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    This year, we’re celebrating all the things and this local and woman-owned business helps us do just that. Read on to learn about this fab collection of stationery, branding, and goods that celebrate your passions with creativity. 

    The new year is something to celebrate and The Marigold Collective wants you to celebrate every little one of life’s precious moments. 

    Taylor Speed, the founder behind The Marigold Collective, launched a collection of stationery, branding, and goods that celebrate your passions with creativity. 

    “In other words, we’re a design studio focused on producing stationery and design, branding design, and fun home goods that are unique for how they tell the story of our clients,” she says.

    Speed says the inspiration behind her business comes from the marigold flower. 

    Taylor Speed, Founder of The Marigold Collective

    “Representing passion and creativity, it speaks so clearly to what we do,” she explains. “All of the people involved in this process are passionate about something – whether it be the client, passionate about their love and wanting to invite people to celebrate it, or our printers, so passionate about producing a beautiful paper product that they’ll text you personally about making it right. Any part of the process you look at, you’ll find someone excited about what they’re doing.” 

    Speed says that at The Marigold Collective, they’re focused on celebrating those passions by using creativity to produce a product that tells that story beautifully.

    When you shop The Marigold Collective, you’ll find stationer and signage design as well as three pre-designed wedding stationery suites that are sorted in tiers with slightly different styles and according to price/how in-depth you’d like your wedding details to be. 

    “We offer two branding packages – again, based on price and how in-depth you need to be with your branding needs,” says Speed. 

    Also offered at The Marigold Collective, is the Goods collection. “At the moment it consists of three goods: a tote, keychain, and print pack,” says Speed. “We’ll be expanding and changing this each season and can’t wait to roll out what we have in store for the spring.” 

    Speed says that what makes The Marigold Collective unique is how they design with the client’s intentions in mind. “Our mission isn’t to mass-produce the trendiest product – it’s to produce something truly unique to each client with the intention to tell their story in style,” she adds. “Clients can expect a high standard of style for every design with a focus on capturing their individual style.”

    Speed says there’s a lot to look forward to in 2021. She says she’s excited to expand business and get The MArigold Collective name out there. “I’m excited for the projects coming and the fun things we’re going to create with 2021 and people’s expanding styles,” she adds.

    To learn more about The Marigold Collective, visit You can also follow on Facebook and Instagram or send an email to 

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    Breathtaking views are the main attraction to this beautifully renovated condo. Click here to see photos of this week's Listing of the Week!

    The Incomparable Overlook – This is a stunning south unit with sweeping river and park views. This condominium is exquisitely appointed throughout. It boasts an open floor plan with thoughtful spaces and allows for large celebrations and intimate gatherings with ease. This is a one-of-a-kind community with just two owners per floor. Amenities include a clubhouse, workout facility, and off-patio storage. This 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo is listed at $1.15 million.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.



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    We chat with a local physical therapist about mom life and her best tips for keeping a child’s development on track.

    Cincy Chic: Why do you love being a pediatric therapist?
    Campolongo: I love being a pediatric therapist because the kids I get to work with are amazing and they teach me something new everyday. I cherish the relationships that I have built with my patients and their families. I most of all enjoy watching these children become more independent and succeed so that their personalities can shine.  

    Cincy Chic: What’s your biggest tip for parents?
    Campolongo: When I first became a mom, I had a delusion that because I work with kids everyday, and grew up with kids, that I was going to have an easy time raising my own kids. Wow, was I wrong!  I thought I knew so much and yet when I brought my daughter home for the first time, I quickly realized just how much more I needed to learn.  You don’t know what you don’t know and everyone is just rolling with the punches. As a mom, I want as much information as I can get so that I can make educated decisions about my child’s care. I appreciate opinions and tips from others that may help make my life easier. I also like to talk with my doctor and peers to get more information. Luckily, there is access to gross motor, speech and occupational therapy checklists through ABC’s website so I can have it on my fridge at home and check things off as my kids are doing things to make sure they are staying on track. I also listen to my motherly instinct. If I feel something is not quite right, I go to the doctor and see if I need to be referred out for further consultation.  

    Cincy Chic: What do you do in your free time?
    Campolongo: I love to do outdoor activities with my family like going on walks, hiking and going to the park. I also love spending time with my extended family.  

    Cincy Chic: Why is ABC the best place for therapy?
    Campolongo: I think ABC is a great place to receive therapy because we listen to your concerns and work collaboratively to treat the whole child in order to achieve goals. We work with the family to make a plan of care that is realistic to the family situation and work to problem solve in efforts to help your child make the most progress. Every child is different and unique in their own way which requires an individual tailored plan of care.  I know that when I have questions or concerns about my own children I am able to get reliable, effective information that I can use immediately to help my child conquer a task.

    I encourage all parents to check on their child’s development via: CincyChic – ABC Pediatric Therapy or visit Home – ABC Pediatric Therapy

    Cincy Chic: If someone reading this article has a question, would you share your email?
    Campolongo:  You can contact me at

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    After COVID-19 left her out of a job, a local creative launched a business focused on providing customers with luxury, handcrafted skincare products. Click to read more.

    Boujee Bar Skincare uses high-quality ingredients to create relaxing, luxurious skin care products.

    Havilah Asher has a passion for creating quality products that embody relaxation, luxury, and natural beautification, so launching her own skin care company only made sense. 

    Asher is the founder behind Boujee Bar Skincare, a plant-based company that specializes in handcrafted luxe skin care products.

    “We are passionate about self-care and make our products with the intention to not only moisturize the skin but to uplift the spirit as well,” says Asher. “Our offerings range from moisturizing soaps, silky butters, and revitalizing scrubs, which, combined, create an impactful skin care regimen.”

    The inspiration behind Boujee Bar Skincare comes from a passion for researching quality ingredients that help users relax while enjoying luxurious, natural beauty products.

    “Each collection, soap, scrub, and butter, revolves around an essential herb or highlighted essential oil blend,” says Asher. “Raw natural shea butter is one of our key ingredients because of its ability to lock, seal, and protect the skin. Our shea butter is sourced from West Africa where the grade is dense, making is perfect for moisturization. We also incorporate other rich oils such as black seed oil, jojoba, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, and organic coconut. Our moisturizing soaps can take up to 4-6 weeks to make in order to get a pure bar. The cold press processes are important to achieve the company’s standard.”

    Asher doesn’t skimp on the oils, she only uses oils that are infused with herbs and botanicals. 

    Havilah Asher, Founder of Boujee Bar Skincare

    “We grow our own lavender, rosemary, and mint,” says Asher. “The process can take anywhere between days, weeks, or months. Our scrubs go through a two-day process to create its luxurious, revitalizing feel.”

    The scents from Boujee Bar Skincare are unique and vital to the brand. “We use the same technique in the perfume process to create our unique essential oil blends for our products,” she explains. “The goal is to create a natural, long-lasting scent with no alcohol. Each essential oil is selected based on its impact and fragrance potency. We try to make our products beautiful in every sense. We decorate our soaps with botanicals and use natural clays or powders for color.”

    Asher says the reward is when people tell her how much they love the soaps and the improvements it has made on their skin. “When you find enjoyment in skincare or self-care, it becomes less of a routine and instead a sacred ritual,” she adds.

    Asher herself is a Cincinnati native and a self-described “quintessential independent creative.” 

    She says that she turned her own love and skincare regimen into something that she can share with others. 

    Her history with soaping started two years ago while shew as working at a commercial firm. At a time when she was frequently coming home stressed out, she saw the impact it was having on her skin in addition to her issues with eczema and dryness. 

    “Soaping allowed me to create my own stress relief,” she says. “It evolved into a passion for crafting, oils, and ingredients.”

    Asher launchd her business just a month prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. “When I lost my job due to layoffs, I was secretly devastated,” she says. “That propelled me to finally create something for myself.”

    And the hard work paid off. Today, Asher is the founder and CEO of her own company and finds joy in helping others find a skincare regimen that works for them.

    When you shop Boujee Bar Skincare, you’ll find a variety of skin care products including soaps, butters, scrubs, gift sets, and body collections. Shipping is available online across the country and Saturday deliveries are available as well.

    Asher says she’s looking forward to the year with Boujee Bar Skincare. She will showcase a featured collection each month to give customers the opportunity to look forward to trying something new. 

    The month of January features the Polish Gold Collection. “This collection was designed to clean, smooth, and polish the skin,” says Asher. 

    She’s also on the lookout for brand ambassadors who value natural, handcrafted, luxury items.

    To learn more about Boujee Bar Skincare, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram

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    Make celebrating the little things a little easier on your busy schedule this year!

    Lifestyles are busy and as we start to get back on our feet following the shut downs and stay-at-home orders caused by COVID-19, the last thing many people have time for is party planning. 

    That’s where Confetti Caddy comes in. 

    “Confetti Caddy is boutique party rental company that originated around the idea of themed party box rentals for busy families,” explains Confetti Caddy Founder Jenae Jacobson. “We wanted to make it easy for you to create a party with more style, more fun, and a lot less stress.” 

    Jacobson says she, alongside her co-founder Mia, found the inspiration to launch Confetti Caddy from their shared love of throwing parties for their own children. 

    “We love throwing parties and entertaining, but hate all of the excess items leftover that we will never use again,” she says. “We also wanted to eliminate unnecessary plastics, waste, and overspending – it’s easy to get carried away when buying for your kids.”

    Trying to find a solution to this problem, the idea of renting these often wasted items seemed like a no brainer, and thus Confetti Caddy was born.

    Confetti Caddy launched nearly 6 months ago and they’re already in the process of adding more rental box themes to their lineup.

    Currently, you can choose from six core options: Farm, Country, Princess Swan, Construction, Donut Rainbow, and Donut Brunch.

    “Each box includes serving pieces, cake stands, tabletop decor, accessories, and a linen,” says Jacobsen. “We provide you with suggested images on how to setup your table but in the end, it’s up to you!”

    Those interested in throwing a party with Confetti Caddy can send an email to or send a message on social media. There, you can let the team know which theme you are interested in and on what date. “We coordinate pick-up and drop-off dates and times, and you are all set,” says Jacobsen. “If you need additional platters or cake stands just ask, we are always able to customize your order.”

    Jacobsen is the looking forward to the future of Confetti Caddy, despite the toll COVID-19 has taken on the entertainment industry.

    “It goes without saying that COVID has unfortunately taken a significant toll on the events industry in general,” says Jacobsen. “People have slowed down on having parties so we have pivoted to focus on COVID-friendly items like balloon displays and custom backdrops. Just because you aren’t having a party doesn’t mean you can’t surprise someone with something beautiful!”

    To learn more about Confetti Caddy, visit You can also find them on Instagram or Facebook.

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    A local business wants to bring joy into the New Year as they celebrate the Cincinnati community. Keep reading to learn more.

    Meredith Finn loves her community and finds joy in celebrating the communities around her. She took that love for her home and shares it with the world through the Newtown Shirt Company.

    “Newtown Shirt Company launched in 2018 out of a desire to celebrate and support our great city and local communities,” she says. “We are focused on supporting our community with a great quality product while having a lot of fun. We strongly believe that having fun, looking good, and being comfortable doesn’t have to break the bank.”

    And after 2020, Finn wants to help others share a laugh of two with her apparel.

    Finn herself is a local Anderson Township resident. She’s lived in Cincinnati for 30 years, after growing up in Columbus, Georgia, and landing a job in the Queen City after graduating from Miami University. 

    “I fell in love with Cincinnati because it is such a great place to live, work, play, and raise a family,” she says.

    After spending a decade as a stay-at-home mom, she wanted to go back into the workforce. That’s when she and her husband purchased Chica Sport, a sports accessory company that manufactures Chic Bands and Seat Heroes. “While working in our Newtown store, we began to receive a lot of requests for custom, locally-themed t-shirts, thus Newtown Shirt Company was born,” she says. “Word began to spread and my focus became helping schools, businesses, and individuals create some awesome apparel.” 

    Finn says that Newtown Shirt Company focuses on the local community.

    “We love getting to know our customers in a community that we have been active in for years,” she says. “Word of mouth is how we started and that is the biggest compliment to hear someone say, ‘I called you because my friend told me how great you were to work with on their shirts.’”

    Newtown Shirt Company is also unique in that it partners with groups to create a catalog of apparel for a swim club, school, non-profit, business, or neighborhood. Some of these collections include work for the Turpin Hills Swim and Racquet Club, Mt. Carmel Brewery, Main Street Cafe, Summit Country Day, R.O.A.R., 1N5, and the Forest Hills 5k. 

    In addition to their catalog collections, Newtown Shirt Company is expanding into tumblers and coffee mugs that highlight Cincinnati, like the 513 Tervis and the Evelyn Henson Cincinnati tumbler and artwork.

    With the arrival of a new year, Newtown Shirt Company says that they’re committed to creating joy in 2021. “We want to make people smile, to feel happiness, to laugh a little or a lot,” says Finn. “Newtown shirt Company is launching a new line of sweatshirts and t-shirts at the end of January to start the year off that speaks to this. Our Wag More, Bark Less line is designed to remind you to lead with joy and kindness.”

    Finn adds that they are also looking forward to expanding their line of Cincinnati-inspired products other than apparel, which you can stay updated on by subscribing to their newsletter.

    To learn more about Newtown Shirt Company, visit You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram. You can contact Finn directly by calling 513-871-4300 or by emailing

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    A love for creating and planning styled shoots inspired this local artist to launch her own online shop of digital downloads. Read on for more.

    Cincy Chic: Tell us more about P + K Collective!
    Peyton, Founder of P + K Collective: P + K Collective is an online shop that sells art via digital downloads. I always joke and use the phrase “this ain’t your momma’s cheesy wall art” in our descriptions. I truly like the items I’m posting, and they are designs I would like to print and put on my own wall. Upon purchase, the customer is able to download the files immediately and print them however many times they would like. If there is an issue, I will gladly re-size, change files, or update image quality if needed. We offer custom prints, quotes, lyrics, wedding signage, etc. We are in the process of also releasing blank digital mockups that can be purchased and used for other small businesses as well! We are brand new, so our shop isn’t as large as we would like, but we have a lot planned and ready to go. We offer discount codes to our returning customers to show our appreciation, and we are always doing sales.

    In this process, I style a flat lay or a mockup, and other businesses can use my templates to market their products. I have experience in the wedding and event industry in styling, social media, and planning, so this is a really fun hobby for me!! It is actually very entertaining, I set up everything in our living room, in front of our huge window, and stand on our step ladder. I know the neighbors are confused, but the shots are gorgeous. Blasting music on Alexa, drinking coffee, and styling the mockups or editing prints that could be on someone’s wall one day truly makes me happy.

    I also have a love for collecting vintage items, which will be posted in the shop too. We like a little bit of everything. More digital mockups, designs, and vintage items will be coming to our store this year. 

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
    Peyton: The inspiration comes from attending and planning many styled shoots, and for wanting to make art for social media and for my home that I enjoy seeing! No more staring at the dated wall art I got on clearance. 

    No one knows your style as you do, and I wanted to offer products that are versatile enough to satisfy any aesthetic. It is very important to me to shop small and to support other businesses. I love being able to supply them with props for pop-ups, their storefront, or even just images that can boost their social media image.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind P + K Collective?
    Peyton: My name is Peyton or “P” from P + K Collective. I’m a local student, event coordinator, stylist, and now aspiring small business owner. 

    Cincy Chic: What makes P + K Collective unique?
    Peyton: P + K Collective has unique products because they are created by someone who has been on the styling side of things, and someone who knows how frustrating it is to want something for your home or business but the design is just a bit off. We want to help bridge this gap because we love making cool things and because we know how it feels.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
    Peyton: Our Instagram page and our Facebook page give updates about new arrivals. We are in the process of starting an email list soon!

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    If your resolution is already on the struggle bus, our life coach columnist offers four tips to get back on the road to success.

    Time to check in as you enter week two of the new year. Are you sticking to your resolution and goals with confidence and clarity to boldly move into the next level for business and life?

    The struggle is real. 

    The moment when you are crushing your goals, feeling the high energy and excitement for the outcome when out of the blue you hit a low, lose motivation and focus, and the progress slows down or comes to a halt.  

    What can you do at that moment?

    Give up seems like the convenient choice but you really want this year’s goals and resolution to stick!

    Let’s get you set up with a plan to allow you to quickly get back to focus and release that feeling of throwing in the towel. Here are four tips for staying in alignment with your resolutions/goals:

    1. Setting goals and getting results is about a series of choices. You have a choice in every moment. Even if you make a choice you can adjust or change it. Think of choices in a way that you are interrupting the old patterns and a new choice creates a new pattern.
    2. If you are telling yourself, you can’t stick to the plan because it’s harder than you thought realize that those thoughts keeping it hard. To let go of that belief, use a mantra “I can do hard things” and identify the next logical step.
    3. You feel like giving up but know you don’t want to fail.  When this feeling arises, focusing on your why and use the mantra “My desire is stronger than my excuses.”
    4. Strengthening your why by tapping back into the day/moment when you set the goal and identify all those reasons you set it to begin with. A mantra that will also help is “things are always working out for me.”

    For added support seek out someone who can be your accountability partner. Checking in daily keeps your goals/resolution top of mind. With accountability, you can also identify quickly any adjustments needing to be made or celebrating your successes.

    You’ve got this! 

    Here’s to creating the life you deserve,


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    Celebrating female leaders who have advanced in their careers because they have integrated work and life through whole-self wellness.

    Womxn are leaving the workforce at an alarming rate due to challenges in integrating work and life due to family duties in the home. These challenges aren’t new, but they have been significantly exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. When womxn lead through whole-self wellness, they integrate a healthy lifestyle with their career, and we’ve found a wellness role model in Jill McIntosh, CEO of JVM Ventures and Sr. Consultant of Simpactful Consulting.

    McIntosh joins Dr. Oz

    McIntosh has had an incredibly diverse, enjoyable and fulfilling career path- she has followed her passions and taken on new challenges at each step along the way. Jill’s began practicing law as a corporate attorney at several law firms until she landed the role of corporate counsel for one of nation’s largest retailers where she ventured into various impactful leadership roles. McIntosh now serves on boards, both profit and non-profit, and joined Simpactful Consulting where she works with emerging brands in the natural products space. 

    What is she most proud of? “Lifting while I have climbed. I have led the Network of Executive Women, Cincinnati for the last 7 years with my executive co-chair Amy Eskoff Garrett (P&G) and our professional volunteers drive the advancement of women in our industry through leadership development, mentoring, and networking” said McIntosh. “I also serve on the boards of Xavier University, William’s College of Business, and ProKids of Hamilton county, court-appointed special advocates for our neglected and abused children.”

    It is fair to say that Jill McIntosh is a powerhouse. She is a wife, a mother, coach, volunteer, an innovator, a mentor and role model. So, how has she avoided burnout while maintaining her incredibly demanding lifestyle?   Amidst notecards, sun protection and workout gear, you’ll most notably find a mound of healthy snacks in Jill’s “wellness survival bag” (something we ask all of our featured leaders to provide). 

    “I never pick up a package now without checking the ingredient statement and the nutrition facts – it’s important to me what I am putting into my body” says McIntosh.  It was when Jill led natural foods merchandising for The Kroger, Co. that she became more educated on food ingredients, nutrition overall and began to think about food differently. “Having clean ingredients free from artificial colors, additives and preservatives was the standard for adding food products into our assortment but it was also about what benefits or attributes it would provide to the consumer.” 

    Jill’s favorite snacks are Whisps® Cheese Crisps, Highkey® Mini Cookies and Crunchmaster® Crackers, all gluten-free, good-for-you options.

    So what’s next? Jill finds joy in following emerging trends in the better-for-you product space as she finds that most of the meaningful innovation comes from new, upcoming brands. What drives her: working with brand creators in this space. “The people behind these brands are usually pretty cool and fun to work with.”   

    In part 2 of this story we’ll share more about Jill’s areas of strengths and opportunity across the 8 pillars of wellness and unpack more of her wellness survival kit.  

    To learn more about Jill McIntosh follow her on LinkedIn and explore

    Bag spill content, left to right: WISe Wellness Guild glass waterbottle, Saucony running shoes, Xavier University facemask, Crunchmaster Crackers, Elta MD® Skincare Sunscreen, Network of Executive Women note cards, Highkey® Mini Cookies, Simple Truth Organic ™ Night Time Relaxation Herbal Tea, Whisps ® Cheese Crisps, goodr®  sunglasses, Mariemont lacrosse hat.

    Glossary of terms: 

    Womxn: noun, plural wom·xn [wim-in] /ˈwɪm ɪn/. a woman (used, especially in intersectional feminism, as an alternative spelling to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequences m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of trans and nonbinary women)

    Boil water advisories occur more often than you think. Read on as our home improvement columnist offers tips on what to do to keep you and your family safe.

    Water boil alerts are becoming more common. They typically scroll across the bottom of the screen on your local news channel to let you know that you need to boil tap water before consuming it or opt for bottled water instead. But do you know what those alerts are really for and what you’re supposed to do?

    A water boil alert includes information on what you should do with your water when it comes to preparing food, beverages, or even making ice.

    If you’ve ever been under a boil water alert, you’ve most likely been told that you are better off using bottled water. However, bottled water isn’t always an option. If you need to boil water instead, it’s best to do so by bringing the water to a full rolling boil for one minute before allowing it to cool. Be sure not to use ice cubes from your refrigerator so that you aren’t using the contaminated water. Even if you have filtered water, you’ll still want to bring it to a boil, because anything connected to your water line can be contaminated.

    Need to wash your hands? In many situations, you can use tap water and soap to wash your hands under a water boil alert. If you aren’t able to use the water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

    When it comes to bathing and showering, be sure not to swallow any water while doing so. Oftentimes, kids consume water while they’re in the bath, so it may be best to not put them in the tub when you’re under a boil water alert. If you must bathe your child during this time, you may want to consider a sponge bath to reduce the chance of them swallowing any water. 

    Just as you should not consume water without boiling it while under a boil water alert, don’t brush your teeth with tap water that hasn’t been boiled. It’s often impossible to not swallow any water while brushing your teeth, so you can protect yourself from contaminated water when you boil it before brushing. 

    If you have to wash dishes while under a boil water alert, make sure that the water used on a final rinse reaches at least 150 degree Fahrenheit, to burn off any contamination. However, it’s better to use disposable plates, cups, and utensils under a boil water alert.

    Water boil alerts aren’t just to protect humans, they also help to protect your pets from contaminated water. Pets can get sick by some of the same germs that people get sick from or even spread them like humans. If you’re under a boil water alert, be sure to give your pets bottled water or boiled water. 

    While it may seem a little scary to be under a boil water alert, you don’t always need to be cautious about all that you do in the house during this time. You Can wash clothes as usual and even water your houseplants and garden without using boiling water.

    Boil water alerts are a public health advisory given by government or health authorities when a community’s drinking water is, or could be, contaminated by pathogens. It’s important to remember that the point of these alerts aren’t to serve as an inconvenience but rather to help keep you safe.