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Fancy a spot of tea? Want a fast and healthy pick-me-up? Learn about a booming tea business that’s taking Cincinnati by storm one tasty cup at a time.

Bruetta is a innovative brewing system for loose leaf tea.

Tea has been long-celebrated for its health benefits, taste, and subtle energy. But it hasn’t always been easy to make.

That’s where Bruetta, an innovative brewing system for your loose leaf tea, aims to help.

According to Aly Bleistine, Sr. Account Manager and Ambassador of Development at Bruetta, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water and it’s often celebrated for its wide variety of health benefits and naturally energy-boosting abilities.

“It’s all these facts about tea that inspire us the most,” says Bleistine. “Bruetta sources the best ingredients and teas from around the world and blends them to perfection so that their taste is second to none.”

Bruetta is comprised of a team of professionals who have backgrounds in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and distribution to help build the Bruetta brand and tell its story.

“Bruetta has established partnerships with office coffee services and brand ambassadors,” says Bleistine. “Bruetta has even created a franchise marketing model for the tea entrepreneur.”

According to Bleistine, Bruetta offers a variety of loose leaf tea flavors available for every type of tea drinker. Popular black tea flavors including Mystic Blue Lady, Peach Mango Paradise, and Grand Masala Chai. There are also other flavors available as well such as Coconute Creme Green, Bru Berry, Jasmine Towne Special, Citrus Hibiscus Refresh, Vanilla City Spice, and Apricot Rooibos.

In addition to these loose leaf tea flavors, oolong tea is available and white tea. Starter kits, Bleistine says, are popular among customers, as are 1lb and 1/2lb packages, tea tins, and 1-ounce packages.

“In regards to accessories, we offer a reusable plastic cup, displays for use in the home and the office, and, of course, our (patent pending) BRU-LID,” she says. “And, just recently, we’ve added coffee through a partnership with Copper Moon World Coffees.”

The tea offerings Bruetta isn’t the only thing that makes it unique. According to Bleistine, Bruetta has developed an innovative way to brew quality, loose leaf tea in an instant, and on-the-go with its BRU-LID.

“This is the foundation of the Bruetta brewing system,” she says. “No tea bags, no diffuser, no strainer needed. Tea leaves float freely in the cup so they are able to fully extract, giving you superior taste and full health benefits.”

Utilizing the BRU-LID requires you to add Bruetta loose leaf tea to your cup, pour in hot water, swirl lightly, snap on the lid, let brew for 2-3 minutes, sip, and go.

“Want ice tea? No problem,” explains Bleistine. “Same system, just add ice. You can even customize your flavorings by mixing and matching, or just choose one flavor.”

You can shop Bruetta online, exclusively on the website, although other businesses are jumping on board with Bruetta.

“Offices have been ordering as part of their health and wellness and employee engagement offerings,” Bleistine says, adding that you’ll find several Cincinnati-based businesses carrying their products. “Salons and spas order as a customer premium. Colleges are adding Bruetta teas to their cafes and bookstores. Companies are adding to their business and meeting catering menus. Coffee shops and bakeries are adding Bruetta teas to their menu selections. And, of course, nothing beats a cup of tea in the comfort of your own home.”

Bleistine says to keep your eye on Bruetta this year as the company will introduce sachets this year.

“Sachets are pyramid bags that give whole leaf tea room to expand to a full flavor and aroma,” she explains. “They are biodegradable and eco-friendly.”

She says they’ll also be introducing the BRU-CUP, a stainless steel tumbler with an advanced lid system that is washable and reusable.

“This expansion of our brewing system caters to customers who want a completely disposable product, a reusable cup with a disposable lid, or a reusable cup with a permanent lid,” she adds.

To learn more about Bruetta, visit You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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The annual Heart Mini is just around the corner. Click here to learn more about this year’s event and how you can register to help raise funds for the American Heart Association. 

The 42nd Heart Mini will be held March 9-10 in Cincinnati. Photo: American Heart Association

The American Heart Association will host its annual Heart Mini and accompanying events March 9 and 10 at the Duke Energy Convention Center.

“The Heart Mini is Cincinnati’s largest single-day fundraiser and hometown favorite of more than 40 years,” explains Lori Fovel, Communications Director of the Cincinnati American Heart Association. “Each year, close to 30,000 registrants come together to participate in a heart healthy exercise and raise lifesaving funds to fight off the No. 1 and No. 5 killers – heart disease and stroke.”

According to Fovel, the theme this year is “Mini not Mini,” meaning that the impact of the Heart Mini is anything but mini with its 30,000 participants and $3M fundraising goal.

The Heart Mini is a two-day event that features activities for guests of every age, including the ½ Marathon, 15k race, 5k race, 2k kid’s race, 5k heart walk, 1k Steps for Stroke, a health and fitness expo, and a kid’s fun run.

Festivities for the Heart Mini kick off at 9 am on Saturday, March 9, at the Duke Energy Convention Center with the Health and Fitness Expo presented by Worldpay. This time frame is also when runners and walkers can pick up their packets.

Then, at 12 pm, is the Kids Fun Run for little ones ages 7 and under presented by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Everyone will be getting down to business on Sunday, March 10, in downtown Cincinnati. At 7:30 am starts the Medpace 15K Heart Mini and St. Elizabeth Heart ½. The UC Health 1K Steps for Stroke starts at 9:15 am and the Ohio National Financial Service 5K Heart Race starts at 10:30 am. The 2K Kid’s Race begins at 11:30 am and the Mercy Health 5K Heart Walk is at noon.

Fovel says there are a lot of events supporting the American Heart Association leading up to the Heart Mini in March. To learn more about those events and to register for any of the races or walks for the Heart Mini, click here.

Watch below as our Editor-in-Chic trains for the upcoming Heart Mini, and shares a message about why this race is so important.

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Learn about the local wellness center that's hosting a mindfulness series beginning this February and the unexpected benefits it offers.

The Center for Wellness Education is hosting a mindfulness series beginning in February. Photo:

A local wellness center is hosting an upcoming event that focuses on mindfulness and how it integrates into other facets of life. 

One of those providers is The Center for Wellness Education, a non-profit organization that offers classes and trainings for adolescents, adults, families, and health professionals that support people’s strengths, learning through the lifespan, positive relationships, and healthy choices with the goal of integrating mind and body while promoting brain health, resilience, and living a fulfilling life. 

Beginning February 8 and running through March 2, The Center for Wellness Education’s Dr. Michael Wizer will host “Mindfulness, an Introduction.”

“Mindfulness has many uses and values: it can help a person manage stress, it can support relaxation, it helps a person develop detachment and clarity regarding overthinking and worrying,” says Dr. Wizer. It helps a person manage destructive habits and impulsivity. It can help with sleep difficulties and dealing with chronic pain.”

The 4-week class, which will be held on Saturday mornings from 10 am until noon, will give participants an introduction to mindfulness and how they can help incorporate it into their everyday lives.

The Center for Wellness Education is located at 11311 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 205, in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit

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By now, it is common sense to know that addiction in most cases is a bad thing. Whether you are addicted to hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin, mild substances such as weed or nicotine, or even gambling – all of these things can be extremely bad for anyone who partakes in them – especially if that person is not aware of their limits. 


Ever since people, especially parents who smoke regularly and yet are still very concerned about the effects of their harmful habit on their young children, have become aware of the dangerous diseases which can be caused by too much tobacco and nicotine in your system, they have started to turn to vaping. Some even consider vaping to be a harmless substitute for all other substances. 

Vaping, also known as e-cigarettes and even electric cigarettes, has suddenly started to appear as an attractive replacement to people who either want to quit indulging in a harmful habit such as smoking, or want to get into it but don’t want to get addicted or go for something which is too strong for beginners. 

But the sad reality is that vaping might not be as harmless as people believe it to be. For sure, vaping is much less dangerous than nicotine because first of all, addiction to vaping is a very rare thing to happen whereas almost every other tobacco smoker on the entire planet is dangerously addicted to nicotine. 


We wouldn’t go as far as claiming that vaping is as harmful as smoking excessively, but it still should not be treated as the godsend people think it is. 

According to the well-known and influential American Lung Association, vaping is dangerous if indulged in excessive amounts because most of the vapes and e-cigarettes people use have the chemical nicotine in them. And we all know just how addictive nicotine can be. 

Once you become dependent on nicotine, you can develop harmful side effects from not getting the nicotine you crave.  For those who are unaware, withdrawal from nicotine suddenly can lead to several awful conditions such as anxiety, loss of appetite and sleep, and even depression. Just like nicotine can badly affect your child’s developing brains, which leads to reduced memory and attention spans, the vaping of nicotine can do the same. Nicotine in vapes can also bring harm to unborn babies. 

Other than nicotine, another thing which can bring tons of harm to your child is the well-known chemical for building known as formaldehyde. This substance is known for causing cancer. 

Another thing to watch out for in vapes are the flavors, especially the chemical known as diacetyl, which has a buttery taste and can be very harmful as it causes a disorder of the lungs known as “popcorn lung” which is similar to bronchitis. 

In short, if your kids are interested in vaping, lead them in a different direction.  If you vape, but your kids do not, make sure you are informed of all the potential side effects before  you expose them to vape or the second hand effects of the vapor. 

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Those who have trouble sleeping can turn to a healthy alternative and wake up feeling rested. Click for all the snooze-worthy details.

Snoooze is a healthy alternative to helping you get to and stay asleep.

Having trouble getting to and staying asleep? Snoooze USA wants to help with that.

“Snoooze is an all-natural drink with sleep-inducing herbs like passion flower, valerian, lemon balm, and lime blossom,” explains Sales Manager Debra Bissantz. “It tastes like an herbal tea with natural hop and peppermint.”

Bissantz says the company was founded in Austria, by Han Vriens, a food and beverage expert. However, Snoooze USA is run by Rick Ross out of Hebron, Kentucky.

“Han Vriens was inspired to launch Snoooze because sleep strengthens the immune system, mind, and performance,” says Bissantz. “In addition, sleep enhances mood, stimulates creativity, and helps us manage our weight.”

The idea behind Snoooze is to have the drink 20-30 minutes before you want to go to bed, that way, your body can be ready to sleep when you’re ready for it. There are two different strengths available from Snoooze to ensure that you’re well rested for whatever you may have planned the next day: Snoooze Regular and Snoooze Strong. 

What makes Snoooze unique from other teas and products that aim to help you sleep better is that it contains zero chemicals and zero melatonin. “This means that customers won’t wake up the next day feeling groggy as you often do when you take melatonin,” adds Bissantz.

Additionally, Snoooze won’t cause an addiction or dependency like some see with other sleep aids. “The herbal and natural ingredients in Snoooze cannot cause dependency or addiction,” according to the Snoooze website. “On the contrary – the natural herbs in Snoooze support your natural sleep cycles and help promote healthy and restful sleep so you can feel regenerated and ready for whatever happens the next day.”

The website also states that this product is most ideal for healthy adults who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep through the night due to work-related or family stress.

“Most healthy American adults experience this type of stress during the work week and therefore sleep less than they should,” the website states. “Many adults with such sleep deficit are often unaware that their lack of sleep leads to lower memory capacity, decreased mental performance, and lower immune strength.”

Customers can shop Snoooze online, on Amazon, or by visiting these Cincinnati locations:

  • Clifton Health Foods
  • Jungle Jim’s
  • Unlimited Health Foods (Dayton)
  • Kristina Ashley LMT (Florence)
  • Fitzgerald’s Pharmacy (Bethel, Williamsburg, Seaman)

Snoooze is continuing to expand across the country since it first launched in the Tri-State in Spring 2018.

To learn more about Snoooze, visit You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re interested in becoming a distributing, send Bissantz and email at

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Learn about a local, family-owned, recently-expanded fitness studio that has a plan to motivate you to be your best self this year.


The goal of Anchor Fitness is to help every individual achieve their health and fitness goals. The family-owned, community-based training facility offers certified staff that enjoys sharing their passion for fitness with clients.

“Our mission is to provide individuals with the highest quality coaching, resources, and support backed by a motivating and encouraging community,” says Kait Collins, the Manager of Marketing and Operations at Anchor Fitness. “Our sessions are tailored to those just beginning their fitness journey to elite athletes.”

Due to its dedication in helping its clients meet their health and fitness goals, Anchor Fitness has expanded in the last few years to include other activities such as high-intensity boxing sessions and the Anchor Run by Kids programming.

But, Collins emphasizes, Anchor is so much more than just a training facility. “Anchor is a community of individuals striving to better themselves, who support and motivate each other along this journey,” she adds.

The owners behind Anchor Fitness are Leah and Joseph Mendenhall, who felt that they needed to open a fitness studio when they saw a need for a facility that offered group fitness without the intimidation often felt at other gyms.

“They wanted to offer a gym where you could be challenged to work hard, while feeling the support from the gym community and guidance from trainers who truly care about your health and wellness goals,” says Collins. “This was and is today, the foundation of Anchor Fitness.”

Collins says that Anchor Fitness prides itself on the community it’s created. “The community is unlike anything we have ever experienced,” she says. “Filled with members who start as strangers and soon become family – new clients should anticipate to feel supported the moment they walk through the doors.”

Also, Anchor Fitness strives to offer workouts that are dynamic, always changing, and never boring.

According to Collins, Anchor Fitness has big plans for 2019, as the facility continues to upgrade and outfit itself with more state-of-the-art equipment to enhance member experience.

“We have several wellness challenges for our members offered throughout the year, motivating clients to reach their goals,” says Collins. “We are fueled by community outreach and giving back, and of course, expect to see tons of clients making huge transformations by committing to our programming to make this the best year yet.”

You can find Anchor Fitness in the heart of Batavia, which also helps to make the facility an ideal location for clients around the Tri-State.

To learn more about Anchor Fitness, visit You can also follow along on Facebook.

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After living in Hawaii, a Cincinnati native couple moved back to open the doors of a re-imagined convenience store, offering healthy, locally grown products. Read on for more.

Harvest Market sells fresh, local products at its location in Milford.

From the Aloha State to the Queen City, Ben and Maureen Redman are inspired by their travels and their time living and farming in Hawaii.

As Cincinnati natives, they’re familiar with the needs of the city, but have grown since they helped farm a 5-acre organic farm on the island of Kauai. Today, they’re the owners of Harvest Market, a re-imagined convenience store with a focus on health convenience and local goods, similar to what you’d find at a farmer’s market.

“We say re-imagined because today most convenience stores you go into offer the same national brand products they’ve offered for the last 30-plus years, that offer little in terms of nutrition,” explains Maureen Redman.

At Harvest Market, you’ll find a focus on selling healthy convenience items such as snack items with non-gmo ingredients, free from additives, preservatives, dyes, and refined sugars, as well as grab-n-go foods that are made in-house like sandwiches, dips, salads, soups, and healthy hot lunch specials.

Additionally, items like organic smoothies, a coffee bar with coffee from local roaster La Terza, craft beer and wine, and local items such as candles, honey, granola, locally raised meat and eggs, and more.

“We personally curate all the goods sold in the store and have a variety of locally made food and gifts from over 50 local vendors,” says Redman.

In addition to their time in Hawaii, the Redmans have a past in healthy living. Maureen worked as a personal chef with a focus on farm-to-table meals and her husband Ben taught yoga and did Thai yoga therapy on Kauai.

“We modeled Harvest Market after many of the little bodegas and independently owned markets we have experienced,” says Redman. “We also fest the Midwest was in need of a place where people would stop quickly and get healthy products instead of having to run to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Jungle Jims, as well as offering products found at a farmer’s market – made available 7 days a week through our market.”

The store gets fresh farm deliveries every Tuesday and Friday, so, with the help of Local Food Connection, Harvest Market has been able to source from more than 30 different farms since opening its doors. Fresh bread deliveries from Blue Oven also come in every Tuesday and Saturday.

Like other convenience stores, Harvest Market allows customers to stop in and find something quickly – but what makes them stand out is the items you’ll find to grab on the go are going to fuel your body.

“We pride ourselves on focusing on genuinely friendly customer care, making Harvest Market a place where everyone is welcome,” says Redman.

Redman says that Harvest Market wants to keep growing its offering of local products and local collaboration – this includes more local bakery “takeovers” where Harvest Market features local baked goods and well as doing more food truck pop-ups.

Harvest Market is located at 308 Main Street in Milford. “We feel blessed to be a part of a thriving small business community in downtown, historic Milford,” says Redman.

The store is also close to Milford’s trailhead to the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail, and when the season allows, they are able to cater to trail riders.

To learn more about Harvest Market, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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Two buds are teaming up to raise public awareness about women’s health, empowerment, and healing. Learn more about their upcoming educational series.

Erica Caldwell and Whitney Pelfrey are the two behind Peach City, an organization dedicated to empower women.

Whitney Pelfrey and Erica Caldwell are the dynamic duo behind Peach City, an organization that focuses on the empowerment of women, the importance of mental, physical and sexual awareness, as well as hemp’s healing powers.

“After surviving our own battles, we became passionate about supporting women any way we can,” says Pelfrey. “After launching Tupelo House, Cincinnati’s first female-focused events space and co-working space, we knew we wanted to do more.”

That’s when Pelfrey and Caldwell set out on a mission to help spread information to women in regards to empowerment, wellness, and weed.

“We knew the right professionals who wanted to help, and we knew the women who needed to heal,” says Pelfrey. “So we created Peach City to bridge the gap between those hurting women and the knowledge of medical professionals – a conduit for responsible and intentional healthcare to Cincinnati women.”

Pelfrey herself says that her passion for healing goes back to her own traumatic experiences. She is a sexual assault survivor battling PTSD and wants to help others health through medical cannabis. “I’m also a huge advocate for breaking the incorrect stigma behind marijuana, and I believe it’s time we embrace the facts about cannabis and its medical miracles,” she says.

Caldwell also has a background with traumatic experience of her own – which is what made her a good partner to work alongside Pelfrey in the work they want to do together.

“Erica came from a physically, emotionally, and verbally traumatic childhood,” says Pelfrey. “Though times were happy she still battles her inner childhood trauma. As a healing adult she’s become passionate about the healing powers of CBD oil and cannabis while speaking candidly on the importance of sexual education and sexual wellness.”

Pelfrey and Caldwell want to help women and men to feel comfortable coming out of the cannabis closet, they say.

What makes Peach City stand out, aside from its already unique mission, is that they don’t hold back. “We will not tiptoe around difficult subjects,” says Pelfrey. “We are here for the women and men who need a support system they can trust to give correct information regarding empowerment, wellness, and weed. We have done, and will continue to do, extensive research, medical mentorships, educational courses, and bookings of medical professionals to bring empowerment, wellness, and healing to the Cincinnati community.”

There is a lot on the horizon for Peach City in 2019. In January, Dr. Roland of Lotus Health LLC will take over Tupelo House to host an educational series regarding medical marijuana. The educational series includes:

  • January 5 – Cannabis Truth & Lies
  • January 11 – Cannabis and Pain Management
  • January 18 – Cannabis and Sexual Health
  • January 25 – Cannabis Communications – coming out of the cannabis closet and how open use of cannabis can greatly benefit our families’ development, workplace environment, and society.

To learn more about the series, and to reserve your spot, visit

Additionally, Pelfrey and Caldwell will be launching a Potcast called Peach & Chong.

“We we’ll bring in guests such as medical professionals, educators, therapists, and even friends and family to talk about the good, bag, ugly, and pretty of this life,” says Pelfrey. “I will lead topics regarding strains of marijuana and their benefits as Erica leads in topics regarding sexual wellness.”

To learn more about Peach City, check them out on Instagram. You can also learn more about Peach City with a visit to its headquarters, Tupelo House.

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A local counselor helps women create a true work-life balance, rewriting their life stories to include their own personal vision. Read on for more.

Stephanie Hurley, MA, LPCC-S is the owner and practitioner at Best Life Counseling & Wellness.

Stephanie Hurley, MA, LPCC-S, is the owner and sole clinical counselor at Best Life Counseling & Wellness, a mental health counseling private practice.

Located in Mariemont, Best Life Counseling & Wellness is a lifelong passion for Hurley, who has been a mental health counselor for more than 15 years and always wanted to open her own private practice that took a holistic approach to treatment.

“While conceptualizing the start up, I envisioned what I hope to help my clients develop,” she says. “That inspiration is that they are able to truly live their best lives through developing insight, self-compassion, and resilience.”

At Best Life Counseling & Wellness, Hurley offers a variety of counseling services, including individual and couples counseling, as well as family psychoeducation to assist those with loved ones who have a new mental health diagnosis.

When asked what motivates her in a seeming tireless field, she says that it’s seeing her clients overcome obstacles.

“I am absolutely energized by seeing my clients defeat their old mantras of perfectionism, and in them learning to set healthy boundaries with others to improve their own life satisfaction,” says Hurley. “I truly feel honored to have people share their stories with me, so that I might provide a different kind of non judgmental support and teach them a new way of thriving in their lives. I love nothing more than watching people progress in their journey of self-discovery, and hearing them recognize that they did the work to feel better.”

Hurley’s niche in counseling is working with women who are trying to do it all, yet feel like they’re barely keeping their heads above water.

“It can be a real challenge to attempt a true work-life balance, so part of my role is often helping women rewrite their life stories to include their personal vision of who they are as their best selves,” says Hurley. “This often means learning how to ask for help, how to be true and kind to ourselves, and throwing off the burden of believing we aren’t enough as we are in this moment unless we do things perfectly.”

Much of the work Hurley does is all about helping women realize that they are worthy of love and self-acceptance right now, without the promotion, with the middle-aged weight gain, or in spite of multiple failed relationships.

“Through mindfulness and acceptance techniques, along with actionable steps, I can help people reclaim that joy and sense of ‘I’ve got this’ when dealing with life’s inevitable challenges,” she adds. “Once we realize we aren’t alone in our struggles and that they’re not due to some personal flaw, a weight is often lifted, opening us up to feeling better and getting back into the driver’s seat of our lives.”

In addition to her current counseling services, Hurley says that she will soon offer a new option of Walk & Talk Counseling, which allows her to work with individuals outside in the fresh air and sunshine. “This can be a helpful adjunct when treating anxiety or depression as a way to reset, recharge, or to address specific issues in vivo,” she says.

Best Life Counseling & Wellness just opened its doors in August, which means that just about everything coming up is new for the business. Come mid-January, however, the business will be moving into a larger suite within the same building.

“This will be a beautiful and comforting space filled with natural light,” says Hurley. “I believe wholeheartedly that the space used in counseling should help elicit feelings of home to create a ‘soft place to land’ that evokes a sense of safety and support.”

To learn more about Best Life Counseling & Wellness, check her out on Facebook, Instagram, or send an email to Although the website is currently under construction, you can soon learn more at or Hurley says potential clients can contact her for a free 15-minute phone consultation via email or by calling 513-440-3134.

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Learn about a local wellness center that helps to improve lives one treatment and fun event at a time.

Increased muscle strength, increased bone density, and decreased joint and back pain — these are the goals Osteostrong has for its clients. 

“Osteostrong allows people to get stronger, enhance their ability and power, decrease back and joint pain and lower Diabetic A1C levels all by providing the platform that triggers the body to naturally grow and strengthen,” says Jerrold Ware, owner of the Osteostrong Cincinnati franchise location.

Osteostrong recently hosted a Happy Hour Arts Party on December 15 to have a fun event showcasing local artists and the community “Studies have shown that being physically fit promotes creativity and that visual arts promote health,” Ware explains.

Osteostrong fully believes that physical health and creativity are linked. “Physical fitness has been directly linked to creativity, and want to promote total body wellness- A healthy mind and healthy body,” he says. 

The inspiration behind the event is the Christmas season. “It’s the giving season and we want to be part of that,” Ware says. “If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, what better gift than art and health?”

There were a variety of different aspects of the event, and they included: wine, cheese, snacks, music, unique pieces of art on display that you can gift, door prizes – If you bring a guest, you automatically qualify to win a prize, hourly drawings provided by the Osteostrong founder, and the ability to sign up for the 180 Challenge. “The 180 Challenge is when we invite a select group of people to come in and challenge our claims about the benefits of Osteostrong,” he says. “They can experience our sessions once per week and the resulting measurable gains. If we say it’s true, you’re taking our word for it. If you say it’s true, it’s a fact.”

This event was an important aspect of the Cincinnati community. “Like any and all of our Osteostrong events, we are providing a platform and venue for people to connect around health and wellness,” Ware says. “Also, to know that they have a wonderful addition to the area, providing cutting edge technology in the health and wellness arena.”

Osteostrong is located at: 11033 Reed Hartman Highway, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242. To learn more, visit