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The women behind many of the shops along Cincinnati’s Main Street in the Central Business District have joined forces to host events and support each other.

The women business owners of Cincinnati’s Main Street have teamed up with Cate Douglas of 3CDC to launch Women on Main, a dynamic group of Women owned businesses and entrepreneurs located on Main Street in the central business district of Downtown Cincinnati.

Marcie Hon, Owner of Down to Mars Vintage and a member of Women on Main, says that the inspiration for Women on Main came from Dr. Sarbori Bhattacharya, the owner of Balance Health Management. 

“Once she noticed how many women-owned businesses were operating, specifically on Main Street from the 6th to 8th street blocks, she decided to reach out to the business owners to plan a collaborative event,” says Hon. “Since then the group of women-owned businesses, Women on Main, has blossomed.”

The Women on Main events are rooted in spreading awareness and support of women owned businesses in the Queen City. The first Women on Main event was held over the holidays and called a “Women on Main Walk.”

“Participants used a passport created by the business owners to guide the walk and retrieve stamps at each location to show you visited,” says Hon. “The filled out passports were then used in a grand prize raffle at the end of the event, hosted at Corkopolis and accompanied by light bites from Lalo.”

Currently, plans are underway for the second Women on Main event in the New Year, which Hon says will hopefully come in the springtime. 

The businesses that participate in Women on Main include:

Yvonne Ballard of Nove Home & Body Decor (located in Algin Retro Furniture at 800 Main Street), Sewendipity Lounge (722 Main Street), Lalo Restaurant (709 Main Street), Amanda Kelly Studio (639 Main Street), Corkopolic (640 Main Street), Hair @ 633 (633 Main Street), Balance Health Management (631 Main Street), Positive Poses Yoga (631 Main Street), Art of ID (631 Main Street), Crzy Monk (627 Main Street), Bay Horse Cafe (625 Main Street), Down to Mars Vintage (621 Main Street), and The Barre Code (615 Main Street). 

Hon says that the group is hoping to add more women-owned businesses to the group as they open their doors in the Central Business District.

To keep up with Women on Main, you can follow each business on social media or check out the group’s Facebook page. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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Is running a part of your New Year’s Resolution? Read more about a local race company hosting several 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons throughout the year.

If your plans for 2020 are to get your body moving more, Bodies Race Company – Cincinnati has just what you need. 

“Bodies Race Company – Cincinnati is a race company that produces 5ks, 10ks, and half marathons across the area,” explains Marketing Director Erica Munsinger. 

Part of a franchise business, the mission behind Bodies Race Company and its Cincinnati branch is to help make a healthy impact in all of the major markets across the country. 

The inspiration for offering these races in cities across the country came from Brand and Jen McCleary, of Kansas City, who started their careers in health and fitness. 

“They owned a gym called Bodies and started taking their clients to races for a fun way to exercise without focusing on the scale,” says Munsinger. “After attending races, they found that there was a huge need for a race company in the Kansas City area. They hosted their first event, and the rest was history.”

Now, there are over 200 Bodies Race Company events across the country as well as the management of numerous third party races. “We exist to make a healthy impact in our communities by bringing fun, family, and fitness to every city,” says Munsinger. “Our visit is to exist in every major market in America ,as well as take our mission global.”

When Bodies Race Company – Cincinnati lists their upcoming running events, they do so on Black Friday. This Holiday Series allows participants to sign up for their choice of 8 themed races throughout the year. 

“Ths is part of our mission to make a healthy impact in our communities,” says Munsinger. “In addition, many participants find us unique because of our cutting edge medal and t-shirt designs. We’ve been trendsetters, and out-of-the-box thinkers when it comes to race swag.”

There are currently nine franchisees across the country with 14 locations and a corporate team of 11, with growth expected in the future.

To learn more, visit

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See how a local woman started a new career as a seamstress and shop owner after 35 years playing for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Carolyn Mason has always made a living with her hands. For 35 years, Those hands played viola for the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra. Today, they sew bags and other handcrafted items for her OTR-based shop, The Beautiful Bags Lady. 

”[I make] 100 percent cotton shopping bags, wine bags, aprons, bio-totes, children’s aprons and walker bags,” she explains.

Sewing is something she took up in retirement and it quickly turned into something more. “My actual career was a classical musician with a degree from the University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music as a Viola Performance Major,” she explains. “I had a successful career playing principal viola with the Cincinnati Ballet Orchestra for over 35 years; performing with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Pops and Opera; performing with the Broadway show series at Music Hall, Taft, Aronoff Music Centers; Managing and playing with the Cincinnati String Quartet for over 30 years; Music Librarian, with Cincinnati Ballet;  Music Librarian with thr Suzanne Farrell Ballet at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC for 14 years.”

For Mason, selling her bags started nine years ago. “I started selling my bags at craft shows in 2011 and sold at Findlay Market on the weekend, starting 2012 thru July 2017,” she says. “Moved into my own shop August 2017. I also do some creating at the shop while I sell.”

The inspiration behind starting the business dates all the way back to 2006. “This career as a seamstress is my retirement and doing something to help the environment,” she explains. “I started making the bags in 2006 for my family as shopping bags to replace plastic bags. This is totally an environmental endeavor as I feel that people are more likely to use a cloth bag that they like or that shows their personality. Plastic, reused plastic, polyester, nylon bags will all end up in the landfill eventually. 100 percent cotton is environmentally responsible and is totally biodegrade.” 

There are a variety of different bags that she sells in her shop and the include: 

▪ 100 Percent Cotton Shopping Bags: These bags are “designed to hold up to 45 lbs., reversible, easily carried over the shoulder and will hook onto grocery store bag stands to local groceries,” she says. “Many fabrics to choose from are: Charley Harper Designs, Flying Pug, Fiona, Doctor Who, floral, military, Harry Potter, etc. “Theway to wash these bags are machine wash and tumble dry.
▪ Wine Bags: “Same as the cotton shopping bags, but have six pockets sewn into the sides of the bag to carry up to six wine bottles. When pockets are not used, they can be shoved to the sides of the bag and used as the regular tote,” Mason says. “Many wine-themed fabrics to choose from. Any other fabric can be used to make a wine bag for an additional fee.” These bags are cleaned by machine wash and tumble dry. 
▪ Bio-Tote: “Shopping bag that has a pocket in the front. Folds up and has a button closure to fit within a purse, pocket, briefcase, etc,” she says. These bags are also 100 percent biodegradable: cotton fabric, wood button and cotton thread.
▪ 100 percent Cotton Adult and Children’s Aprons: The different fabrics featured are: Charley Harper prints, FlyingPig, Fiona, Doctor Who, dogs, cats and whatever strikes my fancy while shopping for fabrics. 
▪ Walker Bags: Made to order. “You pick the fabric,” Mason says. 

The Beautiful Bags Lady is so important for the community of Over-The-Rhine, as well as the Cincinnati area. “I am serving both the long-time residents of OTR and the new residents in the area of Downtown Cincinnati,” Mason says. 

Her favorite part of the job is going out and buying fabrics. “Sometimes it is just for simple requests from customers. Other times I have to do extensive research online to find the perfect fabric for a customer or business,” Mason says. “This is not so different as doing music research online that I had to do for Suzanne in my years of working on all her music.”

The Beautiful Bags Lady defines success through seeing customers get use out of their bags. She wants to see “repeated customers and customers carrying bags into my shop that I sold six or seven years ago tell me I’m doing something right,” she says. “When men buy the bags for themselves and actually carry them for groceries is a huge ego boost for me. Some men don’t even come into the shop because they seem to think fabric bags are not manly.”

Mason’s vision for the store involves her family. “The vision for my business is to use all the fabric that I’ve accumulated over the years and let my daughters start to sell in their free time,” she says. 

The Beautiful Bag Lady is located at 124 West Elder Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202, across from Findlay Market.  To learn more, visit her website or follow along on Facebook.

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Two entrepreneurs passionate about helping the community plan to open the doors to a new coffeehouse that encourages guests to come together, eat well and feel like family.

Cincy Chic: What is Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse?
Taren Kinebrew, Co-Owner of Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse: Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse is a local coffee shop that offers breakfast and lunch. Once we open, will hope to be a hub that brings together the Evanston community, Xavier community, and surrounding neighborhoods. 

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse?
Kinebrew: Myself and Crystal Grace of Grace + Grit Spa in Silverton are behind Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse. I am the founded of Sweet Petit Desserts located in Over-the-Rhine that focuses on bite-sized desserts while Crystal’s spa focuses on self care. Crystal also has a non profit called What Love Does that offers free self care services to cancer patients and their caregivers. I also have a nonprofit called Junior Baking Series that focuses on youth who aspire to have a career in baking.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the coffee shop?
Kinebrew: With backgrounds in self-care, baking, and nonprofits, we wanted to offer our community something that not only spoke to our passion for great food and coffee but also empowers others and future entrepreneurs. 

Cincy Chic: What will readers find on the menu?
Kinebrew: Our menu will include organic coffee and teas. We will have mostly plant-based breakfast and lunch items that will all be locally sourced.

Cincy Chic: What makes Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse unique?
Kinebrew: We are two African American women who recognize that heart disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes run rapid in our culture and we want to offer an alternative to combat those sometimes fatal diseases. We chose the plant-based route for most of the menu to educate people that you can eat great food without high amounts of bad fats.

Cincy Chic: When will you open the doors to Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse?
Kinebrew: We plan to open our doors in February or March 2020. 

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Kinebrew: We both are excited to work with and support the Evanston community and Xavier University. More importantly we are looking forward to the partnerships we will build while also implementing a mentor program for children 7-10 years of age. 

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Kinebrew: Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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    For our annual Women of the Year issue, we feature six fascinating local women paving new paths for business, community and generations of women to come. Read on as we learn more about Donna Salyers and her 30 years of entrepreneurship and is about to start an exciting new chapter.

    At the recent 30 & Three Celebration honoring the 30th anniversary of Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Furs and the third anniversary of Hotel Covington, Covington Mayor Joseph Meyer delivered a proclamation in honor of both Donna Salyers and her husband Jim, and announced “Fabulous West 11th Street” in recognition of the local pride and international success of Fabulous Furs.


    Entrepreneurship is nothing new for the Salyers. The dynamic husband-and-wife team of Jim and Donna Salyers are the brains behind several Northern Kentucky based, and nationally known, businesses. 

    The story of their entrepreneurial journeys goes back to the mid-80s when Jim purchased the Woolworth Building as an investment. Following some years, Woolworth announced they were leaving and that’s when Jim decided it was the perfect opportunity to step out on his own and start a business – The Madison Event Center. 

    At the same time Jim was starting his business, his fashionista wife Donna was launching her business Fabulous-Furs in the basement of their Cincinnati home. However, business grew much quicker than expected for Donna and she needed more space.

    Donna Salyers

    The couple wanted to do their part in growing their Northern Kentucky neighborhood, so they began buying boarded-up buildings that not only solved their space issue, which also improved the neighborhood. 

    “In the beginning we lived in a loft apartment above The Madison and experience firsthand the urban blight and neglect,” explains Donna. “Jim set out to change the neighborhood and, amazingly, it worked. It was painfully slow – nearly two decades – but make no mistake; it’s been a joint effort with my husband, our daughter, our son, and their spouses, as well as fellow entrepreneurs who risked investing in a troubled area.”

    Not only is the couple the founders of The Madison Event Center and Fabulous-Furs, but Donna also launched Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Bridal, as well as a couple of restaurants, a wedding mall, and more. 

    “Our son-in-law Guy van Rooyen spearheaded Hotel Covington that opened in late 2016,” she explains. “The Hotel has been a fabulous game-changed, bringing restaurants, shops, and specialty bars – places creating vibrancy and bringing people and credibility to Covington’s business core.”

    Salyers also credits her son, Scott, on his renovations to many of the community’s building to help make it “cool” again. 

    As the family has worked to change the face of Northern Kentucky, Salyers says that they live by the Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.

    That passion for treating others the way they’d want to be treated translates into a desire to create a community they themselves would want to live in. While at times that sounds like a walk in the park, it isn’t always the case. 

    “We’ve always believed in the power of small businesses leading the way,” she says. “Local government can only do so much. Covington, for example, teetered on bankruptcy with limited revenue-generating entities and neighborhoods. Big business is essential as well, but individuals and small businesses can be far more nimble and resilient in changing economic conditions and world events.”

    When it comes to running Fabulous-Furs, Salyers says that she finds inspiration in the people she works with every day, who inspire her to do everything possible to offer great products and lead fashion trends, which allows her to provide jobs that feed families, pay taxes, and expand the family’s reputation as the world’s leader in luxury faux fur.

    At the recent 30 & Three Celebration honoring the 30th anniversary of Donna Salyers’ Fabulous-Furs and the third anniversary of Hotel Covington

    This same business she hopes to build a reputation with is what started more than 30 years ago as a sewing kit company. 

    “Fake fur was far different,” she explains. “Technology today produces faux fur so realistic, a furrier may be fooled. But I started with the best quality available, and it became my challenge to create a luxury market for something with a terrible reputation. I was naive enough to think Ic ould turn faux fur into a luxurious product even more desirable than the finest animal fur. We were embraced by the entertainment industry early on and, though it’s been a gradual process, today we’re sold by high-end boutiques, department stores, and casinos in 46 countries.

    Products from Fabulous-Furs have appeared in movies, on Broadway and TV, national publications and were even named as one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things.” 

    “Each year we get better still and customers tell us they really are trading up to something humane but just as luxurious as animal fur,” adds Salyers. 

    With a new decade approaching, Fabulous-Furs isn’t the only brand run by the Salyers that will continue to expand. Salyers says that Hotel Covington recently announced an expansion that will include moving into the historic former YMCA building to make way for a bourbon distillery experience, 10,000 feet of office space and an expansion of Hotel Covington.

    “It will be more than returning vibrancy to another long-vacant block,” she says. “A bourbon experience, VIP suits, and all sorts of unique features will make it one-of-a-kind. Jim and I are merely cheerleaders; our son-in-law is leading the way.”

    You can learn more about Fabulous-Furs, The Madison Event Center, Hotel Covington, and Fabulous-Bridal by visiting their websites.  


    Learn about the other 2019 Cincy Chic Women of the Year: 

    Rachel Felous, Simply Zero
    Learn about the woman behind a new zero-waste lifestyle shop in OTR who’s making the earth’s future a little brighter on fun find at a time.

    Ray Ball, Neighborhood Rose
    See how a woman from Bond Hill recently achieved her dream of designing a shoe for Nike, and how her neighborhood inspired it all.

    Emily Hoskins, Green Bee
    She’s a former makeup artist turned natural beauty product guru and advocate for the world’s pollinators. Keep reading for all the buzz.

    Kendra Ramirez Digital Agency
    This local tech guru helps businesses thrive through her marketing agency, and inspires personal development through her conferences and a new e-book launching soon.

    Mary Delaney of Education Matters
    She leads a local organization that removes barriers to learning for adults seeking to re-engage in education. Read on to learn her secrets to success.

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    It's a custom-built artisan estate with lots of special touches and upgrades on 33 developable acres in Loveland. Click for a peek inside.

    This 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom Loveland home is listed at $6.2 million. You have to see this home to really see it’s beauty! The home offers a rare private setting in Loveland. It’s a custom-built Artisan Estate on 33 developable acres with numerous special touches, features, and upgrades. There is a finished lower level featuring a pub area, theater room, exercise room, and guest suite.

     This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    Learn about the woman behind a new zero-waste lifestyle shop in OTR who’s making the earth’s future a little brighter one fun find at a time.

    Rachel Felous, founder of Simply Zero

    One of today’s biggest topics is that of climate change – which has been attributed to air pollution, overpopulation, and waste. From dirtying the air to filling the oceans with garbage, there are many who are on a mission to help clean up our environment. 


    Rachel Felous is a woman on a mission to do just that through Simply Zero, her business that’s on a mission to create a future with zero waste and low impact living through their products, education, and community activism. 


    “I created Simply Zero for those who are seeking to live a mindful and sustainable life,” she says. “Simply Zero was built on the fundamental idea that each one of us has the capability of creating positive change in this world through the choices we make and the dollars we spend.”

    Currently, Simply Zero has a pop-up shop in OTR until Jan 5 at 1329 Vine Street.


    Simply Zero sells everyday products such as coffee cups, straws, and totes as well as beauty and wellness products including skincare, makeup, and body care products, and even home products including items to use in the kitchen and bathroom as well as cleaning products.


    Not only do they sell products but Simply Zero also offers events including workshops to help bring the community together and educate them on zero waste, low impact lifestyles.


    Some of these workshops includes Zero Waste for Beginners, Low Impact Spring Cleaning, and Zero Waste Travel.


    The point of Simply Zero’s community and product efforts is to help empower others to love the earth, make less waste, and live a life that’s good for themselves and the planet. “That’s why we sell package-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that help you live your best zero waste, low impact lifestyle,” says Felous.

    Currently, Simply Zero has a concept pop-up shop set up in Over-the-Rhine for the holiday season and lasting through January 5. You can visit the store at 1329 Vine Street.

    To learn more about Simply Zero, visit There you can shop online and even read their blog with tips on how to reduce your waste and make your way toward a zero waste lifestyle.

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    See how a woman from Bond Hill recently achieved her dream of designing a shoe for Nike, and how her neighborhood inspired it all.

    Ray Ball, founder of BallR Media, and shoe designer for Nike through the Nike By You x Cultivator program

    There’s something special about Ray Ball. She has an infectious smile, a deeply creative mind that makes for the most fascinating conversations and a soul on fire to do big things. And she loves nothing more than you getting all this from a girl from Bond Hill. 

    “Disrupting an industry dominated by people who don’t look, act or think like myself,” she says of her career aspirations. “Seeing businesses win and the smiles on client’s faces.”

    The inspiration behind her getting into marketing came from the blog that she started called, “A Few Hungry Girls,” that started in 2014. “Between creating my own content and learning to use social media to drive traffic to my blog is what gave me the marketing bug,” Ray Ball, Founder and Creative Project Manager at BallR Media.

    Ray Ball’s Neighborhood Rose Nike shoe design

    Ball’s favorite part of working for BallR Media has been the creative aspect. Through her marketing experience, she got the chance to design a shoe for Nike through the Nike By You x Cultivator program. “This program works with creatives to provide a platform to spread their messages to the masses by designing a custom Nike show and pushing it through Nike’s digital platforms,” Ball says.

    When she found out she got the opportunity, Ball ran around her house, along with her dog, Ocho, she laughs. 

    She has always dreamed about designing her own shoe. “The first sneaker I ever purchased with my own money was an Air Max 1, the same shoe I ended up designing,” Ball says. “I ran my first sneaker shop at 15, I think technically, I was the intern/manager. This is still a dream come true for me, especially for a girl from, Bond Hill, from Cincinnati, from Ohio, heck, from the Midwest!”

    The name of her shoe is called Neighborhood Rose. “It’s titled after what inspired me, my neighborhood. My community is filled to the brim of roses that grew from concrete,” Ball says.

    Ray Ball’s Neighborhood Rose Nike shoe design

    She wanted the design of her shoe to tell a story. “After going back and forth between a design the consumer would like and a design that I could tell my story with, I went with my heart,” Ball says. “I created over 50 designs and each time came back to the design that resonated with my purpose.”

    Ball’s design features a full suede material “I went with the suede piece that’s also rose because suede is a very tough, very durable product but it’s still very smooth and it’s very reminiscent of our neighborhoods,” Ball explained for an interview with WKRC, one of the many local and national media outlets covering the news. The design was then sold online and sold out within days.

    Since designing her shoe, her confidence has grown. “Sometimes I struggle with social anxiety and this pushed me to confront my insecurities, my fears, thus forcing me to grow beyond measure. There was a time I’d tremble at the thought of communicating and engaging with thousands of people all over the nation,” Ball says. “Now, I invite speaking engagements and more importantly, I now accept that my dreams aren’t big enough! It’s about going after your dreams and goals, despite your fears. If you don’t push yourself, push your limits, how will your world ever expand? Shoot your shot at life.”

    She is unique because of her imagination and creativity. “I’m a hybrid, when it comes to being a creative. I can envision anything, but I can’t draw, sing, dance or design to save my life,” Ball says. “However, I’ve learned to collaborate and build a team to execute the vision. I think it’s incredibly important to work with other women, but also show men that there’s no level playing field when you play your game and still win at it.”

    To learn more about Ball, follow her on InstagramTwitter, her website and her email at:

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    She’s a former makeup artist turned natural beauty product guru and advocate for the world’s pollinators. Keep reading for all the buzz.

    Emily Hoskins has a vision of making the world a more beautiful place. From better skin through her eco-friendly lifestyle brand with vegan skincare and all-natural cosmetic products, to a brighter future for the world’s pollinators that her business supports.

    Her business, Green Bee, was launched after she learned about the thin line between insects and humans. “I was touched by the story of the Monarch butterfly and its incredible migration,” she explains. “Unfortunately, scientists have observed a significant decline in the species in recent years and I wanted to do what I could to help.”

    That way of helping came in the form of beauty products. With 16 years of experience as a makeup artist, she knew she could create a product that not only helped her clients look and feel better but also helped a cause close to her heart.

    Emily Hoskins, founder of Green Bee

    Through the sale of Green Bee’s skincare products, Hoskins is able to raise funds to establish protected habitats for all pollinators. 

    “I help individual and commercial gardens apply for registration on national protected habitat maps,” says Hoskins. “The certifications come from the Cincinnati Zoo’s POLLENation program as well as the Monarch Watch program from the University of Kansas.”

    Hoskins says that her efforts are not only helping to protect Monarch butterflies but similar pollinating species such as honeybees, moths, birds, and bats, 

    When she launched her business, Hoskins set a goal for herself. She wanted to raise $1,000 in her first year of business to go toward pollinator habitat conservation. With less than 9 months into her business venture, Hoskins reached her goal.

    With a new decade on the horizon, Hoskins has a lot in the works for Green Bee. “In addition to two newly launched CBD products, we hope to expand to include more eco-friendly lifestyle products,” she says. “In 2020, you can look forward to reusable water bottles, bamboo straws and cutlery sets, organic cotton clothing, upcycled fashion accessories, and even some fun kitchen items.”

    You can learn more about Green Bee and Hoskin’s conservation efforts at You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook to hear about new products and join in the discussion about the many ways to reduce your carbon footprint at home.