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Give yourself a mental break with the soothing sounds of nature thanks to new live video feeds from parks around the city.

Governor Mike DeWine recently extended Ohio’s Stay-at-Home order through May 1. That means we’ll continue using social distancing for the time being – and a more than likely rise in our cabin fever.

To help others get through this uncertain and difficult time, the Cincinnati Parks is bringing the Cincinnati Parks to the community live everyday at noon.

“Viewers are watching our live feed via Instagram and Facebook, which has been a lifeline for many, especially our at-risk population who cannot get outside to enjoy their favorite neighborhood park,” says Cincinnati Parks Events Coordinator Emily Parker. 

Throughout the remainder of quarantine, the Cincinnati Parks wants to bring the parks to you to “experience spring blooms, babbling creeks, singing birds, and much more.” 

The Cincinnati Parks stated on its website that they are offering live feeds for viewers because research shows that even experiencing the visual aspects of nature can have a soothing effect on your mood. 

“According to Dr. Jason Strauss, Director of Geriatric Psychiatry at Harvard-affiliated Cambridge Health Alliance, ‘Having something pleasant to focus on like trees and greenery helps distract your mind from negative thinking, so your thoughts become less filled with worry,’” they shared. 

Bringing the parks to the screen also allows viewers to stay home and safe while enjoying the sounds of nature. The Cincinnati Parks will also keep the videos on their Facebook page for you to enjoy any time. 

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A local fitness studio launched a new way to maintain health and wellness during quarantine. Read on for more!

Despite not having live classes due to the Coronavirus, a Ft. Thomas-based fitness studio is launching new fit kits. 

“Fit Philosophie is a boutique fitness studio that offers a wide range of private and group fitness classes,” says Jennifer Lynn, Owner and Master Instructor of Fit Philosophie.

There are a wide variety of services offered during quarantine. “For our existing members, I put together ‘fit kits’ to send home so every member has some basic tools for our workouts. We are offering live streaming classes seven days a week. We are offering private sessions streaming seven days a week,” Lynn says. “We are also going to be releasing on-demand videos for members (filming this week). We have a current promo for Cincy Chic and anyone who is new to Fit Philosophie. They can join our streaming classes for $9.99/month.”

Lynn is grateful that she has clients that are faithful to the business. “I am very, very thankful to my clients because they have just shifted gears and jumped right on board with our ‘new virtual world,’” she says.

Fit Philosophie is located in Fort Thomas, Kentucky and has been around for seven and a half years. When Lynn opened the business, she wanted to build a community of people who stay healthy and have a good time together. “True wellness is comprehensive. It’s a ‘philosophie’ of life to be healthy and not just ‘fit’. I want our studio to offer the feeling of comprehensive wellness versus vanity wellness,” Lynn says. “We don’t just ‘do it for the gram.’”

Fit Philosophie defines success by “The constant pursuit to always be better, do better and offer my very best to the world through my business with all my heart,” Lynn says. 

The business is a unique part of the Fort Thomas community. “We offer custom options to anyone who wants to be a part of this community. We create custom packages that range in price and option,” she says. “We are constantly planning a new workout for every class and we offer Sound Off technology (when we are not quarantined) for some amazing ‘silent classes’ (See”

Lynn’s favorite part of her job is the people she interacts with on a regular basis. “They are the heartbeat of this studio,” she says. “Lynn loves “the daily challenge to keep it fresh and fun for the clients and the challenge to my mind,” she says. 

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Fit Philosophie, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website

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Learn about a local nutrition club that helps improve your nutrition, fitness and immunity.

A health club in the Crescent Springs area wants to help improve the well being of their clients from the inside out.

Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition is “A nutrition club which is a social gathering place where people focus on good nutrition and regular exercise in order to achieve optimum health,” Angela Butcher, Sole Proprietor of Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition, says. “We promote a healthy, active lifestyle.”

Located at 2511 Anderson Road, Crescent Springs, KY 41017, the business has been around for nine years this year. 

The inspiration behind starting Embodiment came from the lifestyle that Butcher was living. “I had a horrible diet and some digestive issues because of it. I started to learn better eating habits and incorporated some of the products we sell,” she says. “I feel better and wanted to share the benefits with others.” The name of the business came because “I wanted a place where we talk, offer services and try to promote the idea of wellness as a whole through nutrition and other facets,” Butcher says. “There are a wide variety of products offered through Embodiment. “People can come in a get a meal replacement or a snack. Our combos come with a meal replacement, protein-based shake, a metabolism-boosting green tea and a shot of aloe, which soothes the digestive tract,” she says. “We also have electrolyte drinks, immune boosters and many other options.”

The success of Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition is defined by whether or not their clients are happy. She loves “seeing people come in with smiles, others coming in without smiles, but leaving us with a smile,” Butcher says. She also loves to see “people running into old friends and others making new friends,” Butcher says. They love “building a community around health,” she says. 

The mission of the business is to help their clients feel their best. Butcher’s goal is to assist people in making choices that improve their lives in a healthy way. “We motivate and encourage others to help them stick to their goals,” Butcher says. 

Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition is unique because they are a true community. “It’s a place where people build friendships, they can unload problems, vent, get advice from others, tealk, listen and network – all around a healthy meal,” she says. 

If you want to keep up with what Embodiment Wellness and Nutrition is doing, follow them on Facebook.

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Read about a local organization that's improving lives through body, mind, spirit and yummy food.

Your body is your temple. That’s the inspiration behind Greater Tomorrow Wellness, a local faith-based business that wants to help individuals get in shape and be healthy. 

“Greater Tomorrow Wellness was founded on the principle pf helping others succeed in life. We firmly believe in our faith-based concept of building into and mentoring others and we want to share that concept with our community. We offer a first-class virtual program to walk you through your transformation journey that provides results with no shortcuts,” says Gabe Thomas, Founder and President of Greater Tomorrow Wellness. “Become a part of this online family to have customized exercise and nutrition plans, grocery lists with recipes, eating out and meal prep guides and unlimited accountability coaching from a caring team of professionals at your fingertips anywhere in the world you go. We focus a lot on women’s health and specifically talk about how exercise and healthy nutrition can help reduce risk for heart disease, which is the number one killer of women in the United States.”

With more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Thomas started Greater Tomorrow Wellness in 2017, and now has six employees — four trainers and two support staff. 

The inspiration behind starting the business was hope. “We wanted to give people hope in their lives. Learning to live a healthy lifestyle just makes people feel good and allows them to look forward to a greater tomorrow,” Thomas says. “In a society where everyone and everything is so criticized, we want to be a company that builds into people and positively affects the Tri-state communities with a faith-based approach.”

The name of the company came from the impact they want to make in the Mason community. “Greater Tomorrow was the perfect fit to be a ray of hope to our community,” he says. “Who does not want to look forward to a greater tomorrow, right?”

Greater Tomorrow Wellness offers a wide range of services and they include: Done For You Meals, Six-Week Fitness Challenge Program, Year Of Change Program, Wedding Party Challenge and Adult Life Skills Small Groups.

The business defines success through seeing a change in their clients. “Success to us is seeing clients start to gain confidence and believe in themselves again. A lot of our clients have been feeling down about their weight or eating habits and we just want to put a smile back on their face, show them we care, teach them how to use sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their health and have a greater tomorrow to look forward to,” Thomas says. “We do this because we believe everyone can change withjust a little motivation.”

The business is so unique because you can take it anywhere in the world and you don’t need equipment, just space and time. “We offer all three pillars to become healthy, which is fitness, nutrition and accountability. Programs fail because they usually only offer one or two of these services, instead of three,” he says. “Also, we are only a fraction of the price for what you would pay at a gym. Yes, we even are less expensive than that purple place that claims to only charge 20 cents to sign up and $10 per month. When you experience all of the services and convenience that you get with our professional team of caring coaches, you will never go back to a regular gym.”

The mission of Greater Tomorrow Wellness is to empower their community. “Our mission is to inspire the tri-state to take control of their health, get fit and improve their overall wellness by providing a supportive network of professional coaches that guide them through their journey,” Thomas says.

To learn more about Greater Tomorrow Wellness, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website.

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Learn about a new fitness facility that focuses on a workout that’s 50 minutes of low-impact, high-intensity strength training.

A new kind of workout is coming to town and it’s called Solidcore.

“Think Pilates- intensified! Our signature full body workout is 50 minutes of low-impact, high-intensity strength training: the lights are low and the music is loud. You have a coach in the room who will guide you through a series of slow and controlled movement that are sequenced to work your muscles to failure. Our signature class is accessible for all fitness levels and can be amplified or modified to accommodate your individual goals,” says Laura Mishne Heller, Studio Manager at Solidcore Mason. “We offer more advanced classes, too! We have two specialty classes: Arms and Abs (focused on upper body, core, abs and obliques), and Buns and Guns (focused on upper and lower body).”

Solidcore is different because “we are a 50-minute workout made up of slow and controlled resistance training to break down your slow twitch muscle fibers. We do this because science shows that this is the most effective way to create long lean muscle tone,” Heller says. “We utilize a rotating monthly muscle focus to prevent plateau and deliver a balanced workout (and body!). The rotating muscle focus will also help build long, lean muscles that will frame your physique and increase metabolism. We are a perfect pair for individuals who participate in HIIT workouts and runners!”

Heller’s favorite part of the job is getting to educate and encourage her clients. “We are all about strength and empowerment and that is what I love about working for Solidcore. I love being able to watch our clients become the strongest version of themselves,” she says. “It is also fun to watch the personal growth of clients (specifically, seeing them tone up and become stronger over time). I was also a client long before I was a coach, so I know how impactful this workout is. It helped me shave off one minute off of my run time.”

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with what [Solidcore] is doing, follow them on Facebook. You can also go visit them by Whole Foods in the Deerfield Towne Center in Mason at: 5685 Deerfield Boulevard, Mason, Ohio 45040.

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Read on to learn about a business that’s bringing a taste of southern style cooking to the Over-The-Rhine area.

There is a catering company in Findlay Market that brings a taste of Southern cooking to the Tri-State. “Southern Grace Cincy is a southern homestyle catering company, specializing in bringing childhood memories back to life,” Nicole Stevenson, Owner of Southern Grace Cincy, says. 

The name of the business came from how Stevenson was raised. “Southern came from me being from the south,” she says. “Grace is something that was instilled in me growing up before eating and meaning ‘having good manners.’” 

There are a range of different foods that Southern Grace Cincy serves. “We offer a wide range of southern made for scratch apps, such as our ‘Grippo-inspired chicken wings,’ and entrees: smothered chicken in our house made sauce, homemade chicken pot pie, and country meat loaf,” she says. “Their sides include: creamy homemade mac and cheese, blackeye peas, collard greens slow cooked with smoked turkey,” Stevenson says. Finally, are their delicious desserts and they include: homemade banana pudding, mini cake bites and southern strawberry shortcake,” she says. “We offer catering services, cooking classes and meal prep by request.”

The vision of Southern Grace Cincy is to provide an atmosphere for people to come together and eat delicious food. “We believe that what we do can create everlasting relationships with a great dining experience, improve the lives of our guests, serve our local community and create employment for inspiring cooks.”

The business’s mission is to be a positive impact in the community. “We want to be a warm, comforting presence in the community we serve,” Stevenson says. “We understand that our guests have a choice and we never want anyone to feel less than special and to serve every person with southern hospitality.”

Southern Grace Cincy is different than other catering companies because they take care of the dietary needs of their customers. “We believe in supporting local farmers and suppliers who deliever field fresh products, accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions,” she says. 

The workers of Southern Grace Cincy are advocates for helping out their community in OTR. “Giving back to the community is something dear to our heart,” Stevenson says. “Southern Grace is currently working with a local non-profit providing meals for our local intercity kids after school program.”

She loves coming back to work every day because she likes “Knowing I’m doing what I was created to do with my life,” Stevenson says. “

If you want to keep up with what’s going on with Southern Grace Cincy, follow them on Facebook and their website.

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A new boutique yoga studio offers a variety of classes to inspire improvements inside and out. Click for all the details.

A new fitness studio in the Mason, Ohio area that wants to help people experience the benefits of yoga. “Hi Fi Yoga is a boutique yoga studio offering a variety of styles and levels,” Tommy Moorman, Co-owner of Hi Fi Yoga, says. “Our overall focus is on heated yoga classes (such as Hot Power and Warm Flow), but we also offer non-heated classes and aerial yoga.” 

The start of the business came from her experience with Lori Allen. “I was a student of Lori Allen’s for many years and we eventually started doing private lessons together to develop and grow my personal practice. During those sessions we’d often talk about different studios, the different elements we liked most or least about the different studios we visited, and eventually those conversations evolved to starting our own studio,” he says. “We came to the conclusion that there was a need for us to create a space that yogis like ourselves would want to practice. From there, we started to develop the idea for the brand and the space, about six months later, Hi Fi Yoga was born.”

There are a wide variety of classes offered through Hi Fi Yoga and they include: Beginner Yoga, Warm Vinyasa Flow, Hot Power Yoga, Hi Fi Yin, Hi Fi Aerial Yoga and Buti Yoga. “If you are newer to yoga or even newer to heated yoga, I’d recommend starting with a Beginner Yoga class or a Warm Vinyasa Flow- both of these classes spend more time explaining and breaking down poses,” Moorman says. “If you have already been practicing heated yoga, you can jump right in to a hot power class right away.”

Hi Fi Yoga is different from other practices because they push people to realize their true power. “I see the main difference as pushing people to challenge themselves and discover their true power. Most yoga studios teach at an introductory level and will not encourage students to try inversions or arm balances, for fear of scaring people away,” he says. “We don’t want our students to feel intimidated, but rather to feel inspired by what they see other yogis doing in class and be willing to give it a try.” 

To Moorman, Hi Fi Yoga is High Fidelity Yoga. “Music is key in motivating our students all while keeping the class fun and light-hearted,” he says.

Moorman loves his job because he gets to see lives being changed. “I love when my students reach new milestones, like hitting a new pose for the first time,” he says. “It’s incredibly rewarding and inspiring to see others pushing out of their comfort zone and try new things.”

What gets Moorman to come back to work is the belief that yoga is for everyone. “I believe that everyone can benefit from yoga, either to clear their mind, build strength or gain flexibility,” he says. “Knowing that I’m helping other people reach their goals, both physically and mentally is what drives me each day.”

If you want to keep up with what Hi Fi Yoga is doing, follow them on FacebookInstagram , their website and you can download the Hi Fi Yoga app.

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Quick, healthy and tasty meals are hard to come by, let alone make every day. One local business aims to change that.

A local business makes it easy for parents to put healthy meals that kids love on the table. 

“First Bites is dedicated to helping parents feed their kids in a way that works for them,” Grace Shea, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, says. “I help moms of kids with all ages find solutions to nourish their families and provide healthy recipes the whole family will love.”

The inspiration behind First Bites Nutrition came from her son, Hudson. “Even though I’ve been an RDN working in the pediatric field since 2012, educating families on the topics you’ll see in my blog, I had a distinct “a-ha” moment when it came time to start feeding solid foods with Hudson,” she says. “I became overwhelmed and faced the exact same questions all parents do- What do I feed him? When? How? etc. I wanted to take the nutrition knowledge I have and personal experience and share it with other parents.”

The name “First Bites” came from the desire to have a business that’s all about kids. “I’d mix and match these words, some seeming too similar to other business out there, but ultimately landed on First Bites. First Bites can mean from the very first bite a child takes or even a first bite of a new food,” Shea says. 

Based in Cincinnati, First Bites Nutrition has been around for four months now. The business provides different service andproducts that parents will need to make food for their children:

▪ Shea’s Blog: “Offers recipes and articles dedicated to kids’ nutrition,” she says. “Each recipe is family-friendly and spans all age groups. I offer ways to modify the same meal to make it age appropriate- one meal for the whole family.”
▪ Meal Plan Bundle: “The free bundle contains everything you need to get inspired, organized and plan meals with ease,” Shea says. “Plus, you’ll get six weeks’ worth of meal plans to get you going. You can grab it on the website-”
▪ “I do one-on-one coaching with moms and kids and collaborate with companies in multiple different ways,” she says. “As the company grows, I have big goals of education programs and membership opportunities.”

This company is different from other nutrition companies because of the community. “Although it’s only been four months, it’s amazing how many moms have reached out to me. I rely on the interaction with the community to serve their needs. My experience as a pediatric dietitian, personal experience in feeding a child and, the experiences of my community help provide tons of perspectives that ultimately help other moms,” she says. 

Also, the articles she posts on her blog are evidence-based. “I chose this as a basis of my content because nutrition at its core, is science-based,” Shea says. “Scientific research is always emerging and, I feel; it’s my job to educate moms so they can make the most informed decision that best fits their family.”

Shea defines success through moms feeling confident. “If I can help at least one person feel confident in feeding their kids and understand how nutrition plays a role in their kids’ lives, that truly is a success for me,” she says.

The mission of First Bites is to be a guide to parents. “My mission is to guide parents in nourishing their children with whole foods, flexibility and fun by learning the science of nutrition and honoring healthy habits from the very first bite.”

Shea’s favorite part of her job is “hearing from other moms and creating what they need to support their lives,” she says.

To learn more about First Bites, follow them on Instagram, their website and through Shea’s blog.

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Getting up on Monday morning is easily the worst part of every week, especially after a fun weekend. If you are having trouble staying alert and focused on Monday mornings due to a lack of sleep, then you need to make a few small changes to your normal routine on Sunday nights.

Eat the Right Foods

It may seem odd, but your diet plays a big role on the quality of your sleep. Eating the right foods on Sunday night will make falling asleep a lot easier. You will want to eat a light dinner that is focused around a lean protein like chicken, fish or turkey. It is also a good idea to eat a small portion of pasta or brown rice. These foods will naturally increase the serotonin levels in your body, which will help you sleep. It is best to eat this meal several hours before you are planning to go to bed.

Get Everything Prepared

There are a lot of things that need to get done in the morning before you leave for work. You have to pick out your clothes, make coffee, eat breakfast and get your lunch ready. This adds a lot of time to your morning routine, so it is best to get everything prepared and ready to go on Sunday night. You may not feel like doing much on Sunday night, but you will thank yourself on Monday morning when you get an extra hour of sleep. In addition to the extra time in bed, the quality of your sleep should also improve when you stop thinking about everything that needs to be done in the morning.

TV, Social Media and Exercise

It is real easy to sit on the couch all night to savor your final hours before the work week starts, but that is not going to help you feel any better in the morning. You need to turn off all electronic devices approximately two hours before you are planning on sleeping. Televisions, smartphones and computer screens all emit blue light that keeps you alert and prevents the body from releasing sleep hormones. This is why it is always hard to sleep after spending hours checking social media before turning off the bedroom light. If you want to improve your sleep even more, then you should use some of this time to take a short walk around the block or perform another light exercise.

Find Ways to Relax

The weekend is your only time to truly relax. Luckily, you do not have to sacrifice your relaxing time in order to have a productive Monday morning. Relaxing the right way will actually make it a lot easier to fall asleep. Shut off your mind with a long hot bath just before bedtime. Adding essential oils to the water and playing soothing music will make the entire experience even more relaxing. Once you get out of the water, it is time to sip on a cup of chamomile tea. Adding a few drops of your favorite cbd tincture to the tea will ensure you fall asleep as soon as your body hits the bed.

Suffering to stay awake does not have to be a part of your Monday morning routine. Making a few simple lifestyle changes on Sunday night is all you need to do to start the work week energized and refreshed.

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Read about the health and wellness journey of one local entrepreneur who wants to help others find their pathway to a healthier lifestyle one sip at a time.

Anna Alexander is a wife, daughter, confidant, sister, aunt, and believer in the healing powers of the Earth’s most powerful resource – plants. She’s also the owner of Herban Tea Cafe, Ltd., which she launched in May 2018 as a way to share something that she was passionate about – taking her health and well-being into her own hands. 

“Herban Tea Cafe – pronounced ur-buhn – is a local mobile tea atelier, specializing in hand-crafted wellness herbal tea blends that help promote and sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, while also satisfying taste buds,” explains Alexander. “We believe that empowering communities and sharing healthy habits is essential to a physical and social wellbeing.”

Alexander says the journey to what would become Herban Tea Cafe started in her kitchen, where she began blending and reaching for simple, yet effective herbs and teas that would help her to reclaim her power of her health and body. 

“Inspired by close friends and relatives, my luxury herbal tea blends are carefully crafted with the customer in mind, who may also be searching for a healthy balance to a fast-paced lifestyle, which often leads to less self-care and unhealthy habits,” she says. 

All of the herbs from Herban Tea Cafe are ethically-sourced, all-natural, and vegan-friendly. 

“Our mission is to share our experience and knowledge gained from each her and our intention is that when you choose one of our herbal tea blends, you submerge yourself into a burst of blended herbal notes and aromas, while also extracting the benefits of a healthy practice of slowing down to savor each moment,” says Alexander.

The main focus at Herban Tea Cafe are herbal teas, however, Alexander says that she also wants to provide sustainable packaging that helps protect and sustain the herbs she sells while creating an apothecary appearance. 

“As we continue our journey, we anticipate also offering limited coffee- and wine-inspired tea blends to highlight the aromatic flavors of both beverages equally enjoyed but with twice the health benefits,” says Alexander.

With the year ahead of her, Alexander says she’s looking forward to sharing some of her favorite blends with the city while sharing her journey of herbal wellness this coming spring. 

You can keep up with Herban Tea Cafe on their Instagram account and see future launch dates and their wholesale stock list on their website.