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Hosting monthly events with local restaurants and breweries, this local group aims to bring women together, create a unique community and have lots of fun in the process. 

Cincinnati Housewives is bringing local women together for networking, friendship, and hanging out.

Used as a platform to connect local women, Housewives in the City is a lifestyle blog and social media community with the goal to bring women together to network, make friends, and build their sense of community. 

Social media and event coordinator for Cincinnati Housewives, Erin McIntosh, says she jumped at the chance to start the Cincinnati chapter of Housewives in the City.

“I had always joked that I wanted a job where I just got to meet and talk to new people,” McIntosh laughs, adding that — coming from an office setting — she was eager to start something new. “It has been so much fun hosting the networking socials and meeting so many great ladies,” she adds. 

Cincinnati Housewives events aren’t just for housewives though, McIntosh says. “Don’t let the name fool you,” she adds. “Our ladies night out socials are open to everyone,” she adds. 

Every month, Cincinnati Housewives hosts a ladies night networking social at various local bars and restaurants. “We have local businesses and vendors set up so you can shop if you’d like,” she explains.

According to McIntosh, event attendees range in career paths, including but not limited to bloggers, business owners, stay at home moms and direct sales consultants.  All events are free and open to the public. 

Although Cincinnati Housewives events are open to the public, events are announced via Eventbrite and attendees are asked to register for a free ticket. McIntosh says this allows them to know how many people to expect and prepare for each attendee in advance. 

Cincinnati Housewives prides itself in their emphasis on community, McIntosh says. “Our focus is to help ladies make connections with local people and businesses that they may have otherwise been unaware of,” she adds. 

In the future, Cincinnati Housewives is looking forward to booking new locations and vendors for upcoming ladies nights.

To learn more about Cincinnati Housewives events and announcements, like them on Facebook and follow the blog.

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Read on to learn more about an intimate concert series playing in shops and startups to homes and events.

SoFar Sounds brings a new music experience to Cincinnati..

Cincy Chic: What is SoFar Sounds Cincinnati?
Noah Stone, City Lead and Artist Booking for SoFar Sounds Cincinnati: SoFar Sounds Cincinnati is an intimate concert series with shows held in unique venues from local shops and startups to people’s apartment and homes. Each show typically features two to three artists with each lineup curated to give our audience a unique show.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Stone: SoFar Sounds was started in London back in 2009 after a few friends got tired of unenjoyable live music experience in your traditional bar or venue setting. Whether the crowd was too loud and not paying attention or you had someone standing in your way snapping selfies throughout the show these friends took it upon themselves to start curating and throwing intimate shows in unique spaces where the audience and artist alike could enjoy the music. 

Since then SoFar has spread into a global community currently in 413 cities across the globe from Cairo, Egypt to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind it?
Stone: We all wear a number of different hats when needed but here is how we are organized:

  • Noah Stone – City Lead and Artist Booking
  • Nathan Lewis – Sound engineering and Equipment
  • Chelsea Brown – Venues and Operations
  • David Spooner – Videographer contact and Operations
  • Nora Molinaro – Social Media
  • Jane Spooner – Finances

We also want to make sure to give thanks to the number of different videographers that come out to do the video work for our shows as well as all of the people that have allowed us to throw a show in their spaces!

Cincy Chic: How can readers become part of So Far Sounds?
Stone: The SoFar community is an inclusive one. We currently aren’t in need of any more volunteers but are always looking for new and fun spaces to hold our shows as well as new audience members to come out and enjoy them.

We are so grateful that Cincinnati has embraced us wholeheartedly and made every show a successful enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Cincy Chic: What makes So Far Sounds unique?
Stone: SoFar is unique in the sense that the shows are held in non-traditional spaces with an audience who is dead silent and usually sitting. (and when I mean silent I mean you can hear a pin drop silent) This also gives the audience a chance to interact on a more personal level with the artists at each show.

Lastly, since the spaces we have our show in can’t hold infinite people, SoFar operates on a lottery basis. You can visit Sofar’s website, search Cincinnati and sign up for upcoming shows. About a week in advance you’ll get an email that you’ve been selected and can purchase tickets. The day before the show you’ll be emailed the location and you don’t know what artists will be playing the show until you show up.

It adds a nice element of surprise to an already exciting event. 

Cincy Chic: Where can readers check out SoFar Sounds around the city?
Stone: You can learn more about SoFar Sounds at their website and can sign up for upcoming Cincinnati shows by searching for Cincinnati or visiting this link You can also see videos from a number of our past shows at that city specific link as well as submit to play or host a show.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon?
Stone: A number of upcoming shows to keep a look out for as well as more and more unique venues. Our last show was held at the Cincinnati Observatory and audience members got a chance to view the telescopes and look at the stars between artists.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Stone: This link has it all

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Kevin Kwan’s best-selling novel gets the Hollywood treatment. See why our critic says it’s “crazy well done.”


“So … Which of these accessories is going to make Lady Gaga jealous?” Rachel Chu (Constance Wu, right, in red) gets some fashion advice from her college best friend – and the secretly rich – Peik Lin Goh (Awkafina) in a scene from CRAZY RICH ASIANS. Credit: 



KEY CAST MEMBERS: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, Ken Jeong, Awkwafina, Lisa Lu, Ronny Chieng, Sonoya Mizuno, Chris Pang, Pierre Png, Jimmy O. Yang, Tan Kheng Hua, Remi Hii and Nico Santos

WRITER(S): Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim (screenplay); Kevin Kwan (novel on which the film is based)



HERE’S THE STORY: Based on the best-selling book of the same name by Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asians stars Constance Wu as Rachel Chu, a New York economics professor who’s happily in love with her Oxord education boyfriend Nick Young (Henry Golding in his debut feature film). So when Nick asks her to accompany him on a trip home to Singapore for the wedding of his good friend Colin (Chris Pang) to Araminta (Sonoya Mizuno), she happily says yes. And since she’ll be able to see her old college friend Peik (Awkwafina), Rachel is excited to visit the native land of her people since her mother Kerry (Tan Kheng Hua) left Asia before she was born.

That’s when she discovers that not only is Peik rich, but Nick’s family is really rich. Like, crazy rich – and Nick’s mother Eleanor (Michelle Yeoh) is “old world” Chinese in both tradition and practice. 

WHO WILL LIKE THIS FILM THE MOST? People who enjoyed the novel; fans of people living lavish lifestyles the average person can only dream of; mothers and daughters looking for a good bonding movie; independent women; anyone of Asian descent searching for a major Hollywood film that features their people in a positive, entertaining light; those looking for a film that doesn’t play into the usual romantic comedy/race-centric tropes; Awkwafina fans

WHO WON’T (OR SHOULDN’T) LIKE THIS MOVIE? People with no interest in Asian culture; those will find the slow parts in the film’s first hour too, well, slow; people who always say “the book was better;” people who think you have to be Asian to appreciate the film’s universal themes of love, acceptance and family

SO IS IT GOOD, BAD OR JUST AWFUL? A movie that is essentially a classic love story with modern elements in a setting unfamiliar to many American audiences, Crazy Rich Asians is an entertaining, heartfelt romantic comedy that doesn’t break any new ground as far as romantic comedies go – but breaks plenty in just being a good movie.

Crazy Rich Asians features just about everything you could want in a story: Chemistry between its two leads and supporting characters that, well, save for one or two characters that might seem a like a toned down version of co-star Ken Jeong’s work in The Hangover, are not caricatures of Asians in American eyes. Whereas Wu and Golding (he of British-Malaysian descent) seem like a real couple, Awkafina and Nico Santos – who plays Nick’s fashion and family-conscious cousin Oliver T’Sien – steal every scene they’re in with their good-natured, perfectly timed and well-meaning quips. Likewise, whereas Yeoh plays the role of the seemingly icy family matriarch with a good duality to her like many a Marvel Universe villain – she’s is cautious to never operate at one extreme at any one time – and Gemma Chan plays her role as Nick’s beautiful yet personally suffering in her relationship with her husband Michael (Pierre Png) in a way that feels extremely real (and thus inspiring without going out of her way to be so). 

Beautifully shot by director Jon M. Chu as essentially a tourist agency’s dream video postcard for Singapore, the film presents some of the best visuals captured on film this year, acting as the perfect backdrop for the film’s characters to play, love and learn throughout their respective journeys. Throw in a soundtrack that interpolates classic American songs of various genres in native Asian tongues and Crazy Rich Asians is the type of film that will feel revolutionary when in fact it’s simply more evolutionary.

For given how solid the film is, hopefully Crazy Rich Asians marks the evolution of an industry that has long underserved the Asian moviegoing population but at the same time proves a movie like this can entertain anyone.




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Planning a date night or need a fun girls night out idea? Check out this sweet event The BonBonerie has coming up!

The BonBonerie is hosting a cupcakes and cocktails event.

Mark your calendars for September 7 when The BonBonerie hosts Cupcakes and Cocktails from 7-9 pm.

Decorators from The BonBonerie will be offering a night of fun for a ladies night out or a date night.

Each ticket, which costs $65, includes decorating three different cupcakes – BonBonerie style. Plus, each guest will also get to select a cocktail or a glass of wine to go along with the cupcakes.

Lattes, berry spritzers, sangrias, and any other non-alcoholic beverage will also be available as well.

The event will be held in the new Tea Room, so whether you’re a regular at The BonBonerie or are trying it out for the first time, this is a night that will allow you to see the new room for yourself.

To get your tickets or learn more about other events from The BonBonerie, visit You can also “like” them on Facebook and follow along on Instagram.

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A locally-led volunteer coalition is on a mission to eliminate the use of plastic straws. Click to drink up all the details!

Straw Free Cincy’s volunteer coalition.

Cincy Chic: What is Straw Free Cincy?
Emily Parker, Co-Founder of Straw Free Cincy: Straw Free Cincy is a volunteer coalition that is on a mission to ensure there are one million less straws in Greater Cincinnati’s landfills and the ocean by the end of 2018.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Parker: We have a plastic problem. Estimates vary, but Americans use hundreds of millions of plastic drinking straws a day.  That is the equivalent of almost two straws for every man, woman and child living in this country every single day.

That straw you use for 10 minutes today will live on for 200 + years, either in a landfill or as pollution in the ocean. The Ohio River leads to the Atlantic and our plastic becomes everyone’s plastic. Scientists say there may be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. We have to make a change and straws are a great place to start.

In cities around the country movements are starting to reduce single use plastic and raise awareness about the problems it can cause.

Inspired by what’s happening in other cities Lindsey McCoy and Ali Webster, the co-founders of Cincinnati-based Plaine Products, and their friend and local sustainability advocate Emily Parker reached out via social media and a group of like-minded folks came together to see what we could do to get things started.

Cincy Chic: What’s the mission behind Straw Free Cincy?
Parker: By the end of 2018 we plan to have enough locations that have switched away from plastic straws to reach our goal of one million less straws in landfills and in the water. We’ll continue to build from there.

Cincy Chic: How are you hoping to help contribute to the eradication of plastic straws?
Parker: This summer we’re starting a campaign to get restaurants and venues in Cincinnati to stop serving plastic straws unless they are specifically requested. As companies join, we’ll list them on our website and through social media so we can all do our best to support them and thank them for their efforts. We’ve already got several restaurants, venues, and bars on the list.  Disney just announced they are going to stop using plastic straws and coffee stirrers in their parks so the momentum is definitely moving in the right direction.

We have some other ideas in the works for the fall to keep the awareness growing, including a venue window decal by local artist John Maggard.

Cincy Chic: What makes Straw Free Cincy unique?
Parker: The focus is on Greater Cincinnati! We want to help raise awareness and get people on board with reducing single use plastic. At Arnold’s downtown, who voluntarily stopped serving straws unless requested this spring, they said that as long as people were aware of why they weren’t automatically putting straws in drinks most people were happy to go straw free.  So education is a huge part of making this work.

The Newport Aquarium and their Wave Foundation are on board as participating organizations and we’re chatting with the Cincinnati Zoo, who has been straw free for years, to get them on board as a supporting organization as well. We’re hoping to add other key Cincinnati institutions as supporters so we can all work together.  

Cincy Chic: How can readers get involved?
Parker: If you know of any locations we should add, or you want to volunteer to help spread the word, please get in touch with us! You can contact us through the website or on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Additionally, if any reader has a great contact at a venue in Cincinnati, we’d love to reach out to them with our tool kit.  

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From weddings to work functions, Cincy Bartiste aims to elevate your event with their smiling faces and creative sips.

Cincy Bartiste offers mobile bartending services for a variety of private events.

Specializing in elevating your event, Cincy Bartiste can provide mobile bartending to a variety of events, from graduation parties to weddings, or small networking get-togethers to big corporate functions. 

“The reason I started this company was to do something that I love and have it be mine,” owner and bartender Tom Bees says. “I enjoy meeting new people, having fun and taking care of them,” he adds. 

Other than doing something he’s passionate about, Bees saw this mobile bartending service as an opportunity to ease the financial responsibility of raising a family.  “I thought this would be a great opportunity to start something to aid me in the financial responsibility of taking care of them,” Bees adds. 

Bees says Cincy Bartiste can help budget-conscious customers pre-order everything they need for their event and give them ideas for signature drinks. “This gives you an opportunity to save your money by supplying your own product,” Bees explains. “I would say 95% of the people go with this option.”

When working an event, Cincy Bartiste shows up with a staff of bartenders, a 7-foot bar with LED lighting, coolers, ice bins, glass dispensers, straws, and napkins. 

Bees says business is booming. In fact, after just a few years, Cincy Bartiste has received “Top Pro” status on and is a featured company on “We were in such high demand this year, I had to expand,” Bees says. “Now I have extra qualified, certified and experienced bartenders.”

In the future, Bees looks forward to improving his own bartending skills and further expanding his bartending staff. “[The staff] can’t wait to show off their outstanding skills in speed, awareness, and knowledge of their profession while being personable,” Bees adds.

To learn more about Cincy Bartiste, visit their website, email and like them on Facebook.

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Learn about a newly opened restaurant that helps those with an active lifestyle eat healthy on-the-go.

CoreLife Eatery recently opened its doors in the Cincinnati market and offers healthy food for active lifestyles.

Cincy Chic: What is CoreLife Eatery?
Todd Mansfield, Founder of CoreLife Eatery: CoreLife Eatery is an active lifestyle restaurant offering a fresh, delicious selection of greens, grains and broth-based dishes. CoreLife Eatery brings together scratch cooking with flavorful source ingredients and a fast, casual service line for a healthy and affordable eating alternative.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Mansfield: CoreLife Eatery’s founders shared a mutual desire to find an answer to one simple question: why is it so difficult to find healthy clean foods that taste great and are easily accessible every day? They wanted to bring health-conscious consumers a flavorful, nutritious and convenient eating alternative, which is how CoreLife Eatery was born.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the eatery?
Mansfield: CoreLife Eatery was founded by partners Larry Wilson and Todd Mansfield. An experienced restaurateur, Wilson is CEO and the driving force behind CoreLife Eatery’s development. Meanwhile, Mansfield, a physical therapist by trade, serves as Chief Culture Officer and uses his background in wellness and nutrition to enrich the brand. President and Chief Concept Officer Scott Davis, who has an impressive resume that includes tenure at Panera Bread, is a leader and innovator in the fast casual restaurant sector and uses his expertise to strategically shape and position the brand for success and growth.

Cincy Chic: Where is CoreLife Eatery located?
Mansfield: CoreLife Eatery is headquartered in the Binghamton, New York area. Today, there are more than 40 stores in 10 states, and that number is growing rapidly. The brand just recently opened its first Cincinnati location in the Hyde Park Plaza.

Cincy Chic: What makes CoreLife Eatery unique?
Mansfield: A healthy, fast, affordable dining option is hard to find, and CoreLife Eatery has perfected it. At CoreLife Eatery, you won’t find microwaves or freezers, sodas or highly-caffeinated, sugary sports drinks, high-fructose corn syrup, processed foods, or food coloring. All ingredients are GMO-free. Our menu is absent of all the things people are constantly trying to eliminate from their diet. You literally cannot visit CoreLife Eatery and order something unhealthy.

Cincy Chic: What can we find on the menu?
Mansfield: At CoreLife Eatery, you’ll find bowls heaping with greens or whole grains, topped with grass-fed beef, mixed vegetables, organic tofu or free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken and drizzled with dressings made from scratch. The Southwestern Grilled Chicken and Purple Rice, complete with a delicious lime cilantro dressing, is a fan favorite. Don’t forget our delicious craft beverages: dive into a refreshing glass of cucumber basil lemonade, cranberry cayenne lemonade, or beet lemonade, our number one seller.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for CoreLife Eatery?
Mansfield: In July, CoreLife Eatery claimed the top spot on the 2018 Future 50 list, presented by Restaurant Business. This list highlights new cuisines that are rising to the top, signaling increasing acceptance of different ingredients, flavors and formats. CoreLife Eatery is opening multiple restaurants each month, and is on track to have 300 locations in operation in the next five years.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along?
Mansfield: Visit

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It’s a new space that’s a cross between a living room, art gallery and coffee shop with story-based exhibits featuring local residents’ interesting and inspiring stories. Read on for more!

Avondale community members connect with fellow residents through neighborhood stories and shared experiences.

Cincy Chic: What is the Avondale Story Gallery?
Shawn Braley, Executive Director of Cincy Stories: The Avondale Story Gallery is a mix between a living room, art gallery and coffee shop with story-based “exhibits” featuring the stories of Avondale residents around the space. We intentionally created this space to feel like a neighborhood living room: comfortable, simple, and relaxing. Around the space, we’ve “hidden” stories via touch screens, rotary phones, walkmen, and antique tape players. Each interactive storytelling mechanism gives folks the opportunity to hear stories from those who call Avondale home. But ultimately, we want folks who enter the space to connect with one another. So we have story starters, prompts for stories on cards, placed around the space. We hope folks will hang out, share a story or two with one another and leave having new friends. Especially for those who call Avondale home. This entire project is a way to both amplify the stories of Avondale out to the rest of the city while building community and connecting neighbors within their particular neighborhood.

Cincy Chic: What inspired the Avondale Story Gallery?
Braley: Cincy Stories exists to build community through story. We were inspired by reading the Cincinnati is the 5th most segregated city in our country. We believe that storytelling is the antidote to that problem. The more we share stories, the more we’ll know each other, and the more we’ll be willing to do life with one another. No matter our background or differences. This space is inspired by concept of third spaces. A third space is the space you go for community and connection outside of work and home. Think of “Cheers,” where everyone knows your name. We believe our city has many great third spaces, but they almost exclusively cater to one people group. So we wanted to take the vision for a third space into being a space where folks of different backgrounds interact.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the new exhibit?
Braley: Cincy Stories is behind it. We’re a non-profit working to building community through story. We do this by hosting events around town, creating documentary media and engaging the community through this neighborhood project. We’ve been an organization for almost 4 years and have continued to expand around our city.

Cincy Chic: What is it like to visit the gallery?
Braley: So, this gallery literally does feel like a living room. We have comfortable, vintage furniture, we have coffee and soft drinks and snacks. There’s always someone there to interact with you if you’d like. If you’d rather relax, that’s welcome to. There’s no pressure to engage with the stories or not. We just want people to feel safe and comfortable. It’s also unique that we’re in an office building but you enter through the side door. We wanted the space to feel a little like a hidden secret, so we don’t have folks enter in the front and go through some lobby, we have them enter directly into our space.

Cincy Chic: How has the public received it thus far?
Braley: It has been great. Our main work is with the community of Avondale and we get a good portion of new folks and regulars in every day that we’re open (Weds-Saturday 12pm-7pm). People get excited when they find out about it and have actually called people on the spot to invite them to share and watch stories. It has been really exciting to see the space be embraced by Avondale.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Cincy Stories?
Braley: We’re always dreaming up new ways to engage the community. We’ve recently built a program called Young Voices of Cincinnati that we’re doing in Lower Price Hill in conjunction with Santa Maria and Community Matters. This program is for teenagers in Lower Price Hill to learn how to create media. We’ve started by developing a podcast called YVC Radio that will be released beginning in the fall. The teens find, source and interview their own stories, we’re just there to teach and facilitate the process. We intend to grow this into video next and create a youtube channel where they create their own content.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about the gallery and Cincy Stories and follow along?
Braley: Look for us on Facebook and Instagram and read more at

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See why our movie critic is saying this simple, honest journey through adolescence makes for a phenomenal film.


“I could totally be a shark, like, if I wanted to be one!” Kayla Day (Elsie Fisher) swims with a lot of her mind in a scene from  writer/director’s debut coming-of-age drama EIGHTH GRADECredit: Josh Ethan Johnson © 2018 A24. All rights reserved.



KEY CAST MEMBERS: Elsie Fisher, Josh Hamilton, Emily Robinson, Jake Ryan, Luke Prael, Catherine Oliviere, Imani Lewis, Daniel Zolghadri and Greg Crowe

WRITER(S): Bo Burnham

DIRECTOR(S): Bo Burnham


HERE’S THE STORY: The directorial debut debut of writer Bo Burnham (best known from his days as one of the earliest YouTube comedy stars), Eighth Grade stars Elise Fisher as Kayla Day. And who is Kayla? Just your average quiet teenage girl with acne issues that dreams of having a boyfriend and makes plenty of online advice videos of her own. But beneath the surface, she is much more than that – she’s a young lady that, like many of us at her age, is struggling to fit in with her peers, finds her overly eager to show his enthusiastic father (Josh Hamilton) equal parts loving, annoying and embarrassing at times and unsure of how to break out of her own restrictive bad habits. She’s often smarter and braver than she gives herself credit for, sometimes too naive for her own good and also just someone who knows that today can shape tomorrow but the day before doesn’t have to ruin either.

And now that she’s going into her last week of eighth grade, she’s got a lot of growing up to do, even if she’s not sure exactly how to do it.

WHO WILL LIKE THIS FILM THE MOST? Teenagers, parents who “get it;” anyone who can identify with the struggles/concerns of the main character no matter how they are.

WHO WON’T (OR SHOULDN’T) LIKE THIS MOVIE? People who hate social media and the impact it’s had on America; parents who will become instantly overly concerned with their children’s activities; far right political thinkers; bullies

SO IS IT GOOD, BAD OR JUST AWFUL? Eighth grade isn’t an “important” movie because of the statement it makes. It’s not a “must-see” because it comes with deep revelations about the modern teenage experience. Nor is it a “can’t miss” because of some dynamic, revelatory factor that will stun or shock you. For much like those buzz words, Eighth Grade doesn’t adhere to some standard that goes with conventional judgment. 

Instead, it’s an important, must-see, can’t miss film because of the thing most films of its ilk don’t do well: Present an honest, heartfelt and most importantly, realistic view of what it means to be a young person in this moment in a way that is entertaining and educational for teens and adults alike.

As a movie, Eighth Grade provides a phenomenal visceral experience due to the outstanding performance of Elsie Fisher and her contemporaries. Instead of feeling like a character, Fisher makes Karla feel like that girl you’ve seen or been in your classes, next door, at the mall or simply on a social media post. Easy to fall into the crowd, Eighth Grade provides a spotlight that shows her day-to-day life in a way that is both inviting and voyeuristic. As you watch Kayla’s experiences, you feel Kayla’s experiences, either in empathetic or sympathetic means (if not both) where you will find yourself growing along with her. 

Seriously, Fisher (and to a lesser but still very important degree, her co-stars) makes you feel like you are getting to see something rare: a young girl’s raw, uncensored thoughts, feelings, nerves, fears, hopes and dreams and how they manifest in her day-to-day existence. There are times you want to yell at/hug/warn Kayla for her actions and times you simply want to share in the moment with her – without Fisher simply approaching Kayla as a real girl going through real things, there’s no way the film would work as well as it does. 

In a world where people have less and less time these days, spend less time interacting with each other, have personas on social media that don’t match up with their real lives because everyone wants to make sure that they are “living their best life,” Eighth Grade shows how all of those things are affecting today’s generation – while still making anyone who’s been a teen making sense of the world relate to the struggle of adolescence. 

For a man who started off as a teenage YouTube wunderkind, Burnham is able to dig into his own firsthand knowledge with Eighth Grade and has created a film that crosses genders, (some) racial lines and ages to deliver something genius in its simplicity: A story about growing up with modern factors that makes a timeless experience relevant for all that watch it. As opposed to focusing on one particular issue and making Kayla have to overly dwell on it, Eighth Grade just goes over the basics of growing up: acceptance (both by others and of one’s self), not knowing how to deal with starting to have sexual feelings, getting independence but still allowing one’s parent(s) into their life and knowing why they care and maturing. Parents watching will be able to learn more about their kids than many standard conversations may likely deliver while kids will be able to watch someone who looks like them that doesn’t make them feel preachy, over-the-top, sad, stupid and/or lost. Instead, it offers honesty and hope, which makes for an experience that is part comedy, part drama and potentially therapy for all involved.

Or, at its core, it’s just a really good movie about a really relatable subject that is really something you’ll enjoy if – much like adolescence itself – you just breath, realize you can and will get through it. Consider this a simple guide to get you through to the other side of the journey.



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Learn about the local mortgage professionals who love making the home buying process easier and more affordable.

Guaranteed Rate helps aspiring homeowners find the lowest rate on a mortgage.

With the world’s first digital mortgage, Guaranteed Rate is dedicated to helping aspiring homeowners get a low rate on the best mortgage, as efficiently as possible.

“Purchasing a home is a big deal,” says Macey Bierman, Production and Development Manager at Guaranteed Rate. “That’s why we built a mortgage company that places you and your needs at the center of everything we do.”

The team at Guaranteed Rate uses cutting-edge technology to simplify the mortgage process. The new technology that is unique to Guaranteed Rate allows clients to choose what type of loan they want, receive free credit scores, securely upload and digitally sign their loan and finally, receive approval — all online. 

As a whole, Guaranteed Rate is made up of over 5,000 employees. Cincinnati Guarantee Mortgage Branch Manager, Ron Erdmann is ranked among the top 50 managers and is rated first in the state of Ohio. Erdmann was also ranked in the top 1% of mortgage professionals nationally.

Bierman says Guaranteed Rate was created by real estate and mortgage professionals who are dedicated to putting the customer first in every aspect of the process. “This meant that they had to simplify the process and bring the lowest rates, the highest level of transparency, and even higher level of service to homebuyers and those looking to refinance,” she adds

What makes Guaranteed Rate unique, Bierman says, is the fact that Erdmann is able to work with more than 20 different lenders to find his clients the most aggressive rates. “We have unique options for financing including but not limited to renovation loans, new construction loans, home addition loans, and first-time home buyer grants,” she explains

“Customers remain at the center of everything we do, from our Intuitive Loan Finder, World’s First Digital Mortgage, and easy-to-use GR Mobile App to our continued commitment of providing the personal service that has made us one of the most trusted mortgage providers in the country,” Bierman adds. 

In the future, Guaranteed Rate will be moving offices to accommodate their rapidly expanding team. The new Cincinnati Guaranteed Rate office will be located on the corner of Grandin Road and Torrence Parkway. Guaranteed Rate is also looking forward to expanding into Northern Kentucky, which will be opening in August of 2018.

To learn more, about Guaranteed Rate, visit their website here .