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See how a family-owned, hometown hair salon in Milford was recently rebranded and remodeled to blend its history in the community with haute industry trends and expertise!

Salon’63 is a hair salon in Old Milford offering a variety of hair services.

Cincy Chic: What is Salon’63?
Sara Wilson, Founder of Salon’63: We are a hair salon in Old Milford!

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the salon?
Wilson: Family! Our salon has been known as that family-owned, hometown hair salon for so many years and I love it. I feel like every client that walks through the doors should be treated like they’ve been coming here for years.

Cincy Chic: What inspired the rebrand of the salon?
Wilson: I was given the opportunity to really make the salon my own, and to reintroduce some new techniques, styles, and passion for the industry!

Cincy Chic: What’s the significance of the name of your salon?
Wilson: Our name means so much to me! The year 1963 is when our former owner Bill Gayheart opened his salon Gayheart’s Total Design. He has given me such a wonderful opportunity and mentored me in such a way that I wanted to be able to honor him and all his success!

The women behind Salon’63, including Owner Sara Wilson.

Cincy Chic: You’re a new mom, how do you balance #momlife and salon life?
Wilson: Oh gosh! I am still working on that! Haha Honestly, I have a very supportive husband, and 3 talented stylists working with me who help out so much. My clientele has also been incredibly flexible and understanding. I couldn’t do it without them.

Cincy Chic: What makes you most excited about being the hair/makeup sponsor for Cincy Chic’s Vintage Chic Fashion Show on June 21?
Wilson: Just being able to showcase our talent, be around an awesome group of women and get our salon name out there!

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Salon’63?
Wilson: Well, this year is our third year in business! We’ve been working so hard and really getting our name out there. This year we are so focused on building relationships and our reputation as hair color specialists! We’ve also recently done a photoshoot showcasing some of our formal styles which was SO MUCH FUN. Bring on those brides!

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Wilson: We are on Instagram and Facebook!

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Worried about the lack of money in your life? That might be the problem. Read on as our life coach columnist explains.

Where’s my money? There is never enough! How often do you find yourself saying these exact works?

The conversation around money is scary at times and seems to be more about “there is never enough.” If this sounds like you then read on.

What if I told you there is more than enough money available for you?  

Yeah right – may be your initial thought but let’s explore further into this concept.

Begin by believing basic money principles will attract more money.  Tap into your emotional attachment (energetic vibration) around money.  How do you feel when you spend or receive money?  Is the feeling high or low? Depends, right!?

For example: 

Unexpected money shows up: you are either excited OR in disbelief

Unexpected bill arrives you either take care of it OR get mad 

Unexpected vacation opportunity: you are excited to find the funds OR sad you can’t afford to go

If you look at these examples, you will see the emotional attachment is either high or low because for every action, there is a reaction. And depending on what you believe (and have experienced) you’ll lean towards either the high or the low vibration.

Your money stories begin and ends with YOU. 

Start from a place of knowing there is enough and be open to receive. Drop the stories of lack and focus on abundance.  Shift your vibration.

I am a firm believer that what you want – wants you. Money is no different.  There is always enough for what you want OR something better.

So, if you are thinking about debt, getting into debt, getting out of debt, regardless you’ll get more debt. That’s the law of attraction.

If you think about abundance, you’ll get more abundance, especially when you are open to receive with an emotional attachment that is of a higher vibration and believing money is on its way to you.

Try this activity: When you pay bills this month say “Thank You-Paid” and be in gratitude because these payments signify that someone has provided you an opportunity to have more than you have with the promise you will pay it back.  And if the money isn’t there now say “Thank You for the money I am about to receive” believing its well on its way to you. 

Oh, and when you find that money unexpectedly on the ground or in a pocket, say “Thank You” because the Universe is showing you money is well on its way to you.  You are a magnet to money!

This practice takes time; you are developing a muscle. If you would like additional support around money save the date for Wednesday, July 10 from 5:30-8PM at StudioCincy in Eastgate where I will be offering a workshop specifically around Women and Money!

Registration details dropping soon so follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


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This new flick takes the franchise on an exciting adventure to Europe, but is it a sluggish sequel as the box office numbers suggest? Read on for our movie critic‘s review.


“Hey … Is that a green, incredible-looking hulk of a man over there?!” Agent M (Tessa Thompson) and Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) survey their surroundings in Morocco in a scene from director F. Gary Gray’s MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL. Credit: Giles Keyte © 2019 CTMG, Inc. All rights reserved.





KEY CAST MEMBERS: Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Rafe Spall, Kumail Nanjiani, Rebecca Ferguson and Larry and Laurent Bourgeois 

DIRECTOR(S): F. Gary Gray

THE BACK STORY: As a child, Molly (Tessa Thompson) and her parents saw an alien creature … But when the two men in black suits showed up to neutralize her mom and dad, they didn’t know she saw the alien, too, so she never forgot it. Fast-forward 20 years later and Molly has spent her whole life preparing to join the mysterious agency that tracks the ultimate foreigners to earth – which is why she jumps at the chance to prove herself to Agent O (Emma Thompson) once she discovers the Men In Black (MIB).

For her first assignment, Molly – now known as Agent M – is paired up with Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) at MIB’s London office. Trained by his superior officer/London office head High T (Liam Neeson), Agent H is as reckless as he supposedly is heroic, a man that likes to party as hard as he sometimes works. Tasked with entertaining an alien from a planet that could destroy earth, things take a turn for the worse when two beings that may be from “The Hive,” a shape shifting alien race that can basically crush anything in its collective path, shows up on the scene. And now, to avoid an intergalactic incident, it’s up to a rookie agent and a philandering agent to save us all.

THE REVIEW: Me, before the screening: “You know, watching the trailer, it doesn’t seem like Hemsworth and Thompson have any chemistry in this movie.”

Friend who shall remain nameless, looking almost taken aback by my comment as if it were absurd: “They were fine together in Thor: Ragnarok.”

Me, nearly two hours after the credits began to roll: “This is NOT Thor: Ragnarok.”

Friend, looking as bored as I was with disappointment in their eyes: “Yeah.”

Chris Hemsworth is NOT Will Smith nor should he ever try to or desire to be as his career up to this point has been pretty phenomenal all things considered. Likewise, Thompson’s star has seemed to be on the up-and-up in recent memory with hits both inside and out of the Marvel Universe to her credit. However, after witnessing the tedious, boring and “let’s go through the very familiar motions without any real emotion for the most part” affair that is Men In Black International (MIBI for short), both Hemsworth and Thompson might be wise to call up Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige and ask if there are any chances to cameo in Disney’s upcoming Loki streaming series. For MIBI is a largely flat, soulless affair that would be better served being left in a galaxy far, far away.

As Thor, Hemsworth has found a great way to portray a powerful individual who can be charming, heroic, serious, focused and at times a childlike jerk that has to be coaxed into doing the right thing/learning how to step up and embrace his destiny. As Agent H, however, he comes off as just a boorish, pretentious, dare I say dumb lout of an individual who you can’t believe in any capacity. H is stale from start to finish, which may not all be Hemsworth’s fault as he isn’t given much at all to work with. It could be worse; Neeson looks to be on site to simply collect a check a’la Michael Caine in Jaws: The Revenge. Tommy Lee Jones (or even Josh Brolin in MIB 3) he is not. To watch Hemsworth and Neeson turn in such poor performances is just mind-numbing, both literally and figuratively.

Thompson, for her part, tries to play things very smart, very smooth and very seriously … Which fails due to an incredibly dull script with plenty of “we’ve been here before!” moments that attempt to capture old magic that just isn’t there. Whereas Smith has moved on to bluer pastures as the scene-stealing genie in the equally underwhelming (but still better) live action remake of Aladdin, Thompson is asked to drive a car down a course we’ve all scene before – this time with a LOT less bells and whistles or even scenery to keep you entertained, or at the very least, distracted.

Sure, her encounter with arms dealer/H’s ex Riza (a very game Rebecca Ferguson) adds a little life to the festivities, but MIBI is loaded with so much bland dialogue and ho-hum action sequences Thompson kind of comes off like the best player on an 0-16 NFL team. Kumail Nanjiani adds some humorous commentary as Pawnee, the helpful little creature that serves as the Frank the Pug to Thompson’s Agent M, but the old “let’s have the cute little creature get involved” routine feels more like a desperation move than essential storytelling. And that’s just it: For a film franchise that pumped out three quality stories, MIBI has zero charm, zero captivating effects and a dearth of heart, emotion or even interesting storytelling to enthrall you.

If it weren’t for Thompson and the small doses of Nanjiani’s character, MIBI might serve as a great cure for insomnia as you could be asleep in the first 40 minutes. Even the nods to the past MIB films feel flat; given how lame the movie is, though, NOT reminding fans about the past is probably for the best. The convoluted, uninspired storytelling under director F. Gary Gray – F. Gary Gray of all people! – is additionally saddening. Why is The Hive so deadly? What is their motivation? How does it tie in to Men In Black? Why aren’t these questions answered better so I can give you a better review?!

You can watch Men In Black: International if you wish … But given how long and tedious it is to build to a very anti-climatic climax you may just wish a neutralizer was real to wipe the movie from your memory as a result.





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There’s a new event venue in town that is giving you a new kind of event planning experience. Click here for all the sweet details.

Sugar Loft Events offers space for weddings, parties, and other events including children’s spa-themed birthday parties.

After finding success in Sugar & Spice Spa, Theresa Gordon is taking the next step with Sugar Loft Events.

“Sugar Loft Events offers unique, full and partial wedding ceremony and reception packages as well as the option to add from our gallery of on-site services,” she explains. “We can provide you with a beautiful venue in addition to a magical and memorable experience down to the very last detail.”

Whether you’re trying to plan a wedding, host a social soiree, or need somewhere to host a corporate event, Sugar Loft Events offers a 3,500-square-foot event complex located at The Foundry in Liberty Town Center.

The space can accommodate as little as 20 guests and as many as 150. It’s an ideal location for a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or even a dinner party while also providing a one-of-a-kind experience for guests.

Sugar Loft Events can also bring along Sugar & Spice Spa for a children’s spa-themed birthday party and day spa services that focus on inner and outer beauty.

“We are much more than just a spa,” she says. “To keep the celebrations going, we provide services for other spa-themed or private event parties as well as host a number of classes, events, and services for children, adults, and families that will create lifelong memories.”

Gordon says that when you choose Sugar Loft Events you’ll find planning, production, design, and decor for all occasions and celebrations.

“Our team of experienced event coordinators will assist you in creating a seamless and successful event,” she says. “We will make your wedding fantasies come true. We organize unique venues, elegant presentations, delicious food, and decadent desserts – in short, an unforgettable and unique event.”

To learn more about Sugar Loft Events, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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A former teacher is chasing her dream of owning a bookstore - on wheels! Read on for the page-turning details.

The Cincy Book Bus is run by a retired teacher with dreams of owning her own bookstore.


Cincy Chic: What is Cincy Book Bus?
Melanie Moore, Founder of Cincy Book Bus: The Book Bus is a mobile bookstore off the back of a 1962 VW transporter. I sell new and used (mint condition) adult fiction.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Moore: I have always dreamed of owning a bookstore. After retiring from 25 years of teaching, I decided it was time to chase my dream. I thought about a brick and mortar store but decided I wanted to do something more unique and fun.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers find the Cincy Book Bus?
Moore: I pop up all around Cincinnati. To find out where I’ll be popping up next readers can follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

Cincy Chic: What makes the Cincy Book Bus unique?
Moore: I am Cincinnati’s only mobile bookstore and, to be honest, I don’t think there is anything as unique as my bookstore in the country. If there is, I haven’t seen it yet. I also take my profits to buy books for kids and classes in inner city, low income areas in Cincinnati. I am passionate about getting books into the hands of kids who need them most.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along? 
Moore: Instagram and Facebook but also reading about what I do and how I got started. I have two recent articles in City Beat and Cincinnati Refine. I will also be in the July issue of Cincinnati Magazine.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon? 
Moore: I just keep chugging along! My tagline is “delivering the joy of owning books to inspire a passion for reading.”

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more? 
Moore: Visit my Facebook page.

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Is an excuse (or a million of them) getting in the way of accomplishing something important to you? Our life coach explains how to break the cycle.

When your desire becomes stronger than the excuse you will discover you are way ahead of the game. Creating your life by design with ease and flow is my motto. Why would you want it any other way?

Life is happening FOR you not TO you. Really let that soak in. And add the next phrase “out of this situation only good will come”.

When I discovered this on my journey it was a game changer.  I knew that all my hopes and dreams would come true IF I allow myself to step away from the excuses and take consistent action and find my way.

So why when you set the intention to call in what you want (the desire) you fall short of receiving what you want?

As Jim Rohn says “If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.  If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

Excuses come easier than the work! 

You set the goal to lose weight and have a plan, but out of the blue something comes up that delays you are stepping into the plan.  How bad did you want it to begin with? Did an excuse give you permission to NOT have to show up and do the work?

Perhaps you are looking to start a business.  You have the details all figured out, but you delay the launch.  Or you begin to find it isn’t working as planned with so many things going wrong. Do you just walk away and say I quit OR can you find the way to act and move forward?

Often the obstacles and setbacks become the excuse and have been program with the use of statements like “you can’t…. or that won’t…. really, you think you can….,” which is probably from childhood.

Words have the power to DRIVE you.  Until you eliminate all the excuses, you’ll continue to experience those setbacks and probably to the point you give up.

Let’s break that cycle. Consider this:

Start with all the EXCUSES! Yes, you read that correctly. 

If you allow your mind (the ego) to tell you everything that will not allow you to achieve your goal, then that takes out what will trip you up later.

When you have all the excuses listed THEN write next to each one of the excuses your WHY you want to do this and begin to rewire and reprogram the mind to find the way to get what you really want.  

Like working a muscle – when you can identify the positive you can overcome the negative. Be prepared. Act. Stay the course.  You Make it Happen

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There’s a new spin on ice cream in the Queen City and it’s more delicious than ever. Learn more about these tasty treats.

Bold Face Dairy Bar is a new soft serve ice cream spot in East Price Hill.

Summer is just around the corner and so are your cravings for ice cream. That’s when it’s time to consider stopping by the Bold Face Dairy Bar, a “creamy whip” style, walk-up, soft serve ice cream shop in the East Price Hill neighborhood.

Founded by the Grear and Harkins families, the Bold Face Dairy Bar was inspired by a love for ice cream and a love for the neighborhood. Partner Rhett Harkins says the two families, who have 11 total members, have been residents in the neighborhood for over 10 years.

“The inspiration behind the Bold Face Dairy Bar is two fold melded into the desire to create a quality and accessible retail business to employ and serve the diversity of our neighbors with something that would ‘sweetin life’ just a little bit and hopefully become a sweet part of childhood memories and family traditions,” says Harkins.

There are unique items available off the menu at the Bold Face Dairy Bar including a bourbon barrel stout milkshake, lavender vanilla cup, classic twist cone, and the Bold Face Cone, all of which are rising favorites among customers, Harkins says.

According to Harkins the ice cream from the Bold Face Dairy Bar is some of the creamiest soft serve in the Queen City. “The Bold Face Dairy Bar Company has a smaller, curated menu of treats than a traditional cream whip, with some unique artisan flavoring combos that cannot be found at any other local cream whips,” Harkins adds.

To expand its unique offerings, the Bold Face Dairy Bar recently launched a partnership with BLOC Coffee Co. for fresh drawn ice cream and fresh pulled espresso Affogators available on Fridays and Saturdays.

“We are also looking forward to launching our monthly special sundae program,” Harkins says. “We’re opening with a ‘Dirty Martini’ sundae that is awesome.”

You can visit the Bold Face Dairy Bar at 801 Mt Hope Ave, Suite B, in Cincinnati. You can learn more at or follow along on Instagram.

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Hang out at the city’s newest watering hole that doubles as a retro house party. Read on for the drink-worthy details.

HomeMakers Bar is a new retro-style bar in Cincinnati.

Cincy Chic: What is HomeMakers Bar?
Catherine Manabat, Co-Founder of HomeMakers Bar: HomeMakers Bar is the slightly retro, mostly modern embodiment of everyone’s favorite house party.  Our cocktail program features twists on retro classics that highlight low-proof and unique spirits. We’ll feature vinyl DJ’s for nights of revelry and dancing. We hope to collaborate with friends and neighbors in our community to create one-of-kind events.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it? 
Manabat: HomeMakers was inspired by the idea that everyone who steps into our bar should feel at home.  We wanted to create a place where people can have fun, are met with warmth and hospitality. This bar is meant to inspire curiosity. We want our guests to surprise themselves.  HomeMakers was created to celebrate the makers and shakers of our community, who strive to defy convention.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Manabat: Julia Petiprin co-founder of Sundry & Vice, and Catherine Manabat.

Cincy Chic: What makes HomeMakers Bar unique?
Manabat: Every space is unique because of the hard working people who make up the team there. We are so fortunate to have a team of quirky, spunky, and sincere go-getters.  We think the fun and approach-ability of our space will make people feel welcome to try new things. We truly want to highlight the unconventional and what makes a bar a space for the community.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Manabat: Stay tuned for our opening and event schedule by following us on social media.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Manabat: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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You may have heard the term “manifesting” before, but what does it mean, how can it help, and how do you do it? Read on as our life coach columnist explains.

Reports say that 80% of us will fail to achieve our new year’s resolutions.  With those odds, why set them at all?

As you move into the second half of 2019, are you on course with reaching the goals you set for this new year? Or are those dreams and desires once again falling fast out of reach and leaving you wondering why you are not able to thrive?

Allow me to introduce you to manifesting 101 with DRIVE.

Whether you set resolutions or not, the objective is to live your life by design.  You have goals (what I like to refer to as desires and intentions) that you plan to accomplish and achieve in your life and ideally with ease and flow. And yet you find yourself still falling short.

Manifestation is when you can be crystal clear on what it is you desire, remove the timeline, and release the attachment to the outcome being exactly as you want it – because it could be better than you imagined. You call in your desires much faster this way, and it may be even something better than you hoped for!

After looking at my own life, and how I was achieving my desires and intentions, I identified a basic process that I was using, and wrote a self-help book on and the process.

When you want something – ask, believe and receive.  What you want – wants you back!  Really!  Using the steps outlined in my book 5 Steps to Your Own DRIVE you will open the cosmic kitchen where you can begin to place your orders.  

The DRIVE acronym is: Desire, Receive, Implement, Visualize and Evolve

All the steps work together but the most powerful tool is the visualizing.  Whether you use a vision board with pictures and words or journal the story, include ALL your senses in the description so it will bring the future desire into your present experience. 

For example, perhaps it’s a new car you desire – go test drive one, get brochures, tell others you are buying a new car, and see in your imagination driving the vehicle on the highway and how it feels to grip the steering wheel, how the engine sounds as you press down on the gas pedal, that new car leather smell, as you take a sip of the soy latte you just picked up from your favorite drive-thru on your way to a relaxing weekend to the ocean or mountains.  

Yes, just like that. Get super clear in your mind on the outcome and what you expect when the goal or desire is reached and see it in the minds eye with all your senses to lock in. Yes, it is key!How badly do you want it?

Then daily give yourself a few minutes to close your eyes and see clearly what you desire. Run the movie real in your minds eye.  Start today and set your desires and intentions for the second half of 2019.  List them out and begin one by one to create the DRIVE path for each.  

Ask, Believe, Receive – it really is that easy.

Check out my free “5 Steps to Your Own D.R.I.V.E.” eBook to learn more.

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Learn about an upcoming event that’s celebrating self-care with complimentary massage, kombucha cocktails, light bites, fitness classes and more!

The Spa at 21c will celebrate Global Wellness Day on June 9.

Global Wellness Day wants to help others focus on the power of self-care to combat depression while also living a more holistic life. To help in celebrating those festivities and further that mission is The Spa at 21c Museum Hotel.

The Spa at 21c will host Global Wellness Day events on June 9 at their Walnut Street location. The event is free and open to the public from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.

During the afternoon on Global Wellness Day, the hotel will be offering yoga and barre classes led by certified instructors from Modo Yoga and Barre Code to engage the body physically and mentally, as well as light, health-minded bites and house-made Kombucha from the culinary team at Metropole led by David Kelsey, and chair massages,” says Jessica Tomain, Director of Sales and Marketing.

21c wants to focus on making wellness both an art and a passion and invites people to come for an hour or stay all day. Tomain says that activities planned for Global Wellness Day include meditation, massage demonstrations, and a yoga session. Yoga with Moda Yoga will begin at 9:30 am to kick off the day followed by chair massages, kombucha cocktails, and light bites from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm with a barre class, also by Moda Yoga, offered at 12:00 pm.

Guests interested in participating are encouraged to register on Facebook to be entered to win a complimentary spa service and other prizes.