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See how one local woman is making it easier (and tastier) to naturally build your immunity and feel your best.

One local woman is making it easier (and tastier) to naturally build your immunity. 

“Garden of Eten is a herbalism company and community. We provide products and information to help put your health back into your own hands,” Rachel Eten, Owner of Garden of Eten, says. “Our products use the balancing power of nature to give you the tools you need to help you live a full and whole life.”

Garden of Eten has a product called Elderberry Syrup. “Elderberry Syrup is a delicious honey-based herbal infusion that has been used for hundreds of years to help fight colds and flus, as well as seasonal allergies,” she says. 

Elderberries have been scientifically proven to help boost your immune system. “Elderberries come from the elder plant, which grows all over North America, as well as in other parts of the world. The berries have been used for hundreds of years to make syrups, pie, wine and other delectable treats,” Eten says. “It just so happens that these tiny berries are packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants and many other vitamins and nutrients.” 

There are a variety of ingredients in the syrup. “We use a gorgeous local raw wildflower honey that we infuse with cinnamon, clove, orange peel, rosemary and eucalyptus, organic elderberries that have been cooked low and slow with purified water in a batch kettle to preserve their nutrients,” Eten says. “We then top it off with a shot of freshly juiced organic, raw ginger root juice.”

Eten started making the Elderberry Syrup in her home during the winter of 2018-2019. “News got around fast and soon I was getting calls and messages on Facebook from people placing orders,” she says. “As the demand grew, I decided to make the plunge into the entrepreneurial life and officially began selling to retailers at the end of 2019.” Now “We produce our productsat the Incubator Kitchen Collective in Newport, Kentucky. 

The inspiration behind creating the Elderberry Syrup came from wanting to have creative and fun ways to keep Eten’s family healthy. “It may be hard to make your husband or kid eat an orange every day or remember to take their vitamins, but I found an elderberry was something they would ask for. It’s basically a yummy way to give our immune systems a boost during cold and flu season. Little did I know, it also helped us with our seasonal allergies,” she says. 

The Elderberry Syrup is unique because they took the most difficult route to create it. They use “the best equipment, the safest packaging, we never rush our recipe at the price of our ingredients. We cook our elderberries in a small batch kettle for hours before we start,” Eten says. “We also never allow our honey to be heated in fear of losing its important properties. We take the time to infuse the honey and juice our organic raw ginger root using a top of the line cold press juicer.”

The product is important for the community. “Garden of Etenhelps many connect with their local plant allies, as well as providing information on our Facebook group to help people reach their natural health goals. I love when customers tell me they started making their own elderberry syrup, that’s the point,” she says. “I want people tp realize that a more natural life isn’t just for people living on a farm. I want my products and Facebook group to be a jumping off point, as well as something they can continuously come back to as they go on their natural journey.”

With this product, Eten defines success with the Elderberry Syrup by the testimonials that she gets from customers. ”I’ve had customers write to me who have struggled with seasonal allergies their whole life who have found relief after taking the syrup daily. A lot of customers claim they are getting sick less and for a smaller amount of time,” Eten says. “Our Elderberry Syrup is cherished by so many, from teachers, nurses, lawyers, yoga instructors, flight attendants and stay-at-home moms, since it’s such a versatile product. That’s really why I love making the syrup.” People can get the Elderberry Syrup at a variety of places, including: Root Juicery and Kitchen, Susan’s Natural World, Performance Chiropractic and Cornerstone Family Chiropractic. “We are still waiting for several of our retail locations to reopen from CDC mandates. We also have some more locations launching over the summer, so stay tuned.”

Garden of Eten offers other products, beside the Elderberry Syrup. “We offer Drunken botanicals that are an organic, alcohol-based herbal infusion. Drunken botanicals are mostly single herb infusions, which can be used for what the plant is known to help aid (inflammation, seasonal allergies and relaxation). They can also be used for cooking or cocktails,” she says. “We have our Sober botanicals, which are an organic, glycerin infusion. Currently, we have Flower Child, which was inspired by my toddler son to help him ease the terrible part of terrible two’s and he’s obsessed with the yummy taste! We also have our skincare line with an Herbal Salve, Bruise Blend Roller and our Wild Violet Toner.” You can get the Skincare andBotanicals on the Garden of Eten website.

People can keep up with what’s going on with the business on InstagramFacebook and join their private Facebook group, “To keep up on fun health tips, science and natural food info,” she says. 

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Read on to learn about a woman who wants to blend natural food and creativity together in her cooking. 

An unhealthy relationship with food inspired one local woman to launch a service that brings nutrition to both table and life.

Trinidad Earth Food Chef is “A healthy and healing food biz that provides nourishment for your mind, body and soul to people,” says Trinidad Mac-Auliffe, Professional Chef and Nutritional Healing Coach. “Based on my experience as a certified raw vegan chef, my experience working in Mediterranean style restaurants and working as a food and healing coach for private clients. I created Trinidad Earth Food Chef as a way to bring balance and nutrition to your table and therefore to your life.”

Mac-Auliffe started her business in 2012 and it was called Raw Intervention. It “focused on high end raw food and vegan meals and did lots of educational programs,” she says. “Over the years, it has evolved. I have explored different ways of being a chef and coach. I have created different services; some remain and some not. It has been an evolution.” Mac-Auliffe currently works by herself at her home in the Eden Park area of Cincinnati. “It is best practice during lockdown because I keep the place with all regulations and restaurant standards and there are no people coming in and out,” she says.

The inspiration behind starting the business came from a passion for natural foods. “I am inspired by the beauty of natural food, by the reality that every element in nature has a purpose with its minerals, vitamins, fat content, etc. It’s all wonderfully created by the universe for us to thrive,” Mac-Auliffe says. 

She was inspired to create the business because of the unhealthy relationship she used to have with food. “I have also battled eating disorders since my teen years, which I believe is an emotional maladjustment to life and it was puzzling for me, the dichotomy between loving to eat healthy and the eating disorder,” Mac-Auliffe says. “I believe that the love I have for health food has saved me. I do my best to eat balanced and honor the earth foods and that is what inspires me to keep growing inside of my biz. I believe that eating healthy without a diet per se that has restrictions is a solution to mental and physical disorders.”

She calls herself ‘Earth Food Chef’ because she wanted “a way to really just brand myself as a chef that supports earth food practices, as a chef that supports sustainable practices to the best of my abilities and also this is inclusive of elements -both plants and animal, and yes, minerals.”

Mac-Auliffe provides two different services right now and they are:

▪ “Collective Delivery is a plant-based meal delivery service that runs once a week, every Tuesday. You receive a new menu on Thursday evening via email and order by Saturday at noon,” she says. “Food is super, highly nutritious and all items are made in the house, such as quinoa breads, taco shells, herbed dressings, etc. I have awesome photos on my website-site is under construction and it will be ready soon. 
▪ Alchemy of Nutrition (Opens Friday, May 29)

“I am opening a new service for pick up from the kitchen on Fridays and Sundays. Meals are inspired by my Mediterranean food upbringing and they include: meats, fish eggs and eventually some traditional Chilean recipes,” Mac-Auliffe says. Menus for the week will be sent to people’s email inboxes on Mondays and takes orders until Wednesday at noon. 

“Friday is great for carry out for families and couples wanting to chill and have some super awesome healthy food ready for them and their kids for the weekend.,” she says. “Sunday is great for people to get ready for the week ahead. Pick up some healthy balanced dishes to take to work or have ready when done with work, whether work is at home or office-healthy food always available is a must.”

The mission of Trinidad Earth Food Chef is creating dishes that “fun, accessible and fill of awesome flavors,” Mac-Auliffe says. Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not just a diet. “I want to break the boundaries between so-called diets and embrace the whole of what the planet has to offer, and hopefully we- the people- can stop judging and creating division between vegan and non-vegans and be supportive of other cultures that are ancients and have a beautiful balance using all the elements from earth foods,” she says. “I hope people have fun eating, free from guilt and shame and can experience health! The truth is that the energy that healthy food brings is undeniable.”

The business is unique because it concentrates on creativity with creating food. “The meals are very creative and loaded with nutrition, attention to the nutritional value of dishes is evident by the amount of colors, textures and elements in each dish. There is a lot of design that goes on the menus, and flavors are layered with intention. It requires a different kind of approach to cooking, preparing and assembling,” Mac-Auliffe says. “Alchemy of flavors and nutrition cometogether in your plate, good for the senses and health. Of course, some dishes are more successful than others and that’s part of my personal growth as a Chef and Nutritionist.”

To learn more about Trinidad Earth Home Chef, you can check her out on Facebook and her website.

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Drug addiction is a problem that affects more than just the individuals that struggle with it. Its effects are also felt by family members, coworkers, and friends. Essentially, the problem is more than the abused substances. Users of prescription and illegal drugs deal with compulsions and cravings. They also face issues like depression and anxiety. 

The Connection between Addiction and Depression/Anxiety 

A person is said to have a dual diagnosis when they have a mental health problem co-occurring with substance abuse. Unfortunately, many individuals with the dual diagnosis do not get treatment because they are prevented from doing so by their mental health issues. What’s worrying is the fact that when a person fails to seek treatment for a mental health condition or addiction, their situation gets worse. 

Nevertheless, individuals with co-occurring disorders can get help by searching for the phrase ‘inpatient drug rehab near me’ online or contact with centers like Inpatient drug rehab is a facility where individuals that are struggling with drug addiction receive treatment and counseling to regain control over their lives. Currently, many rehab facilities provide treatment for co-occurring disorders. This entails treating both substance abuse disorder and mental health problems simultaneously. 

Co-occurring disorders present challenges when it comes to recovery. That’s because each has symptoms that may be difficult to differentiate. What’s more, substance abuse and mental health problems affect each other. As such, their simultaneous treatment is the most effective treatment approach. 

A 2016 survey revealed that there are more than 8.2 million individuals in the United States alone that suffer from a mental health disorder and drug addiction. However, only 7.4% of those with dual diagnoses receive treatment for drug addiction in a professional setting. 

Drug addiction and conditions like depression and anxiety, as well as, relapse are connected in several ways. Their common sources include: 

  • Socializing- In some cases, social anxiety leads to drug use. It also interferes with a person’s recovery from drug addiction. Thinking about attending peer counseling or group therapy sessions can cause anxiety and fear in some people. 
  • Thinking- Difficulty focusing or concentrating can affect the ability of an individual to function, make decisions, and even increase anxiety. Some people can use drugs like addictive amphetamines to counter such symptoms and focus. 
  • Sleeping- Depression and anxiety can cause sleep disturbances. Some people turn to drugs to deal with this problem. Unfortunately, drugs like stimulants can worsen this problem. And, a person can take other or more drugs in an attempt to deal with the problem. 

Managing Stress and Anxiety in Healthy Ways 

Stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions are linked to addiction. That’s why a person may search for ‘drug rehabs near me’ when they feel stressed or anxious and they use addictive substances. Nevertheless, dealing with stress and anxiety requires a person to condition their mind and body. Here are some of the factors that a person should focus on to condition the body and mind to deal with stress and anxiety without drugs: 

  • Activity- Taking deep, repeated breaths is one of the active ways of reducing stress. Others include listening to music, meditating, and getting a massage. Anything that can clear the mind of a depressed person can help. This includes counting slowly to self-distract, talking to a family member or friend, as well as, shooting the breeze. 
  • Mental- Realizing that some of the things that life brings your way are out of your control is an important step in the process of dealing with depression. Perfection might be impossible. However, a person can opt to maintain a positive attitude. Reducing negative thoughts can lower anxiety. Even writing things down can bring solace and help a person deal with triggers of depressive feelings. 
  • Physical- Caffeine and alcohol won’t mix with anxiety. As such, you have to quit using them. You can deal with anxiety and depression by eating healthy foods. This will give you more energy and help you feel better. Ensuring that your body gets vitamins, proteins, and minerals can help you achieve and maintain a stable level of blood sugar. This, in turn, can reduce stress response which is the major anxiety trigger. Avoid consuming refined carbohydrates, sugar, and skipping meals. 

Nevertheless, some individuals need professional help to deal with stress and anxiety. That’s why some people search for ‘drug rehab near me’ online especially when they think addiction is a factor in their depression problem. 

Beating Depression in Healthy Ways 

When depressed, a person can feel hopeless and drained. Turning to alcohol and drugs can’t help a person feel more hopeful and happier. Professional help can help an individual overcome depression. Here are tips that can help a person beat depression without medication. 

  • Keep in touch- Depression makes a person want to isolate themselves from the others. As such, connecting with friends and family can boost the mood of a person and their outlook. Even without a solution, being compassionate and attentive can complement professional addiction help. Therefore, a person should talk, socialize, call, and go out for dinner even when they don’t feel like doing it. 
  • Exercise- Research has shown that exercise can help in alleviating depression symptoms. Working out can boost the energy level of a person. This can counter the fatigue that is associated with depression. Rhythmic exercises like dancing, weight training, and walking can help with depression. A depressed person should focus on activity sensation instead of negative thoughts. Working out in the company of other people can also help. 
  • Get out in the sun- Go for an adventurous hike, lunchtime walk, or just let the natural light in through the window. Being exposed to the sun for at least 15 minutes can increase the levels of serotonin in the body. And this can help with depression. 
  • Challenge your negative thoughts- How a person thinks affects their feelings. Nothing or all thinking can exacerbate depression. Over-generalizing negative experiences, diminishing or ignoring positive thoughts/events, believing how a person feels changes their reality, and jumping into quick conclusions can all exacerbate depression. Having many rules and using personal shortcomings and mistakes to label self can also worsen depression. 

Searching for ‘drug rehab centers near me’ online and undergoing professional counseling might not be enough for some people. A depressed person can also enhance their recovery by doing these things. 

Final Thoughts 

Addiction is related to mental health problems like depression and anxiety. But, some people don’t know this when asking, ‘where do I get drug counseling near me?’ Nevertheless, the best treatment facilities take an integrated approach to treat co-occurring disorders like addiction and depression. This involves encouraging individuals to do the things discussed here to enhance their recovery. 

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See how a mom of two young children is balancing mom life with her own childhood dream of working in healthcare as a Respiratory Therapist at The Christ Hospital.

Have you known what you wanted to do with your life since you were little? Well, Miranda Triantafilou did. 

“Growing up I always knew I wanted to work in the community changing and saving lives,” she says. “I wasn’t familiar with the respiratory care profession until I was in high school. I learned about the profession through a personal experience when my uncle was sick with lung cancer. I was immediately interested because it was a specialty.”

Today she is a Respiratory Therapist at The Christ Hospital. “We specialize in the treatment, maintenance, and diagnostics of cardiopulmonary disease,” she explains.

The world of respiratory therapy has changed in the last several weeks, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Triantafilou says that things at work have changed in that they are always wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), rather than just in patient rooms. Additionally, the hospital is currently not allowing visitors except in certain, special circumstances.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Triantafilou wants others to discover the importance of healthcare workers. 

“Healthcare professionals really are the center of the community,” she says. “Whether it’s prevention, maintenance, or emergencies, it takes the whole health care system working together to make it effective and beneficial. There isn’t one person who won’t need medical care at least once in their lifetime.” 

Outside of her job, Triantafilou is a mother to two young children, ages 3 years and 7 months. 

“I am always aiming to maintain that work-life balance,” she says. “I strive to always be fully present when I’m at work so I do the same when I’m home with my family. Along with the further precautions the hospital has put in place I’ve been taking added precautions at home such as changing my clothes prior to coming home as well to allow for more of a safeguard.” 

Triantafilou says that when it comes to staying safe and healthy she recommends that others refrain from living in fear, but move forward with caution. 

“Frequent handwashing is key and the No. 1 way to prevent the spread of any infectious disease,” she adds. “With the economy opening and businesses starting back up it is important to be courteous as well by not going to public places if you are sick.”

Editor’s Note: This feature is part of a special “Hearts to Heroes” issue dedicated to individuals across the Tri-State working on the front lines to provide for our community. Readers nominated and our editorial board selected those included in this week’s issue. Everyone featured is also receiving a heart-filled care package of self-care products, yummy treats, and gift cards to several local shops and restaurants. Many thanks to AT&T and Leslie Young, Vice President, EVER Skincare, Stella & Dot Family of Brands for making this effort possible.

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Get a peek inside the world of this Emergency Department Nurse Manager as she innovates ways to bring teamwork and heart to her employees as they weather this storm together.

Tiffany Frazier pours her heart and soul into her position as the Emergency Department Nurse Manager at Mercy Anderson. “I have an amazing Emergency Department family and a very supportive leadership team,” she says. “We lean on each other and we are constantly checking in on one another.”

Being a part of a supportive team has never been more important than it is right now. As Frontline Heroes take center stage in the COVID-19 pandemic, she knows that the safety of her staff and their families is one of the most important aspects of her job. 

“We know first-hand that we are not immune to COVID-19,” she says. 

Not only is the physical health of her employees important to her, but she also wants to make sure they’re staying mentally healthy as well. 

Frazier checks in with her employees, and the team has continued to support each other throughout the last several weeks – as healthcare workers have been some of the most impacted professions during this trying time. 

However, Frazier not only has to worry about the health of her team members at work, but her husband as well who works as an Emergency Department nurse across the river in Kentucky. 

“I have a wonderful support system at home,” Frazier adds. 

To help keep on top of all the latest COVID-19 developments, she leans on the same teamwork she provides her employees. “I have relied on the guidance of upper management and other Emergency Department managers in the ministry,” she explains.

As for the future, Frazier says she will continue offering the same support to her team as they further navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Editor’s Note: This feature is part of a special “Hearts to Heroes” issue dedicated to individuals across the Tri-State working on the front lines to provide for our community. Readers nominated and our editorial board selected those included in this week’s issue. Everyone featured is also receiving a heart-filled care package of self-care products, yummy treats, and gift cards to several local shops and restaurants. Many thanks to AT&T and Leslie Young, Vice President, EVER Skincare, Stella & Dot Family of Brands for making this effort possible.

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Learn about a local woman who helps children and the homeless through her career, and fosters animals in her spare time.

Elizabeth Crable-Means and her son.

Elizabeth Crable-Means works for the Cincinnati Health Department and works as a Public Health Nurse in the School and Adolescent Health division. 

“We support the Cincinnati Public School system by managing the health care needs of the students throughout the school day. This includes: helping set up appointments, manage chronic health conditions, daily medications, minor injuries, etc.,” Crable-Means explains. “Since COVID 19, we have been repurposed to help serve the city better and I am now working with the homeless population. I also work for UC Hospital, PRN in Psychiatry.” She has been working in school systems for nine years.

When Crable-Means first heard about the COVID 19 virus, “I was concerned simply because we did not have enough knowledge about the virus, so anything new can be concerning, but I felt confident we could take necessary precautions to help manage whatever was thrown at us,” she says. 

The most difficult part of being a Public Health Nurse during this time has been the unknown. “We have to be very flexible at this time. Policy and protocol changes quickly, so we have to be ready for whatever comes next,” she says. “I worry about all the untreated illnesses due to the shutdown and for the rise in other issues like abuse and domestic violence and naturally the stability of the economy.”

Her experience in the medical field has helped her to handle the pandemic more effectively. “Being a nurse is an amazing career, I love helping people and being there for them, often when they are most vulnerable,” Crable-Means says. “Compassion is key in nursing, skills are of course necessary, but compassion and being able to ease your patients’ worries is the priority.”

Crable-Means’ compassion and kindness towards her patients has inspired Theresa Gerhardstein who nominated Crable-Means for this feature as a way to honor her for making a difference during the COVID 19 pandemic.  “I met Liz because she is the aunt of my son’s best friend. I really got to know her when she took her nephew in during a rough period in his life,” Gerhardstein says. “She provided the stability that he needed at that time. I really got to see the type of person that she is during that time and it made me want to do more for others, too.”

Gerhardstein sees Crable-Means as a hero. “She is a hero to me because she stands up for what she believes in and she is a voice for many who don’t have a voice. She fosters dogs for the SAAP and she has so much patience and empathy for these animals who have often suffered abuse and neglect,” she says. “She also makes sure all the people that she loves are cared for and I really think that is what makes her such an amazing nurse.”

Editor’s Note: This feature is part of a special “Hearts to Heroes” issue dedicated to individuals across the Tri-State working on the front lines to provide for our community. Readers nominated and our editorial board selected those included in this week’s issue. Everyone featured is also receiving a heart-filled care package of self-care products, yummy treats, and gift cards to several local shops and restaurants. Many thanks to AT&T and Leslie Young, Vice President, EVER Skincare, Stella & Dot Family of Brands for making this effort possible.

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From curbside pickup of Farmers Market Bundles to live musical performances streaming on Facebook, see how one local Farmers Market is innovating new ways to stay connected.

With warm weather just around the corner, farmers markets are gearing up for their busy season. One of those markets is the Covington Farmers Market. And thanks to several new safety protocols, plans are in place to keep it a busy season for these local farmers and shoppers.

The year-round, producer-only market offers a place for farmers and artisans to sell their locally grown and produced foods directly to consumers. 

“You can shop for Kentucky Proud fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, plants, and a selection of other food and household staples, while getting to know your farmers on a first-name basis,” says Covington Farmers Market Manager Alexa Abner.

The Covington Farmers Market is currently located outdoors at 3rd and Court streets across the bridge in Covington. “We operate as an open-air farmers market May through October, then move indoors as a guest inside a local business partner’s space from November through April,” says Abner.

The Covington Farmers Market was established as part of a program of Renaissance Covington, a nonprofit organization that socially and economically activates downtown Covington. 

Abner, as the manager of the Covington Farmers Market, has experience as a small, independent farmer, and is always looking to find creative ways to build strength in the local food network. 

Amidst COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, the Covington Farmers Market is considered an essential service in its designation as a grocery store and is exempt from closing orders. This means the market continues to remain open every Saturday from 9am-1pm. However, Abner emphasizes that new protocols have been put in place to ensure customers have a safe and healthy shopping experience. They recently shared a virtual tour of these new protocols on their social channels to help shoppers prepare.

And to keep customers engaged and local musicians supported, the Covington Farmers Market does a Facebook Livestream from a local musician every Saturday from 11am-1pm, thanks to Nederlander Entertainment. Abner says that you can find a schedule of musicians on the Covington Farmers Market website

The Covington Farmers Market is also offering a Farmers Market Bundle. “The Farmers Market Bundle is a way to order ahead for pick-up, instead of shopping for yourself at the farmers market,” says Abner. “We offer a half and full bundle – the contents are always a surprise, as we fill them with whatever is fresh from our farmers’ fields and available from our artisans each week.”

The bundles from the Covington Farmers Market are picked up from the Renaissance Covington office during the timeframe provided to you when you place your order. Once arriving, you call the office and they bring out the bundle curbside. 

Like many other businesses across the region and country, the Covington Farmers Market is taking things one day at a time when it comes to fully re-opening and finding a sense of normalcy. “We are looking forward to the day when we can host special programs again,” says Abner. “When allowed, we will resume special programming like cooking demos, kids activities, and best recipe competitions. Stay tuned!” 

To learn more about the Covington Farmers Market, visit You can also stay up-to-date on the Facebook page where they post important information and updates. “We create a weekly Facebook event, where you can find a Market Map, product/price availability list, and a video check-in each week,” adds Abner. 

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A local couple was inspired to live a healthier, more natural life. So they started their own CBD business that offers a range of products and also supports area farmers. Read on for their story.

Christian Watt’s mother was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015. She watched her mother go through the grueling chemotherapy and radiation treatments and knew there had to be a better way. 

“I started reading blogs about CBD and the benefits for cancer patients, those dealing with chronic pain, and anxiety,” she explains.

From there, she became increasingly interested in plant-based self-care, and an increased need to teach about the benefits of these products like CBD.

Thanks to the passage of the Farm Bill, Watt, alongside her husband Chad, went on to launch Kentucky Botanical Co. a retail outlet with four locations in Northern Kentucky dedicated to spreading knowledge about plant-based care. 

“We specialize in Kentucky-grown, non-GMO, full-spectrum CBD products, including but not limited to, tinctures, salves, lotions, and edibles,” says Watt. “What started out as a dream to bring awareness to the community and share our love of the hemp plant, became a family that grew really quickly.”

The Watts are focused on creating and carrying Kentucky-grown CBD products for Kentucky Botanical Co because they want to keep products as local as they possibly can while celebrating the farming tradition of the Commonwealth.

The products created with the farming partner creates products that are pharmacist-formulated to ensure the quality of the product without making them too complicated. 

“We are committed to not adding any flavors or fillers to our product,” says Watt. “It is our opinion that the natural compounds are terpenes from the hemp plant is all that we actually need to enjoy the true benefits.”

The Watts didn’t stop with just CBD as they also work with several vendors from around Kentucky, including Garden of Eten, Sage Co., and Indigo Sundries.

“Indigo Sundries has been with us from the very beginning making some amazing lotions, all natural soaps, herbal salves, infused oils, and plant-based scents,” adds Watt. 

The total line-up of products from Kentucky Botanical Co includes: full-spectrum CBD products such as tinctures, capsules, salves, lotions, and edibles; isolate CBD products with zero THC including tinctures and gummies; CBD bath bombs, CBD pet products such as tinctures, treats, peanut butter, and soft chews; Garden of Eten Botanicals & Elderberry syrup; other plant-based soaps, lotions, salves, and more; and local artwork available at some locations.

Kentucky Botanical Co is one of the few stores in Northern Kentucky that sources its products within the state. “We like to call it from seed to sale,” says Watt. “The entire process occurs in the same facility – from extraction to bottling – then it comes straight to our locations.”

Additionally, the mission behind Kentucky Botanical Co isn’t just a CBD store. “We want to promote a healthier, more natural lifestyle,” says Watt. “We use sustainable products in every aspect of our business that we can – and put them in to make sure that while we run our business, we are also making the best choices for the environment.” 

Its dedication to helping its customers feel better is also part of the reason why Kentucky Botanical Co has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has been recognized by CityBeat as the Best CBD Retailer and Best New Store in their 2020 Reader’s Choice Poll. 

The four locations for Kentucky Botanical Co are located in Bellevue, Williamstown, Ludlow, and Florence.

To learn more about Kentucky Botanical Co, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. 

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When athletes find something that works, they stick with it. When the Farm Bill was enacted in December 2018, CBD became a legal compound that could be used for relaxation and pain relief. After the release of the good CBD news more athletes have come forward and feel comfortable sharing their experience with CBD, including celebrities like Mike Tyson and Jake Plummer. These athletes are using CBD for all kinds of issues including pain relief, encouraging relaxation, soothing anxiety, and reducing inflammation.

1. Mike Tyson

One of the more famous supporters of CBD oil, the former boxing champion Mike Tyson has promoted CBD for years. As he got older, he turned to CBD for pain relief, as he had multiple joints and back issues. He strongly believes in the powerful effects of CBD and knows that they can help athletes or anyone with sore muscles.

2. KC Deane

KC used to be a dual-sport athlete, but his main focus was competitive mountain biking. He was one of the fastest in the country. While he gained fame in the industry for his skills, he has also been recognized for his film, “Blank, the movie.” He has talked about how he uses CBD for pain management after suffering multiple injuries. He also has said that CBD helps him with recovery from these major injuries.

3. Jake Plummer

After being in the NFL for years, the star-studded quarterback Jake Plummer retired and began using CBD oil to manage his joint and cartilage pain. He underwent multiple hip surgeries, which were incredibly painful. Since starting his regimen of CBD, he has become an advocate for the pain reliever and even co-founded the organization Athletes for Care. This organization looks at alternative treatment options for athletes, which include CBD.

4. Nate Diaz

The UFC fighter Nate Diaz has suffered a few injuries in his line of work. He is very open about his usage of CBD oil and how it has helped with inflammation and healing from major injuries. Since he must train rigorously every day, he says that CBD aids in pain management, allowing him to continue intense workouts even when he has pain in his shoulders and back.

5. Jay Williams

The NBA star Jay Williams started CBD after he retired. Throughout his career, he had a few injuries, which resulted in inflammation. However, he says that CBD relieves that pain, and there are many other benefits to using these products besides pain relief. It also has benefits for skin and anxiety, according to Williams.

6. Rick Upchurch

For many years, Denver Broncos player Rick Upchurch was a lead scorer in the NFL. However, he was diagnosed with leukemia and started chemotherapy in order to treat his disease in 2011. Over the years, he has been through multiple surgeries and began using CBD as a way to relieve pain and get rid of nausea from the medications that he must take. Even though he has beaten leukemia, Upchurch says that CBD is a part of his daily lifestyle now. He said that it was unlike any other medication and truly helped when nothing else would.

CBD Oil Before or After a Workout

You can try both and see what works best for your needs! It could be just the thing you need to stay focused and relaxed during your workout and after your training can help soothe tight overused muscles. You can try adding CBD oil into your physical therapy routine as well after consulting with your doctor to see what’s best for you.

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CBD is seeing a bigger boom than ever thanks to its anxiety relief and immune boosting benefits. See how two local experts teamed up to the most natural, fresh CBD products to Greater Cincinnati.

While the CBD industry sees a boost amid the COVID-19 pandemicJimmy Carter and his business partner Scott Remer are longtime believers in the power of CBD and its ability to improve your health. That’s why they launched Accoy Health. 

“Accoy Health is a CBD store that has teamed up with a local Kentucky family-owned company to bring the most natural, fresh CBD products to Cincinnati,” says Carter. 

Carter and Remer have been using CBD products for years, so they’re well-versed on its benefits. The desire to spread the message about the benefits of CBD is what led to what would become Accoy Health. “We want to expose people to it so they can enjoy the benefits as well,” adds Carter.

Accoy Health offers a wide variety of products for customers. These include: bath salts, lip balm, bath fizz, topical products, gummies, and droppers. According to Carter, the store’s best-sellers are lotions and droppers.

The store is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, but Carter says the online store is available for people to shop at

Carter is excited about the future of Accoy Health, as he says they are planning a Grand Opening celebration after the current health crisis comes to an end to introduct products to the community. He says to keep an eye out on a date for that as things begin to slowly reopen. 

Accoy Health is located in the heart of Mt. Lookout at 1028 Delta Ave, across the street from the UDF.

You can learn more about Accoy Health and see their products at