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    A local mom decided to launch her own boutique, but it wasn't without the help of a few guardian angels. Click here to read more about the inspiring story behind it all.

    Boutique Cala focuses on home decor and women’s fashion in its OTR location.

    Amanda Miller is all about happiness. Whether it’s creating happiness, sharing it with others, or being happy in her everyday life, happiness is the goal. And happiness is why she created Boutique Cala, a home decor and clothing store bringing happiness to its customers.

    The idea behind Boutique Cala started back in December 2020, the week before Christmas, when she participated as a pop-up shop in what would become her current location.

    “We signed our lease in February 2021 and began transitioning the shop into our permanent location,” she says. “We remained opened to shoppers while we remodeled the store ourselves during the downtime.”

    When a customer walks through the door at Boutique Cala, Miller wants them to shop and smile. 

    The macrame sold in the store is handcrafted by Miller herself, who learned the art of the craft while she was a stay-at-hoe mom to her son with special needs.

    “Three years ago, I started selling my art at local markets on the weekends,” she says. “My goal was to one day open a boutique in Over-the-Rhine, so when the opportunity arose in December 2020, I knew I had to take it on, despite the pandemic.” 

    That’s when she asked another mom and clothing vendor she’d met at Art on Vine, Aleasha, to partner with her on the business concept, leading to the launch of Boutique Cala.

    When you shop Boutique Cala, you’ll find modern macrame decor and accessories such as plant hangers, light fixtures, wall hangings, handbags, and earrings. The women’s fashion line in the store includes Paige Denim and LAmade. 

    “We also carry a variety of Nordic-style home decor lines with items ranging from planters and vases to pillows and tabletop decor,” adds Miller. 

    When you shop Boutique Cala, Miller wants to offer customers the opportunity to shop handmade and meet the maker of it. In the store you’ll also find products made by other artists, who Miller sources directly from the make themselves. “I do my best to learn about their stories and inform the customers of the maker behind the product,” she adds. 
    And, while you’re admiring the renovation of the shop itself, Miller proudly stands behind the renovations she did herself. “I built and installed everything in the store,” she adds. 
    Miller is proud of all that she’s accomplished thus far with Boutique Cala, but knows that she wouldn’t have found inspiration without a little help. 
    “If it wasn’t for Children’s Hospital and what they’ve done for son, I wouldn’t have been able to take on opening a shop yet,” she explains. :He has autism and was visually impaired from a rare eye disease. In August 2020, he was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks for angle closure glaucoma. He had emergency surgery to relieve the pressure. The ophthalmologist who performed that surgery suggested possibly correcting his vision with additional surgeries. It wasn’t going to be a simple eye surgery and it was mostly theoretical, but this was everything I wanted for Camden so in September they started with the right eye, October he had surgery on the left eye, November he went back for another surgery, and by December he was seeing in focus for the first time!”
    Since then, she says, her son has had a few more procedures, and although he has a long road ahead, his life as dramatically changed. “He’s become more independent, his communication has improved and things that once frightened him into a panic, now make him smile and laugh. I can even safely walk with him down Vine Street, something I could have never done before,” she says. “I’m extremely thankful for Dr. Young, Camden’s ophthalmologist, and to 3CDC for the opportunity. They’re what made Boutique Cala possible.”
    Boutique Cala is located at 1321 Vine Street in Cincinnati, right across the street from The Mercer and next to GO(O)D. They are hosting a grand opening event scheduled for June 19. And when the pandemic subsides, she says they plan on hosting DIY workshops. 
    You can learn more about Boutique Cala on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Click here to see this quintessential East Walnut Hills home in this week's Listing of the Week!

    This 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom Tudor home is inherently timeless, elegant by design, and a quintessential East Walnut Hills home on coveted Keys Crescent. The first floor features abundant and open space for grand entertaining, yet ample separate for intimate daily living and today’s work from home needs. Favorite features include a large front porch, pub room, wine room, master suite with balcony, a large updated, 2-sink bathroom with walk-in closets, a 3rd floor theatre and game rooms, and lots fo storage. This home is close to downtown and steps from dining.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    WE Lead prepares professional women for the next step in their careers—and lives.

    WE Lead is a 10-month executive leadership development experience from the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber for high-potential, goal-oriented women actively preparing for the next level of their career. 

    WE Lead brings together high-achieving, professional women from a variety of backgrounds to learn from one another and creating a strong, supportive network. Through a combination of professional development and executive coaching, participants learn leadership skills and strategies unique to their personal and professional development.

    Clarissa Doggett, Senior Operational Leader under Medical Operations at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, is a participant of WE Lead who says she joined the program to help her determine her next steps professionally but found that the program was also personally beneficial.

    “I felt like I was experiencing a plateau in both my professional and personal life, therefore I was seeking something that would challenge me, but most importantly help me identify why I’m currently in a plateau,” says Doggett. “I was so focused on trying to improve professionally I did not realize that this program would allow me to dig deeper personally as well. It definitely assisted me with trying to find a healthy balance between professional and personal.”

    During the month of March, the Chamber kicked off the opening of WE Lead applications for Class 16 and celebrated International Women’s History Month by honoring WE Lead alumni and women in the region who have become incredible leaders and role models. WE Lead alumni shared their experiences and highlighted the women in their lives who have inspired, encouraged, or empowered them along their leadership journeys. Check out #WELeadCincy to hear how WE Lead has impacted our alumni and the meaningful relationships they built.

    Clarissa Doggett, Senior Operational Leader under Medical Operations at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

    The Leadership Center’s WE Lead program is different from other leadership development programs offered by chambers throughout the region because it offers several opportunities for participants to improve and gain new ideas throughout its 10-month course, where other programs only offer small nuggets of opportunity and guidance at one-time events. 

    When asked about what she enjoyed most about the program, Doggett says it was the chance to look inward and focus on herself for a change.

    “I appreciate simply being comfortable to bring my authentic self in every discussion without feeling judged. As women, I think it’s hard for us to be vulnerable because we want to always strive to be strong, and in general we tend to struggle with finding a sense of belonging, particularly when it comes to leading. I didn’t imagine that this program would also help me identify personal things in my life that were inadvertently feeding into this ‘plateau’ state I was experiencing. It has allowed me to think deeper, reflect on things I value the most and identify what actually motivates me to be great,” she says.

    “If you are looking to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and growing professionally and personally while connecting with other amazing women leaders throughout our region, I would highly encourage you to apply for this amazing program,” adds Doggett. 

    “We hear time and time again that women are so appreciative of WE Lead as it pushes them to enhance their leadership and provides an opportunity to develop life-long relationships with an incredible network of women who will help them advance locally,” says Vice President of the Leadership Center Amy Thompson.

    There have been more than 600 graduates of the WE Lead program through the Leadership Center at the Cincinnati Chamber. You can see a list of previous graduates by clicking here

    There is a competitive process to participate in WE Lead, including an application and references. Applications for the upcoming WE Lead program are open now and will close on May 21, 2021. Click here to apply.

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    Change up your beauty routine this summer with new hair, lashes, or a customized filler service.

    The Lash Loft in Troy, Ohio, offers lash extensions, brow services, hair extensions, and a variety of hair services.

    Just north of Dayton is Troy, Ohio, home to The Lash Loft. 

    The Lash Loft is a boutique salon offering high-quality services such as lash extensions, hair extensions, microblading, and powder brows. 

    Carey Canter, the founder of The Lash Loft, says that she wants to help her clients find their inner and outer beauty when they walk through the door. 

    “I want every one of my clients to fall in love with their hair, their new lashes, or their freshly done microbladed brows,” she says. “I find it fulfilling to be able to help a woman fall in love with herself for the first time, or to fall in love with a new look she was once afraid to try out.”

    As we head into summer, Canter says that she’s expecting a number of trends to continue throughout the summer, especially when it comes to hair extensions. And while there are a variety available, she knows that it can be a difficult decision to commit to for clients. However, she wants them to know they are in good hands when they see her.

    “I believe that it’s about finding the right one for you, and that being the key to having the hair that you want,” she says.

    When it comes to eyebrows, microblading is a popular service she doesn’t see going anywhere. In addition to microblading, she says that brow lamination is also a popular option. In fact, she sees many clients turning the lamination into a more semi-permanent look by using a combination microblading and machine shading.

    Hair extensions are an available service at The Lash Loft.

    Lashes have also taken over in the beauty industry, and when it comes to lash extensions, she says that she’s seeing trends in using colored lashes and creating different types of looks like a cat eye, a doll eye, and even super glam sets being popular among clients. 

    For those who are looking to give their skin a boost, she says The Lash Loft also has a nurse practitioner on staff who offers Botox filler, microneedling, and IPL laser treatments for clients

    “Receiving a service that involves microneedling and Botox is really life-changing,” says Canter.

    The most in-demand services at The Lash Loft are the three main offerings: lash extensions, hair extensions, and microblading. 

    “We love being able to create an entire look for our clients from beautiful, voluminous, and trendy blonding, highlighted hair extensions to applying a full set of faux mink lashes and finishing off the look with a beautiful combo brow using microblading and machine shading,” she says. “All of this to create a new look, and a new you.”

    The Lash Loft is located at 123 E Main Street in Troy, Ohio. You can keep up with them, and book your next appointment, on Facebook and Instagram. You can also directly book appointments here.

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    Learn about an urban flower-florist located in the heart of Over-the-Rhine.

    Christina Matthews, Founder of The Flower Lady

    Looking for some beautiful blooms to celebrate the warmer months approaching?

    Christina Matthews, owner of The Flower Lady OTR has a passion for all things floral. She grows her own beautiful flowers and uses them in her designs straight from the garden to the vase. 

    Matthews’ inspiration for her company came from her former career with Paul Mitchells Schools. 

    They had a “culture that encourages employees to do more for their community by giving back.” 

    From here Matthews and a close friend were able to secure $10,000 worth of garden funding from the CEO of Paul Mitchells Systems, John Paul DeJoria, Grow Appalachia program for the OTR People’s Garden. 

    After years of learning how to grow flowers, food, and her own business she resigned from her job and decided to pursue creating The Flower Lady full time. 

    She had “hopes of making a positive impact for our planet and community while also earning a honest living that is in tune with nature and my personal beliefs.” 

    The Flower Lady has grown into an amazing company, and grows different flowers based on the season:

    • Spring: Tulips, ranunculus, anemones and mint
    • Summer: Zinnias, dahlia, snapdragons, strawflowers, gomphrena, basil, eucalyptus
    • Fall: Sunflowers, dahlia, celosia, amaranth, basil, eucalyptus 

    “My most popular arrangement is my newspaper wrapped bouquets during flower season and in the fall and winter it would be my hand-made wreaths,” she says. “Right now, I make eucalyptus and lavender wreaths.” 

    The Flower Lady has a strong dedication to give back to the community and has volunteered with Wesley Chapel Mission Center, in OTR that offers different educational programs for the youth living close to the community garden. 

    We have developed a garden club called “Grow Your Business” where I teach all about flower farming, we taste the fresh food our community garden grows, and we learn how to make money by designing flower arrangements and making boutonnieres.” 

    She is a huge animal lover and even creates floral collars for some of the dogs and cats that are looking for forever homes at the Animal Adoption Foundation. 

    The Flower Lady has much on the horizon for her flower business. 

    I recently won a grant from the Made for More small business fund created by Newell Brands, the maker of Ball home canning products. I plan to use the money to expand my urban flower business! This fall became involved with the City of Cincinnati’s Urban Agricultural program, and just acquired a 1/3 of an acre lot to grow more flowers for the city I love so much” 

    To learn more or place an order visit her website. For daily updates from her garden follow her on Instagram or Facebook

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    We're celebrating moms everywhere! Click to hear from our newest columnist and her perspective on Mother's Day!

    This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 9th and after the tumultuous and chaotic past year we’ve had, a day to celebrate and love the ones we cherish the most is something I think many of us are looking forward to! Many would find it interesting to know that the history of Mother’s Day wasn’t even founded by a mother. A woman named Anna Jarvis crusaded for a day to honor all Mom’s after the passing of her own. It wasn’t until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that Mother’s Day would be an official holiday every second Sunday in the month of May. 

    For many women young and old alike, this day is a representation of beautiful bouquets of flowers, heartfelt greeting cards and bodacious brunches filled with hugs and lots of laughter. However for some, this second Sunday in May isn’t a festive day. In fact, for many women it’s a day they tread and avoid like a plague. You may ask yourself, “Why would someone not like a day that celebrates their own mother?” Well, the simple, yet very complex answer to that is this day doesn’t always hold the same happiness for the masses. 

    Women whose mothers may be deceased, those who have experienced miscarriages or the loss of a child or those who cannot conceive, this annual day can be a reminder of what was lost and is missed the most. A study in 2017 interviewed women who shared their own personal experiences and how Mother’s Day can be both emotionally and psychologically difficult, especially for young girls and women who are estranged from their own mothers. 

    Each year, social media timelines are flooded with Happy Mother’s Day hashtags and selfies with women most revered, but what happens when that isn’t a reality for you? Just like a child who doesn’t feel like they fit in, it can be an isolating feeling when you don’t have the same experience with your mother as others do. It can feel like a yearly wound that is being reopened and hard to heal back up. 

    So, what does this all mean? Well, it means that as women we have to be cognizant and remain compassionate for those who do not have a mother to celebrate or who may be grieving that they aren’t a mother. It’s simple to give a Happy Mother’s Day shout-out in passing, but it’s important to remember that simple and gracious phrase doesn’t hold the same weight for everyone. It’s important that we celebrate the single, without children, widowed and motherless women as they are the ones who need it the most. 

    Reminisce and reach out to those women in your life who’ve been a mother figure to you. How have those women filled the void of “Mom?” What knowledge did these women bestow on you? How has their presence in your life affected you? Ask yourself these questions and pay homage to ALL women that matter to you this year. The gift of birth isn’t the only thing that qualifies you as a Mom. If you’ve ever given life and love through advice, mentored youth, prepared a meal for a sick friend or been there for someone in their darkest hour – you my dear are a MOTHER and we celebrate the love and light that is you.

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    On reaching a state of relief.

    My version of running is a slow, steady pace, for 2-5 miles. When I start running, the first 10 minutes tends to be the hardest. It is hard because I am shifting my body and lungs into a new state – from slower and passive to active and aggressive. I am pushing all my physical elements to go. There is resistance. My lungs must adjust. My legs need to warm up. My torso and arms are adjusting to the jarring pace as my feet steadily hit the concrete and propel me forward. It is never my favorite part, but always necessary: the least comfortable part of the process. 

    That is why, within the first few minutes of my run, I head for the largest hill in my neighborhood. It is about a quarter mile from my house, and about a half mile long. Once I arrive, I run downhill first. Thankfully is the natural order in this process – you have no choice but to start at the top because it is a cul-de-sac. Therefore, it becomes strategic because when I run downhill, it gives my body a little break while it adjusts to the pace. Gravity propels me forward. It prepares me and closes out the warm-up. It is a small victory that provides momentum for the hard part. 

    When I get to the bottom of the hill, I always turn around, pause and look up and assess. I pay attention to the cars parked on the side of the street. These objects turn into tickers of progress. I look at the sidewalk – are there any obstructions, like garbage cans or people chatting in the middle of them? I need clearance because I do not want to stop once I start. If you stop in the middle of an uphill run, game over. I need steady momentum. If there are obstructions, and most times, there are, I will start the uphill run on the street. It is a slow traffic street, so it is relatively safe to run when necessary – a calculated small risk, easily mitigated by turning my audio down, and paying attention to the sounds around me as I go. 

    When I start my steady climb up the hill, I stay on the street until the obstacles on the sidewalk have been passed. While running up the street, I use the cars as my markers for progress. Each car is only a few feet from my peripheral. I never look too far ahead. Once I pass a car, I focus on the next. Occasionally I glance a little further, and think, wow! Once I get to the silver truck ahead, I will be halfway! I then refocus on surpassing what is right in front of me. Bit by bit. Car by car. Each parked car propels me to the next. By the middle of the hill, I feel winded but able to keep going. It is around this point that I begin to make my way to the sidewalk to complete the latter half of my run, because as I start to get winded, I need markers of progress at a quicker pace to keep my mind present and engaged.

    The sidewalk is made up of cement panels. These panels are roughly 2.5 jogging steps long. At the halfway point, they are wonderful markers and a good mind shift. The smallness of them allows me to continue momentum when I am growing especially weary of the trek, because I just remind myself – only 2.5 steps and you are onto the next one! It is so simple to look down and see what is right in front of me, and push forward, checking off another panel. The panels add up much quicker than the parked cars. I surpass one, and then the next, and the next. I glance ahead and find a small marker that shows I am almost there. A street lamp. Once I hit that streetlamp, I think, I will have just a few more yards until I reach the top. The sidewalk panels seem to go faster when I see the end is near. 

    When I summit the hill, I am short of breath, sweaty, and in a state of general discomfort, but my mind is filled with something so pure: relief. 

    Relief is a powerful because it grants us freedom. When we push through something hard, we gain freedom. Freedom sets us in a place of neutrality, and neutrality puts us in a place to receive. As I continue my run, which has only just begun, what tackling that first hill does for me is shift my body from resistance to reception. As I hit the top of the hill, my body is now neutralized while in a state of motion. When we’ve neutralized ourselves, resistance dissipates, and we are conditioned to receive. The relief is enjoyable and subconsciously reiterates what I am capable of. What has happened is, my body has aligned to the new state of motion because it has completed something hard. In other words, I have grown or expanded in my capability. When my body aligns to my mind, the rest of the run becomes fluid. Not easy – because I am still in a state of motion and still pushing – but fluid. I no longer feel resistance. I caught the current going in the right direction and am letting it carry me, instead of paddling upstream. Even on other hills, I propel with much more ease. I have done this before. I can do it again. No hill is harder to clear than the first hill, because showing up from a rested state is the hardest part.

    Getting to the top of that first hill and beginning again on flat surface is a powerful reminder that we can do hard things, as Glennon Doyle would say. We can do hard things and find relief at the end. It does not mean we stop, it means we are fully capable of carrying on. 

    Marks of progress are important. They keep us going when we are amid the hard things. Celebrate those marks of progress. The sense of joy raises your vibration and carries you forward. What parked cars or sidewalk panels can you look for that tell you, you are on the way, when you are in the midst of a challenge? Find them – they are little universal hints that the divine has your back. Reinforcement of your power. 

    And remember – I made the choice to run that first hill. I brought that first hill to myself. When we become a part of a challenge, it is because we invited that situation in. We have it into our lives to prepare us, and to use it as a tool to gain freedom. Our subconscious is powerful. We may not realize we have run ourselves to the hill, but believe me, nothing else brought us there but our mind and our own two legs. Do not deny yourselves the hills. Summit them and grow. Allow the relief you are capable of and deserve, to propel you. 

    Whitney Ellison is a thought leader and coach of the Enneagram and Quantum Energy. Learn more about her by visiting her website, and following her @wellisonenterprises on Instagram where you can find all of her Enneagram series interviews and other comings and goings.

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    National Nurses Week is here and we're chatting with the Chief Nursing Officer at The Christ Hospital Health Network. Click here to read more.

    As we approach National Nurses Week (May 6th-12th) we’re excited to celebrate an incredible woman, medical leader and mentor, Julie Holt.  Julie is the Chief Nursing Officer of The Christ Hospital Health Network and, if I’m being honest, one of the most approachable, genuine leader’s I’ve ever met.

    If you have ever been afforded the opportunity to meet Julie Holt, you will understand that she is not only a fierce advocate for wellness but an incredible servant leader.  Her appetite for personal growth and self-reflection can only be described as “voracious” and her effervescent personality, contagious. She takes nothing for granted and her gratitude is evident in her daily commitment to lead by example.  

    “I am privileged, honored, and proud to be a nurse leader at The Christ Hospital” Julie shared, and it’s easy to see why.  Christ Hospital is ranked the #1 hospital in the region by U.S.News & World Report and is Magnet recognized for providing the highest quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.

    Julie started her career, clinically, over 30 years ago.  After several years of practicing in neurosciences Julie began in her first formal leadership role of Assistant Nurse Manager.  She later went to achieve her Master’s degree in Nursing Administration, which she attributes to truly preparing her for a formal leadership role. 

    Julie is one of the most highly regarded nursing leaders in the region and is respected by so many.  “I am grateful to have practiced nursing and leadership at 7 local hospitals.” 

    Nurses inherently give so much of themselves to others, but as the US continues to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, Holt has had to dig deeper to find renewal and personal wellness. 

    “I have incorporated wellness into my life by finding joy in the everyday moments. As I have aged, I have learned that the happiness is found by living each moment, by being present.”  

    Julie also acknowledges that physical wellness is crucial for fulfillment and living a healthy lifestyle. Julie enjoys walking and spending time in nature- something I recently was able to personally share with her through Trek Executive Leadership’s Outdoor Coaching Program.

    In part 2 of Julie’s story she will share her strengths and opportunity areas of personal wellness to inspire other leaders and nurses to invest in themselves.

    Learn more about The Christ Hospital by visiting  Join us for The Motherhood Journey on May 4th to hear from mothers across the country about how Christ is supporting moms through all aspects of motherhood, including fertility support, incredible delivery experience and postpartum care. 

    Bag spill photography & styling by Jerin McIntosh.

    Content, left to right: Ray Ban Sunglasses, Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint w/SPF, Vital Proteins, a piece of amethyst & quartz crystal, The Christ Hospital mask, Crunchmaster Crackers (Kroger), Boom by Cindy Joseph,  Aquaphor (Kroger)  Batiste Dry Shampoo (Kroger), Apple AirPods, The Heart of a Leader by Ken Blanchard, Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud face spritzer, Alastin Restorative Skin Complex, Bag by Patricia Nash, WISe Wellness Guild waterbottle.

    “A Leadership Style” is a column authored by WISe Wellness Guild founder Stevi Gable Carr and powered by Crunchmaster Crackers aimed at celebrating female leaders who have advanced in their careers because they have integrated work and life through whole-self wellness. 

    Glossary of terms: 

    Womxn: noun, plural wom·xn [wim-in] /ˈwɪm ɪn/. a woman (used, especially in intersectional feminism, as an alternative spelling to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequences m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of trans and nonbinary women)

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    As we enter the month of May, we want to say Happy Mother’s Day. This week our business & life coach columnist shares about the number on human condition when it comes to receiving compliments.

    The one thing we all have in common is we arrived here through our Mother!  Relax, we are not going to talk about our Mothers. The intention for this message is to offer you the reflection on how you can best take care of YOU when it comes to receiving compliments.

    You have probably heard and know the value in filling your cup first.  You plan to rest, relax, and take time to smell the roses. And you also plan to exercise, eat right, and get plenty of sleep. You know these things to do but often find you aren’t doing them. Why is that?

    One of the most felt human condition is “not being enough”.

    An example of this is when you receive a compliment such as “wow I love your shoes” or “your hair looks great”. You often will deflect a compliment with a response like “these old things” or “yea, I washed it today.” This response is indicating you aren’t feeling good enough to accept the sweet and kind words (compliment) someone took the time to offer you. 

    Point is they didn’t have to say anything; but they did. 

    By you not receiving/hearing the compliment, you are cutting off the energetic feeling of good and replacing it with the energy of “I’m not enough.”

    What would be a better response? 

    “Thank You so Much!” (and stop there). By adding anything more, you are aligning with the “not enough” mindset.

    Perhaps you remember your mother saying, “you can get more bees with honey” – and it’s true. The sweeter you are in receiving, the more you attract into your life.

    So, the next time someone compliments you:

    1. Reply with Thank you so much!
    2. No additional words are needed. Feel the feeling
    3. Don’t replace their compliment with a compliment back
    4. Pay it forward knowing how good it feels by offering someone else a compliment 

    And expect more! That feeling of “I am enough” can come often, raising you into a high energy receptive mode of feeling good, which leads to more goodness. 

    Don’t allow deflecting words to cause you to miss out. You are enough, and those compliments are all in service to reminding you of that.

    Here’s to creating the life you deserve!


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      Stay true to yourself and your style with this unique brand that allows you to appreciate and love exactly who you are.

      Niche is an online shop that allows you to express yourself without following the trends that come and go.

      Shopping for clothing to stay on-trend can get expensive. Trends come and go, but you don’t have to bust your budget to keep up with the times. 

      Saving your pocketbook from drying up is why Mackenzie See launched Niche, an online shop and a safe place to pick and choose what pieces of clothing fulfill your wardrobe dreams.

      We will do everything to provide you with the peace and comfort of picking from items that will make you feel the most beautiful in your own skin,” she says. “The dream is that each piece of clothing can be paired, and mix-and-matched with other pieces of clothing to start, build, or complete a look. Niche is here to help you build a wardrobe, not fill a closet.”

      The inspiration behind Niche isn’t just about building an affordable wardrobe, but to also help you create a wardrobe that is timeless. 

      “The hope is that with Niche you can build a wardrobe you love and that will transcend time and not go out of style so fast,” she says. 

      See also wants to instill the idea that our trendy clothing isn’t what makes us who we are. “I know how hard our society pushes the idea that we are not enough as we are and I wanted to create a place that defied that and lets women know they can come as they are, however they feel most authentic, confidence, and comfortable. In fact, I implore them to and want them to feel as if they are perfect just the way they are and that Niche is here, I am here to support them.”

      When you shop Niche you’ll find a variety of products including shirts, pants, dresses, and earrings. “The idea is that each and every item can be mix-and-matched and worn for years without the items going out of style,” she adds. 

      See says that what she thinks makes her business unique is the idea and intention behind it, along with the plans she has for the future.

      “Niche isn’t just an online clothing store to me, it is so much more,” See explains. “It represents hope, the future, love, being yourself, acceptance and so much more. I could go on for days. This is probably my most favorite question ever because the story behind the name ‘Niche’ is based on the word ‘unique.’ I wanted it to be a short to-the-point memorable name that had meaning to me, and after days of researching and discussing ideas with my boyfriend, we landed on ‘Niche’ but pronounced like neé-sh. To represent Niche being unique from the ‘traditional’ clothing brand or store, and to encourage others to break away from the norm and be their selves unapologetically, to be you-Niche.”

      See says that as a woman, she knows what it’s like to grow up in a harsh, judgmental world, and wants o create something that allows others to be themselves, like they are good enough to be exactly who they are.

      The future looks bright for See and Niche, as she recently did a pop-up shop at Enlightenment Coffee in Walton, Kentucky. She hopes to participate in more pop-ups throughout the year as it becomes safe to do so.

      “I also plan on working towards building a memorable, pleasant, raw experience when interacting with my brand,” she says. “I plan on prioritizing spreading love, authenticity, reassurance, and support through Niche’s channels, creating a safe space forepeople to come where they can feel accepted, supported, and safe.”

      You can learn more about Niche on their website. You can also follow along on Facebook or Instagram.