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    Shop local one bite at a time for your Thanksgiving this year thanks to a long-standing tradition in Hyde Park known as the Harvest Celebration. See how you can support local farmers and artisans with this upcoming market.

    Times may be unprecedented, but the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market Harvest Celebration is continuing on with tradition, in the safest way. 

    Also known as Turkey Tuesday, the Harvest Celebration is a traditional farmers’ market but with a focus on the Thanksgiving weekend. 

    “Farmers and food artisans will curate their offerings to enable shoppers to have easy access to local food for their Thanksgiving table and holiday weekend,” says Hyde Park Farmers’ Market’s General Manager Liz Stites. “Buy with confidence from local farmers and food artisans knowing that Hyde Park Farmers’ Market vendors adhere to rigorous, regenerative, and humane farming practices and responsible production standards.”

    The story behind the Harvest Celebration, hosted by Hyde Park Farmers’ Market and endorsed by Green Umbrella, started when regional farmers delivered their freshly processed, pasture-raised turkeys on a Hyde Park neighborhood side street the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

    “That morning, turkeys were rounded up on the farm and driven to the processor,” says Stites. “By that evening those turkeys had been delivered to eager cooks and were ready to be the centerpiece of Thursday’s meal.”

    With the help of Hyde Park Farmers’ Market, the event now enables fresh turkeys plus many other regionally grown and produced meal ingredients to be delivered in a pop-up farmers’ market on Hyde Park Square. 

    However, Stites says that this year all turkeys will be frozen for the 2020 Harvest Celebration due to COVID-19.

    When you visit the Harvest Celebration, you’ll find that the event offers all that the regional food system has to share for the upcoming holiday including pre-ordered whole turkeys and other pastured meats; fresh, seasonal produce; food artisan delights; flowers, holiday arrangements, and holiday decor; and hostess gifts.

    This unique celebration is the only regional farmers’ market focused solely on Thanksgiving and the weekend to follow. “In the spirit of the holiday, the market is designed to enable Greater Cincinnati families to enjoy the bounty of our regional food system,” adds Stites.

    While many are looking forward to the idea of attending the Harvest Celebration, the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market is working to offer guests a safe shopping experience. “The market appreciates patrons’ ongoing support and cooperation during the COVID pandemic,” she says. “The market’s COVID protocols are based on requirements and best practices from local, state, and federal authorities. Proper placement of masks and social distancing is required at all times while at the market.”

    This year’s Harvest Celebration will take place on November 24 from 6:30-8:30pm on Hyde Park Square. New for this year’s event includes new vendor Pavel’s Garden.

    “Pavel’s Garden is a family-run market garden in Oldham County, Kentucky, that cultivates year-round utilizing sustainable growing methods to produce the healthiest food possible,” says Stites. 

    Additionally, the event is starting later this year in order to accommodate rush hour traffic. 

    To learn more about the Harvest Celebration, click here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram

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    This beautiful, newly constructed home is back on the market and this is your chance to make it yours! Click here to see this week's Listing of the Week!

    This is a re-sale of an exceptional, new construction home on a sought after street in a cul-de-sac! This LEED gold home is 3 years young with upgrades galore and a private, usable backyard with a fire pit. It boasts an open floor plan on the 1st floor with a gourmet kitchen and a home office. Thoughtfully designed 2nd floor with expansive owner’s suite, an en-suite guest bedroom, Jack-n-Jill for the other two bedrooms, and a laundry room. A finished lower level provides an additional 2 bedrooms and a family room with a wet bar. Don’t wait, this one won’t last!

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    Read about a local mom whose life was saved shortly after giving birth thanks to blood donors.

    For most people, celebrating the birth of their first child is a truly life-changing event.

    But for Kendra Stanley, the birth of her daughter Addison was even more momentous, because of the complications she survived thanks to blood donors.

    In September of 2019, Kendra and her husband were admitted to St. Elizabeth’s in Edgewood to deliver their first child. Her labor was long and exhausting—“I had been in labor for over 24 hours and had pushed for almost 3 hours when she finally was born,” she recalls.

    Kendra and her husband were thrilled to meet their newborn daughter, but their moments meeting Addison were short-lived. Kendra’s drawn-out labor ended with a serious medical emergency when her placenta struggled to detach from the uterine wall.

    “Very quickly after her birth, things went downhill,” she says.  “The placenta was still attached to my uterus and was not easily detaching. When it finally detached, I started hemorrhaging. Pieces of the placenta were still stuck in my body, and had to quickly be taken out along with multiple blood clots. This resulted in a major loss of blood.”

    Postpartum hemorrhaging affects between 1 to 5 percent of women, and the availability of blood products is critical when it comes to treatment. The excessive blood loss can cause a severe drop in the mother’s blood pressure and may lead to shock and death if not caught and treated quickly.

    Kendra’s doctors had to work fast to remove the placental remains, stem the rapid bleeding, and ultimately save her life. Blood donors are one of the only reasons Kendra was able to survive and bond with her daughter.

    “I received a lifesaving double blood transfusion later that night,” Kendra says. “I felt like an entirely new person after the transfusion and I am so grateful that it is something I was able to receive when I desperately needed it. I was able to go home shortly after that and enjoy my baby girl all thanks to blood donations!” 

    Here is a list of upcoming Hoxworth Blood Drives: 


    11/24/20 – Rookwood Commons Hoxworth Blood Drive

    11/25/20 – Oakley Community Blood Drive


    12/2/20 – Signature Air (Lunken)

    12/10/20 –  Main Library drive, downtown

    12/21/20 –  Downtown Mobile

    12/22/20 – Deer Park Library                             

    12/23/20 – Mariemont Theater        

    12/31/20 – Starbucks on 4th Street, downtown

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    Learn about the Workforce Innovation Center that now offers more than 120 inclusive best practices, policies, and partnerships to support companies’ unique workforce and talent needs.


    It’s no secret that businesses are facing unprecedented challenges in the current economy. People are also struggling. With poverty and disparities, especially along lines of race, it’s holding our community back. That’s where the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s  Workforce Innovation Center can help. 

    Through a newly unveiled three-tired service offering the Workforce Innovation Center helps by providing:

    • assessment services to help companies identify issue areas
    • more than 120 practice and policy recommendations and partnerships to customize solutions for companies
    • evaluating and recognizing companies through a formal process, which is in development

    Workforce Innovation Center Executive Director Audrey Treasure says the concept is led by the idea of “inclusive capitalism,” which aims to make capitalism benefit employees, communities, and shareholders with the positive results. 

    “Business was designed to be in the best interest of their stakeholders, meaning the employees, employers and community as a whole,” explains Treasure. “We aim to return to this idea that a business invests in their people as part of their long-term talent play for all. It doesn’t have to be about how fast you can turn a profit. It’s about building a strong community. We’re beating our drum that this is how we want businesses run in Cincinnati.”

    Treasure says plans to launch the Workforce Innovation Center has long been in the works, but COVID-19 made the need for its services even more apparent. “COVID-19 forced us to make this more available to more companies. That’s why we broke it down into three service offerings, you can choose one, or two or three of those so we can help you reach your goals,” she explains. “The pandemic also made it more apparent that people live in financially precarious positions, which is really troubling. We want employers to be part of the solution.”

    The Workforce Innovation Center takes a direct approach of consulting with companies to understand what is happening within their workforce. Through an assessment process of a company’s identified challenges, policies, and employee experience, the Center proposes solutions that can improve the business’ operations and can also help address challenges that employees might be experiencing. “A company may have a tardiness policy that is overly punitive and results in a high turnover rate of employees that could otherwise be successful,” explains Treasure. “The Center can then support an employer in implementing practice changes in order to achieve its desired outcomes and improve its bottom line.”

    Not only does the Center offer this support, but it also serves as a hub between businesses and the workforce ecosystem that exists in this region. “These social solutions organizations excel at removing barriers for people who are looking to advance their lives through work and can bring companies new sources of talent that employers may not have previously considered,” she says. “There’s also been a real increase in focus on racial disparities. Companies come to us asking how we can help them bridge the gap. They want to be intentional about how they improve policies and practices, as part of their business strategy and we’re there to help.”

    Treasure says they help local businesses large and small through the Center, the smallest currently having 14 employees and the largest having thousands.

    Liza Smitherman, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Jostin Construction, Inc.  

    “We see an opportunity for companies to drive changes within their business to improve company operational and financial performance and support their employees,” says Treasure. “We can give businesses – regardless of size – tools and measurements to tell them how they’re doing. We think if we can do this company by company, this will have a transformational effect on the community as a whole.”

    The Workforce Innovation Center was established by business leaders who wanted to make the reduction of poverty in the region a priority. Liza Smitherman, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Jostin Construction, Inc.  sat on the advisory board of the Workforce Innovation Center prior to launch, and also recently brought Jostin Construction on board to utilize all three service levels.

    “They made it easy to share and acknowledge that there are opportunities for improvement so they can then help. It’s so important to know where our employees fit, center their voices, so we can hear from our stakeholders, our assets our employees,” Smitherman explains. “A good business that wants to have good jobs needs to hear from their people. The center helps our employees give comprehensive feedback, while also getting an objective review of that feedback, benchmarked by industry standards and best practices to let us know how we’re doing and areas of needed growth.”

    Smitherman says she feels extremely thankful to have access to the Center’s services in Cincinnati. “We are in Ohio, so we’re more conservative about how we look at things,” she adds. “I give credit to the Chamber in particular who pull together a very diverse group of voices that then help move this needle forward. There’s some empowerment felt that my voice can be heard as much as a big business that’s been around for 20-30 years.” 

    This business-focused resource is part of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. Through this, the Workforce Innovation Center is able to offer support to companies while helping them solve challenges and find new sources of talent, consider new ways of doing business to support their success, and engage companies in the process of increasing economic mobility for those in poverty. 

    To learn more about the Workforce Innovation Center, visit You can check out more using the Cincy Chamber’s presence on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook and the Center’s new LinkedIn page. You can also watch and share these short videos focused on the Center’s approach for businesses and how it will impact the community as a whole.

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    From fashion designer to vegan foodie, this local entrepreneur is adding a new feather to her cap with healthy (and yes tasty) versions of your favorite foods.

    Danielle DeLaine has a passion for food but has always considered herself to be a picky eater. 

    “I was picky about the texture of meat especially,” she says. “I always enjoyed veggies, toppings, and sauces more than anything.”

    She says that growing up she would often take the pattie off her burger and eat the toppings and bread. Then, when she was pregnant more than 23 years ago, she gave up beef and pork.

    “I just didn’t want it at all anymore,” says DeLaine. “A year passed and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.”

    She was diagnosed at a time when doctors knew very little about her condition and chalked it up to stress. But DeLaine knew stress wasn’t the issue. After doing more research of her own, looking into alternative options and spending years as a pescetarian, she decided three years ago that she wanted to get rid of meat all together. 

    But as a passionate seafood lover, DeLaine wasn’t quite ready to rid herself completely of the taste of seafood. 

    Danielle DeLaine

    “I began to get creative in the search for plant-based alternatives and there were very few back then,” she says. “But that allowed me to create dishes that vegans and non-vegans alike could enjoy.”

    To help others who may need to follow specific diet guidelines due to health or personal reasons, DeLaine decided to launch Herban Vegans. 

    “Herban Vegans is an eatery that is one of only a couple in the United States that offers vegan cuisine inspired by the sea,” she says. “Our flagship products are vegan seafood.” 

    DeLaine herself was no stranger to entrepreneurship when she decided to launch Herban Vegans. She is the founder of a fashionable hat boutique called Chapeau Couture. 

    She says that taking a leap of faith on Herban Vegans has been a testament to her vegan lifestyle and how enjoyable it can be.

    “There are many reasons why people are vegan, but you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy vegan food,” she says. “I always encourage my friends and family to enjoy a meatless meal daily. You can never go wrong with protecting the Earth and God’s creatures while enhancing your wellbeing simultaneously.” 

    The menu at Herban Vegans features pancultural seafood cuisine turned vegan. Non-seafood dishes are also available, giving an opportunity to provide more variety in the food and weekly meal prep options. 

    DeLaine says that customer favorites include Fysh, Miracle Mac, Gumbo, Krab Cakes, Shrimp Po’Boy, Seafood Boil, and Etoufee. “We invite everyone to check us out for themselves,” she says. “All are welcome.”

    DeLaine adds that she was operating Herban Vegans from Caffe Vivace jazz lounge offering brunch. However, in the midst of the pandemic and new surges, she is operating as a virtual eatery from Findlay Kitchen. 

    “It is such a benefit to have Findlay Kitchen as a resource,” she says. “And we are currently looking forward to expansion to a grocery store near you.” 

    Pickup and delivery options are available when placing an order. 

    You can learn more about Herban Vegans and see the menu yourself at You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram

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    Local experts just launched an exclusive new line of skincare. See how it can boost your routine and improve problem areas. 

    Sylvia Brownlee, founder of Pure Beauty Skin Bar, loves to help people improve their skin. 

    Since 2015, she’s been doing that with Cincinnati-based Pure Beauty Skin Bar. Now, with the launch of an exclusive new line of skincare, she’s adding a new layer to how she can help. 

    Brownlee says she’s always had dreams of making a difference within the beauty industry. From management leadership roles in the beauty industry education field to hands-on work in the treatment room, Brownlee is a passionate professional whose footprint is growing in leaps and bounds, according to Pure Beauty’s media kit. Over the years, Brownlee has grown both her business and expansive knowledge to treat clients nationwide.

    “My main goal is to teach others how to love and care for their skin,” says Brownlee. “Skin by Brownlee & an exciting, luxury line of skincare that will take Pure Beauty Skin Bar to the next level.” The new skincare line is named after Sylvia, seeing as she is the last living Brownlee in her family.

    Pure Beauty Skin Bar’s focus is on customers looking to boost their skin care routine, specifically with acne and pigmentations. “Our services menu is complete with seven different corrective skin treatments, including waxing,” says Brownlee. “Each is custom-tailored to meet customers individual needs with top-tier, professional care.” For a complete list of Pure Beauty Skin Bar services, visit

    The Pure Beauty Acne Experience is made up of 3 steps to clear skin:

    1. As a client, you will undergo a thorough, in-depth consultation process. This consultation is aimed at uncovering recommended changes to your lifestyle and skin care routine. 
    2. After consultation, Brownlee will coach you how to properly use the Skin by Brownlee, Co. products. These products can be combined to form a unique routine that fits your skin’s specific needs. 
    3. After the coaching, you will schedule and experience a series of detoxing skin treatments to remove blockages from the hair follicles. 

    Not only does Pure Beauty Skin bar offer Skin by Brownlee & Co. products, they also have a blog. “The blog is a place for our clients to read up on all things related to Pure Beauty Skin Bar tips and tricks related to all things acne-related, as well as Sylvia’s favorite things,” says Brownlee. You can read the blog here

    In the midst of COVID-19, the company has added in appropriate safety measures, including masks, temperature checks and placing orders online and picking up curbside. For customers who desire a personal consultation, virtual consultations are available for those choosing to stay at home or from out-of-state.

    To stay connected with Pure Beauty Skin Bar, you can visit their website at You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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    Read on to learn about a locally-based blog that’s now helping thousands of people with Keto-friendly meals.

    A blog recently launched by a local woman is now helping thousands of people enjoy Keto-friendly meals one recipe at a time. 

    “Yep, It’s Keto is a blog I started in January 2020 to provide meal ideas and guidance to those that enjoy a Keto(low-carb eating) lifestyle,” says Robin Feltner, Creator and Writer of Yep, It’s Keto. 

    Robin Feltner

    What is Keto? “Our bodies run off of two fuel sources…either carbohydrates or fat. If you opt for carbohydrates, you’ll provide fuel from the foods you are eating, therefore making it hard to burn the fat from your body. When you eat a low-carb diet (25 carbs a day or less), you become ‘Fat-adapted.’ This means that your body is fueled from the fat on your body,” Feltner says. “Your body will use the fat from your body to provide energy. This means you’ll rapidly burn excess fat from your body. This happens relatively quickly — you can become fat-adapted within a week — and this is why we see people lose weight fast on Keto. You are tapping directly into your fat stores for energy and that results in quick weight loss.”

    There are many health benefits associated with a Keto diet. “It reduces the inflammation in your body, it helps you to create the ideal body weight for your body, it lowers blood pressure, it evaporates brain fog and provides mental acuity, it provides tons of energy and best of all, it can reverse Type II Diabetes,” she says.

    The blog is available on FacebookInstagramTwitter and the blog’s website. The blog has been around since January 2020 and has more than 10k followers. “I’ve had a rapid growth of readers in that time, acquiring about 1000 new readers per month, letting me know I’m right on track with what the public is seeking,” Feltner says. 

    Feltner’s 30lb weight loss, thanks to her keto diet

    The inspiration behind starting the blog came from health struggles that Feltner was going through. “I started eating a Ketodiet after I had been diagnosed with a severely herniated disc in my back, had high blood pressure and also had excess weight to lose. I learned that the Keto diet was a very low-inflammatory diet. Herniated discs are essentially that… inflamed discs and as I was in excruciating pain, I was willing to try anything to get well,” she says. “I started my keto journey in April 2018, staying under 25 carbs per day and had such amazing success with Keto within six months. I lost 30 pounds, completely healed my herniated disc, normalized my BP and kicked those meds to the curb and became overall ultra-healthy. I started the blog in 2020 because I knew I had to tell others about this incredible life hack. When you discover something incredible, you want to share it with the world. This has resulted in me being in the best shape, mentally and physically, that I’ve ever experienced.”

    The name of the business came from a desire to help the Ketocommunity. “We low-carb eating folks are always seeking new things to eat. We are always curious if it’s Keto,” Feltner says. “I would research food and say to myself, ‘Yep, it’s Keto.” The name stuck from there.”


    There is a variety of content offered through, Yep, It’s Keto. “Coming from a background in restaurant marketing for the past decade before joining the Northern Kentucky Health Department in July, I have been very passionate about cooking, food and presentation. I knew my restaurant marketing, photography and menu development background would help me communicate with the reader,” she says. “Initially, my blog was regarding all things Keto, including Keto education, workouts, etc. However, it’s transitioned now to a focus on delicious Keto meals that the whole family will eat.”

    The blog provides a variety of low-carb recipes and they include:

    ▪ Meats: Steak, Chicken, Pork, etc.
    ▪ Vegetables: Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli and Cauliflower
    ▪ There are also “Sweets that are sweetened with Keto-friendly sweetners, such as erythrotol or Monk Fruit,”Fretner says. 

    Feltner’s blog is unique because she brings her decade-worth of experience. “I have been a Food and Beverage Marketer for the past decade and I also grew up in a family that owned a catering business, so I really know food and presentation extensively. This has helped me create restaurant-quality meals that not only taste delicious, but it photographs well and is very marketable,” she says. “My blog is unique in that I have had many years of presenting food and drinks to guests and that has translated well into fantastic engagement with the readers on my blog.”

    Yep, It’s Keto is important for the community because it provides awareness of Keto. “Helping readers discover Keto is good for all of us, as this leads to an increase in health overall and wellness for our community,” Feltner says. “The lack of disease and illness and the increase in health and wellness monumentally impacts your community and steers your tax dollars to programs that promote health, not just care for the ill.”

    If you want to keep up with what Yep, It’s Keto is doing, follow the blog on FacebookInstagramTwitter and the blog’s website

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    Have a chocolate lover in your life? (Yes, that includes you) This local chocolatier creates artisanal chocolate boxes perfect for gifting and Choc Boards perfect for grazing.

    Cincy Chic: What is Choc on the Wild Side?
    Debra Richman, Founder of Choc on the Wild Side: Choc on the Wild Side is chocolate reimagined, crafting artisanal chocolate into beautiful Grazing Choc Boards and fully customizable Choc Boxes that are perfect for at-home entertaining as well as personal and corporate gifting!

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
    Richman: Baking has always been a shared hobby in our home, and holidays and special occasions have always been accented by creative sweets to mark the moment. When my daughter, Maddie, was a preschooler, we spent a lot of time baking and she always asked me to promise we would start a bakery together and that we would call it the M&M bakery, for “Mom and Maddie.”  I would always agree that for sure we would do that (tongue in cheek), she would say “when?,” and I would say “before you’re in middle school” – because that felt so far off.  Pan ahead a decade later and Maddie is an 8th grader, the name M&M has always been clearly taken, and Choc on the Wild Side is a chocolate business not a bakery, but the inspiration for starting this company came from the fun I had creating desserts with that little preschooler. 

    Cincy Chic: What types of treats do you offer?
    Richman: We offer seasonal and fully customizable choc boxes with varieties of gorgeous and delicious chocolate pairings!  Our amazing chocolate barks come in more than two dozen combinations, and our loaded pretzels are easily a stand-alone dessert! In addition, we add an artisanal flare to several flavored cookies covered in chocolate, and our ‘Choc Cookie Flight’ is a crowd pleaser with a wine tasting or a huge glass of milk. 

    Cincy Chic: Are you offering any specialized holiday boxes?
    Richman: We are offering a ton of specialized holiday boxes and our online launch for the 2020 Holiday Season is Friday, November 13th!  We will feature Hot Cocoa Choc Boards with hand crafted delicacies to create the perfect holiday drink. In addition, we’ll have gorgeous boxes filled with Choc Bark Pretzel combos, Choc Bark Bars, and Choc Covered Cookies for sending to someone you miss, thanking a special teacher, or sending out to wish co-workers or employees a Happy Holiday Season!

    Cincy Chic: What makes Choc on the Wild Side unique?
    Richman: Choc on the Wild Side is unique because of our approach to rethinking chocolate combos and asserting that in the choc arena there’s no such thing as excess! One commonality in our world right now is wanting to celebrate the good times together and wanting to reach out to the people we’re missing – a little chocolate excess checks both of those boxes!

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
    Richman: We’re always looking for some innovative spin and tailoring our ‘Choc Cookie Flight’ this winter in tandem with Wine Tastings will help infuse some fun to Winter 2021. In addition, we will be offering a ‘Brew Companion Choc Box ‘featuring our salty ‘Choc Potato Chips’ and ‘Nutty Choc Barks’, which can hold their own with a tasty, seasonal craft beer! 

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Richman: We post all of our newest creations on Instagram and Facebook where we often spotlight Choc Boards we’ve recently delivered for fun events, and we also feature gorgeous Choc Boxes all customized for special occasions, before we ship them off to a destination outside of Mason. In addition, our website, offers a wide array of options for real time ordering and also a way to reach out so that we can collaborate together to create a perfect fit for an Open House or a Milestone Celebration worthy of fanfare.

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    The holiday season is here and our life coach is sharing how you can fill your own cup in a year that's been anything but normal.

    Ready or not! The holidays are now upon us. Thanksgiving is in a few days. But the energy and excitement this year isn’t as strong as years past. 

    This is the time of year when you celebrate and spend time with family, friends, co-workers and new acquaintance in homes, restaurants, and party venues. But this year it’s mostly virtual. 

    To be honest with you it just doesn’t have the same energy and high vibe like it does when you see someone in person and can give them a big hug and just be in the presence of others.

    Having just conducted the Growing Through Gratitude webinar and talking about the different ways that you can expand on your gratitude practice by using the deeper why method, an evidence journal, and the pay it forward practice what a perfect time for you to really lean in and do the things that bring you joy.

    We’re so busy taking care of others and their needs that sometimes you forget yourself in all the responsibilities and distractions. And emotionally that can be exhausting.

    Start with YOU. Plan sometime fun that only you will enjoy. What’s your favorite movie, what book have you been anxiously awaiting to read, update your music playlist, light some candles.  

    What about buying a new nightgown, even bra and panties, or your favorite scent for bath salts. 

    It’s time that you step back into taking care of you.  Doing those little things will recharge you and bring joy. 

    Even if it’s going in the kitchen and whipping up a big batch of pancakes, or my favorite French toast, even if you no longer eat carbs, go for it, unapologetically.  Enjoy every bit and savor the flavor.  

    Ignite inside of you again what’s been missing. Turn inward and find the magic. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. 

    Live your best life now in this moment in time.

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    Check out a recap of the small and local businesses we've featured this week on our new sister page Spend With Cincinnati.

    Cincy Chic recently launched a new sister account called Spend With Cincinnati. The goal of Spend With Cincinnati is to share how the public can still support small and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a recap of what we’ve featured this week:

    Kaitlyn Gallaher: Happy Monday everyone! Looking for the perfect holiday treat? @kngallaher has you covered! Decorate these adorable turkey cookies with the whole family this thanksgiving! PLUS: who doesn’t love hot chocolate😍 Check out their amazing hot chocolate bombs to warm you up this season!

    Make sure to watch their latest post to see these yummy hot chocolate bombs in action and get your orders in today! 

    Foster the Fun: It’s almost time for one of my favorite childhood memories…elf on the shelf! Struggling with creative ideas for the elf this year? @foster_the_fun is here to help with their AWESOME elf kits!

    Each kit includes a quarantine jar, 18 activities and notes, and 6 bonus ideas if you want to swap any out! ALL for just $75!

    Click the link in their bio to get your hands on these limited supply kits today! Note: elf not included! 

    Red Feather Kitchen: Thanksgiving is just ONE WEEK away from tomorrow! Skip the stress and hassle of cooking this year with @redfeatherkitchen !! Pre-order their holiday feast today with your choice of a protein, salad, 2 sides, and a dessert!

    Head over to their website to get your order in today and check out their page for more details! 

    Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese: Anyone else looking forward to eating endless amounts of cheese boards this holiday season 🙋‍♀️ @kennyscheese is here brining you all the cheese you need this season! From spreads to curds to blocks and more they have it all!

    Click the link in their bio to get to shopping today and get your hands on these yummy goodies! 

    Fitopia: It’s the weekend! Get your body ready for all the yummy goodies that come with the holidays this weekend! @fitopiaems is a new workout experience helping you become the best you! And the best part? It’s only 20 minutes! Click the link in their bio to head over to their website and see how you can sign up!

    PLUS: enjoy this pic of our very own @amy_scalia getting her strength on with them! 

    Ivory House: Happy Sunday everyone! Is brunch calling your name this morning? @ivoryhousecincy has you covered! PLUS: to help kick off the holidays they are offering 25% off brunch all weekend! Indulge in their delicious breakfast tacos, mimosas, and so much more!

    Offer is only for dine-in or carry-out! Use code “holiday25” or show their latest post to your server! Happy brunchin! 

    Doscher’s Candies: It’s never too early to start stocking up on your holiday sweets…especially when they are just around the corner! @doscherscandies is brining you all the holiday candy and more this season! Stock up on their famous peppermint bark while it last as a perfect gift for someone you love OR yourself!