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Check out how the region’s largest volunteer platform is expanding their horizons with a convenient and effective training for nonprofit board leadership.

For nearly two years, Cincinnati Cares has matched, connected and supported volunteers and nonprofits across the region. Expanding that support, they are now offering nonprofit board member training.

“We start with the region’s most comprehensive guide of organizations that engage volunteers, which has now become the most popular way for Greater Cincinnatians to find a way to help,” says Douglas Bolton, president and CEO of Cincinnati Cares. “For leaders in our community, we operate a platform that matches volunteers to nonprofit boards using innovative matching technology. All of our platforms are free to both volunteers and the nonprofits.”

Cincinnati Cares recently announced that it now also offers the region’s first-ever digital nonprofit board training. “This training is a one-hour, inexpensive training that allows volunteers to become familiar with what it takes to be a nonprofit board member,” says Bolton. “The training also includes instruction on how to use the newly rebuilt platform to find a board position that is right for them. This platform will allow for a connection to be made between volunteer leaders and the specific nonprofits looking to recruit. This webinar-style program introduces people to different ideas and carries out part of Cincinnati Cares mission of inspiring people, and leaders, to volunteer.”

The process for the training will go through different sections that allow the individual to fully immerse themselves in what is expected of them by nonprofit boards as a volunteer. “Some topics covered will be Why Board Service Matters, Board and Legal Responsibilities, Executive Director’s Perspective and How to Find and Choose a Board,” Bolton explains.

The nonprofit board leaders and volunteer board members are reacting very positively. The training will lessen the burden of the organizations in the long run with the on-boarding and recruiting process. 

“In this new venture, I am most excited to have the ability to expose so many people to the possibilities of board service,” he adds. “The existing trainings in our region require a commitment of time and significant money. This option allows you to make sure board service is right for you, in a brief amount of time and expense.”

To learn more, visit the Cincinnati Cares website to find a way to help the community or attend the training.

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Kids heading off to college? Wondering how you’ll move their stuff there and back? Read about an Ohio-based company that’s here to help.

Cincy Chic: What is Stuff2College?
Michelle Ullery, owner of Stuff2College.comStuff2College is a service for moving just that, “stuff” to college from either home to school or school back to home. We have locations spread throughout the US that serve as drop off locations where you can drop off your boxed up, packaged items, we consolidate them to move as one large shipment, and you can pick them up at the location closest to either your University or Home. It’s that simple! We can even coordinate a pickup or a delivery if it’s an option with the local University.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Ullery: After observing parents struggling with the move across states for their kids going into college, I realized that all of our years of expertise would be put to good use. We had an opportunity to assist a personal friend move her daughter all the way to Arizona from Ohio. She was struggling with how to logistically get all of her daughters “stuff” to Arizona from Ohio. We offered to assist. We picked up her boxes, brought them down to our local facility, consolidated, moved them out to Arizona, and then they were picked up at the local office there and taken back to the hotel for move in day. It was seamless, simple, convenient and way more affordable than the other options that they were looking into.  Even had a couple days to just enjoy the city where she would be leaving her daughter and create even some more memories for them all!

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Ullery: Stuff2College is a part of the JNH Logistics, Right Way Logistics family. I founded the business and have been in the logistics profession for over 26 years and led multiple logistics organizations around the globe for many years. This is the third company I lead with my team. With the resources we have, and the relationships we have built, our network is one of the largest in the industry.

Cincy Chic: What types of services does Stuff2College offer?
Ullery: We offer not only the movement of their stuff from city to city, but we also can offer pickup and delivery of their stuff. Along with that, we do have the ability for storage as well. That way students can even store their things over a semester if they are just studying abroad and just need a holding facility for a short amount of time.

Cincy Chic: What makes Stuff2College unique?
Ullery: What makes S2C unique is how we move our things. We have professionals who know how to package up a nice shipment, secure it, and move it as one piece. There is no need to ship multiple boxes with multiple labels and multiple charges! There is only one item to track that’s it. Of course unless you have a lot of stuff and need to book two or more moves. It explains it all on our site about how many boxes you can fit on one of our standard pallets, as well as the approximate size of the boxes used for explanation.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Ullery: Yes, we are working on having the ability to move students from overseas for next year. So we can bring a true Global Solution to all Students around the WORLD! The other exciting thing we have going on is our Ambassador program. We are looking for students to represent us as our Ambassadors in their Universities where you earn money for your referrals! 

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Ullery: Please go to our website at and check us out. Any questions, there is an email that is monitored 24/7. One of our staff will get right back to you. Of course, you can always call us too at 614-407-9099.

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Our life coach columnist shares three ways to help your kids make this school year their best one yet.

Did you see all those back-to-school pictures on social media this past week? Perhaps you were one posting pictures of your kiddos heading back for another year of school. Many parents celebrate the returning of school being back in session while others are sad to let their little ones go and be independent. 

As a former IT teacher at the high school, I too struggled going back after being off for the summer. Once we got past the first few days, I would slip back into teacher mode and take on the responsibility to provide the students in my class with an education.  

Unfortunately, some students no matter how much time and energy spent in the classroom, if the child didn’t want to learn – they didn’t.

One approach that I found very useful in my instruction, which poured over into my parenting, is providing evidence in how the material being taught will serve them in a positive way once they leave school.

Here are two examples I used to teach life skills during the traditional lessons using Excel spreadsheets.

One was amortization charts for purchasing cars and homes, and the other was on budgeting.  

Students created the formulas, and learned how the interest was applied, along with taxes on income and money being spent just to survive. 

It was mind blowing for most. Seeing how money worked, especially when budgeting expenses and had to include toilet paper, shampoo, and other items they thought magically appeared, gave them a bigger picture to making money. 

As a parent, I encourage you to work with this idea outside of the school. Get engaged with what the student is learning and find ways to show them how it relates to life. For example:

Make the connection.  Offering a better understanding in a real-life situation allows for a longer lasting imprint on the mind and a new way of thinking.

Teach a child about money in a positive manner. Any age can have fun with “money” so begin now to teach ways they can understanding the value of having money and how money is used. Little ones can even practice counting and saving money. Make it fun and add more challenging activities as the child becomes better at the lessons learned.

Learn together.  If you feel you aren’t able to support your child with this knowledge beyond the classroom, then learn it together. The connection will be priceless.

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Tweens walk the line between innocence and debauchery in this good-natured flick but is it good enough to see in theaters? See what our critic has to say.


“I don’t think that drone is flying to wherever are friends are playing Fortnite …” Lucas (Keith L. Williams), Max (Jacob Tremblay) and Thor (Brady Noon) in a scene from GOOD BOYS. Credit: Ed Araquel/Universal Pictuers. © 2019 Universal Studios.







KEY CAST MEMBERS: Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon, Molly Gordon, Lil Rel Howery, Retta, Izaac Wang, Millie Davis, Josh Caras, Will Forte and Midori Francis

DIRECTOR(S): Gene Stupnitsky

THE BACK STORY: Three best friends – Lucas (Keith L. Williams), Thor (Brady Noon) and Max (Jacob Tremblay) – are adjusting to life in 6th grade when they one of them gets invited to a party that could change their life. That’s because the party is a kissing party and Max’s crush Brixlee (Millie Davis) is going to be there. 

Unfortunately for Max and his two friends a.k.a. “The Bean Bag Boys,” none of them have any idea how to kiss, so they find themselves in a panic of trying to learn on the fly. This leads to the bright idea to use Max’s dad’s (Will Forte) work drone to spy on Hannah (Molly Gordon) and her boyfriend Benji (Josh Caras), who Hannah and her friend Lily (Midori Francis) to show up with the drugs for their road trip to Chicago. So … What happens when the he boys inadvertently find themselves on the run from Hannah and Lily and needing to replace Max’s dad’s work property?

A whole lot of things that your average sixth grader isn’t prepared to handle, that’s for sure.

THE REVIEW: A comedy that rides a fine line between showing its trio of leads as innocent youngsters … Who also can be a tad foul-mouthed and too knowledgeable for their own good, Good Boys is a funny, entertaining romp that is more sweet than it is sinful. But when the film is sinful, it’s likely going to be more than the average parent (moreso than their children) can likely handle given the exposure to sex toys, drugs and alcohol and hearing three kids who look as innocent as our makeshift heroes do curse. But therein lies the hook of the film as the boys are not troublemakers out to looking to do foul things; instead, they are more apt to try and do the right thing in the most ludicrous of situations, which is what results in the film’s best moments more often than not.

Whereas Jacob Tremblay (Room) does a good job of serving as the group’s makeshift leader, Keith L. Williams constant snitching on the trio’s misdeeds (even when they weren’t doing anything that wrong) plays well for comedic effect affect against Thor’s wannabe bad boy (who really doesn’t) act. Thus, you get a mix of kids trying to do what all children do at their age: Trying to become more mature and find their way in the world even though it’s obvious to almost anyone looking they have no clue what they’re doing.

That strive to maintain the innocence of the characters does restrain Good Boys at times from reaching its potential peak hilarity as there are several moments you can feel that either director Gene Stupnitsky or the film’s producers said “let’s not push further than this.” This creates a bit of a catch-22 for the audience, for once you’ve found yourself laughing at a boy giving his crush a necklace that is NOT a necklace, you’ve pretty much already gone past the “see, we’re not pushing the envelope that far” notion. At its essence, Good Boys is a film about trying to maintain a childlike innocence in a world where that is increasingly hard to do and growing up through and overcoming adversity … Just with more items you’d expect to find in your closet than your kid’s.

So …. If you’re looking for a comedy with heart and spirit that also will make sure to talk to your kids about staying out of mommy and/or daddy’s drawers when they’re not at home, Good Boys will likely win your heart with laughs a plenty. If you’d rather not look at your young middle schooler and have to have a conversation on the way home in the car, you might wish to sit this one out or – as some of the parents at the advance screening yours truly attended – leave them at home.

Just don’t say that no one warned you what you were getting into.







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An area event planner recently opened Cincinnati’s newest intimate venue and décor studio to help you celebrate life’s special moments.

The Confetti Room is an event venue that provides a small scale, intimate space.

When planning any event, there’s always an oppressively long to-do list, and overwhelming amount of choices — especially when it comes to venue.

“As a wedding and event planner, I have clients who are always searching for intimate venues for life’s most special moments. Wedding venues usually take time to include the amenities and characteristics that clients want but are usually too big and too pricey. I decided to create a venue on a smaller scale that was affordable, yet still focused on the details and character,” says Simone Charles, owner of The Confetti Room.

Located in the heart of Over the Rhine, The Confetti Room is a new space that provides a small-scale intimate space. “We strongly believe in throwing confetti and #Instagram worthy events. We provide the perfect backdrop to curate your perfect event with friends and family – from lush, crisp architectural accents, crystal chandeliers, and luxurious French provincial furniture. Anything from hosting a bridal shower, anniversary dinner or baby shower to simple gathering for a rehearsal dinner before your big day, every moment should be confetti-worthy,” says Charles. “We can accommodate up to 75 guests seated reception style, or 90 for a cocktail mixer. The space is 1600 square feet.

Charles’ experience in event planning has allowed her to get a first-hand look at the stress and cost that can arise with the event process and wanted to overcome them by providing certain commodities to her clients. 

The Confetti Room is a BYOB venue, allowing guests to supply their own catering and beverages which helps better dictate their event costs. For those looking for a stress-free event, TCR offers the option to handle all of the details, from fresh florals to décor rentals, many customizable serves are available.

Worried about food? The Confetti Room has partnered with The Eagle OTR and Sweet Petite Desserts to make the planning experience as seamless as possible. Not only will your checklist be fulfilled, but your stomach will be too, Charles laughs.

To book the space, potential clients can schedule a venue tour via the website or request a booking online, also found on their site. 

For more information and to stay up to date, connect with The Confetti Room on FacebookInstagram or by visiting their website.

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A local mindset coach is helping leaders make a big change in the world one small mindset shift at a time.

Cincy Chic: What is Erin Fritts?
Erin Fritts, Founder of Erin Fritts Coaching: Erin Fritts is where you go (virtually) to follow your dreams. No but really, Erin Fritts is a global online business offering transformational coaching to entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Fritts: I first learned about coaching while working at Children’s; I was lucky to be working on a project that an executive coach was leading. I was immediately fascinated and dove into the coaching world, first starting my business as a health and wellness coach. My early business success created a large following of entrepreneurs, which ended up being my most favorite clients. I transitioned into mindset coaching for entrepreneurs because I knew how many people were held back by their fears. They had a vision and a dream but the fears were stronger. I believe that the more money conscious, heart centered entrepreneurs are making the bigger positive impact we can make on this world, so it is my goal to create as many successful business leaders as possible!

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Fritts: I am a mindset coach for heart centered entrepreneurs and leaders. My mission is to move your dreams from the clouds and into reality through powerful, transformational coaching. I am is the CEO and founder of the global business, Erin Fritts Coaching. I’m is a professional speaker and best-selling author. I provide my clients with a unique perspective on mindset and manifesting their dream life, while letting go of fear, pain and sacrifice. It is my goal that we, as a collective, create a dramatic cultural shift away from fear and into choosing love.

Cincy Chic: What types of coaching services do you offer?
Fritts: I work with clients in a variety of custom designed programs including, high end private coaching, mastermind groups, retreats, VIP days and workshops. I’m hosting an intimate 3 day retreat in Cincinnati at the end of September!

Cincy Chic: What makes your coaching business unique?
Fritts: My approach makes her unique, combining coaching techniques with my deep connection with intuition to help you access your power within. I help you to reprogram your habitual thoughts and actions, which in turn, changes your life. Most of the time I spend with clients is focused on identifying where limiting beliefs are keeping them from the experience they desire.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Fritts: We are moving into a completely new way of showing up in business, everything from how we create success, what it means to be professional and how we integrate business and personal. There hasn’t been a better time in history to start a business and follow your dreams.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Fritts: I mostly hang out and share on Facebook, you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. If you would like more information about coaching opportunities with Erin, please email or visit my website at

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Our life coach columnist gets personal this week as she moves into a big life (and health) change. Read on for some serious inspiration and motivation!

Are you tired of struggling with your health and wellness? How many times have you said, “this time it will be different?” You nail the program, get the results, and then in no time you are back to your habits that return your body to an unhealthy status.

We live in a trillion dollar business of the hype about the magic pills, potions, packaged foods, along with the fad diets that include words like coffee and keto. We buy into their promisesabout the product and yet many still struggle with the maintaining the results.

This is my personal story and has been for many years.  I have done a lot of programs and nailed them all, but the real struggle begins during the maintaining the results phase.  

So, what’s the solution you ask? A different approach! 

The missing piece for me was getting clear on why I was doing it in the first place.  I had so many reasons why outside of me – my family, look good at a reunion, buy cute clothes, but the main KEY was my internal reason. 

This is the intrinsic motivation that really drives the desire to stay the course. What’s your why for reclaiming your health?

– Longevity and vitality
– Living without dis-ease
– Body in motion that doesn’t ache or have pains
– Strong bones and muscle to carry you well into your later years
– Flexibility and range of motion

Often these whys are overlooked because you tend to look outside of yourself for the reason to be a certain shape and/or size. Which is good, but when you can tap into your WHY you will find ways to continue working towards those goals.  Mindset work is where it all begins.

Ready to discover a way to do things differently?  I invite you to a new alternative you can receive fro FREE right in your inbox over the next 14-day program to learn ways to “Reclaiming MyHealth” through daily inspiration on mindset and motivation for better health.

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Learn about an epic wedding show and bridal expo coming up and why local brides-to-be won’t want to miss it.

Calling all brides-to-be! The Cincinnati Premier Wedding & Bridal Show is coming up August 18 at The Manor House in Mason.

The show, says Tracy Claiborne of Claiborne Productions, is all about wedding planning.

“This show will give engaged couples the opportunity to get great ideas for their big day,” she says. “It will also allow them to talk to the wedding professionals who have been in the industry and who have been providing products and services for weddings for many years.”

Claiborne says the professionals who will be at the show are experienced and can answer any questions couples may have. Attendees will be able to see samples of photography, taste wedding cakes and food from caterers, look at different reception sites and what they offer, and find new ideas you may not have considered, such as ice sculptures, unique venues, and more.

Claiborne says that this year’s show focuses on creativity and decor options.

“There are so many great ways to decorate and create themes for your wedding,” she says. “The vendors attending the show will create displays that showcase many options for bringing your Pinterest boards to reality.”

When asked about what makes this show ideal for brides and couples to attend, she says that it’s the experience created for attendees. 

“Many shows have rows and rows of vendors that hand out cards,” she says. “Rather than having the show at a convention center, we hold them at beautiful venues that have weddings. This provides for a much nicer experience in a pretty setting. Our wedding vendors provide beautiful displays and welcome you to really talk with them and ask questions.”

Additionally, the show features a fashion show showcasing the latest styles of bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns, and tuxedo. 

There will be a short dance demo on how you can prepare for your first dance. There will also be a DIY flower seminar that will be done by The Flowerman. “They will show you how they work with you to save hundreds of dollars on flowers all while creating a fun and memorable experience,” adds Claiborne.

When guests arrive at the event they will see a list of all the wedding professionals at the show, a free copy of the latest edition of The Knot Ohio Weddings magazine, a Knot swag bag, a $200 gift card from, and a $10 gift card from

The event will be held from 11 am to 3 pm August 18 at The Manor House at 7440 Mason-Montgomery Road in Mason. 

To learn more about the show or to pre-purchase your tickets, visit You can also get 50% off tickets when you use promo code CHIC.

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See why this local HR exec recently bought a franchise that lets you enjoy your yard again while keeping you, your family and pets safe.

Cincy Chic: What is Mosquito Hunters? 
Jen Graft, Own of Mosquito Hunters Liberty Township: We are a mosquito abatement company that helps our clients talks back their yards. Our treatment controls ticks and fleas as well and lasts 21 days. It’s a franchise that I bought into in February 2019. 

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind Mosquito Hunters? 
Graft: The CEO started it three years ago in Chicago and began franchising in 2018. There are 50 franchises now and is continuing to grow. 

Cincy Chic: Can you talk about your transition from executive at an HR company to entrepreneur? 
Graft: I bought into the business as a side hustle and have taken this first season to help build the brand awareness, and learn the systems and processes. Adding to my MBA and certification in HR, I am now a certified commercial applicator of pesticides. 

Cincy Chic: Why are you so passionate about this business? 
Graft: Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on the planet and our services help keep families and pets safe. We have our family involved in the business and we make it fun! Gunther the Hunter is our mascot and my son dresses up as Gunther for special events, and we have a wrapped van with backpack sprayers ready for business! 

Cincy Chic: What makes this business unique? 
Graft: We are in the loyalty business. It’s about relationships and knowing our clients. Yes it’s a specialty to treat for these pests as that’s all we do, and we work with our clients to treat the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. We differentiate by how we approach customer service. We want to know our customers. There are also no contracts and we stand by our happiness promise. If you’re not happy we will retreat at no cost to you. 

Cincy Chic: Why is it so important for people/families to do it? 
Graft: It not only keeps families safe from deadly bites but also keeps the annoying pests away so you can enjoy your yard and entertain without getting bit. 

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along? 
Graft: Learn more on our website, Instagram<mosquitohunterscincinnati>, or send me an email

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Looking for some direction in life? Melissa explains the three key times during the day to get answers.

Don’t you hate making important decisions? Do you find you struggle especially when you are trying to decide on something that could be a benefit to you, or a detriment to your life, and still not know what is the right answer? 

Even the smallest decisions come with wring your hands and asking everyone for advice, to still be uncertain to your decision.

Here is one way to overcome the overwhelm of making a decision and trust your answer.

Anytime you have a major decision to make seek the answer from within. This is where you’ll find your inner compass that will offer you truth around any decision. 

How does it work?

I had a coach one time who always said “get on your butt and listen” but that just seem to be so difficult because I couldn’t stay seated long enough to listen. 

What I discovered was I did have three important times during my day that I could get the answers needed for making decisions. Those times includes:

• Windshield time
• Shower/Bath time
• Right before you fall asleep or when you awake

During these times if you open yourself up to “receive the answers” you can simply ask “what do I need to know” and then wait.  If nothing – ask the question again. Continue until you hear the inner compass truth.  

Who knows what you might hear?  It could include “go a different route to the office”, or “be sure and call Aunt Sally”, and maybe “you’re awesome.”

If you trust and keep working the process, soon the answers will be more precise and specific to your needs especially as you deepen your awareness and ability to ask the question then listen without judgment. 

Over time as you build this practice you will being to trust that your truth comes from within and make better decisions.  Learning to use this “superpower” can eliminate a lot of the uncertainty and downtime that comes with making decisions.

Give it a try.  You may hear silly messages coming through at first but embrace them and by all means ACT upon them.  Don’t discard them as nothing – let them lead you to the next answer. And have fun.  The high vibration of fun will activate the inner compass much quickly and finding the answer will come much faster.