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A local breast cancer survivor is helping to support those who just received a breast cancer diagnosis. Learn more about the organization and how you can help it soar.

Janet Chambers, Founder and Executive Director of the I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation.
Janet Chambers, Founder and Executive Director of the I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation.

Being a breast cancer survivor, Janet Chambers knows all too well the financial and emotional toll of the disease. That’s why she wanted to find a way to help support others in the community who had also been recently diagnosed.

Chambers was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer on her 40th birthday, and today she’s not only proactive about her health but teaches others to be the same way, even penning a book called “Thrive in Five -N- 5,” a five-week healing devotional.

“After my cancer journey, I felt there were holes in our community to emotionally and financially support women during this challenging time,” she explains. “I immediately joined a local volunteer effort.”

Then in 2001, Chambers was chosen as a Hero by Lifetime Network and was flown to Los Angeles with her husband to celebrate her continued involvement in the community and her survival.

“The next year, I Have Wings Breast Cancer Foundation took flight,” she says. I Have Wings is a charitable 501 (c)3 organization that’s dedicated to enriching the lives of families during a breast cancer diagnosis.

Chambers knows first hand that a family’s focus changes when a woman is diagnosed with cancer. “In these critical moments, some women have unpredicted needs,” she says. “I Have Wings breast cancer foundation supports women of all denominations, ages and income. We have released the financial burden on already struggling families by supplying much needed prostheses, lymphedema compression sleeves, wigs, food, gas and more.”

I Have Wings knows that there’s a lot of stress put on a family when one of its members is fighting cancer. “I Have Wings understands how individual needs and circumstances can change during this time,” says Chambers. “Based on that, our ‘No One Goes Solo’ program provides individual emotional support and emergency financial assistance on a one-to-one basis. For more information, click on the request assistance link.”

I Have Wings also has the Wings Scholarship Fund, in which it donates $5,000 a year to local students to help them continue their education. Recipients of the scholarship have included Dixie Heights High School, Notre Dame Academy, St. Henry District High School, Georgetown College and Northern Kentucky University.

To continue doing what it does to help families, I Have Wings is hosting the Spring Bling Luncheon on Saturday, April 16 at Receptions in Erlanger, Kentucky. WKRC-TV anchor for Good Morning Cincinnati and Medical Edge Reporter for Local 12 News Liz Bonus will be emcee for the third year in a row.

Guests at the event will enjoy a silent auction, Chinese auction, raffle prizes and an exclusive Bling Bling Jewelry Exchange. Additionally, winners of the 2015 WINGS awards will be announced.

Individual tickets for the Spring Bling Luncheon are $50 and a table for 8 can be purchased for $375. To purchase your tickets for the Razzle Dazzle Luncheon, click here.

From now through Feb. 24, I Have Wings is accepting nominations for its WINGS Award, which recognizes breast cancer patients and survivors of exceptional strength. You can submit an nomination by clicking here.

To learn more about I Have Wings, visit

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A Cincinnati woman set out to make luxurious hair and lash extensions more affordable. Read on for more on Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar and the single mom behind it all.

Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar offers hair and lash extensions at an affordable price.
Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar offers hair and lash extensions at an affordable price.

Glamming up your look with high-end hair and eyelash extensions typically comes with a matching high-end price. That is until Marian White launched her business, Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar.

“As a single mother, I know how hard it can be at times to do things for myself, especially at an affordable price,” she says. “Every time I looked to purchase hair extensions, for length and fullness, other hair companies wanted $300 or more. When wanting lash extensions, other lash technicians wanted $250 or more to apply them.”

White says that she wanted to look and feel beautiful, but prices like that just weren’t feasible for her. In an attempt to find other ways to get the look she wanted, White started researching on how she could get them at an affordable price.

After researching the market, she found quality products at affordable prices. But she didn’t want to keep it all to herself, so she opened Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar while also being a single-mother to two, working for Metro full-time and going to school for aesthetics part-time.

Marian White, Owner of Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar.
Marian White, Owner of Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar. Photo: Forever Faith Photography

“Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar is a place where our focus is on supplying affordable virgin hair extensions and also on the application of semi-permanent eyelash extensions,” says White.

Lash services at Glamour Girls include classic lash extensions, “Glam” lash extensions and cluster lash application. White says that each services comes with a consultation to determine which extension or application is best for the client. The semi-permanent lash extensions run from $100 to $125 white cluster lashes are $25.

The Virgin Brazilian hair extensions they offer at Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar will cost anywhere between $45 and $95 per bundle. “We offer some of the best prices in the city,” White says.

In addition, they will be offering a new service soon. “We are currently working on our product line and will soon be introducing full-body waxing services early on this year,” says White.

Glamour Girls Lash Boutique and Hair Bar is located at 1212 Sycamore Street, Suite 42, in Cincinnati. To learn, visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow along on Instagram.

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Aiming to inspire student-athletes to stay on the path to success, The Real Gameplan is bringing motivational speakers, mentors and scholarships to schools across the Tri-State. Read on to learn more about it and how you can help.

The team that makes up The Real Gameplan, Troy Tuck,
The team that makes up The Real Gameplan (l-r) Troy Tuck, Amy Stefansic, Monica Tuck and Adam Lillich.

Troy Tuck wanted to start a non-profit organization that would help student-athletes already on the pathway to success to stay there. That’s when he came up with The Real Gameplan, an organization that prepares student-athletes for real-life by providing them with the knowledge and information the team has learned to be important in reaching their own personal goals.

“My story, and the reason for starting Gameplan, comes from playing sports, how sports can change lives and how all sports can teach you and prepare you in life,” says Tuck. “However, my education has sustained me and allowed me to be who I am today.”

Oftentimes, it’s the “at need” student athletes that need help the most as they typically make up around 70 percent of the student body population, so that’s who Gameplan gives much of their focus to.

“We’re helping the community by getting our youth to think different and act different,” says Tuck. “Teaching them the fundamentals and principles of the acronym for the word Gameplan: Goals, Attitude, Motivation, Establishing oneself, Preparation, Leadership, Accountability and Next-level thinking. We truly believe if we teach our youth those principles, and how you properly incorporate those things in your life, how you can change your life for the better. Our goal is to help assist getting kids to and through college.”

It’s preparing for real-life that is the top priority at Gameplan, which launched in February 2015. The team at the non-profit is comprised of founder Tuck, Community Relations and Marketing Director Amy Stefansic, Technology Director Adam Lillich and Chief Creative Officer Monica Tuck.

“In just under a year of existence, we have 25 high schools who are Gameplan schools, 4 major corporate sponsors and 9 private donors,” says Tuck. “Our major sponsors are Beacon Orthopedic, Mercy Health, St. Elizabeth Healthcare and the Gardner Family Foundation. They all sponsor our free program we offer schools.”

Together, Gameplan and its sponsors are able to offer motivational speakers, mentoring, scholarships and youth camps to inspired and provide student-athletes opportunities to pursue higher education.

Gameplan currently works with several schools in the Tri-State including Bellevue High School in Kentucky, Princeton High School, Clark Montessori, Western Hills and Cincinnati Christian.

These schools and the others who participate in the program have 2 assemblies, 4 bi-monthly seminars (2 on the ACT, 1 on anti-bullying and 1 on social media branding), scholarship offerings and affordable sport-specific youth camps.

Gameplan will host its 2nd annual fundraiser at Paul Brown Stadium’s East Club Lounge on February 27 from 7 pm. until 11:30 p.m. The speaker for the fundraiser will be Dave Lapham of the Cincinnati Bengals, Tuck says. Pre-sale General Admission tickets are $100 and sponsorship packages are also available and range from $200 to $1,200.

To purchase tickets for the fundraiser, click here.

To learn more about The Real Gameplan, visit You can also send an email to or like them on Facebook.

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Cincinnati’s oldest fine art gallery has a new look and owner. We got a sneak peek, so keep reading for all the details.

Miller Gallery is Cincinnati's oldest fine art gallery. It will soon reopen under new ownership and recent renovations.
Miller Gallery is Cincinnati’s oldest fine art gallery. It will soon reopen under new ownership and recent renovations.

Cincy Chic: Tell us a little about Miller Gallery.
Lauren Johnston, Creative Marketing Director at Miller Gallery: Established in 1960, Miller Gallery is Cincinnati’s oldest gallery. It is acclaimed for its long-standing reputation of quality and integrity among artists, collectors and museums. Our impressive list of over 60 artists include names such as Tyler Shields, Hunt Slonem, Jonathan Queen and Douglas Kirkland.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the gallery?
Johnston: Our mission is to present and support the visual arts in the Midwest and globally, through exhibitions, live artist demonstrations and our website. Our objectives are to foster an awareness and appreciation of the visual arts, and to directly support the development of our established and emerging artists by presenting their work to the largest possible audience.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Miller Gallery?
Johnston: CEO and President: Jayne Menke; CFO: Dave Humphrey; Executive Director: David C. Smith; Creative Director: Lauren Johnston; Registrar: Jennifer Gallet.

An inside view of the renovated Miller Gallery.
An inside view of the renovated Miller Gallery.

Cincy Chic: Can you tell us more about the recent renovation project at Miller Gallery?
Johnston: August 2015 marked the beginning of the extensive renovations to the interior and exterior of the gallery. Changes have been made to the walls, floors and lighting to best exhibit the art in the exhibition space. These changes have resulted in a more open, minimalistic and modern look to the gallery. The new space also includes a framing consultation room and a full catering kitchen.

Cincy Chic: Will you be hosting a grand re-opening? If so, when?
Johnston: Yes! January 28. This reopening show features the twelve carousel studies by Jonathan Queen, along with four new oil paintings. In Addition, the gallery is presenting a solo show, featuring 10 new paintings by Matthew Metzger. This is an exciting time for Miller Gallery, as we are reopening after extensive renovations to the gallery space.

Cincy Chic: Where is Miller Gallery located?
Johnston: 2715 Erie Avenue in Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Johnston: Visit

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Our life coach columnist shares a time that life knocked her down (literally) and what it taught her about the importance of getting back up to try again.

We all have those moments in life. Recently, I had one on a ski slope in Canada.

My husband and I had decided to go to the top of the mountain and ski the bowl. I was a little hesitant because I saw a sign that said “expert skiers only” (I would rate myself as intermediate). He checked it out and the workers said that the sign was incorrect. On the first big hill, I took off among the throngs but something went awry. I felt my left ski lose control and before I knew it, I was down and tumbling. My body stopped rolling halfway down, with no skis and no poles in the vicinity. When I had my skis back on and my poles again in hand, I looked down the mountain. Something had changed inside of me. The more I stared down the hill, the more I became stuck. My legs went from shaking to rigid and tight.

Instructors stopped to help me but the more that I received help, the worse it got. I went from a feeling of high anxiety to one of anger. In that moment, I hated that I was there and could think of thousands of other things I’d rather be doing. It took me forever to get down the mountain as I progressed from paralyzed to slowly moving. I had no confidence, no skills and no interest in being on that mountain.

But I refused to give in. By the afternoon, I was flying down mountains again. We were one of the last skiers to come in because I didn’t want the day to end.

I’m sharing this story because I believe the lessons you need to learn in life for a successful 2016 are all embedded in this story.

1. Mountains in life always look bigger than they are in reality. When I was paralyzed looking down the mountain, it appeared to be the steepest hill that I had ever attempted. I believed that 100% in my heart. However, the reality is that the elevation was no different than every other hill I had attempted the day before. Sometimes when you are peering down the mountain of life, an obstacle can appear insurmountable. You need to remind yourself that you have accomplished these challenges before and realize that your emotions are clouding your rational judgment.

2. It’s easier to blame your predicament on someone else than to take the responsibility. After the ski instructors left and I was still stuck in the same position on the mountain, I began to get angry with my husband. It was his fault that I was in this situation. This made perfect sense to me. Beneath my anger was the defensive need to not take responsibility for my own actions. That would be too painful for me because it would reveal that I was failing, and who likes to feel failure? I didn’t want to feel that. How often do you do that in life? You end up blaming your boss, spouse, friend, or co-worker for your lot in life instead of accepting the feeling that you don’t measure up in some way. Being willing to accept the responsibility helps you move closer to your goals and find your success.

3. Just hang in there and REFUSE to give in to the uncomfortable feelings. At that moment, I wanted to go inside, get warm and call it a day. I hated every minute of the ski adventure for the next couple hours. However, I refused to give in to my feelings. As painful as it was, I slowly made my way down that mountain and kept on going. I just kept thinking, “I did this before, I’ll do it again”. Just like this experience, there will be certain times in your life that will feel so insurmountable, you won’t be capable of anything more than putting one foot in front of another. At these times, just force yourself to walk through the bad feelings and you will eventually make it to the other side of your fear. By hanging in there, you build confidence and resilience so next time is a bit easier. That is the true secret to finding your success.

Here’s to a great 2016!

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    They say a good lipstick is the beauty equivalent of a shot of espresso. That’s why one local woman just launched a buzz-worthy business to help find the perfect shade for you. Read on to learn all about this one-of-a-kind experience that allows clients to create their own custom lipsticks and lip glosses at home with friends.

    The Lipstick Factory offers in-home parties that allow you to create your very own lipstick.
    The Lipstick Factory offers in-home parties that allow you to create your very own lipstick.

    Imagine a world where you can find the exact shade of lipstick to match your coloring, outfit, or even your mood. Sounds nice, right? Now, that world can be a reality when you check out the Lipstick Factory.

    This one-of-a-kind experience allows you to create and make your own unique lipstick or lip gloss. The idea, founded by Sara Minard, sparked back in 2008 when Minard was having difficulty finding her shade of lipstick. “If I was able to find close to the right shade, then the flavor of the lipstick would be awful,” she recalls.

    At the time she came up with the idea, Minard was working at a salon that created lipsticks for clients but didn’t actually give them the experience of making it themselves. “It is really a super fun experience and I thought how great it would be to have a ‘Build-A-Bear’ for lipstick, a place where you can choose the exact color you want, the texture, the flavor and having other options as well.”


    In June 2015, Minard was able to make her dream a reality when she launched her business: The Lipstick Factory. In the future, she hopes to have a brick-and-mortar store, but for now, the Lipstick Factory is experienced through home parties where each participant creates a custom lipstick or lip gloss, starting at $25.

    At a Lipstick Factory party, clients are able to check out samples that have already been made in various colors to see if their particular “shade” has already be created. “If not, we have a lot of different formulas to choose from to get the exact shade the client is searching for,” explains Minard.

    There are a variety of different pigments that can be used alone or by mixing multiple pigments together. “The possibilities are endless,” says Minard.


    Clients can choose from different shades of shimmers as well as flavors that can be added to each lipstick or lip gloss. Minard’s Lipstick Factory also offers lip plumper and moisturizer additives. Minard says her favorite is the Rassbury Truffle.

    Once all of the ingredients have been chosen and mixed together, Minard helps with heating the mixture and can give clients their unique lipstick or lip gloss in just a few minutes.

    Minard says that she’s had a great time hosting home parties with the Lipstick Factory and that these events have been well received by all those who attended. “I have had positive feedback and the home parties have served as a great asset in test marketing the product,” she explains.

    Minard travels throughout the Tri-State to hold house parties at clients’ homes and other venues. To learn more, or to book a party, visit the Lipstick Factory on Facebook.

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    Learn about a local artist who co-founded a company that creates pieces both your inner fashionista and urban artist will love.

    Fluorescent Palace products original images that are urban and edgy.

    Envision designer fashion, crystal chandeliers and goddess glamour rolled into an edgy, urban, punk-infused package. That’s the kind of luxe imagery you can find at Fluorescent Palace.

    Launched in 2011, Fluorescent Palace was originally created with the intent of mixing older vintage-styled mediums with new contemporary forms of editing. The work is shot on 35mm film using an old Canon camera from the 1970s, then edited using modern graphic design methods.

    “I think this is what makes the work unique, as most photography today is shot strictly with digital cameras” says Eric Hajjar, co-founder of Fluorescent Palace. “The collection was created with the buyer’s budget and convenience in mind – so you don’t necessarily need to be a series art collector to afford Fluorescent Palace artwork.”

    In addition to the work being shot on film, Hajjar expresses that there are other factors that play into what makes Fluorescent Palace unique. “I really aim for the work to have a distinct look and personality that stands out from the crowd,” he says. This is why you can find certain themes in his work – from fashion labels to crystal chandeliers to urban street art and graffiti.


    “As for the name, I wanted the brand name to be colorful, pop and flashy – just like the imagery,” says Hajjar. “So I started putting all of my favorite punchy and fun-sounding words together, and for some reason ‘Fluorescent Palace’ just seemed to work. Everyone seemed to agree that it was a winner, so I decided to go with it!”

    Since launching, Fluorescent Palace has sold on many of today’s most popular flash sale websites – including Gilt, Touch of Modern, Rue-la-la and Hautelook. In total, the amount of pieces sold since launching is around 10,000. Its’ sister collection, “Ultravelvet Collection” has sold in galleries located in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Mexico City.

    As for what Hajjar loves most about his work, it’s hearing how much people enjoy his work or seeing photos of his work hanging in their spaces. “In the past, people have purchased a piece of art, and then come back later to purchase another two or three pieces,” he says. “This lets me know that I’m doing something right. In the end, it’s really about the customer and how the art enriches their life, however that may be.”

    Prices for artwork at Fluorescent Palace start at about $80 and can go up to $400. “The work comes ready to hang, so there is no need to go out and purchase a frame once the art arrives,” says Hajjar. “The work is printed on canvas and stretched on around a wooden frame. That being said, other mounting options exist, including a sleek, frameless plexi-glass mount.”

    Eric Hajjar, Founder of Fluorescent Palace.
    Eric Hajjar, co-founder of Fluorescent Palace.

    Over the course of just a few years, Hajjar and his team have created close to 500 original images. “There was a time, a few years ago, where I was having some trouble coming up with new and fresh ideas,” says Hajjar. “I never wanted the work to become stale or predictable, so I decided to take some time off.”

    But now, Hajjar says, he’s back and full of new inspiration, en route to new work. “I am currently looking to breathe some life back into the collection and get it selling back online for more people to enjoy,” he says.

    To learn more about Fluorescent Palace, visit For current pricing or information on how to purchase, contact Hajjar directly at

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    Learn about the inspiring local lady who’s building a yoga community - through her yoga retreats and studios in OTR and Newport - from the Tri-State to Bali.

    Retreat group
    A group from one of Rachel Roberts’ retreats she holds at places around the world.

    Rachel Roberts traveled around the world for two years and visited 27 countries before opening her business, The Yoga Bar. Today, she runs two yoga studios – one in Newport and the other in OTR – while also coordinating yoga retreats and local events.

    “The Yoga Bar studios have done just that,” she says. “The Yoga Bar hosts the wildly popular Yoga on the Green series in Washington Park during the summers and holds classes around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in historically and artistically important locations like the Krohn Conservatory, The Taft Museum and the CAC.”

    The Yoga Bar studios opened in downtown Cincinnati in 2010 and in Newport’s East Row district in 2013. Last year, in January 2015, the Cincinnati location was moved to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood at 15 West 14th Street.

    Before opening the Yoga Bar studios, Roberts first found yoga in 1998. A naturopathic doctor suggested she use asana and pranayama as a way to control her troubling asthma. “In 2008, I left my home in the U.S. to travel the world through yoga, studying under great yogis throughout Europe and Asia,” she says. “In 2009, I continued my learning at Sri K. Patabbhi Jois’ Ashtanga Research Institute in Mysore, India, and attended the Mandala teacher training in Bali with Shiva Rea.”

    Now, her studios host workshops, guest teachers, cultural events and live music. Package discounts are available for those who would like to be more active at the studios. Private and corporate lessons are also available.

    Through the Yoga Bar, Roberts has been able to also share her travels with others by leading retreats in some of the most beautiful, spiritual and naturally inspiring places on the planet. Roberts hosts local and international retreats on yoga and meditations.

    Rachel Roberts, Founder of The Yoga Bars, Bija Retreats and The Bija Yoga School

    “My classes meld all the limbs of Yoga into practices that are invigorating, inspiring and challenging physically, spiritually and emotionally,” says Roberts.

    In addition to her Yoga Bar studios, Roberts is the founder of The Bija Yoga School and Bija Retreats. She holds annual yoga retreats as close as Hocking Hills and as far away as Bali, Indonesia.

    The annual retreats are also hosted in revolving locations including Cooper Island in the British Virgin Islands and Tulum, Mexico.

    “The retreats range from a three-day weekend to a full week,” explains Roberts. “The themes revolve around the time of year, like a recent New Year’s retreat and March’s Bali retreat, which coincides with their lunar new year and a festival called Nyepi – a day of silent reflection for the entire island.”

    The local retreats Roberts hosts in Hocking Hills start at $375 while a week in Bali for a solo traveler will cost around $2,250.

    Roberts says the intention of the retreats is to take away the burden of decision making and to provide a sanctuary for guests to experience renewal, restoration and rejuvenation.

    “Retreats are completely planned from the moment you arrive; meals, transportation, excursions are all included and are also all optional, so that participants can enjoy down time if they choose or hike to natural wonders, whichever fills their cup on that day,” says Roberts.

    The yoga classes at retreats are held in the morning and afternoon. According to Roberts, morning practices are generally Ashtanga/Vinyasa, a more invigorating practice, and afternoons are Yin or Restorative yoga, for relaxation and meditation.

    “Each retreat is different depending on the group, season and location, but all include expert yoga instruction, gourmet meals, high-end accommodations and local excursions,” says Roberts.

    Roberts says that an increase in demand means there will be four retreats in Hocking Hills this year in January, May, August and November. She will also be hosting the Dia de Los Muertas retreat in Tulum, Mexico, and hopes to hold a retreat in Europe in 2017.

    To learn more about the Yoga Bars, visit To learn more about Roberts’ retreats by click here.

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    Read on for more on how one local lady is revamping old furniture and accessories to give them new life in your home and wardrobe.

    Vintage Love No. 1 refurbishes antique pieces and turns them into jewelry, accessories and even furniture that you can use.
    Vintage Love No. 1 refurbishes antique pieces and turns them into jewelry, accessories and even furniture that you can use.

    Two years ago, Lisa Dethlefs, repurposed an old desk that she received from her late grandfather. After completing the project, she realized that she had a love for bringing old and forgotten pieces back to life.

    She paired her love for repurposes old furniture with her passion for jewelry to launch Vintage Love No. 1, an accessory collection that is handcrafted from vintage, vintage-inspired and antique pieces. “Each piece is created one at a time with inspiration from the items I have handpicked,” she explains. “Most are one-of-a-kind, just like the person who wears them.”

    The line at Vintage Love No. 1 focuses on lifting the spirits of others with a positive message while looking fashionable. “Our mission is to create an item that can be turned into a story and will be able to inspire others as you wear them,” says Dethlefs.

    The business has become a family affair in the time since Dethlefs launched Vintage Love No. 1. Dethlefs’ mother jumped on board after seeing her vision for the business and her husband helps out wherever he’s needed. Additionally, Dethlefs’ two daughters are found helping out where they can – whether it’s stamping jewelry bags or helping out at a show. “Family is everything and I wouldn’t know what to do without them by my side,” she adds.


    At Vintage Love No. 1 you’ll find mostly repurposed jewelry and accessories. If you attend a show, however, you’ll find repurposed antique furniture that’s been painted or stained to give it a new life. Of all the items she sells, Dethlefs says that the leather cuffs made from repurposed items featuring custom hand stamped messages are the most popular.

    “I call our look shabby chic and believe its rustic feel will bring a warmth to your home,” says Dethlefs.

    The jewelry and accessories Dethlefs sells at Vintage Love No. 1 are perfect for any budget. “We want everyone to be able to be inspired and wear something we’ve made, so our prices range between $15 and $60 on average,” she says.

    The new year is bringing plenty of new opportunities of Dethlefs and her family-run business. Vintage Love No. 1 recently connected with a store called Front Room on 7th, which is located in Hamilton. The store has started featuring many of the pieces from Vintage Love No. 1 and will have a large selection of items that Dethlefs will be making special just for Valentine’s Day!

    In May, you can visit Vintage Love No. 1 at the Vintage Marketplace at the Springfield Antique Show, which is held at the Clark County Fairgrounds and attracts more than 25,000 people.

    You can learn more about Vintage Love No. 1 by checking out their online store or following along on Facebook and Instagram.

    To check out the pieces personally, visit case #111 in the Ohio Valley Antique Mall in Fairfield or Front Room on 7th in Hamilton.

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    Make a resolution to improve your health or beauty this year? See how you can do both with the Salon & Spa at Five Seasons Family Sports Club.

    Five Seasons Salon & Spa Director Bridgette Barone (center) with her team
    Five Seasons Salon & Spa Director Bridgette Barone (center) with her team
    If your New Year’s Resolution is to get fit, why not treat yourself to a little pampering while you’re at it? Just inside the Five Seasons Family Sports Club is the Five Seasons Salon & Spa.
    “Our highly trained staff offers a range of services from massage and clinical skincare to trending hair services and more,” says Five Seasons Salon & Spa Director Bridgette Barone.
    According to Barone, one-hour massages at Five Seasons Salon & Spa begin at $60 for a first time guest. Women’s haircuts start at $40, so you know you won’t break the bank for resort-quality services.
    “Our staff currently consists of two licensed massage therapists and three cosmetologists with the opportunity to expand,” says Barone.
    What makes a visit to the Five Seasons Salon & Spa even more relaxing is that there in-club childcare available, so you can enjoy your relaxing spa services without worrying about your child.
    Barone says that there are some exciting new adventures ahead for Five Seasons Salon & Spa during their new transition, one of which includes the opportunity for Independent Contracting Cosmetologists to join the team.
    The salon and spa is open on Sundays and Mondays by appointment only, Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    The spa is open to members of Five Seasons as well as the general public, according to Barone.
    Five Seasons Family Sports club is located at 11790 Snider Road in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit or call 513-842-1188.