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Read on to learn about a farm that wants to help people truly appreciate the nature and beauty around them. 

There is a farm in the Colerain area that wants to help people appreciate the beauty around them. “Petal Flower Farm is a small cut flower farm on the west side of Cincinnati,” Mindi Rich, Owner of Petal Flower Farm, says. Located in Colerain. Township, the farm has been growing cut flowers for two years with the help of her husband, Morgan, and three daughters. 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a passion to see people happy.

“I love bringing happiness and joy to others and I have a true appreciation for nature and beauty. To me, it doesn’t get any better than bringing the two together,” Rich says. “Flowers are able to touch people in so many ways- in celebration of both love and loss and even childhood memories. The scent of a sweet pea or a peony- can bring people right back to their childhood. Flowers are powerful and have meaning in peoples’ lives.”

The name of the business came from how distinctive flowers are. “Flowers themselves are made up of several beautiful, unique and simple petals. Each petal adds beauty to the flower in its own special way,” she says. “We are hoping that we too are able to add to the beauty in people’s lives in our own special, unique way.”

Rich has fallen in love with the way a flower develops. “I love the whole process- from seed to harvest to sharing with others. Watching something so beautiful grow from a small seed is such an awesome experience,” she says. “The time and nurturing that goes into growing and caring for a garden is very rewarding. Sharing the fruits of our labor with others is the icing on the cake-and the best of the best.”

Petal Flower Farm offers a variety of different products and services.

“In season- we offer flowers and bouquets. We will be opening a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) later this Spring, which will give people an opportunity to support our farm and have beautiful weekly seasonal flowers,” Rich says. “We also sell flowers to florists and floral designers. Later this summer and in the fall, we will be hosting workshops as well. These workshops will teach others how to arrange and express themselves creatively using our flowers.”

The different flowers offered at the farm are: daffodils, peonies, snapdragons, sweet peas, yarrow, stock, lisianthus, ranunculus, anemones, cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias and a variety of foliage. “The wonderful thing about flower farming and working with seasonal flowers- is that it is always changing and you can truly try to grow whatever varieties work within your zone,” she says. 

Rich’s defines success with the farm by the ability “to share happiness, kindness and beauty with others- and bring joy into people’s lives- that is success,” she says.

For the future, “We would love to offer a variety of seasonal CSA’s, host workshops and help others learn to grow their own cut flower gardens and to create their own arrangements for their own enjoyment- or to share with others,” Rich says.

She wants to “cultivate and share beauty and joy- and to tap into what you have and what you are passionate about to reach others. Everybody has something beautiful to share,” Rich says. “We believe that finding that beauty and sharing it with others is what creates happiness and joy for all.”

The farm is unique because the Rich family didn’t have any farming experience prior to Petal Flower Farm. “We left his childhood home in the city to pursue this dream of mine. We have invested so much of our time and efforts in learning how to make this dream become a reality.

We do not have any growing structures- hoops or greenhouses,” Rich says. “We work with the elements and do the best that we can with what we have. Both of our parents are/were small business owners. We feel like the spirit and grit of a small business owner is just a part of who we are.”

With the help of a farming grant Mindi’s husband received, it “will enable us to have solar power and irrigation in our garden. Something that we did not previously have. The opportunity will give us a platform to teach others about how gardening can be accessible on a larger scale, even if you do not have access to power or water,” she says. “We are hoping to host people at our farm to help them learn that anything is possible!”

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Petal Flower Farm, follow them on Facebook

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On taking that first step.

Start where you are.

Creativity is one of our birthrights as humans. This may surprise some of you. I have heard many folks with limiting beliefs who declare, “I am not a creative person.” I can relate because I am in recovery from that exact limiting belief! Let me help you figure this out quicker than I did. You are a creator by the sheer nature of being. You create every day – often without even knowing. Your mind creates thoughts. Your thoughts create choices. Your choices cause your body to create action. Your action creates ripples that impact the world – even the tiniest of actions are a cause that will affect an outcome. Maybe you have yet to be taught to consciously harness this power into something; or maybe you were taught to create and then life got in the way, so your creativity was silenced as a means of survival. You are not alone. Just because your creativity is dormant does not mean it never existed. It is still with you. I promise. 

After starting my Wellison Enterprises Enneagram and Quantum Energy coaching business, I sat with this one specific creative idea for a long time. Finally, one day, I headed to my mudroom, where I had noticed earlier there was good lighting. I curated a decent zoom and live background on the wall behind my laundry counter with some pictures and things, set my light ring and phone stand on top of my washing machine across my background, found a barstool, and got started. I created an Instagram Live series interviewing moms about their journeys with the Enneagram. I had no idea how it would do, but I had to do it. As a mom, I knew the importance of being seen and heard – especially during these pandemic times. In my business and life, I am passionate about spreading the word about the importance of the Enneagram – and having a holistic understanding of each type. I married these two things and created a series of interviews with 24 amazing women, called The Enneagram Mom Interviews.

Photo taken in the mudroom, July 2020, by Tasha Pinelo Photography

I did not attach myself to the outcome – just the process and experience. Since the final episode in December, the series has received over 5000 views. Throughout the journey, hilariously, I tried my best to keep the shelf of cleaning product above me out of the image. It was comical, but I made space in that tiny room, for myself and 24 other women. It brings tears to my eyes to think that this space impacted over 5000 people who watched these women talk about their amazing and precious lives in the context of their Enneagram types. 

From this creative inception, everything in my business began to fluidly expand. I met people who want me to grow and succeed, who have connected me to clients, or shared their platforms. It helped me feel empowered to claim more space in my home for an actual office, and I generated enough income through new clients and opportunities, to rent monthly co-work space at Impact Cowork in Newport, to have affordable access to conference rooms and a recording studio where I filmed my first e-course. It inspired my second and current series, the Enneagram Entrepreneur Interviews – same idea, except with female entrepreneurs. Now both series are also housed on YouTube and will soon be made into a podcast. So much is happening now, and so many have felt the love I wished to spread with my creative idea. Continuously, every single day I wake up and start where I am. And every single day, I am so much further than where I started – even on the slower days of rest. 

I heard an interesting opinion on a podcast the other day: that it is selfish to hold onto your gifts and keep them from the world. “How dare you do that?” they said. It was a bit righteous for my taste because I hesitate to assume any power over tying someone’s narrative to the judgmental word “selfish.” I will say this though: it will always be a huge loss to the world to live this life with our beautiful gifts and never release them for the sake of living in our true authentic spirit. Your spirit is here for a reason. It assumed your earthly body with the sole (and soul) purpose of experiencing life. All of life –the good, the hard, the tangible – whole-heartedly with eyes wide open. We do not experience life sleepwalking. We do not experience life with limiting beliefs. 

I wrote this piece because I know someone out there needs to read this. They need this final push. I see you. I am you – I am you 6 months or a year from now after you take the first step. Please let this be your sign. You need only one thing to start where you are: the desire to create what is yours – right now.

What one thing can you do to today to take a step toward your creative dream? Remember: the magic is in the process, not in the outcome. Let the outcome unfold and it will do so beyond your wildest dreams. Embrace all of it. Start where you are.

Whitney Ellison is a thought leader and coach of the Enneagram and Quantum Energy. Learn more about her by visiting her website, and following her @wellisonenterprises on Instagram where you can find all of her Enneagram series interviews and other comings and goings.

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Read on to learn about a program that wants to share what bees offer in the community.

Photo: DanielPrudek / iStock / Getty Images Plus

There is a program that wants to support the bee ecosystem. Cincinnati Art Museum’s Bee Program is a “partnership with the Queen City Pollinator Project that places two beehives on the museum grounds that support the ecosystem and the community,” Jill Dunne, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Cincinnati Art Museum, says. “The hives will sit amidst a pollinator garden, a foot off the ground in a mulch bed near the Longsworth Administrative Wing on the west side of the building.”

The idea for the program came from a passion for the community. “The museum has been focusing on the wellness of the community over the last several years,” she says. “The program supports the ecosystem which supports community wellness.” Bees are so important for the ecosystem around them. “Globally there are more honeybees than other types of bee and polluting insects, so it is the world’s most important pollinator of food crops. It is estimated that one third of the food we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by bees,” Dunne says. 

The people involved with the project are: Cincinnati Art Museum’s Green Team, the Women’s Committee of the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Queen City Pollinator Project. “QCPP helps support declining and threatened pollinator population in urban neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati by providing beehives and beekeeping support to sustain a healthy bee community,” she says. These organizations have helped to fund the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Bee Program, which takes about $2500 per year to keep the program running. To help with funding, they also will be having an Adopt-A-Bee event. This will be happening from May 3-31, 2021 and people will be able to choose to provide a $5 or $10 donation. “Each donation provides an opportunity to name one of the 60,000 bees who will reside in the museum’s two hives. They will be able to do so online at:,” Dunne says.

Why is this so important for the community? “Pollinators are a vital part of a balanced ecosystem and without them we would not survive. Nearly all pollinators are suffering from declining populations and we need to take immediate action to protect and support them,” she says. Dunne’s vision for the bee program is for the public to see the bees in a positive light. “Since bees can fly around three miles for food, we hope that people see the “friendly” bees around downtown Cincinnati, in Walnut Hills and Mount Adams and remember the museum and the positive impact that bees can make,” she says. In mid-April, depending on the weather, the bees and the hives will be installed. “QCPP will put in the physical hives and relocate swarms of bees into the hives,” she says. 

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with the Cincinnati art Museum Bee Program, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website.

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Read on to learn about a business that wants to create products that help to build up their customers. 

Alexis Nickelle Co. creates handmade candles while spreading positivity throughout the community.

There is a business in the Cincinnati area that wants to spread positivity through their product. “Alexis Nickelle Co. is a candle company that creates purpose filled products designed to uplift, encourage and comfort others through their experience,” Alexis Wilson, Chief Creative Officer, says. The business has been around for a little over a year with two employees right now.

The inspiration behind the business came from a season of healing for Wilson. “Through the healing process, I was able to discover my purpose through creation by crafting physical reminders of God’s goodness,” she says. “I wanted to make sure every home had that.” 

There are a wide variety of services that Alexis Nickelle Co. offers and they include:

  • “Anoras Soy Candles, which is the signature candle line for Alexis Nickelle Co.,” Wilson says. ”It is important for ANC to use soy wax because  we are helping support local farmers. Not only are we supporting local farmers, but also creating a product that is ecofriendly and safe for your family,” Wilson says. The names of the candles are significant to Wilson. “Words hold meaning and power. I am very big on words and their definitions,” Wilson says. “I wanted to create physical reminders by incorporating the words on the candle labels.”
  • Private Label and wholesale for business. This is for businesses “who want to create a scent for their brand or to have products for their stores,” she says. 
  • Scent your wedding: “For individuals who are getting married and desire to have a memorable experience. What better way would it be to craft a unique scent based on the couple’s story that stays with them for a long time,” Wilson says. “In fact, our sense of smell is the most powerful of all senses because it reawakens thousands of memories.”
  • Virtual Candle Making: “For individuals who want something different than their typical virtual happy hour, making it safe and fun,” she says.

Success with the business is defined by customers realizing who they are. They desire “continuing to help others to connect to their inner selves, which, of course in a deeper way, is connected to our sense of purpose,” Wilson says. “Seeing the fruit is evident of its success.” The mission of Alexis Nickelle Co. is “inspiration, healing and purpose,” she says. Wilson wants to go worldwide someday. “I envision this being a global company for mothers like myself to be able to have a job they love, but also growing their passion,” she says.

Alexis Nickelle Co. is different from other businesses like it because of the “creative process of storytelling through my life’s journey,” she says. 

Wilson’s favorite part of the job is getting to be creative. “I love creating nothing into something. Being able to bring a “feeling or emotion” to life in a fragrance form is the best feeling ever because you realize the power and scent,” she says.

If you want to keep up with what Alexis Nickelle Co. is doing, follow them on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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Celebrating female leaders who have advanced in their careers because they have integrated work and life through whole-self wellness.

In Part 1 of her story Mary Wineberg shared how her “unwaivering perseverance” has supported her personal and professional goals, landing her a spot atop the podium at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and to authoring two books.

In order to have the strength to lead with gusto and grace, Mary consistently invests in her whole-wellness.  Further, she is committed to supporting the whole-self wellness of future generations.  As highlighted in her children’s book I Didn’t Win, Mary promotes healthy snacking (like Crunchmaster Crackers or Kind Bar) and hydrating extensively.

“I excel in many areas of wellness because we prioritize our mental, emotional, nutritional, physical, social and spiritual health as a family” said Wineberg.  Wineberg makes family activities a priority and focuses on the importance of leading by example.

When asked about her areas of growth, Mary said “I am yearning for professional growth.  I want to engage in more work that challenges me to grow.” 

Wineberg asked for a challenge, and she certainly is chasing a good one.  As Mary Wineberg runs as a candidate for Cincinnati Public Schools school board, she’s going to need to maintain a healthy, whole life to support her through the challenges ahead.  “As a teacher, I know firsthand what our students and families need to succeed. As a mother, I know what it’s like to be a CPS parent. And as an Olympic Gold medalist, I have the drive to be the advocate our students need on the Cincinnati School Board.” 

Can she handle it? If her track record (pun intended) is any indication, she’s certainly destined for greatness. To learn more about Mary Wineberg’s journey in running for CPS school board visit Vote Wineberg.

Bag spill content, left to right: MEAS Active top, leggings and bag, Pogo Waterbottle, Crunchmaster Crackers (Kroger), Unwaivering Perseverence: An Olympic Gold Medalist Finds Peace by Mary Wineberg, Kind Bar

Glossary of terms: 

Womxn: noun, plural wom·xn [wim-in] /ˈwɪm ɪn/. a woman (used, especially in intersectional feminism, as an alternative spelling to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequences m-a-n and m-e-n, and to be inclusive of trans and nonbinary women)

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Read on to learn about a unique gift shop in Cincinnati that wants to provide people with clean and natural products.

There is a unique gift shop in the Cincinnati area that wants to provide clean products to their customers. Bee Haven Honey is a “small honey/gift shop,” Sam Gordon, Owner and Queen Bee of Bee Haven Honey, says. The business is located at: 1815 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from reading the book, The Secret Life of Bees. “I just happened to read it and it piqued my interest in bee keeping,” she says. She loves bee keeping because “I love the way they communicate with each other to keep the hive humming,” Gordon says. Through bee keeping, Bee Haven Honey has created products for their customers and they include: honey, beeswax candles, lip balms, salves and other gifts made from the beehive. 

With the help of Gordon’s husband, Scott, they want to not only provide high quality, clean products, they want to make connections with their customers. Their shop is small, so it makes it easier for the Gordons to connect with the people that come into their store. “We like the small, personal feeling of the business. Part of keeping it small allows us to have great conversations about bees with customers to give the general public a better understanding of the importance of pollinators,” Gordon says. “Success for us is when we spend the day connecting with people about bees and they go out of our shop feeling like they learned something new.” She wants everyone to “feel welcome in our shop and we try to keep it affordable,” Gordon says. She feels like the business is unique and there are no shops like theirs in the Cincinnati area. 

If you want to keep up with what Bee Haven Honey is doing, follow them through their websiteFacebook and Instagram.

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Read on to learn about a business that wants to bring joy to the community of Harrison.

There is a floral business in the Harrison area that wants to give people joy in the midst of these crazy times. 

 O’Reilley Floral Design is a “fresh floral boutique using seasonal flowers and foliage,” Ellie O’Reilley Rotert, owner of O’Reilley Floral Design, located at 416 Harrison Ave. in Harrison, says. Rotert has been in the floral industry for a long time.  

“I have been doing floral arrangements for almost nine years, but April 1, 2021, will be my two-year anniversary for my storefront in Harrison, which is in a building – 117 years old – that also serves as home to my husband, two children and I,” Rotert says. There are four people who work for the business, “All of whom make my job easy,” she says. 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from Rotert’s family, specifically her mom and sister. “I had started my designs out of my home, making arrangements for friends. My goal had always been to open a storefront. It was just a matter of timing and location,” she says. “Staying true to my roots and wanting to revive Historic Harrison was the reason behind the store location.” 

There are a variety of different services and products that O’Reilley Floral Design offers. “All of our arrangements are fresh and one of a kind. We do weddings, funerals and everyday pick-me-up bouquets…any occasion! We deliver throughout the Tri-state area,” Rotert says. “We also offer season plants in unique containers. Beekman 1802 skin and body care, Farmhouse Fresh skin and body care and Candlespice Co…hand poured and natural soy candles.”  

Rotert’s favorite designs are her unique creations. “We love funky arrangements…funky colors, flowers and containers,” she says. “I don’t think there is a perfect design…we are all perfectly imperfect!” 

In addition to their unique and fun designs, Rotert wants to bring those same facets to the business’ atmosphere. “Laughter is always non-stop in the shop! Flowers are fun and so are we! We will do our best to accommodate you! If we don’t have a specific container or vase on hand, we will find it for you,” Rotert says. “We incorporate a little bit of happiness into every celebrated occasion.” They define success through “the smile on the face of each recipient,” she says.  

There are multiple ways to keep up with what’s going on with O’Reilley Floral Design, including Facebook, Instagram and their website

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Read on to learn about a woman-owned cleaning business that serves the Greater Cincinnati area.

There is a woman-owned cleaning business that operates out of the Greater Cincinnati area. Meticulous Matters Cleaning Services, LLC has offered affordable cleaning services to their clients, since 2019. Monique Stallworth, Owner of Meticulous Matters Cleaning Services, LLC is working solo right now, “but I soon will be looking into hiring employees,” she says.

The inspiration behind Meticulous Matters came from her late grandmother, Louise Shannon. “I made a promise to her that I would make something of myself and my life before I turned 30 (I am 27 now) and her passing away made me jumpstart my dreams to make her proud,” Stallworth says.

Meticulous to Stallworth means “extremely careful and thorough to detail,” she says. “As a cleaning company, I make sure to go above and beyond for my clients’ needs by cleaning the places they can’t see.

There are a variety of services that Meticulous Matters offers and the include: deep and general cleaning, one time cleaning, move in/move out, by room cleaning (if you only need your kitchen or just your bathrooms cleaned). “We also offer commercial cleaning to offices, barbershops, hair/nail salons, medical offices, apartment complexes, daycare centers, etc,” Stallworth says.

She takes what her customers think seriously. “I like customer reviews. Getting goof or bad feedback afterwards helps my business grow and gives me a better outlook on what people want, like and expect,” she says. “Because I take my time to understand what my customers’ needs are to be sure I get whatever task(s) done exactly the way they wanted.”

Her favorite part of her job is being able to see her customers experience relief. Stallworth loves having her customers be “able to relax, rest and not have to worry about the extra load from working hard during the pandemic,” Stallworth says.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Meticulous Matters Cleaning Services, LLC, follow the business on Facebook and Instagram.

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Learn about a mobile business that wants to help spread joy and love in the Covington and Greater Cincinnati area.

There is a flower business in the Greater Cincinnati area that wants to bring joy to people in the area. “We’re a mobile flower pop-up truck focused on sales in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area,” Kara Acri, owner of Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck, says. “We’re based in Covington, Kentucky, and Scarlet is a Brigade Blue 1959 Chevy Apache 3100 – still in mostly original condition!”  

Scarlet Begonia is also Acri. “She’s sort of become my alter ego and I now answer to Scarlet when people ask.” 

The flower truck has regular pop-ups that are located in and around the Covington area. They work with other businesses in the area, including Cedar Restaurant, Crafts & Vines, Bean Haus, Dari-Crest, Lil’s Bagels, Parlor on Seventh, Braxton Brewing Company, The Roost Latonia and other local establishments. “We keep our website updated with our pop-up dates and locations at We also post frequently on our social channels on Instagram, Facebookand Twitter,” Acri says. “We also deliver on Fridays (and Saturdays when we’re not popping up) within a 30-minute radius of Covington, Kentucky, where we’re based.” 

Covington is a community that Acri, and the truck, calls home. “We love our Seminary Square neighborhood and this community,” she says. “We know our neighbors personally, as well as so many of the local business owners because they’re small business, too, just like us.” 

The businesses started February 1, 2020. “We received our local operations permits two days before the pandemic hit last March,” she says. Acri is running the truck solo, but, she says, “We have lots of helping hands and regular support from our amazing family and friends.” 

The inspiration behind starting the flower truck came from her love of a band. “We’re big fans of the Grateful Dead and followed them on tour many times way, way back in the day. The inspiration comes from Shakedown Street, which is part of the carnival/market-like atmosphere found in the parking lots at every show,” Acri says. “Scarlet herself and all of our bouquets are named after Dead Songs.” 

The flower truck offers different “groovy bouquets” that you can see on their website, including Milk Cow Blues, Tennessee Ted, Sugar Magnolia, Ramble On Rose and Masterpiece. 

“We can also do custom work, including arrangements for special occasions, small weddings, etc.,” Acri says. 

Why flowers? “I’ve always loved giving and receiving flowers. And I’ve always loved buying random flowers and creating my own arrangements,” she says. “The added bonus is helping others spread joy. It feels really good to make others smile with our beautiful creations.” 

Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck is unique because of the truck and the theme of the vehicle. “We’re certainly biased, but we happen to think Scarlet is the most beautiful flower truck out there. She’s a rare truck, for starters, especially for her year, make, and model. And she’s in mostly original condition,” Acri says. “I’m her fourth owner and she was in the same family as a farm truck for more than 50 years. When you add in the whimsically fun element of the Grateful Dead inspiration, it makes for a truly groovy experience. And our bouquets are way different than what you’d find from a typical florist.” 

Acri’s favorite part of the job is meeting and getting to know her “Scarlet Groupies,” who are her customers. “Closely followed by all the beautiful flowers I get to smell, touch, and work with every week,” she says. “You just can’t be unhappy when you’re surrounded by gorgeous blooms every week.” The flower truck’s mission is to “Share joy. Share love,” Acri says.  

If you want to keep up with what Scarlet Begonia’s Flower Truck is doing, follow the business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website

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This West Chester-based business wants to provide you with warmth and comfort during the wintertime.

West Haven Candle Co. creates hand-poured candles, wax melts, and room and linen sprays.

There is a home-based business located in West Chester that wants to bring comfort to its customers. “West Haven is a home company that creates candles, wax melts, room and linen sprays, and a variety of other products to make your home smell clean and cozy,” says Arrington Morgan, owner of West Haven Candle Company. “I am the sole operator of the business but get assistance from my family when needed.” 

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a desire “to create a candle that was clean, ecofriendly, cost-efficient, and still great smelling,” she says. The name of the business came from combining the business’ location and with the idea of comfort. “The ‘West’ in our name comes from the home-based business in West Chester and ‘Haven’ was chosen as a setting for your safe, comfy come space,” Morgan says.  

West Haven Candle Company offers a variety of scents offered. The business has some seasonal scents, as well as ones that West Haven has year-round. “All are available in multiple sizes and styles,” she says.  

Customer satisfaction is how West Haven Candle Company defines its success. “It doesn’t matter how many orders or customers I have, as long as they are happy with their expertise at the end of the day,” Morgan says. “Good reviews make my day and I am always looking to gain returning customers.”  

West Haven Candle Company looks to do that staying committed to its values, which include Service, Quality, Sustainability, Growth, and Equality. 

“Our vision is to continue to grow and serve the Cincinnati community,” Morgan says. “Bringing light, warmth and joy to each personal haven.” 

While there are multiple places from which you can purchase candles, Morgan says that there are multiple items that set West Haven apart. “Some unique aspects of our products are the high-quality crackling wood wicks that we use and the coconut-soy wax blend,” she says. “ Our materials are all clean-burning, free of any additives and safe for everyone.”  

Her favorite candle is I Banana Bread. “It is the perfect kitchen scent!” she says. 

All candles are created in Morgan’s kitchen or garage. “We use a large wax melter to get the waxes to the correct temperature before mixing in any fragrance oils and pouring them into their wicked containers,” she says. “Once the curing process is complete and they are set, I trim the wicks and label them to prepare for packaging.” 

In addition to creating high-quality candles and connecting with customers, Morgan loves running her own business. “Aside from the relationships I’ve made along the way, I’ve really enjoyed learning about the marketing aspect,” she says. “I like the product photography and social media side of things, when I get to see my products come together.”  

If you want to keep up with what West Haven Candle Company is doing, follow the business on Facebook and Instagram