness practitioner,” says Brenda Raymond-Ball, Owner and Business Director of Healthwell Enterprises. “This gives the audience an opportunity to learn about a topic from their home or car and engage with the practitioner to ask questions.”

    The first talk show is happening on Wednesday, July 11, from 8-8:30am Eastern Time. “With busy summer schedules, we thought this would give people a chance to participate without needing to block or schedule time to get some place,” Raymond-Ball says.

    The inspiration behind starting the free online talk show came from the events that Healthwell Enterprises has hosted in the past. “It’s really an extension of the wellness events that we host throughout the year,” she says. ”The goal overall is to connect consumers and wellness practitioners and the events give us the opportunity to educate and provide interaction between consumers and practitioners in bite-size pieces.”

    The talk show has monthly topics and the July topic is, “How To Refresh Healthy Mind and Body Rhythms During The Summer.” 

    “Sue McLaughlin of Inner Source Living will take us back to our roots when we more naturally spent time outside during the warmer months and inside during the winter,” Raymond-Ball says. “She will teach us tips to stimulate different parts of the brain, helping us enjoy our summer even more and prepare to start our fall routines. The online show mainly attracts a demographic of women 40 and over, but the topic is relevant to parents, and would appeal to the younger crowd as well.”

    There is a unique aspect to what the talk show does, compared to other broadcasts. “I think the combination of a Q&A format with a host focused on wellness education without pushing sales is not typical and gives participants a risk-free way to engage in learning,” she says. 

    Raymond-Ball hopes that the broadcasts enrich the community with education that lead to healthier lifestyles. “Educating even one consumer is a win; although the more participation, the better,” she says. “If we engage more consumers in exploration of wellness options through our talk show, we’re happy.”

    Raymond-Ball feels that the online talk show concept is important for the community because it breaks down information without viewers getting overwhelmed. “Consumers interested in wellness often get overwhelmed with all of the information out there,” she says. “Our talk show breaks down a topic into basic questions and easy to digest pieces, helping people figure out where they might fit it.” 

    Click here to receive call in information. To learn more about Healthwell Enterprises, “like” them on Facebook. 

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    A local non-profit and business accelerator focuses on strengthening business leaders of the future with its next networking event. Read on for more.

    Ocean Accelerator is teaming up with Kila Englebrook of the Social Enterprise Alliance to host a Social Impact Speed Networking event.

    A local organization, Ocean Accelerator, is widening its sea of business connections, resources and enrichment opportunities.

    Ocean Accelerator is a Cincinnati based non-profit focused on entrepreneurship and service in the community. It is an independent business accelerator that is uniquely faith-based and focused on “building into the founder,” therefore encouraging and supporting new leaders develop their own business ideas.

    Their mission is driven by belief, stating that with a strong understanding of what it takes for an entrepreneur to succeed and a belief in God, humans can help the community not just surviving, but thriving in the business world professionally and spiritually. The programs offered also help those seeking success to maneuver the obstacles of business and to help them grow in the face of adversity. Through their events, trainings, accelerators, and tribe, Oceans teaches, mentors, and invests in those who have a strong faith in God and a passion for success.

    Making its debut this Thursday, June 21, the Social Impact Speed Networking event is a special night for individuals to connect and network with other passionate counterparts in social impact. This event will provide bright individuals with the chance to meet other business leaders and employers with the same mindset. This event offers the perfect opportunity to expand your business, or social and enterprise contacts, whether you are a social entrepreneur, small business owner, non-profit professional, or someone just wanting to connect with other individuals doing good in the Cincinnati area. 

    “The Greater Cincinnati chapter of the Social Enterprise Alliance, or S.E.A., actually approached us and were interested in doing a sort of partnership or event with us,” says Courtney DeGeorge-Allen, one of the event and outreach coordinators for Oceans Accelerator.

    “As an organization,” DeGeorge-Allen adds, “the S.E.A. is definitely something that is near and dear to our hearts because making the world a better place through your work is a pretty awesome thing to strive to do.”

    The S.E.A. is a national organization that provides resources and connections for social enterprises. The vision for S.E.A. as a whole is for social enterprise to reach its potential as a force for more effective and sustainable social impact. They empower social enterprises and social entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to succeed, and work to foster a social enterprise ecosystem in which they can thrive.

    At the core of the non-profit, the Ocean community thrives among the concepts of Faith and Entrepreneurship. They have honed seven “continents” of Faith as the backbone to their mission: purpose, perseverance, bravery, discipline, creativity, truth, and community. “This is why it was very natural to partner with S.E.A. for this event,” explains DeGeorge-Allen. “They have such similar values and a fantastic purpose.”

    Oceans Accelerator is unique in that they aid new high-techstartups in accelerating and eventually launching a new businessEach young entrepreneur goes through a series of programs including the Harbor Small Business Training in which members toil through nine weeks of once a week sessions followed by six monthly group coaching sessions. The program is led by an experienced business owner and entrepreneur catered to the startup. 

    They host several events throughout the year, such as this one, focused on combating “founder loneliness and increasing founding skills. 

    Throughout the evening, there will be time to speak with other business leaders as well as a presentation from the President and CEO of S.E.A Network, Kila Englebrook. Englebrook will be talking briefly about her company, as well as sharing some stories from other S.E.A. chapters around the country that highlight the power of networking and community. 

    In addition to this groundbreaking event, there will be even more happenings like this one. “There won’t be a repeat of this event any other time this year, but we will be continuing with our monthly events every second Tuesday,” says DeGeorge-Allen. “There are two scheduled already for July and August that focus on entrepreneurship.”

    In addition, S.E.A. Cincinnati holds quarterly events that are similar in nature and hosted in partnership with other social enterprises throughout the city.

    Each event has a networking purpose,” she says, “but some may be focused on providing education and resources for social enterprises as well.” 

    The event will be held this Thursday, June 21, from 5:30- 8:30 PM with Ocean Accelerator, located at 1100 Sycamore Street, 4th Floor, Cincinnati, OH 45202. It is free for S.E.A. members and $10 for non-members. Light refreshments will be provided.

    To learn more about Oceans Accelerator, visit

    To learn more about Englebrook and the Greater Cincinnati Regional Chapter of S.E.A., visit,

    To learn more about the event, or purchase a ticket, click here.

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    Inspired by her daughter’s health struggles, a local lady opened a wellness center focused on bringing you the best possible quality of life. Read on for more.

    Chill Zone Cryo aims to improve clients’ quality of life.

    After her daughter developed lymphedema at age 16, Lesa Smith decided to take matters into her own hands to help her heal. She did this by opening Chill Zone Cryo, a wellness center aimed at giving clients a customized experience to help improve their quality of life. 

    Chill Zone Cryo opened on June 17, 2016 offering cryotherapy services to help and heal your body in a multitude of ways. Cryotherapy is a technique which utilizes extreme cold to heal a variety of medical issues. 

    Smith describes some of the medical issues that cryotherapy targets and how Chill Zone Cryo can make a difference: “Our goals are always about finding what works for someone. We can help inflammation based issues and help stimulate repair processes,” she says. “Our new unit called a Cryo T-Shock is great for reducing inches without being invasive and not causing tissue damage.”

    Certain products and services offered at Chill Zone Cryo are the Full Body Cryo Sauna, which aims to safely lower skin temperature for about 2-3 minutes to enrich skin and muscles, Spot Cryo, which uses pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors to decrease pore size, make the skin tighter, more even-toned and improve blood circulation. Other services include the ARRC EDGE LED Bed, AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, NORMATEC Compression and more.

    Smith states she found these services by searching for a better way to deal with her daughter’s lymphedema and ended up finding more benefits for countless other individuals.

    “Our daughter’s lymphedema caused massive swelling in the hand and forearm. She was told she needed massage therapy and compression sleeves,” explains Smith. “The swelling went up into her bicep and I was very concerned where she might continue to swell. My husband was working at Cleveland Clinic when I noticed that her swelling had increased and I called to tell him he had to find something, that there had to be something we could do,” she says. “He watched a news report that night on the Cleveland Cavaliers and how the month before they had installed a cryo sauna for their athletic and lymphatic recovery. He called the company that did the install and a week later we went to Texas for a seminar.”

    The research of the Smith family has allowed them to offer certain Cryo services at their facility that are unique from others offering Cryo in the Cincinnati area. These include the LED bed, NanoVi and cold lasers, Cryo T-Shock and Celluma. 

    Chill Zone Cryo is located at 7466 Beechmont Ave. To learn more, visit

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    See how women all over Greater Cincinnati are coming together to break a world record while inspiring healthy lifestyles through fitness and fun.

    Pure Barre is offering Barre on the Bridge on June 30.

    With nearly 1,000 participants attending Barre on the Bridge last year, the team at Pure Barre is partnering with Dress for Success Cincinnati to out-do themselves this year and host a record-breaking day of fitness and fun June 30 on the Purple People Bridge.

    For this event, Pure Barre is offering attendees a free Pure Barre class on the bridge alongside local celebrities, Tanya O’Rourke and Ally Kraemer from WCPO – 9 On Your Side and Garret Celek, the San Francisco 49ers Tight End. 

    “Barre on the Bridge is the community’s chance to try [barre] out for free while being a part of this incredible world record attempt,” says Candice Terrell, marketing consultant for all five Greater Cincinnati Pure Barre studios. “The Oakley, Kenwood, Mason, Fort Weight and Westside Pure Barre studio owners developed the Barre on the Bridge concept to increase awareness that fitness can be energizing and fun.”

    Kendra Northgard, co-owner of Pure Barre Cincinnati Oakley, says barre classes offer a unique fitness experience, as barre focuses on isometric movements, which build and strengthen muscles without impact.

    To host an event of this size, Terrell says “[We] chose to partner with Dress for Success Cincinnati because the alignment in their missions to empower and support women, providing tools to help them thrive in their lives.”

    Leading up to the event, women’s shoes and accessories will be collected for Dress for Success Cincinnati at the Greater Cincinnati Pure Barre Studios as well as on the Purple People Bridge at the event on June 30. Cash donations will also be accepted at that time.

    In addition to three free barre classes offered the morning of the event and the charitable opportunities, food, drink and beauty vendors will also be set up along the bridge.  These vendors include but are not limited to: The Weekly Juicery, Whirlybird Granola, and Paragon Salons, according to Terrell.

    Other than Barre on the Bridge, Pure Barre hosts free pop-up classes periodically throughout the year across the city, in addition to daily classes in any one of the Pure Barre studios located around Greater Cincinnati.

    When asked if there is anything new on the horizon for Pure Barre, Terrell says new classes are constantly added to the menu at Pure Barre studios. She says there’s a lot of excitement building for their new cardio/weight Pure Barre class format coming into studios soon.

    To learn more or sign up for the event, visit the Facebook event here. To register for Barre on the Bridge, visit their Eventbrite page, here. To find a Pure Barre studio near you, visit their website.

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    We chat with this local organization about its recently launched initiative that empowers women to be appointed to boards, commissions and “take a seat at the table.”

    The Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati recently launched its Appointed! initiative to get more women on boards and councils in the city.

    Cincy Chic: What is the Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati?
    Holly Hankinson, Advocacy Director of the Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation: The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation leads our community in ensuring the economic self-sufficiency of women in our region and ignites a shared desire to improve it. We have more than two decades of deep involvement, understanding and building results, and stay at the forefront of the challenges and solutions affecting women and their families both locally and nationally. We believe, and research shows, that when you empower women, the entire community thrives.

    Cincy Chic: Can you tell us about your new Appointed initiative?
    Hankinson: Appointed, a non-partisan initiative, identifies opportunities for women to serve on civic boards and commissions, and empowers them to seek a seat at the table.  We provide support and training opportunities, and are a resource available to connect elected officials to interested board candidates.

    Cincy Chic: What inspired the initiative?
    Hankinson: We were initially inspired to launch this program after hearing about a similar initiative by the Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City. We knew there was nothing like it in Cincinnati, and when we researched the numbers we identified gender disparities across our region, as well. Appointed launched in May, and we’ve already received a lot of interest from women ready to serve!

    Cincy Chic: How are you helping to help shape the community with the initiative?
    Hankinson: We believe civic leadership should reflect the communities they serve. Women represent 51% of the population in the Cincinnati region but hold less than one-third of civic board seats, and 34% of our civic boards have no female representation at all. Across our region, women of color are even more deeply underrepresented.

    We also know that female leaders make a difference. Diverse boards and groups use better governance practices and make better decisions. They also get results; research shows that corporate boards with more gender and racial diversity have better financial performance.

    Our goal is to help build civic boards that reflect our diverse community, achieving better results for our region.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Appointed such a unique initiative?
    Hankinson: Although appointed boards exist in nearly all government jurisdictions, yet nationally there are very few programs aimed at increasing underrepresented voices or recruiting individuals to serve, and we are unique in our region. Appointed is unlike a formal leadership development program in that the level of involvement is up to the participant. We will share board opportunities that match her interests. We will also invite participants to trainings and events for networking and to deepen their knowledge. But attendance isn’t mandatory to receive our support and resources.

    Cincy Chic: How can readers get involved?
    Hankinson: To get involved, interested participants fill out a quick form, so we can capture their interests and relevant background information. Signing up only takes five minutes. That’s all it takes to raise your hand!

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for the Women’s Fund?
    Hankinson: The Women’s Fund recently released our Employer Toolkit, a first-of-its-kind toolkit filled with 30+ actionable policies and practices for employers that will benefit employees and their bottom line. Visit our website or follow us on Facebook for other upcoming events and updates!

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Hankinson: Visit our website for more information, including FAQs, resources, direct links to local boards and commissions, and of course, to sign up!

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    Disney•Pixar’s superheroes return for a fun new sequel. See if our critic thinks it’s a worthy follow-up to its incredible predecessor.


    “Oh honey – don’t make me have to Tweet about you feeling emasculated!” Helen Parr a.k.a. ElastIgirl (Holly Hunter) prepares to go to work at her new job while her husband BOB a.k.a Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and baby Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile) look on in a scene from THE INCREDIBLES 2. CREDIT: © 2018 Disney•Pixar. All rights reserved.



    KEY CAST MEMBERS: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Brad Bird, Catherine Keener, Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Vowell, Bob Odenkirk, Huck Milner, Eli Fucile and Sophia Bush with John Ratzenberger

    WRITER(S): Brad Bird

    DIRECTOR(S): Brad Bird


    HERE’S THE STORY: Picking up right where the first film left off 14 (yes, 14) years ago, The Incredibles 2 finds the Parr family – Helen a.k.a. Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), Bob a.k.a. Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), Dash (Huck Milner), Violet (Sarah Vowell) and baby Jack-Jack (Eli Fucile) – adjusting to life since working as superheroes (“supers” for short) are still illegal. Furthering complicating matters is Violet’s growing interest in boys, Dash being Dash and Jack-Jack’s growing unpredictable powers.

    But, after a brief entanglement with the villainous Underminder (John Ratzenberger), supers find themselves again at the forefront of the public eye … And not in a good way. This troubles Winston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk), who runs – along with his sister Evelyn (Catherine Keener) – runs a tech company and has a love of superheroes, despite a personal tragedy that befell he and his sister’s parents. Determined to show the world it needs supers, he devises a plan to have Helen work to show all the good supers can do while Bob, well … He’s just going to have to stay at home and raise the children for now, occasionally calling the help of his good friend Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) for help.

    And while things are going great for Elastigirl once she is called back into action, Bob finds being a full-time parent quite difficult, Violet has her troubles dealing with adolescence and Jack-Jack? Well, let’s just say that his powers might make him an incredible problem for Bob and everyone’s safety.

    But once the mysterious ScreenSlaver shows up on the scene to cause havoc for all superheroes, it becomes clear that despite the laws, it’s time once again for the Parr family to become incredible …

    WHO WILL LIKE THIS FILM THE MOST? Fans of the original Incredibles movie, superhero movie fans; Disney•Pixar fans; Holly Hunter fans

    WHO WON’T (OR SHOULDN’T) LIKE THIS MOVIE? People who don’t like animation or superhero movies; those will make more of the film’s potential pro/anti (depending on what you read into the movie) feminist stance; those who overanalyze aspects of a movie more than necessary

    SO IS IT GOOD, BAD OR JUST AWFUL? A movie that proves to be just as good (and in some aspects, better and in others, not so much) than the original, The Incredibles 2 delivers the trademark Disney•Pixar magic with a well-crafted mix of humor, action and heart to satisfy audiences of all ages.

    Flipping gender roles for Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl proves to work without any of the trappings of stereotypical/traditional comedy tropes; whereas Bob finds himself out of sorts, it’s not because of his gender, it’s because of his role in the world. Likewise, Helen comes into her own while balancing her desire to be a success, strong and still wanting to be a part of her day-to-day family life. The juxtaposition works more to show the demands of being a modern working family and sorting out one’s role in the world, which of course flows well with the story’s overall family dynamic. Likewise, Violet and Dash maintain their child and sibling sensibilities in a way that make all of their interactions work and feel right, especially within the film’s 1960s-style setting. 

    Family values aside, the thing that keeps the Incredibles 2 moving along well is the genuine connection the viewer will feel with each of the Parr family members and their interactions with each other. Whereas the true villain of the picture is relatively easy to figure out early on in the picture, the action, humor and interplay between the Parrs more than overcomes any story flaws present. Throw in possibly the best performance in the film by writer/director Brad Bird as fan favorite Edna Mole (to say more would ruin much of the fun), a solid turn by Jackson and the introduction of other superheroes – Sophia Bush does a solid job as Elastigirl fan turned superhero herself the Void – and you have just about everything you need for a solid animated, family-friendly yet inspired adventure. 

    Given that 14 years have passed since the first film’s release, it’s a pretty incredible feat that it all comes together so well.



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      For our annual kids’ issue, we take a look inside Ohio’s largest indoor play structure. Keep reading to learn about this Blue Ash-based center that focuses on creative and active play so your little ones can bounce, run, jump, and play their way through summer!

      Summer is here and your kids are bouncing off the walls with energy. That’s where Pogo Play can help.

      Instead of bouncing off the walls at your house, they can bounce around at this 20,000-square-foot family entertainment center that focuses on creative and active play. Based in Blue Ash, you’ll find that Pogo Play is home to the largest indoor play structure in Ohio, with more than 7,600-square-feet of sliding, climbing, crawling, and two mounted pogo sticks for everyone’s jumping pleasure.

      Pogo Play Owner Susan Mattick says that there are different experience zones at the center, including a basketball court, dramatic play, a LEGO room, a toddler room for ages 3 and under, an interactive floor, and an imagination playground where you can build with life-sized building blocks.

      One additional experience available at Pogo Play is the inflatables. There are six inflatables open at no additional charge for open jump times. Mattick says the inflatables are also part of the birthday party experience at Pogo Play.

      “We sport comfortable leather club chairs for parents to take a break, along with free Wi-Fi,” adds Mattick. “Allison’s Cafe provides a variety of healthy options including freshly made salads, paninis, smoothies, frappes, pizza, quesadillas, fresh fruit, pretzel bites, and more with both indoor and outdoor seating.”

      When asked what inspired her to open such a place in Blue Ash, Mattick says that she wanted to set out and create a safe and fun environment that stimulated minds and encouraged active bodies.

      “Too many activities for children today are stationary and don’t require a lot of thought and creativity,” she says. “I wanted to create a one-pay admission space without video games or other activities that don’t require children to think about how to use the objects around them in creative ways. After visiting children’s museums around the country, and different business models, Pogo Play was born.”

      As a single mother who also works full-time, Mattick says that she was not only focused on creating a space that would encourage active minds and bodies, but that was also safe. That’s why everyone who enters the entertainment center receives a coded wristband for safety, so that staff members know which child belongs to which family.

      In addition to being the largest indoor play structure in the state, Pogo Play is also unique in that everything about it was thought out and designed to support the mission of providing active play for the child inside all of us.

      “It isn’t simply an ‘add on’ business, but designed specifically for day play and birthday party opportunities,” says Mattick. “Every activity was planned to provide a different experience for our guests. The activities were purposefully selected to provide different sensory and learning opportunities.”

      And when it comes to birthday parties, there are two options available at Pogo Play. The Pogo Palooza Party is for two party hosts and includes pizza, two unlimited beverage choices, ice cream, paper supplies, 2 hours and 15 minutes of party room access, and 30 minutes of exclusive use of the inflatables. The Pogo Party provides the same as the Palooza Party minus the pizza and drinks. All party guests can also enjoy unlimited play after the party concludes.

      “There is no tipping as we already include this in our staff’s compensation, so you don’t have to worry about additional costs on your special day,” says Mattick. “We will keep track of gifts and do all the clean up, too.”

      Mattick says that the next few weeks at Pogo Play will include a sale on branded socks. She adds that the business will also look at new food options for the cafe as well as keeping an eye out for new attractions.

      Pogo Play is located in Blue Ash at 10870 Kenwood Road, between Creek and Cornell roads.

      To learn more about Pogo Play, visit their website. You can also “like” them on Facebook.