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Learn more about this hand-crafted and Cincinnati-based accessory company inspired by both nature and fashion

For the past two years, Pistil Calyx has been bringing fun accessories to the Cincinnati area and beyond. The company specializes in small floral hand-crafted polymer clay hair and lapel pins. 

“When looking for a name for the business, I wanted a name that wasn’t made up of too obvious floral words,” says owner Jahmaiah Martin. “Pistils are part of the reproductive parts of the flower and calyxes hold the flower together. I loved the way the two looked together.” 

Pistil Calyx originally started out with knit brooches only and then switched focus to small sculptured clay goods. Each product is hand-made and has a very unique process when designing. 

“The first start of the process begins with inspiration,” says Martin. “I have been collecting pictures of flowers for years from gardens and parks all over Cincinnati. I look over these images to find inspiration for my realistic and imagined succulents and flowers.” 

Next step? Color. “Next, I think of my colors that I want to present and the scheme I want to create. These can derive from roses, season, mood, or imagined.” 

After the inspiration and color are solidified, it is time for Martin to get to the two-hour sculpting process. They are each pressed and carefully arranged into the flower she wants to represent. 

Each accessory is unique in their own way, seeing as they each go through this intricate process. Over the past two years, the creative process has remained Martin’s favorite part. 

“I enjoy the days where I get to work with clay and photograph my pieces – it really allows me to get creative.” 

To shop Pistil Calyx’s hair and lapel pins, you can visit their Etsy shop. To stay connected, you can follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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Learn about a local company personalizing the photo booth experience and even augmenting reality for kids to sit on Santa’s lap this year!

Cincy Chic: What is Mirror Image Photobooth?
Marnie Gosser, Photographer at Mirror Image Photobooth: Mirror Image Photobooth serves the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Dayton areas with photobooth rentals for any type of event. Our new Beauty Mirror photobooth marries advanced technology with fun to create an unforgettable experience.
Cincy Chic: How does the Beauty Mirror Photobooth work?
Gosser: All you have to do is step in front of the mirror, touch the screen to start, follow the animated prompts, and smile. That’s it! Personalized photo strips will print out in seconds. 
Cincy Chic: What types of events do you offer photobooth services for?
Gosser: The Beauty Mirror Photobooth is guaranteed to be a crowd favorite at any event. We do parties from Sweet 16s to anniversaries, graduations, prom, bridal and baby showers, family and class reunions, and anything else you celebrate. If you’re a corporation looking to launch a new service in style you can use Mirror Image Photobooth that offers customized prints with social media content and your company logo to boost your online presence. The Beauty Mirror Photobooth is also great for weddings to help create fun memories of your big day and an unforgettable experience for your guests. 
Cincy Chic: How far do you travel for clients?
Gosser: We cover the entire Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Dayton area. Events located outside of our normal 50 mile range will incur a small charge to cover fuel costs.
Cincy Chic: What types of packages do you offer? 
Gosser: Our photobooth rental packages are set to suit most types of events. We can customize packages starting at $399. To customize a package just let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to work with you to accommodate your needs and your budget. We also offer a complete service and support package for your entire event so that a minimum of one fully trained attendant will stay to oversee the running of the booth and help with any questions. And coming soon, we’re offering an augmented reality option for an experience like a touch-free way for kiddos to sit on Santa’s lap this year. Make sure you’re following along on our social media as we release details about that!
Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more or inquire about Mirror Image Photobooth for their events?
Gosser: To learn more or contact us visit our website or like us on Facebook.

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Ever heard of ho’oponopono? Our life coach columnist explains how it may help diffuse the next time you feel triggered.

You know that moment when you’re feeling really good about yourself, you’re in a great place, and everything seems to be going really well, and then out of the blue something happens and you find yourself in a tailspin. Or perhaps you find yourself frustrated, angry, or just simply mad for no reason at all. What’s this all about? Something “triggers” you. 

Do you notice that those triggers are related to past stories or situations that you would rather NOT remember?  And they come into your mind at random times.  

The best way to overcome these triggers is to face them head-on. Give yourself permission to replay the event.  Then try using an ancient technique to help clean up those triggers, energetically, so overtime the memory subsides and often releases for good. No more unwanted triggers.

What is the technique? The ho’oponopono mantra, an antient practice dating back to 1970s.

The word ho’oponopono, is Hawaiian, and ho’o means “to make” and pono means “right” – “make it right!”.  The technique of repeating the four statements will create balance and harmony within yourselves.  —the self that is now, the self of your past, the evolving self of your present and the self of your future. The repetition goes like this: 

“I Love You” (self that is now)

“I’m Sorry” (self of your past)

“Please Forgive Me” (self of your present)

“Thank You” (self of your future)

Followed by “please heal it, please clear it, please remove it away”. 

Use this technique anytime something has surfaced in your life (a trigger) and allow the emotional attachment and physical intensity that surges throughout your body to subside by using ho’oponopono.

Sending Love & Light,


To learn more about ho’oponopono with Joe Vitale visit

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Check out a recap of the small and local businesses we've featured this week on our new sister page Spend With Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic recently launched a new sister account called Spend With Cincinnati. The goal of Spend With Cincinnati is to share how the public can still support small and local businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. Below is a recap of what we’ve featured this week:

M. Hopple & Co: It’s never a bad time to day thank you and appreciate those we love in our lives! @mhoppleco brings you beautiful stationary like these thank you cards and more!

PLUS: it’s almost that time of the year for holiday cards! Enjoy 25% off holiday photo and greeting cards, return addresses, and more! HURRY: sale ends 10/13!

Lunar Beauty Bar: Happy treat-yourself Tuesday everyone! @lunarbeautybarotr is passionate about helping her clients change their skin and get that glow everyone desires! Click the link in their bio to book your appointment for a custom facial, airbrush tans, and waxing today!

PLUS: new clients receive 20% off your service!

Alexis Nickelle Co: Looking for a fun date night, family activity, or something fun for just you to do? @alexisnickelleco has you covered! They offer their amazing candle making kits for you to make a delicious smelling candle right from the comfort of your home!

PLUS: not looking to get crafty? Purchase their candles already made and ready to be lit! Also make sure to check out their amazing collection of identity wear! All their products are handcrafted and made with love just for you💕

Witchy Woman Boutique: JUST DROPPED‼️ check out @witchywomanboutique new fall hoodies and sweaters! Get your hands on these before they’re all gone! PLUS: make sure to check out their other goodies like jewelry, pop sockets, and more!

Nation Kitchen and Bar: Happy Friday everyone! What better on a beautiful Friday night than a delicious burger, cocktail, and fries! Stop by @nationkitchenandbar to get your hands on their yummy food and drinks today! Looking to stay in? Enjoy a yummy burger from the comfort of your home with carry out!

Plus: make sure to try their burger of the month: The hunt for Reds Brat-ober! See their latest post for more details!

Dead Low Brewing: Happy Saturday! Join @deadlowbrewing today for their ONE YEAR of beer celebration! Starting at 10:20, the first 50 people in the door will receive a free anniversary shirt and then they will be $10! Grab your favorite people, favorite beers, and get your celebration on!

Commonwealth Bistro: Happy Sunday morning! What better way to start a Sunday than with a delicious brunch! @commonwealthbistro is open from 10-2 serving up their yummy brunch foods and cocktails for you! Stop and sip a mimosa on their patio, grab a table inside, or enjoy from the comfort of your home with carry-out!

Think your sewer main may be backed up? Our plumbing expert shares warning signs to help you know when your sewer main may need serviced.

So your shower gets backed up every now and then. What’s the big deal? 

It’s not always just a simple clog. Sometimes, when you notice a clogged drain or toilet, you may be on your way to bigger issues than you realize. Sewer main backups are a reality and not resolving the issues when they first arise can lead to costly repairs. 

If you think you may be at risk of a sewer main backup, check out these warning signs:

Multiple backups – If several things with a drain are draining slow or clogged, this is more than likely the clue you need to know that your sewer main is clogged. All of the drains in your home run through the sewer main, so if it gets clogged you can expect all your drains to start draining slow.

Mysterious sounds – Bubbling or gurgling sounds are a sign that you should probably get your sewer main checked out. Bubbling sounds in a sewer line are typically caused by air pockets after the pipe has already been clogged, so if you’re hearing these sounds when there is no water running it may be time to call a plumber.

Flushing Wipes – Mom always told us to never flush a wipe or paper towel down the toilet and she was right. Even the wipes that claim to be flushable aren’t so sending them down the toilet is going to increase your chances of a sewer main backup. 

One Drain Causing Another to Backup – A big indicator that you have a sewer main backup is when one drain causes another to backup. Flushing a toilet and seeing water come out of another shower drain isn’t a good sign. This happens when water can’t pass through a clog and it looks for another open drain, which leads to the other drains in your home.

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    This local lifestyle blogger is sharing her struggles, story and style in a tiny (actually, not-so-tiny) corner of the internet. Read on to see how her family, and her blog, will soon expand in some very exciting ways.

    The inspiration behind Shelbie Todd‘s blog, Ddotts, started as a secret outlet following her epilepsy diagnosis. 

    “It was a wonderful form of therapy for me to just log on and write about my new life with epilepsy,” she says. “Once I shared it with friends and family, it was incredible to see how my story helped others in similar situations. Over time it slowly turned into what it is today.”

    Today, it’s a popular Cincinnati-based blog with international reach, covering a variety of lifestyle topics. “Ddotts is my lifestyle blog where I share everything from motherhood, travel, fashion, favorite things, life in Cincy, recipes, inspiration, and so much more,” says Todd.

    Todd is the one-woman show who founded Ddotts, but she talks about her family a lot and her husband even contributes to content you’ll find on the site. Her two littles, ages 9 and 7, enjoy helping out mom behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera. 

    The fun shared on Ddotts covers a variety of topics, and just about everything that falls under the lifestyle umbrella. “I share what’s going on in my life in hopes of helping others along the way,” she adds. 

    When it comes to running the blog, Todd says that there are so many things she loves about the entire process. She says she enjoys the freedom, the creativity, and working with brands and businesses she loves. 

    “Most importantly, I love creating this digital scrapbook of our family for my children to look back on,” she says. “I hope to inspire my children to lean into a career that makes them happy and brings them joy over anything.” 

    In the time since Todd launched Ddotts, she says that some of her most favorite posts have been the travel guides she’s written for readers and followers. 

    “We have gone to some pretty amazing places here in Cincinnati and surrounding,” she says. “If it’s falling in love with our city all over again – or finding love somewhere new – it’s so amazing to share places we love with our followers and see them enjoy it as well.”

    The uniqueness in Ddotts can be found in the way Todd showcases the highlights and lowlights about her life. “I show up just me – flaws and all,” she says. “I just want to be a source of inspiration for everyone to find joy in their daily lives by showing up exactly who we are – not a Pinterest perfect version – not rehearsed. Social media has a lot of effects on all of us – so much pressure. I want to be a light and feel like a friend or a big sister – someone you can easily reach out to for advice or information.” 

    Todd will soon be able to showcase something new on the blog as she prepares to give birth to her third boy. “We are so excited to expand our family and meet this little light who has shined so bright for us during this wild year,” she says. “I am very excited for what the future holds for the Ddotts blog and our family.” 

    To learn more about the blog, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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    This exquisite estate is nestled in Coldstream Kentucky with wowing renovations and gorgeous gardens galore. Read on for a peek inside this week's Listing of the Week!

    This beautiful, private, Coldstream estate sits on 9 acres. It has been extensively renovated and better than new. The home is light-filled and has modern touches with an open kitchen, top-of-the-line appliances, two master suites, a lower level game room, fitness studio, bar, and a home theater. The outdoor oasis includes a patio, Gunite pool, pool house with a kitchen, bathroom, changing area, and living area, and meticulous gardens. This 7 bedroom, 7 bathroom home is listed at $3 million.

    This listing is sponsored by Ron Erdmann at Guaranteed Rate, the official mortgage professional of Cincy Chic.


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    Much-needed blood and plasma donations continue to help others, but for this COVID-19 patient, it was a life saver. Read on to learn more.

    In April of 2020, Hoxworth Blood Center made headlines when it initiated its convalescent plasma program. As cases of the novel coronavirus in the area were spiking, the community was hopeful that plasma collected from individuals who had recovered from COVID-19 would be effective therapy for some of the most critically ill patients in our area.

    Deb Cook was one of those patients—and she believes that because of convalescent plasma, she is here today.

    Deb, who lives in Fairfield, enjoys reading and hiking at the Cincinnati Nature Center in her spare time. In July, though, she came down with respiratory symptoms that made just breathing a difficult task, let alone hiking.

    “I started feeling sick on July 16th,” Deb remembers. “I went to Urgent Care on the 17th, and they said I had pneumonia. They did perform a COVID test, which later came back negative.”

    Despite the negative test result, Deb’s symptoms only worsened over the next day. She knew that something wasn’t right, and sought further medical attention.

    “I kept getting worse and went to the ER on July 18th, where they took test as well and sent me home. But I when went back to the ER by Life Squad on July 20th, they told me that my test had just came back positive.”

    The team at Mercy Fairfield admitted Deb for pneumonia caused by COVID-19. By this point, Deb’s lungs weren’t able to deliver enough oxygen to the rest of her body.

    “My oxygen levels were so bad that they had me on this huge oxygen machine along with the regular oxygen,” she recalls.

    Just a few days later, Deb’s physicians approached her with information about a new experimental treatment for the virus.

    “On July 22nd, an infectious disease doctor called me telling me about the convalescent plasma, wanting to know if I wanted to try it since it was experimental. I had seen research on it already, so I said yes.”

    The Mercy Health team ordered the plasma quickly due to Deb’s severe symptoms, and she was transfused shortly thereafter. Even though she was dangerously ill, Deb almost immediately felt a difference as the plasma—and a stranger’s COVID-19 antibodies—coursed through her body.

    “I swear, I could feel the difference in my body as soon as the plasma was going into my veins. My strength began to return from that moment on.”

    Following the transfusion, Deb began to recover and was removed from the oxygen machines. Eventually, she was released from the hospital to go home. Today, she’s feeling nearly herself again.

    “I feel great now,” she says. “Still have to take it easy, but I feel good!”

    Having survived the virus that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths across the globe with many more still recovering from severe symptoms, Deb feels grateful that she was a survivor. She credits the plasma from a local stranger for allowing her to fight back against COVID-19 and prevail. 

    “I feel the plasma saved my life and intend to donate my own plasma as soon as I’m able,” she says. “I would encourage anyone that has the antibodies to donate, because you could save another person like someone saved me. And to the person that donated for me—thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your blood saved my life!

    Here is a list of upcoming Hoxworth Blood Center Blood Drives:


    10/5/20 – Crossroads Church – East Side

    10/9/20 – Crossroads Church Mason

    109/20 – Crossroads Church – East Side

    10/13/20 – Crossroads Church – Florence

    10/13/20 – Crossroads Church – West Side

    10/16/20 – City of Blue Ash

    10/18/20 – Main Street Lebanon

    10/26/20 – Jungle Jim’s Fairfield

    10/27/20 – Cincinnati Shakespeare Company


    11/3 /20– West Chester Church of the Nazarene – it’s ELECTION DAY!

    11/19/20 – Cincinnati Art Museum

    11/21/20 – Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park

    11/24/20 – Rookwood

    11/25/20 – Oakley Community


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    This Cincinnati blogger is sharing her love for Ohio, and Disney, with the world. Learn about her popular blog and the launch of her new website.

    Jessica doesn’t fit one particular style when it comes to fashion, so when she decided to launch a blog, she thought a play on words was the best way to come up with a name. 

    JessMeStyle is her own way of saying “just my style,” everything her fashion is about. “I just love what I love, and share what inspires me,” she says. “I’m just myself.”

    After deciding to take the leap into the blog-o-sphere, Jessica wanted to find a way to share fun, affordable outfits for all seasons and events. 

    Additionally, she shares the fun things she does throughout Ohio as she frequents not only Cincinnati, but also Cleveland and Columbus (and she’s an avid Disney fan). 

    Jessica grew up in Cincinnati, and her husband is from Cleveland. “When we first started dating while in high school we needed fun places to meet throughout Ohio,” she says. “Sometimes meeting in Columbus, but we also tried to find things to do around our downs of Cleveland and Cincinnati, so we’ve always been doing fun things throughout the state.”

    Jessia likes offering up inspiration to her followers, showing them just how much fun they can have right here at home. 

    Currently Instagram is where she mainly runs her account from, and she says she’s enjoyed being able to connect with others. In addition to JessMeStyle, she also runs a Disney-themed Instagram where she says she’s also met people who share the same interest.

    “I’d say the most rewarding things about my pages is when someone lets you know they checked out the place I recommended and share how much fun they had,” she says. 

    Jessica says her favorite post on the blog thus far is the one she shared about her visit to Mentor, Ohio. “It’s such a great beach that many people from Cincinnait wouldn’t have even thought to travel to,” she says.

    Jessica is working on finalizing her website, to officially launch JessMeStyle. “I cannot wait to expand on what I share through a blog because you only have so many words that you can share on Instagram,” she says.

    You can follow along with JessMestyle on Instagram, where you can find the announcement of her official website launch. You can also check out her Disney-themed page and watch her YouTube channel focused on Disney World and Disney Cruising.