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Inspired by her own journey with pain management, see how one local nurse developed a CBD product line and consulting services.

Cincy Chic: What is Tulip Tree CBD?
Jeri Schulz, MSN, RN, Founder of Tulip Tree: Researching the cannabis market, I became encouraged by the way CBD alleviated her own symptoms and was convinced of its healing potential as a natural alternative for pain. However, she also found disturbing discrepancies in quality, unbelievable claims of healing, dosing confusion, hard-to-use products, and questionable customer service.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Schulz: Offering a better way to guide and educate people about premium hemp CBD products that were clean, easy to use, and of consistently high quality became my purpose as I created what I believed was missing in the marketplace. 

I am proud to offer premium Broad-Spectrum hemp-based CBD products that are organically grown, thoughtfully processed, clean, and contain Zero THC. My promise to you: the guidance you need, customized recommendations, and the best customer service in the industry. All of our products follow FDA guidelines and are third-party tested that you can see for yourself right on the website.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Schulz: I am the founder and CEO of Tulip Tree LLC and Dose Medical Cannabis Nurse Consulting. My interest in alternative therapies and personal experiences led me to pursue specialized knowledge in all things medical cannabis. My expertise includes managing cardiovascular services, intensive care units, four Chicago area inpatient hospice providers, critical care, and telemetry units. My passion is sharing that knowledge with others. 

I have taught hundreds of nursing students the clinical skills they need to take care of their patients with kindness, compassion, and skill. I have served on the nursing faculty of several Chicago-area colleges and universities and take pride in sharing my dedication to the highest patient-care standards.

A registered nurse in Ohio and Illinois, I have collaborated with some of the most respected minds and institutions in medical cannabis, including the American Cannabis Nurses Association and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians.

Cincy Chic: What types of CBD products do you carry?
Schulz: Tulip Tree CBD carries products that are crafted from the finest quality, premium organically-grown-in-the-USA hemp with Zero THC. We are proud to offer you – and your fur babies — all-natural, Farm-Bill Compliant alternatives to relieve pain, inflammation, anxiety, and insomnia. We have tinctures that are unique in their packaging to keep your dose accurate and contamination-free with our Perfect Balance Singles, a full line of soft gels for beginners, Body and Mind Balance, or targeting inflammation with Plus, or helping you get some sleep with Rest. The gummies are a crowd favorite with broad-spectrum CBD, all-natural flavors, and no added dyes or sugars. We also carry our Fur Baby Balance line of vet formulated dog chews and pet tincture. 

Cincy Chic: Do you have a store location or are you online only?
Schulz: Much of our business is direct to consumers on-line with free shipping however, we do have a few Cincy retailers that carry our line of product and are adding more all the time. Check the website for current locations around the Cincy area. 

Cincy Chic: What makes Tulip Tree CBD unique?
Schulz: Tulip Tree is unique in that it is founded by a nurse with years of clinical experience and many more years of personal experience in natural medicine. We understand that people have complicated medical histories and lists of medications that make them hesitant to try CBD. Our CBD won’t get you high, it will help you with your anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and balancing your endocannabinoid system and you can consult with a certified nurse to help you find that perfect and individual dose. 

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Schulz: We have just launched Medical Cannabis Nurse consultations. This is exciting news for residents in Ohio and Illinois. The east and west coasts have already seen a surge in the need for certified cannabis nurses and now the Midwest will be able to say the same.

There are over 94,000 medical cannabis patients in Ohio alone. Getting your medical cannabis card can be overwhelming. It’s not about getting high, it’s about symptom relief. was founded with a specific goal of caring for people who look to cannabis for relief and need support getting started. We customize and implement a plan of care and reassess that plan, working closely with patients to relieve suffering much like a diabetic nurse educator does for a new diabetic. A guiding hand by a knowledgeable clinician is important to optimize benefits, saving patients’ time and money finding the right dose and also removes stress and empowers patients to get the medicine they need.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Schulz: has a wealth of information about CBD and will give you more information about medical cannabis. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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It takes motivation to get started and momentum to keep going. Our life coach columnist shares three helpful tips.

Motivation got you there and it’s the momentum that keeps you going.

Remember how making a snowman from a field of snow was so fun. You took a scoop of snow and began to roll it across the ground creating a bigger snowball.  And as it got bigger the momentum got stronger. You wanted that supersized snowball for the base of the snowman. It was the motivation of building the snowman but the size of the snow getting bigger was the momentum that kept you going.

How many times have you found yourself so motivated to do something but quickly fall short because you lost momentum? You get excited when thinking about saving money for a vacation, wanting to get healthy, run a 5K, tackle a cluttered space, and then you hit the wall of overwhelm and stop before you ever get started.  

Consider the cluttered space. If you can see beyond the clutter and what the space looks like cleaned up that make you feel good. That is the motivation to act. And the goal is to have freedom from the clutter.

Then, it happens. Overwhelm creeps in. Here are a few ways to overcome the desire to stop.

• You start but see no progress. Start with what you know can be removed from the space. Either put into another area outside the space or take straight to the trash.
• You start looking in a box that has not been open in years to discover an hour goes by and nothing is accomplished. Any box you have not opened can stay closed for another time. Put it away in another room and plan to revisit AFTER this space is complete. Something to look forward to on a rainy day.
• You want to get it all done in one day.  Set a timer to allow yourself to work for 30 minutes with a 15-minute break. Go with that momentum and soon you will see progress and want to continue.

Take on your next project or goal in the same manner. See the result and possibilities of what comes next once you complete the task/goal at hand and do not stop until you get there.

Sending love and light,


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Check out a recap of the small and local businesses we've featured this week on our new sister page Spend With Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic recently launched a new sister account called Spend With Cincinnati. The goal of Spend With Cincinnati is to share how the public can still support small and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a recap of what we’ve featured this week:

Apricate Luxury Glow: What better way to start off your week than both looking and feeling your best! Just because it’s October doesn’t mean you have to loose your tan! @apricatecincy offers custom spray tans just for you! PLUS: they are mobile so no need to stress about leaving your house!

Click the link in their bio to book your appointment today and get your glow on!

Bee’s Sweet Balloon: October is breast cancer awareness month! Show your love, sympathy, and compassion to someone you know fighting or who has fought the battle of breast cancer! @beesweetballoon creates beautiful ballon arrangements from small personal bouquets to large celebratory creations!

PLUS: enter for a chance to win their Halloween GIVEAWAY! See their latest post for details on how to enter and what the prizes are!

Busken Bakery: With Halloween only a couple weeks away now is the time to really get in the spirit! Stock up on your Halloween festive treats with @buskenbakery pumpkin hand stamped cookies and more! Stop in their shop or order online to get your hands on these goodies!

PLUS: this week their double butter coffee cakes are only $5!! Make sure to grab one of those before the offer ends!

That’s Amore Wood Fired Pizza: Pizza on wheels? Doesn’t get much better than that! Add some flavor to any party or event with @thatsamorewoodfired 🍕🤩 They bring their delicious wood fired pizza and more to parties, weddings, festivals, etc. They do it all!

Click the link in their bio for more details on how you can see them at your next event and get your pizza on!

Losanti: In need of some Friday night plans? @losantiotr has you covered! Indulge in their house cut steaks, pastas, and more! Plus: don’t forget to sip on one of their famous craft cocktails! Grab your favorite people and enjoy this beautiful weather out on their heated patio or enjoy from the comfort of your house with carry out!

Peace Love Donuts of Hyde Park: Nothing beats a delicious doughnut on a beautiful Saturday morning those today🤩 @plldofhydepark is not just your typical doughnut shop, check out how extravagant and goodies filled their creations are! PLUS: don’t forget your Saturday morning coffee pick me up!

Monday-Friday 7-3
Saturday-Sunday 8-3

Apricot Coffee House: Happy Sunday everyone! In need of a little Sunday morning pick me up? @apricot_coffee_house has you covered! Stop in and enjoy not only some delicious coffee, but grab a yummy treat as well! Stay and enjoy for awhile or take it to go to enjoy from your home!

Glo Juice Bar and Cafe: Happy Monday! Beat this rainy Monday morning with some warm and delicious chili! @glodayton is rolling out their seasonal menus full of yummy soups, stews, sandwiches, and more! Looking for something cold? Try one of their fresh juices or smoothies!

Winter is just around the corner, and a winterizing of your plumbing pipes can help save you thousands.

Winter will be here before you know it, and that means it’s time to get your pipes ready for the cold. Preparing now can help you save a good deal of money in the future if you can stave off any cracks, broken pipes, or other serious plumbing issues. 

To prepare your pipes for colder weather, winterizing is a good idea. Here are a few ideas on how to prepare your pipes for winter:

Insulate pipes – Pipes in unheated areas like a crawl space, garage, or attic are susceptible to freezing temperatures. Use heat cable along the pipes and cover with pipe insulation. The insulation by itself isn’t designed to withstand long-term cold temperatures and can actually prevent warm air from reaching the pipes when not partnered with heat cable.

Shut off outdoor faucets – Open your outdoor faucets to allow excess water to run out, then turn off the faucet at the shutoff the valve. If you don’t first allow the bleeder cap to drain, the pipe can still freeze and crack, causing issues in the dead of winter.

Open cabinet doors – When we’re in the middle of a cold snap, open your kitchen or bathroom under-sink cabinets to allow warm air to circulate near the pipes. Behind closed doors, pipes are vulnerable because the warm air in your home can’t reach them.

Check your furnace of HVAC unit – If your HVAC unit or furnace goes out during the middle of winter, your pipes will suffer through the freezing temperatures until a repair can be made. Ensure your heating system is working properly before winter arrives.

Run water – Allow a trickle of water to run through the faucet to avoid freezing pipes. The pressure relief from a slow drip can prevent frozen pipes from cracking. While you may see a minor bump in your water bill, it’s much better than footing the cost for pipe replacement.

Inspect the exterior of your home – Do a walk-around of your home looking for visible cracks that need to be sealed. Cold air will seep through the cracks, causing your pipes to freeze. Use spray foam or caulking to fill the gaps and protect your pipes.

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    HOMEARAMA is doing something different this year for its 57th annual show. Learn more about a brand new development in the heart of historic Cincinnati, and everything new to expect at this year‘s event.

    The Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati is marking the 57th year of its HOMEARAMA show. 
    This single-site new home showcase attracts thousands of Cincinnatians as they see newly built, fully decorated and landscaped homes in a variety of styles ranging in price from $800,000-$1 million. The event, which typically pulls locals out into the suburbs, is being held in the City of Cincinnati for the first time ever.
    The “Bella Vista” by Sterling Homes at HOMEARAMA 2020
    “Walworth Junction is an urban infill development containing 39 single family lots located in the City of Cincinnati’s Historic East End neighborhood,” says the Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati’s Executive Director Dan Dressman. 
    Walworth Junction was developed by East End Development, LLC and is located just north of the intersection of Riverside Drive and Delta Avenue, adjacent to The Precinct Restaurant.
    “The site was formerly the Pennsylvania Rail Road’s Pendleton Yard and contained a Round House, a Turntable, and multiple other structures related to railroad operations,” says Dressman.
    This newly established neighborhood in Cincinnati is a walkable community that offers sidewalks throughout, connecting it to the business districts of Columbia Tusculum and East End’s Riverside Drive.
    “Riverside Drive connects directly to downtown Cincinnati and has dedicated lanes for bicycle enthusiasts,” says Dressman. “There is a public pedestrian tunnel at the eastern edge of the property, which provides connection from Walworth Avenue to Riverside Drive, directly across from the High Mark Bar, Emma’s Wine Bar, and just down the street from Eli’s Barbeque.” 
    Inside the “Bella Vista” by Sterling Homes at HOMEARAMA 2020

    Homes at Walworth Junction are within the Cincinnati Public School District. Dressman says school options close by include St. Ursula Villa, The Summit Country Day School, and St. Ursula Academy. 

    Aside from the ability to tour the homes in the development, HOMEARAMA also offers opportunities for professionals and aspiring professionals in the home and construction industry. 
    This year, HOMEARAMA will offer a Careers in Construction event on two different dates: October 14 and 18. 
    These free events are ideal for someone who’s interested in one of the fastest-growing industries in the region. 
    “The Cincinnati region was ranked recently by the U.S. Census Bureau as one of the best- paying markets for construction careers,” says Dressman. “According to the agency, the region’s median adjusted salary in construction is $55,701, compared to $47,430 nationally.”
    Inside the “Bella Vista” by Sterling Homes at HOMEARAMA 2020

    Dressman says the events include an overview of the most-sought positions, education requirements, and personal opportunities to meet potential employers. Complimentary registration can be made with Mel Meyer at

    In addition, Cincy Chic and HOMEARAMA are teaming up to bring Blanca & Bling to the festivities. This event will be held October 15 from 5:30-8:30pm. 
    Attendees will be able to sip, shop, and savor their way through the HOMEARAMA homes. They’ll enjoy sips from Streetside Brewery, light bites, and the chance to shop a variety of local businesses with pop-up shops. Plus, guests who wear a “Blanca & Bling” inspired outfit will be entered to win a staycation at Hotel Covington and custom jewelry designed by Paolo Jewelers — a package valued at $3,000! Tickets for Blanca & Bling can be purchased at
    Here’s a calendar of events for the remainder of HOMEARAMA 2020:
    October 12
    5:30pm: Puppies & Pints with Gamble N Fin & League for Animal Welfare
    October 13
    9:00am: Reflections Jazz Duo
    9:00am & 12:00pm: Realtor Day (Realtors Only)
    4:00pm: Show Opens to Public
    October 14
    1:00-3:00pm: Careers in Construction
    3:00-5:00pm: OVDC Meeting
    October 15
    5:00pm: Chapter 3 – Band 
    5:30-8:30pm: Cincy Chic Blanca & Bling to Benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati
    October 16
    12:00pm: 3 East Business Alliance Neighborhood Day
    October 17
    12:00pm: Octoberfest
    12:00pm: Beers, Brats & B105 Remote
    4:00-7:00pm: Bourbon Road Band
    October 18
    9:00-11:00am: Careers in Construction
    12:00pm: City of Cincinnati Employees’ Day
    12:00pm: City of Cincinnati Residents’ Day
    October 21
    11:30am: HBA Lunch & Learn
    4:00pm: Green Energy Ohio: Grow with GEO Day
    October 22
    4:00pm: Give for Good Day
    5:00-9:00pm: HBA Happy Hour
    6:00pm: Acoustic Blue – Band
    October 23
    6:00pm: Q102 Date Night with Tim & Toria
    6:00-9:00pm: 3 Piece Revival
    October 24
    12:00pm: Cincinnati Animal Care Day
    4:30-7:30pm: The Brody Bunch
    You can purchase tickets for HOMEARAMA 2020 at Discount tickets are available at area Kroger stores for $17 and a special two-day ticket will be available for $29 at the gate only. Children 12 and under are free if accompanied by an adult.

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    Gourmet kitchen, amenities galore, and three balconies with river and city views. Get a sneak peek inside this Listing of the Week that offers the ultimate in urban luxury!

    This condo was made to let you live your best urban life with a view. This impeccable property offers the best available city and river views. The 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condo features 3,600 square feet of open living space, custom cabinetry, a gourmet kitchen with Wolf and SubZero appliances, 3 separate balconies, and numerous amenities and upgrades. The home is listed at $1,495 million.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.

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    This local financial services company helps your money work for you. Learn about their upcoming star-studded event!

    For 30 years Truepoint Wealth Counsel has maintained its focus on creating peace of mind and possibility.
    “We are fee-only fiduciaries and one of the few employee-owned and independent wealth management firms in our region,” explains Truepoint Wealth Advisor Deanna Sicking. “Despite how our industry typically operates, there simply is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to personal finance because money has a way of affecting every aspect of our lives.”
    With a focus on meaning, Truepoint’s guidance is rooted in their clients’ values and goals, and every client team includes a wealth advisor and four subject-matter experts: investment, financial planning, tax, and estate planning. Truepoint was built to bring these parts together in a way that actually creates greater value.
    This approach is in stark contrast to the experience many individuals have where they rely on a cadre of varied professionals to try to stitch things together. Unfortunately, much is often lost in the process.
    “But it’s not just about the integrated technical expertise; it’s also about discovering your ‘why’ – the key to bringing clarity to your financial decision-making,” says Sicking. “And we believe that the sum of money is secondary to the greater meaning your financial results are there to support.”
    The team at Truepoint is led by Founder & CEO Michael J. Chasnoff and President & Principal Steve Condon. Now with a growing team of 66, more than half of the employees are women, something Sicking says is a rarity in the wealth management industry where only 25 percent of Certified Financial Planners are women. For the past 10 years, Truepoint has made a dedicated effort to better engage female clients through the Truepoint Women’s Wealth Counsel, a community of the firm’s female clients, team members, and professional partners. 
    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Women’s Wealth Counsel, they’re hosting an upcoming webinar.
    “We are very excited to welcome Jean Chatzky to our Truepoint Talks webinar series,” says Sicking. “Jean is a celebrated personal finance columnist who many may know as the financial editor of NBC’s TODAY show. As a firm committed to engaging women in their financial lives, Truepoint is especially proud to have this special conversation with Jean in honor of Truepoint’s 30th anniversary.
    The webinar will take place on October 20 at 4:15pm. You can learn more about the upcoming webinar and register here.
    To learn more about Truepoint Wealth Counsel and its plethora of services, visit There, Sicking says, you’ll find more information about the team and their approach. You can stay in touch with Truepoint by joining the email list on the website.

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    Get a sneak peek inside this special event benefiting a great cause, supporting local businesses, and awarding one well-dressed attendee a staycation and dream shopping experience. 

    Cincy Chic is hosting Blanca & Bling at HOMEARAMA to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati on October 15. 
    This special night of light bites, refreshments, shopping, and stylish new homes is from 5:30-8:30pm at Walworth Junction. Event attendees will have the opportunity to tour atll the 2020 HOMEARAMA homes while enjoying sips from Streetside Brewery and shopping at a variety of local businesses and pop-up shops.
    Once guests finish touring the homes, they can enjoy entertainment with giveaways throughout the night. Plus, when you wear a “Blanca & Bling” inspired outfit you’ll be entered to win a date night package including a stay at Hotel Covington from Paolo Jewelers valued at $3,000.
    Tickets are $15 per person and $25 for two tickets. Tickets include parking and HOMEARAMA admission. Proceeds from the event benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati and can be purchased here
    Walworth Junction is located at 3107 Walworth Avenue in Cincinnati. You can learn more about HOMEARAMA at
    Cincy Chic’s sponsors for Blanca & Bling include:

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    A young restaurateur is bringing a new fine dining experience to the region. Read on for all the delicious details.

    Rocco Catanzarite is taking the Dayton area restaurant scene by storm. In April 2019 he launched Murphy’s Craftbar + Kitchen, and then in May, as the world resumed in the midst of a global pandemic, he opened Tavolo – Modern Italian.
    “The Italian word for table is ‘tavolo,’ and in Italy it is very common for families to gather around a table multiple times a week with a large group,” he says. “There, dining together is more of a social activity than just about having dinner.”
    And that’s what he wanted to bring to customers in Sidney when he opened Tavolo – Modern Italian – an experience unlike any other.
    “As we were discussing the atmosphere and menus, we kept thinking back to what the ‘table’ means in Italy,” says Catanzarite. “How do we deliver the best possible customer experience to each guest? We execute it by delivering on an exceptional experience.”
    All of the dishes at Tavolo – Modern Italian are made in-house, and the atmosphere is influenced by modern, relaxing decor. 
    Catanzarite’s own Italian heritage played a significant role in his decision to open an Italian restaurant. Part of a brand that’s already growing at a rapid rate, he wanted to bring a destination restaurant to his small hometown. 
    “We felt the area could use a restaurant concept like Tavolo,” he says. “The restaurant scene in Sidney is fairly small, and for fine dining restaurants it’s even smaller. Tavolo is Sidney’s first destination restaurant, and it’s a good feeling not having to drive many miles to have an experience like what we provide.”
    The team at Tavolo – Modern Italian is composed of young professionals, balanced out by a few seasoned vets. “My managers are all in their 20s and young 30s, myself being 24,” he says. “We all have a lot of energy, and we focus on doing things we love.”
    The Chef at Tavolo is seasoned veteran Keith Taylor, who brings years of experience in the food industry, including the ability to cook with different styles of foods. 
    “He’s brought a lot of knowledge to this restaurant, unique menus, and new twists on traditional dishes,” says Catanzarite.
    Foods on the menu at Tavolo – Modern Italian include Gemelli, Chicken Parmesan, Arancini, Stuffed Mushrooms, and so much more. “It’s something that those who are passionate about the food scene should check out,” he says. 
    House-made drinks on the menu include the Rosa Margarita, The Marriage of Figaro, and the Tiki Alligators in Venice.
    The future of Tavolo – Modern Italian is looking bright despite the pandemic. “It’s forced us out of our comfort zone, and ultimately, I think it’s a good learning experience for everyone involved,” he says. “We are really pushing the envelope and it’s motivated us to think differently, more efficiently, and to really put our heads together,” he adds. “If we can continue to thrive and grow with all of these challenges in our way we will be better for it.”
    Catanzarite says that he’s looking forward to opening multiple new concepts in the next couple of years. “I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities and the individuals involved,” he adds. 
    You can learn more about Tavolo – Modern Italian on Facebook and Instagram.