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    Want to get in a workout while also exploring the city? Two local ladies are helping you balance work, life, and fun with their runs that combine a tour through the city with exercise to fuel your soul with health and adventure. Read on for more!

    Fuel The Sole takes you on a two-hour tour of the city full of exercise and beautiful views.

    Grace Goldman and Whitney Mueller are both former personal trainers. During this time in their careers, they found that they were working very early mornings and really late nights.

    “We would never get to see our friends or family, and had a hard time balancing different aspects of our lives,” explains Goldman.

    A desire to spend more time with friends and family inspired them to launch Fuel The Sole, which hosts running and walking tours around different neighborhoods within the Queen city.

    “We incorporate body weight exercises and circuit training within those runs or walks,” says Goldman. “Not only do you get a workout while ‘fueling your sole,’ you get to experience beautiful views of our city.”

    The goal behind it all is to help not only create a more balanced life for Goldman and Mueller, but to help create that same balance for family, friends and clients.

    Goldman says the duo decided to make Fuel The Sole a “tour” of Cincinnati because there’s so much to see and do that not everyone gets to experience what the city has to offer on a weekly basis.

    “The history and architecture is amazing,” says Goldman. “Over-the-Rhine and Cincinnati in general is booming with new places to eat, and the brewery scene is fantastic if you are a person who likes beer. It’s a great opportunity to get a workout in, spend time with friends, and get to know the city of Cincinnati better.”

    There are different run routes for Fuel The Sole, which Goldman says were created to make everyone feel welcome, not just hardcore athletes. The options include:

    • The Social: Our scenic 3.0 mile walks throughout the historic Queen City will put beginners at ease. We want to have an option for people who aren’t into running, but still want to see the city on foot with friends, family, or co-workers. The Social is the perfect option for them!
    • The Feat: This is for those looking for a leisurely run that will push your heart rate without pushing you to the max. Visit some of the best sights and attractions our city has to offer with friends, family, or co-workers along this nearly 3.0 mile run.
    • The Triumph: We’ll push you to your limit with this 5-mile run. This is a more of a high endurance run for advanced runners. There are more than enough sites along the way to keep you energized and feeling great while also getting in a really invigorating and athletic run.

    Each public run is $29 per person, and private runs for a group of up to 12 people are $288 for the entire group. Goldman says that the private runs are a good option for bachelorette parties, get-togethers with family, a co-worker experience, or fun with friends who are all training for some kind of sport or race.

    Grace Goldman and Whitney Mueller enjoying the “other” side of Fuel The Sole.

    The runs with Fuel The Sole are 2 hours long and include a 45-75 minute workout, including at least two HIITs, an appetizer from one of the city’s most popular cafes, bars, or restaurants, and a Fuel The Sole koozie.

    Goldman says there are a few things just around the corner for Fuel The Sole. They’re currently offering a Valentine’s Day Special that includes a buy-one-get-one half off public tour that must be purchased by February 18. She says they’ll also be a Bockfest on March 3 handing out brochures and other fun stuff. They’ll also be at upcoming races including the Heart Mini on March 18 (and you can even join Team Fuel The Sole, the Little Kings Mile on May 4, and the Flying Pig Marathon on May 6.

    To learn more about Fuel The Sole, visit

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    Learn about a new on-demand massage service that brings relaxation to your front door with the ease of an app.

    Zeel massage now delivers massages to your doorstep.

    Ever wanted a massage but didn’t want to deal with scheduling one at a busy spa and traveling to get there? Thanks to Zeel, an app with service now available in Cincinnati, you can get on-demand massage services delivered to your home, work or events.

    “Zeel is the leading and largest on-demand massage provider with over 10,000 licensed massage therapists serving over 80 US cities, explains Public Relations Director Jillian Sanders. “With best-in-class security protocols, Zeel offers on-demand, at-home massage in as little as an hour, 365 days a year, with start times as early as 8 am and as late at 10:30 pm.”

    Zeel launched in Cincinnati in early February, following an earlier launch in Columbus. According to Sanders, customers order a massage via the Zeel app or via by selecting their session time, length, and location. You can also choose the gender of the massage therapist as well as the type of massage you’d like to receive such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, couples, and sleep massage. She adds that there are customizable options available like reflexology and aromatherapy.

    “Our in-home massage app transformed the way people book massages,” says Zeel’s CEO and Founder Samer Hamadeh. “We’re thrilled to bring Cincinnati residents and visitors the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy, with the ultimate convenience and best-in-class quality and service.”

    Worried you don’t have supplies on-hand for a massage at your house? They bring the massage table, music, and all other supplies needed to deliver a spa experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Sanders says Zeel’s goal is to make it easier for people to get massages regularly and incorporate them into their wellness routines.

    When you opt for a Zeel massage membership, Sanders says, you’ll find there are perks such as monthly massage at a discounted rate, a free professional Zeel massage table, and a deluxe sheet set to match. “There’s no initiation fee to join and sooth your muscles,” says Sanders. “Members can access a 90-day trial options, and accounts can be shared with other household members.”

    The cost for a 60-minute massage is $111, however, Sanders says that Zeel massage members pay $92 for a 60-minute massage. And she says payment is easy with a cash-free process that always includes tax and gratuity on every receipt.

    To learn more about Zeel Massage, visit You can also use code CINCINNATI for $20 off your first massage.

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    Learn about an instructor-turned-business-owner who’s creating quite the following with her transformational techniques.


    ImWithKelly is a fitness movement bringing people together through exercise.

    ImwithKelly isn’t just a business name. It’s a quickly building movement. 

    “ImwithKelly is a fitness movement that began in Chicago when I was teaching, and managing three health clubs. What started as an instructor following soon became a familiar hashtag and a common phrase associated with any class I taught,” Kelly Amshoff, owner of ImwithKelly, says. “When I came to Cincinnati and started teaching, I built a similar following and it caught on here as well. It means, simply, you’re ‘with’ a group led by Kelly, getting your ass kicked all together!”

    Amshoff got the inspiration to start ImwithKelly from Lululemon. “I’m a current ambassador of the Cincinnati stores and when we sat down to set goals and find our purpose, it became clear that I should be working for myself and not another brand,” she says. “I needed to start owning the fact that ‘Kelly’ was the brand people would follow.” 

    That’s when she branches off and began ImwithKelly branded classes in 2013. “I just made the legal LLC in 2017,” Amshoff says, adding that business is located within Power 3 Fitness, where she teaches at 7227 Montgomery Road. “I hope to hold a lot of outdoor classes this summer, around the city.”

    Kelly Amshoff of ImWithKelly

    Health and fitness means a lot to Amshoff. “I don’t think ‘healthy’ means just eating clean or fitting into a new pair of jeans. Healthy means being happy in your skin and finding that you’re capable of so much more than you thought possible,” she says. “To watch clients become stronger is the biggest gift as a trainer.”

    As for the fitness aspect, “Fitness means challenges. You can’t become complacent or you’ve dropped into ‘routine,’” Amshoff says. “Fitness means you’re putting your body through uncomfortable transformations, believing in your ability along the way.”

    ImwithKelly offers a variety of classes, including:

    • Chisel: “Nonstop movement with lighter dumbbells aiming for muscle burnout with bursts of cardio to spike heart rate along the way,” she says.
    • Grounded: “Similar to Chisel, but with zero cardio. One foot will always stay on the ground,” Amshoff says.
    • InTENsity: “Tabata training at its finest! Ten exercises are chosen and clients will rotate through circuits of 20 seconds at max effort, with 10 seconds of rest,” she says.
    • Hustle: “An explosive 30 minutes (cardio, strength and core), followed by 20 minutes of mat work,” Amshoffsays. 
    • Personal Training

    She loves coming back to work every day. She defines success with her business by “having a career that you enjoy, being able to wake up each and every day and love what you do,” Amshoff says. “ImwithKelly is a community. “The camaraderie created through classes is addicting and it’s a wonderful way to meet new friends and try new challenges.”

    The most memorable moment since launching ImwithKelly, Amshoff says, is: “When my clients followed me to a new space at the beginning of 2018. It meant the world. I was worried I would lose some of my following and they all transitioned to stay a part of the classes.”

    To learn more about ImwithKelly, visit her website or Facebook.

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    A local woman launched the National Woman’s History Month Festival and is bringing it to Cincinnati for the first time this March. Read on for more.

    MUSE is part of the Women’s History Month Festival

    Rachel Kramer has been working hard to bring a festival for Women’s History Month to Cincinnati through MUSE, a Cincinnati Women’s Choir, who’s celebrating their thirty-fifth anniversary this year. 

    After being the Associate Director and Accompanist for MUSE for 17 years, Kramer is expanding her work to build this into a month-long event

    She wanted to make sure women of all ages were getting involved, so the idea started here: “We’ve always wanted to get younger girls involved in things MUSE is doing. So, why don’t we have a high school girls sing in? And, let’s tie it to LUNAFEST by calling it Filiae Mundi (Daughters of the world),” Kramer says. 

    Then Kramer worked on how to get musicians involved. “Cincinnati has some very influential and active women singer songwriters and they have pioneered the women’s music world,” she says. 

    From vocalist to musicians, her ideas continued to spread to writers.  “Why don’t we do a writing workshop for women and girls because I’m still looking to do things with young womenso it made perfect sense to invite Pauletta Hansel Cincinnati’s Poet Laureate?” Kramer recalls. 

    Her idea ending with getting crafters and local vendors involved. “If we have writers and we have music then there must also be many women artisans and crafters and vendors maybe they would like to come,” says Kramer. “So, that’s how the whole festival started to take shape.”

    Kramer is hopeful for a large turnout for this month-long celebration due to the high attendance at the Women’s March this past January. 

    It is my hope and dream that the energy and validation of women’s voices generated at these marches, will carry over into this event, which specifically honors and affirms the beautiful artistry women bring to our entire community and world. We need women to support women in their work and to ‘show up’for these wonderful programs planned to celebrate National Women’s History Month – like never before,” says Kramer. 

    According to the website the events are scheduled as following: 

    • Saturday, March 3rdFiliae Mundi High School Girls Sing-I
    • Sunday, March 4th: Dr. Brenda Portman Presents an Organ Recital 
    • Saturday, March 10th– St. Michael’s Street- Musicians, Art and Two Concerts
    • Saturday, March 17th: Dr. Tammy Kemodle lectures on Civil Rights
    • Sunday, March 18th: LUNA Film Festival at Hebrew Union College 

    Kramer already has a team planning for the next event in 2019 hoping to include dance and theater expanding into all the arts. “What a better way to tell women’s history than through artistry of women’s voices and talents. Whether that is musical, dance, theater, visual, literary or film, Kramer says. 

    Kramer encourages all to get involved. “This is part of every woman’s herstory- young women need to be part of building their herstory, too,” she adds. 

    To learn more, visit: for the four events are $40 or $15 for one event. 

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    Learn about a newly-rebranded professional women’s networking group that’s on a mission to build you up, personally and professionally.


    H7 Evolve is a networking platform to connect like-minded business owners.

    Encourage, empower, evolve; those are the three words Angel Hicks, Founder of H7 Evolve and COO of H7 Network, says she inspires women to own when it comes to mentoring one another in their businesses and in their lives. 

    H7 Evolve is a program offered at H7 Network that provides a revolutionary networking platform where like-minded business women can link arms, get off of the entrepreneurial island, and work together to build better businesses, says Hicks.

    Within the program are special opportunities such as the Main Event, a monthly business networking meeting where you’ll learn from a Mentor Speaker, participate in a small group and connect your network in Movement Connections. Coffee and Collaborates, a monthly group meeting, is guided by a business coach that offers solutions to participant’s business challenges. 

    H7 Evolve also offers Power Hour Socials, monthly evening events that guide conversation to allow guests to get to know one another better.

    Networking is one of the most important factors of running a business, according to Hicks, that’s why H7 Evolve motivates women to make deeper connections. 

    “In business networking, getting someone to know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you is the goal,” explains Hicks. “The fastest way to do that is to find commonality and add value. We help facilitate those two actions in everything we do. Helping others is the fastest way to be able to help ourselves.”

    With six current locations, H7 Evolve’s Cincinnati East location follows the same format for each of the programs. 

    The Main Event is held on the third Tuesday of the month at Oasis Conference Center. This month’s event will be February 20th from 11:30 a.m to 1:30 p.m.

    A Board of Excellence manages the experience, making sure each visitor is introduced to someone and has a seat with a group, says Hicks. 

    What differentiates Evolve from other networking organizations, Hicks says, is the emphasis on relationships. 

    “We also have a focus on business development, helping each other learn new processes, applications for business, and working through challenges,” Hicks says. “No other networking group in our market does both business development and referral introductions.” 

    H7 Evolve is geared toward professional women who are looking to not only grow her business but who want to mentor others and be mentored themselves, according to Hicks. 

    “In Evolve, we strip the idea of being the perfect woman and get down and dirty, sometimes quite vulnerable, and say ‘I just found this great business tool. Maybe you could use it too!’ or ‘This is my challenge.’ The group then rally’s around her to offer solutions, action steps, resources.”

    Women who are looking to get involved are encouraged to attend a meeting as a guest. 

    You can view the calendar at or contact Hicks directly with questions

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    We check out the latest styles at a local boutique for fashion’s hottest new trend: Athleisure. Keep reading to see!

    Pink Tulip Club is stocked up on athleisure wear for spring.

    It’s time to hang up your pumps and opt for sneakers instead. This spring is all about the trendy athleisure look, and you can expect it to be front and center at several stores, including the Pink Tulip Club.


    Pink Tulip Club Buyer and PR/Marketing Manager, Lori Colwell, says that versatility is key for the athleisure trend this spring.

    “This season it’s all about versatile pieces that can be worn to a range of different activities – from a yoga class to a day or night out,” she says.

    According Colwell, the store is carrying athleisure trends that are basic with a twist. “Our items have a pop of color or fun details like mesh or an eclectic design,” she says. “Track pants are a major trend and can be style with a hoodie for day and a silk blouse for evening.”

    The lines available at Pink Tulip Club offer quality fabrics that are comfortable for everyday wear in addition to working out thanks to moisture-wicking technology and breathable fabrics. These lines include Free People Movement, Terez, and Chaser.

    Colwell says that tops at Pink Tulip Club start at $39 and leggings start at about $59. 


    Although the Hyde Park store of Pink Tulip Club recently closed its doors, you can find these selections and even more fashionable finds at its Montgomery location at 9395 Montgomery Road in Olde Montgomery.

    To learn more about Pink Tulip Club, visit, give them a “like” on Facebook, or follow along on Instagram.

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    Inspired by telling the stories of local business owners, the founders behind Women of Cincy launched an empowering new initiative. Keep reading to learn more.


    Notice tells the story of female entrepreneurs in Cincinnati.

    Cincy Chic: What is Notice?
    Kiersten Feuchter, Managing Director & Founding Partner Women of Cincy Collective, LLC: We are an agency run by the founders of Women of Cincy and powered by its community members. We specialize in shaping the stories of women-owned, women-led, and women-empowering businesses and initiatives. Our city is home to so many passionate, innovative, and talented individuals who just might change the world if given the opportunity. Often, that opportunity starts with a story, and that’s where we come in. We offer a range of branding and communications services designed to help clients turn their ideas into an identity, to say to their community, “My work matters, and here’s why.” We’re passionate about every element of our clients’ stories, including graphic design, photography, copywriting, social media, and more.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind Notice?
    Feuchter: There’s a gap in the realm of small business branding – especially for women entrepreneurs. It’s no secret that women are generally less invested in – just ask Harvard Business Review, Marketplace,Fortune, and more. Women received just 2% of venture capitalist money in 2016, despite owning 38% of the country’s businesses.

    As designers and storytellers, we play a role in changing those numbers. You need a story to attract money, and in the branding world, you typically need a lot of money to shape your story.

    Yes, quality branding costs money. But for us, it’s not about the big client with a wad of cash. It’s about the ideas that make us get up out of our chairs and say yes. The world needs that. It’s about working with our clients to make sure those ideas come to light, even if it means starting small. And of course, starting small is only the beginning.

    Chelsie Walter and Kiersten Feuchter of Notice

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
    Feuchter: Notice is run by the founders of Women of Cincy: Managing Director Kiersten Feuchter and Creative Director Chelsie Walter. Feuchter has a background in creative writing and journalism, and a passion for using words to capture the essence of people. She also loves keeping the people around her on their toes and organized. Walter is a graphic designer and photographer who believes in the power of design to elevate great ideas and in turn, elevate communities, and has a passion for using photography to capture the heart of someone’s story.

    We’re also powered by the Women of Cincy community, so we call on the talent of our 45-plus incredible team members to work on Notice projects as needed.

    Cincy Chic: What do you hope to accomplish through Notice Agency?
    Feuchter: We want women with big ideas (or anyone focused on empowering those women) to know that they should, can, and must get those ideas out there. Women get caught up in the what-ifs or I-shouldn’ts far more often than men, whether it’s because of our own self-doubt or the doubt of those we need to support us. If we can open the door just an inch wider by making sure that awesome, innovative women get to tell their stories in a real and meaningful way, then we’re doing something right.

    Cincy Chic: What makes Notice unique?
    Feuchter: A lot of it comes down to two major points: One, everything we do rests on the idea that people matter. We believe that every time someone makes the conscious decision to simply elevate or support other people, our community becomes a better place. So what does that look like coming from an agency? We’ll treat you like a person, not a client. We’ll always have coffee with you and listen to your ideas – whether you need us to run your Twitter while you’re on vacation or you want us to build your whole brand from scratch. (We also really like coffee.) And when we say we’re in, we are all in. You’ll be a part of our community long after our work together is finished.

    Two, every business decision we make is made with women’s empowerment in mind. The power of where we spend our dollars is often underestimated, and yes, we want to put our money where our mouth is. If we’re printing business cards or getting financial advice or hosting a party, you can bet that we’re putting money in the pocket of a badass woman somewhere along the way.

    Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
    Feuchter: Well, we just formally launched in mid-January, so every day is a bit of a new adventure. We’ve already teamed up with some amazing clients, so we’re excited to see what happens when we reveal those stories to the community. We’re also hosting a get-to-know-us day on Friday, February 23, where anyone can sign up for a time to come grab coffee – or a mimosa! – with us and share their ideas. That’ll be at Union Hall, and you can find more info on our social media.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Feuchter: Visit, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and of course, check out our sister site,

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    Our wedding columnist previews an upcoming event you don’t want to miss if you have wedding bells in the future and want to meet the best in the biz.


    What better way to spend the day after the most romantic day of the year than to enjoy a much needed girls night out and work on your wedding plans at the same time? Join us on February 15th from 6pm-9pm at 21c Museum Hotel in downtown Cincinnati for A Marriage of Art and Lace!

    Wedding planning is filled with so much excitement, joy, and sometimes stress! Youve already made the most important decision of your life. The rest should be easy, right? We would hope so, too. Conquer your wedding planning woes with premiere wedding vendors by your side. Weve partnered with some of our favorite vendors in Cincinnati to bring you a fun filled evening of art, food, and fashion. These rock-star vendors will make your wedding planning easy and fun!

    Lace Bridal Couture

    Your big day revolves around you and your fiancee . . . and your Wedding Dress! Kelly and Allen Hill have been helping brides make their wedding dreams come true for almost 7 years in their stylish and modern bridal boutique, Lace Bridal Couture. As soon as you step foot into their beautiful, airy and bright boutique, you will feel as though you are the most important person in the world. The customer service you receive is personal and professional. You will have your own private dressing room and your guests will have their own private viewing area so that it makes your dress buying experience intimate and special. Not to mention the amazing bridal designers that you have to choose from for your wedding gown. Located in the heart of the Reading Bridal District, you will certainly want to make your first bridal appointment at Lace.

    Dana Renae Designs

    The master planner and excellent floral designer, Dana Renae Propes and her expert team work closely with you to create a stress-free (and fun!) planning process that culminates in making your wedding day dreams come to life. Dana is a creative genius and planner. When it comes to the nitty gritty of hiring this dynamic plannershe will create a personalized full-service wedding planning package to fit every need and budget.

    True Artists Studio

    Storytelling is a passion of Shane Peregramand his team of nationally and internationally award winning videographers. With a love of capturing some of the most intimate, beautiful moments of life, the team works to create a truly unique and authentic perspective of your wedding day, both from an editorial and documentary perspective. Plus, they have the flexibility to capture weddings of all sizes with individual photographers or the full production team.

    Ben Elsass Photography

    For Ben, it is vital for him to get to know you in the weeks and months leading up to the photo shoot. When taking pictures, regardless of whether it’s an engagement session or wedding day, his goal is always to capture a natural and true representation of you two,  as the couple you are. Before snapping a single picture, he tells every couple: Be yourselves and show each other the love and affection that brought you to this point today, and I promise the images will turn out beautiful.” Some couples are very romantic and serious in front of the camera, while others are super goofy and light-hearted, because every couple is different. Ben will ensure that he will capture your special day exactly the way you had envisioned.

    Creative Invites and Events

    A true love of fine design and exceptional paper is hard to come by these days. Creative Invites and Events is nestled in the vibrant and largest bridal district in North America, right in Reading, Ohio. The charming Stationary and wedding boutique provides personalized bridal and design consultation to help determine what you need to share the news of your big day (and the thank yous after). Creative Invites and Events also house premiere wedding vendors, from photographers to florists, to make your wedding planning a one stop shop.

    Richter and Phillips

    For a life-time marriage, youll need a life-time jeweler. With over 100 years of experience, Richter and Phillips features top designers such as Gabriel, Tacori, & Simon G. Along with custom designs,Richter and Phillips will ensure that every piece of jewelry, from theengagement ring, to the wedding band, to the anniversary diamond, sparkles as much as you do!

    Party Pleasers DJ and Entertainment

    Fun. Energetic. Interactive. And were not just talking about your rockin’ reception. Party Pleasers is a lively group of DJs who go above and beyond in creating the ultimate experience at your wedding and reception. Jeff and his awesome team will ensure that your reception will go off without a hitch!

    Paper Blooms N More

    PaperBlooms N More create beautiful paper floral arrangements. Christy Kerly has created over 1000 wedding paper bouquets for brides each made to their liking and needs, from placing parts of their history in it to creating photo blooms to go in the bouquets to carry their loved ones with them. When you place your order for flowers, Christy will ask a few questions to get to know you so that your flowers are exactly what you had envisioned. Every bloom is made by Christy and her amazing team.

    Your First Dance with Bud Walters

    Your first dance as a married couple is one of the true highlights of the reception. Your guests love to watch the two of you gaze into each others eyes as you are swaying to your favorite song. It is truly a memorable experience. Then why not have a professional dance instructor help you make this very important dance go as smoothly as possible? Bud is an energetic and incredibly fun guy who will show you the ropes of dancing your first dance. You definitely do not want to do it without him!

    We knew you would love them! 

    Wish you could meet them all at once, alongside learning more about 21c Weddings? Join us at A Marriage of Art and Lace on February 15, 2018. 

    Now thats what we call wedding planning made easy.

    Molly and Meriden from Cincy State of Being share the top wellness trends for Cincinnati.

    While LA, New York, and San Fran often get credit for being cutting edge health-centric cities, the wellness scene in Cincinnati is getting bigger and better by the day. Juice bars, outdoor yoga sessions in Washington Park, and paleo meal options are becoming (more) normative, and kombucha on tap is finally cool. 

    Here are five wellness trends emerging in the Queen City to keep your eye on in 2018. 

    1. Float tanks: These personal water chambers are popping up all over the tri-state. Floating is known as one of the best ways to reach maximum physical and mental relaxation. Boasted by top athletes including Steph Curry, these tanks contain 6-12 inches of sterile, body temperature water mixed with over 800 lbs of medical-grade epsom salts to ensure that anyone and everyone can float. If youre searching for stress reduction, anxiety relief, sports recovery, or just plain relaxation, you may give this trend a try. 

    2. Boutique Fitness: With boutique fitness, small studios that focus on specialized group training, its all about the experience–owners that know clients names, a community-focused atmosphere, and individualized instruction.  Over the past six years, the tri-state area has seen a steady increase in boutique fitness studios. Lately, were noticing more and more Cincinnatians are ditching the big box gyms and subscribing to their favorite customized, niche workout (think: Pure Barre, Move Your Hyde, CycleBar, Barre3). ClassPass recently launched here, giving us all the opportunity to receive discounted access to 24 select studios in town (and this number is growing). 
    3. Outdoor Bootcamps: There has also been a movement to take workouts outside of the studio or gym walls. Mother nature has a built in playground that personal trainers are capitalizing on by hosting outdoor bootcamp classes. Check out the events calendar on for bootcamp pop-ups.
    4. Farm to Table: In 2018, its all about local produce. Theres been a large shift toward eating locally sourced foods grown on small farms in the tri-state area. Local food delivery services will now drop off organic, local produce right to your front door. Additionally, moore and more restaurants are sourcing their their foods from local farms. Check out our post on Muse as one example. They source their produce from five local farms. 
    5. Athleisure Apparel: Athleisure is nothing new, but this year athletic apparel is turning dressier, making it much easier and more appropriate to go from the gym to the office (paired with a little dry shampoo, of course). Local boutiques are branching out, offering athleisure apparel lines to keep up with the comfort movement. Check out Outfit Active and Sara Benjamin’s for some comfy, yet stylish options.