03.05.08 – Quote of the Day – mmmm…shoes

03.05.08 – Quote of the Day – mmmm…shoes

[Charlotte has just told the girls about a magazine article she read which said that a woman only gets two “great loves” in her lifetime]
Charlotte: So far I’ve only had one great love – Trey.
[to Miranda] Charlotte: How many great loves have you had?
Miranda: Zero.
Carrie: Really? What about Steve?
Miranda: Steve’s a friend, not a core-shaker.
Samantha: Well, I’m done with great love. I’m back to great lovers.
Miranda: [to Carrie] You?
Carrie: I refuse to define love in those limited terms
Miranda: [laughing] I had to!
Charlotte: Oh, come on Carrie! Aidan and Big!
[Charlotte pauses as she realizes what she just said. Carrie looks up at her]
Carrie: One, two. And according to you, I’m done!
Charlotte: No, no, it was a stupid article. It was at the dentist!
Carrie: No, no, no, no, too late now. You said it, it’s over for me. “Here lies Carrie. She had two loves and lots o’ shoes”

My name is Amy Storer and I’m addicted to cute shoes. With getting ready to finish our basement and saving for a wedding, I haven’t let the shoe monster out of its cage much lately. But this weekend, I let it run wild. Not too wild, though. I only went to TJ Maxx to keep from being a broke shoe monster. 🙂

I got a pair of nice brown Anne Klein pumps, black leather Nine West pumps and – talk about wild – these babies:


Over the weekend, Pete and his family and I all decided to go to the Beer Haus in Miamitown because it was so nice out. They have this nice back portion of the restaurant that overlooks the Great Miami River. They have the best fish logs, fyi! Yum yum!?

On Monday, I went to the “Wild About Wine” event at the Zoo and that was so fun! Then, afterwards, my girlfriends and I went to Olives up in Clifton (where Uno’s used to be). It’s really cute! Great quesadillas.

Then last night, my brother, Pete and I decided to catch a bite to eat at Pompillios in Newport. They have a great sampler! haha…Man, I’m making myself hungry writing this blog! 🙂

So, after all this eating out, I think I’ll be a homebody tonight. But I will be at Havana Martini Club on Thursday for ladies night! Should be fabulous! I’ll be wearing my new wild woman shoes! 🙂