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    Obstacles, entrepreneurship, mom life, human. These elements of one local businesswoman and author inspired a movement to help you see beauty from the inside out. Read on to see how she’s sharing the stories that helped her get to where she is today.

    Enjoli Gibbs, founder of Chic Life and “Triggered” author

    Life isn’t always an easy ride. There are trials, tribulations, and plenty of obstacles that we must overcome along the way. 

    To share the story of her life journey, Enjoli Gibbs of Chic Life wrote the book “Triggered.” 

    “‘Triggered’ is a self-help diary,” she explains. “It shares vignettes of my life’s experiences, how I overcame them; and gives readers journal space to allow them to overcome along with her.”

    Gibbs says she was inspired to write “Triggered” in part because she wanted to share pieces of herself as she also grows her brand as an entrepreneur. “I’m also hoping that my experiences will help someone else, too,” she says.

    Life itself is what has led Gibbs on the journey to writing “Triggered.” 

    “I experienced a few things in my single mom-young-clueless-adult life years,” says Gibbs. “I don’t believe God brought me through these experiences to be selfish with the info. The lessons I’ve learned along the way can help someone else who may find themselves in a position similar to what I went through.”

    The journey of writing “Triggered” was a process Gibbs says she thoroughly enjoyed. She says her favorite part was naming the different phases of her life, including names such as “Bitter Betty” and “Worthless “Wendy.”

    Gibbs says that when others read her book she hopes that they’ll take away at least a few nuggets of information and inspiration that will help them become the best versions of themselves. “The affirmations are and should be a part of how we speak to ourselves and others everyday,” she says.

    And while “Triggered” was just a snippet of a few experiences that Gibbs has encountered throughout her life, she’s already in the process of writing another book. “I have a lot more to share with all of you,” she adds.

    Currently, you can purchase her book on Amazon or on her website at “If you go to my website, you can purchase a special edition Triggered Affirmation Box,” she says. “It comes with a book, liquid lipstick color of your choice, and a compact mirror.” 

    To learn more about Gibbs, Chic Life, and “Triggered,” visit You can also visit the Chic Life Facebook Page or the Enjoli Gibbs Facebook page. On Instagram, you can follow Chic Life or Joli Renee, or see videos from Gibbs on Chic Life TV.

    You can also connect with Gibbs live with a free virtual webinar on Oct. 28 at 10am. “Attendees will learn practical steps for turning mental blocks into stepping stones and overcoming fear with courage that will empower dreams into reality,” she says. Learn more at

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    You don't want to miss this beautiful, English-inspired estate in this week's Listing of the Week!

    This historic beauty offers extraordinary features, thoughtful updates & grand room sizes. Every inch carefully crafted & cared for by devoted owners. Gorgeous architectural detail with pocket doors, millwork & moldings. Amazing new kitchen has Terra Cotta tile floor from Europe, custom cabinetry, honed granite countertops. Private rear yard retreat. This 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom home has more than 5,000 square feet and is listed at $1.3 million.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.



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    Read about how Hoxworth Blood Center is helping this Lupus patient with blood transfusions.

    There’s no stopping Alle Foster. A Cincinnati native, she is an avid volleyball player and actively pursues her many passions in her job and in her free time—like supporting conservation efforts, teaching children the importance of protecting the natural world, and reducing the stray feline population in her role at the Ohio Alleycat Resource.  

    But for Alle, chasing her passions hasn’t always been easy, after she was diagnosed with Lupus in May of 2019. She credits her medical team, and the support of local blood donors, for being alive today.

    “I was diagnosed with Lupus on May 10th, 2019. Which is ironic, since May 10th is World Lupus Day!” Alle recalls.  “I’ve been in and out of the hospital five times now in the last year. Each time, I’ve needed to receive at least one blood transfusion.”

    Lupus is a chronic, long-term disease that can cause inflammation and pain throughout the body. It’s an autoimmune disease, which means that the body’s immune system — the system that usually fights infections — attacks normal, healthy tissue instead. Symptoms include inflammation, swelling, and damage to the joints, skin, kidneys, blood, heart, and lungs.

    In Alle’s case, her lupus flares “usually starts with something like my heart rate or blood pressure skyrocketing, along with feeling extremely weak or unresponsive. My parents are amazing, because they’ll jump to my side in no time at all and make sure I get to where I need to be ASAP. We actually have an emergency method down for any time that I feel sick.”

    On July 25th, 2020, Alle was admitted to the hospital for the longest and most serious stay of her diagnosis. In fact, she was still in the hospital receiving treatment during the writing of this story, in August of 2020.

    “This hospital stay, my kidneys have been causing issues and I’ve been having dialysis three to four times a week,” Alle says. “I was also in a coma for about five or six days this time. I am still trying to get everything under control and it is tricky. I have no idea when I’ll be able to get out of the hospital and go home.”

    Alle is grateful to her team of medical professionals—“My nurses are a godsend!” –but she also knows that donated blood products have made an incredible impact on her life. 

    “I believe I’ve received over fifteen bags of blood in the last year, and about ten of those were during this latest hospital stay,” Alle said. “I definitely notice a difference after each transfusion! I feel more warm and cheery, as odd as that sounds. I feel like it gives me my color back as well, and gives me more strength. I wish I had a better way to explain it. It is almost magical how much it helps.”

    Hoxworth is the only steward of the blood supply in the Cincinnati area, serving more than 30 hospitals in 18 counties in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana—and since blood products cannot be created in a lab, these lifesaving transfusions have to come from volunteer blood donors. Alle is grateful for those selfless individuals who make the time to give of themselves for patients like herself.

    “I would absolutely hug the person or persons who donated the blood I received. I would love to thank them in person and let them know that I am a living, breathing person that they helped with their short donation time,” she declares. “You have no idea how much receiving blood changes your life until you need it and receive it. I am so fortunate to have been able to receive blood from the local supply.”

    “So if you are a local donor, (especially O+), there is a chance I received your blood and am alive and feeling so much better with your donation,” she continues. “Thank you, thank you! Please continue to donate! Patients like me need you!”

    And if you aren’t yet a donor, Alle wants to encourage you to consider rolling up a sleeve—because she knows firsthand that it’s such an easy thing to do.

    “I actually started donating blood myself shortly before becoming ill,” she says, “and I wish I had been able to donate more before all this happened.” 

    And now, as a recipient, she’s making it her another one of her passions to promote blood donation in the community.

    “I completely understand being nervous to donate blood or platelets, but it goes by so much faster than you’d ever expect! The staff is so friendly and understanding and honestly, you ARE saving lives,” she says encouragingly. “Without donated blood, I could very well not be here. So, if you could do something as simple as sit in a chair for a bit, donate blood and save a life, then please do. Try it just once and see how it goes!”

    When you donate with Hoxworth, you are saving lives close to home—just like Alle’s. If you’re ready to schedule your next donation, call us at (513) 451-0910 or visit our Donor Portal. 

    Here is a list of upcoming Hoxworth Blood Center Blood Drives:


    9/28/20 – Kroger Marketplace Lebanon

    9/28/20 – Kroger Oakley

    9/28/20 – Downtown Mobile at Fountain Square

    9/29/20 – Scripps Center


    10/5/20 – Crossroads Church – East Side

    10/9/20 – Crossroads Church Mason

    109/20 – Crossroads Church – East Side

    10/13/20 – Crossroads Church – Florence

    10/13/20 – Crossroads Church – West Side

    10/16/20 – City of Blue Ash

    10/18/20 – Main Street Lebanon

    10/26/20 – Jungle Jim’s Fairfield

    10/27/20 – Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

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    We chat with the salon owner behind this vibrant, diverse and uplifting business that’s creating quite a following.

    Jessica Bernard, owner of Bombshell Beauty

    Jessica Bernard took a leap of faith in 2016 when she launched her salon brand Bombshell Beauty on a shoestring budget.

    “I invested heavily in online marketing in order to reach new guests and grow my brand’s reputation year after year,” she says. 

    Bernard offers high-quality hair services and skincare, as well as traditional beauty services. “I also write, albeit irregularly, about my business, posting my odd take on beauty trends and news on my blog titled Beauty and the Blog,” she adds.

    The inspiration behind Bombshell Beauty comes from the idea of creating a place that’s different from the norm. “I really wanted to break away from the traditional hair salon and offer another experience that included more personality with more diversity, more artistic ability, and give my clients more educated control on how they wanted their beauty experience to go,” she says. “In creating a salon and beauty brand, I get to redefine beautiful everyday, from weekly curling sets to rainbow hair creations.”

    Bernard’s experience in providing her clients with salon and beauty services goes back to 2004 when she became a licensed cosmetologist. She says that she never fit into the standard beauty mold but wanted to stand out and inspire other women to love and accentuate their beauty to their own standards. 

    “Through my journey over the past 20 years, I went from a careless teenager that took a chance on beauty school to a small business owner of an uplifting, and a little cheeky at times, brand that’s creating a following,” she adds.

    Bernard also takes pride in the fact that she’s running a business while living her best life as a momma. She says it was something she didn’t see as a possibility just five years ago, but knew she needed to take the jump to meet her family’s needs. 

    “After taking a six year career diversion from the beauty industry; learning through entry level positions in customer service, advanced opportunities with tech and sales teams, I really earned the confidence in my abilities to learn anything I wanted to,” she says.

    Those skills she learned on the outside of the industry came back to the salon with her and she started marketing her work on Facebook as an independent stylist. “My clients’ confidence in my work has been the ultimate payoff in creating a life for my family and the ability to inspire other women to pursue their passions,” she adds.

    At Bombshell Beauty you’ll find corrective and vibrant hair color services as well as texturing services such as keratin smoothing and permanent waving. She also offers hair shaping and styling for both men and women. 

    Most recently, Bernard began offering Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions to her menu, of which she offers complimentary consultations. 

    Clients of Bombshell beauty can upgrade their color makeovers to include a self-empowering Boudoir Photography Shoot. “Hair and makeup are provided, three outfit changes, and nine poses all edited are delivered to your email,” says Barnard. 

    Barnard hopes to expand her salon to include an on-site photography studio, complete with a wardrobe to choose from to create amazing photos. 

    Bombshell Beauty is located at 244 E. Sharon Road in Cincinnati. 

    To learn more about Bombshell Beauty, visit You can also follow along on Facebook

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    Get your kiddos into the Halloween spirit with new specialty boxes that include books and cookie decorating kits.

    My Bookworm Box is a subscription-based business that introduces your little ones to the world of reading. However, as parents and working moms, life can get busy and trips to the library can often become far and few between. 

    “That’s when I came up for the idea behind My Bookworm Box,” says My Bookworm Box Founder Amy Kelly.

    The books in each box sent to scribers are customized for each child. “Even though we mail out monthly, each box for each child contains different books,” says Kelly. 

    Now, as we head into the Halloween season, My Bookworm Box is teaming up with Cakes by Kat Bake Shop to offer Halloween Boxes.

    There are two options for the Halloween Boxes offered by My Bookworm Box. Customers can choose from four Halloween Board Books or Easy Readers Books for you to keep, or three Chapter Books for you to keep. 

    Also in the boxes is a cooking decorating kit put together by Cakes by Kat Bake Shop. These kits include four vanilla almond sugar cookies, one packet of each orange, black, and green icing, and one packet of sprinkles. 

    All of the boxes ship on Thursday, October 1 and are priced at $44.97. 

    Monthly subscriptions for My Bookworm Box are $14.99 per month for easy reader and chapter book boxes. Board book boxes are $19.99 per month. 

    To learn more about My Bookworm Box or to order a Halloween Box, visit You can also follow song on Facebook and Instagram.

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    The founder of this new group helps you live your life and dreams on your own terms. See how she’s helping you do it all, without doing it all on your own.

    Daniyiel Walker knows it takes a village. To help her find that village and do all the things she knew she was capable of, she launched The Alpha Female Association. 

    “The Alpha Female Association’s mission is to motivate and provide female entrepreneurs with services and resources that create effective social media strategies and lifestyle designs that elevate a powerhouse for both personal and business growth,” she explains. “Along with creating related events, content, and a community of like-minded women.”

    Walker says that she was inspired to launch The Alpha Female Association after she found it difficult to run a business from home, be a mother, and be a wife all at the sametime. “I knew I couldn’t be alone in this constant struggle to stay afloat,” she says. “After years of educating myself, advising other women of how to brand and market their online presence, and thriving in healthcare administration, I decided to tell my story on a daily basis and met some amazing women along the way.”

    Then, what would become The Alpha Female Association began creating events that harvested moments and relationships with the City of Cincinnati, by helping women who are established or just starting to design the lives of their dreams. 

    Walker and The Alpha Female Association provides the tools and services clients need to help them scale and brand their online business with their creative brand development and social media management services. 

    Through The Alpha Female Association, Walker hopes to create a community of female entrepreneurs that not only run powerhouse businesses, but also get to live their lives while doing so. 

    The Alpha Female Association isn’t the only way that Walker is creating her community, however. 

    “I’ve also worked to create and produce a podcast called Alpha Female Motivation,” says Walker. “It’s a podcast that provides experiences, advice, and stories to help women live their dream life. Cliche, maybe, but we all want to live life on our own terms.” 

    Season 2 of The Alpha Female Association airs on October 6. The Alpha Female Energy book and planner will be available in December. 

    To learn more about The Alpha Female Association, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram, and find the podcast by searching “Alpha Female Motivation” on Spotify and iTunes. 

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    Learn about a local law student who started a social account that shares all things book-related with her followers.

    Cincy Chic: What is Read Along with Nat?
    Natasha Rulason, Founder of Read Along with Nat: Read Along with Nat is an bookstagram account, which is an Instagram account specifically for discussing all things book related.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
    Rulason: I used to post about the books I was reading on my personal Instagram page, but I found that I didn’t receive much engagement from my friends on those particular posts. I started my bookstagram to have a place to talk about books with other folks who love to read. I also use my bookstagram for accountability to reach my reading goals. Over the past few years, I had read maybe 10 books total, but I really wanted to return to reading more often, so I set my 2020 goal at 30 books. Thanks to quarantine, I have surpassed that and my second goal of 60 books. My latest goal is 150 books, but I am currently at 144, so I will be increasing my goal again to 200.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
    Rulason: I’m Natasha, but most folks call me Nat. I am originally from Michigan, but have called Cincinnati home for the past eight years. I work in the manufacturing industry as an accountant and am also pursuing a master’s in taxation at the University of Cincinnati. My partner and I live in College Hill with our two cats, Gilda and Osito.

    Cincy Chic: What are some of your favorite books?
    Rulsason: This is such a hard question for someone who reads so many books! Some of my favorites that I have read in 2020 are Running by Natalia Sylvester, The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo, Disability Visibility edited by Alice Wong, and The Undocumented Americans by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio. 

    Cincy Chic: What makes Read Along with Nat unique?
    Rulason: My followers know me for my graphic novel recommendations. There is a lot of talk in the book community and beyond about whether graphic novels (and audiobooks, for that matter) count as books. Both of these book formats make reading more accessible for folks who may have difficulty reading a typical physical book. I especially like to read graphic novels that are about historic events because they offer a more approachable view of what are often difficult stories. Some of my favorite graphic novels are New Kid by Jerry Craft, Good Talk by Mira Jacob, Displacement by Kiku Hughes, and the Check, Please! series by Ngozi Ukazu.

    Cincy Chic: Why do you enjoy sharing what you’re reading with followers?
    Rulason: This account has been especially fun to have during the COVID quarantine. It has been pretty hard to be home so much and not see folks in real life, but my bookstagram has been such a fun escape during this time. One of my favorite parts of this community is when I share a book review and my followers suggest other similar books that I may enjoy. The list of books that I want to read has grown exponentially this year!

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for you?
    Rulason: My partner and I have started working on plans to build a Little Free Library in our yard. I was inspired by Sarah Kamya’s Little Free Diverse Libraries initiative and look forward to offering more diverse book options to my neighbors of all ages. We hope to have it up and running by spring 2021.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Rulason: Folks can find me on Instagram at @readalongwithnat! I don’t share reviews for every book I’ve read on bookstagram, but I do review all books on Goodreads. Just search “readalongwithnat” in the member search box and my profile will pop right up.

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    See how the co-owner and doctor behind Performance Health Chiropractic + Acupuncture sought the help of a local life coach to double client traffic to her new business.

    Dr. Kristen Wood, co-owner of Performance Health Chiropractic + Acupuncture, opened her own client-centric chiropractic practice last year in West Chester.  
    Dr. Wood, co-owner of Performance Health Chiropractic + Acupuncture
    The practice offers a unique blend of services, ranging from traditional chiropractic care and massage to acupuncture, dry needling and cupping.
    “I knew the medical side of the business but not the behind-the-scenes side, the marketing, business strategy, goal setting,” she recalls. “Luckily, I met my life coach Melissa Kirkpatrick with Find Your Own DRIVE right before I launched the business and it’s made a huge difference.” 
    Dr. Wood says she first worked with Kirkpatrick through a group coaching session. “I wanted to test out what it was like to be coached, learn from others in the group, and see if it made a difference,” says Dr Wood. “Turns our, it made an immediate difference and I knew after the group coaching I needed more, so I hired her for one-on-one coaching.” 
    Dr. Wood says Kirkpatrick helps her with stepping back from the everyday grind to see the big picture, set goals and the steps to reach them. “For me, it’s the accountability,” she adds. “Normally, I wouldn’t be setting these goals — they would just be vague ‘one day I want to do’ kinds of goals, but Melissa makes me get specific on what, when and how, and then checks back with me every week on the progress. It keeps me very focused and motivated.” 
    So motivated, in fact, Dr. Woods says her business has more than doubled – almost tripled – since working with Kirkpatrick. “It’s unbelievable, especially in the middle of a pandemic,” Dr. Woods says. “I highly recommend Melissa to anyone wanting to get clear on their vision and goals and actually accomplish them.” 

    To learn more about Performance Health Chiropractic + Acupuncture, visit To learn more about Kirkpatrick and Find Your Own DRIVE, visit

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    Two con artists have spent 26 years training their only daughter to swindle, scam and steal at every turn. Read on to see if this far-out flick conned our movie critic into a good review.


    “Now, just remember, if anyone asks, we went grocery shopping BEFORE it was mandated you had to wear a mask in public!” (Gina Rodriguez) and Old Dolio Dyne (Evan Rachel Wood) go out for a non-grifting grocery trip in a scene from writer/director Miranda July’s KAJILLIONAIRE. Credit: Matt Kennedy / Focus Features © Focus Features. All rights reserved.


    DIRECTOR: Miranda July
    KEY CAST MEMBERS: Evan Rachel Wood, Gina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins and Debra Winger

     Old Dolio Dyne (Evan Rachel Wood) is a 26 year-old Los Angeles resident. Her home, however, is unconventional as it is an office space next to some sort of industrial park where a pink liquid oozes into the room. Joining her in this most unconventional of living spaces are her parents Theresa (Debra Winger) and Robert (Richard Jenkins), grifters by trade who are always on the lookout for their next scheme or heist. It’s not a good life, but it’s the only one Old Dolio knows.

    Then Melanie (Gina Rodriguez) comes into the picture. 

    Meeting her by chance on a flight as part of their latest scheme, Melanie seems excited at the prospect of getting into a new line of work and comes up with a plan of her own to pull off a new heist. But, as Melanie’s love of life – and other circumstances – start to open up her mind to other aspects of the human experience, Old Dolio starts to question her current existence and what could lie ahead in the future.

    Who knows – becoming rich in her own spirit might be the most rewarding prize of all.

    THE REVIEW: “Quirky.” “Abstract.” “Weird.” 

    Sometimes you watch a film and appreciate it for what it is, even if it’s not something you really enjoyed, so to speak, yourself. In the case of Kajillionaire, you likely will find yourself wrestling with that same emotion due to the committed performance of Wood against a story that essentially can be viewed in one of two ways: (1) This is a (insert one of the three adjectives above) story about broken people and someone trying to find what many of us inherently do (or at least, believe we should enjoy) or (2) This is a (insert one of the three adjectives above) that is just (insert one of the other two remaining adjectives above). 

    Earlier this month, Wood gave a rather revealing interview to The New York Times in which it was revealed she uses many of her roles to heal herself from past trauma. That in turn should help explain her (1) connection to Old Dolio and (2) portrayal of the character, a woman who has never felt any real (or, if you prefer, “normal”) emotions to or from anyone, including her parents. She is essentially – like many of the personalities on her HBO series Westworld – a near-robotic humanoid life form who knows her role and her function in the functioning disfunction that is her family’s business. You get to watch a young person (Wood may be 33, but she pulls off 26 with a way that makes her character feel even younger) coming to grips with her concept of the world around her and trying to deal with deprogramming herself in the process. Whereas as Rodriguez gets to play an upbeat, bouncy young woman who seems very eager to get involved in something she sees as exciting, Wood’s character is a solitary, introverted one growing desperate to escape her reality. 
    If you enjoy the films of Wes Anderson, you’ll likely like Kajillionaire, which are the first type of things that come to mind in terms of the humor (which is SPARSE). If you simply enjoy a deep dive into a character (even if the others aren’t characters aren’t explored enough as you’d hope), you’ll probably enjoy Kajillionaire.
    Then again, if watching people who are essentially without redeeming qualities do nothing to change your opinion of them over the course of 100 minutes, are weird seemingly for the sake of it and/or are the type of people you’d see in Walmart, report to an employee and then leave, this is not the movie for you. What will find intriguingly unconventional, others will find annoying. Whereas some will be drawn to Wood’s performance of a shy, sheltered introvert, others will see the weirdo in their high school class they one day figured would end up on the local news for less than stellar reasons. If you start to watch the movie, you’ll likely watch it to the end to see what will happen, only to probably be either elated or deflated by what happens. 
    In much the same fashion that very few are destined to become millionaires and billionaires, Kajillionaire is likely only for the select few. But those select few will really enjoy it no matter what the rest of us see.







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    Check out a recap of the small and local businesses we've featured this week on our new sister page Spend With Cincinnati.

    Cincy Chic recently launched a new sister account called Spend With Cincinnati. The goal of Spend With Cincinnati is to share how the public can still support small and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a recap of what we’ve featured this week:

    Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa: Happy treat-yourself Tuesday! Pamper yourself with @mitchellssalonanddayspa haircuts, facials, nails, and more! Perfect just in time to switch it up for fall!

    PLUS: they are hiring! Click the link in their bio to see if you qualify to apply for one of their jobs today!

    Curated Shopping Cards: Shop local and save! offers a deck of cards giving you 20% off at local participating shops in the greater Cincinnati area! Just click the link in their bio to order your deck today!

    Beneath the Lily Pad: Only a couple days into fall but we are LOVING all these fall inspired goodies! @beneaththelilypad now has some beautiful fall pieces up on their site for you! Just click the link in their bio to get your order started!

    PLUS: check out their #RBG inspired line! All proceeds go towards the #AmyMcGrath campaign!

    Busy Bee Cleaning: Looking for some help when it comes to cleaning? @busybee.clean is here for you! They offer services from regular cleaning to deep cleaning! PLUS: all their supplies used are eco friendly products!

    Click the link in their bio to see more details on services offered! ALSO: make sure to check out their page for a giveaway and helpful tips!

    PLUS: receive 10% off your first cleaning 🤩

    Kentucky Botanical Co.: GRAND OPENING‼️
    @kybotanicalco is having their grand opening in Covington today! From 11-8 stop by, celebrate, and get your hands on products like CBD, essential oils, and more!

    PLUS: see their latest post and keep an eye out for details on how you can win this bundle in a giveaway today!

    Hoppin’ Vines: Calling all my football fans! Watch the games today with @hoppinvines Sunday NFL specials! Swipe to see all their amazing deals!

    Starting at noon, grab your favorite people, drinks, and get your watching on!