04.14.08 – Quote of the Day – Check us out on FOX...

04.14.08 – Quote of the Day – Check us out on FOX 19 tomorrow!

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust


Man, do I have lots of reasons to be happy! Tons of really really really good things are happening for Cincy Chic.


We have a “Lots of Clothes, but Nothing to Wear” lunch n learn on 4/15 that’s going to be packed to the gills! And a FOX 19 producer that’s a subscriber asked me if we could come on the show tomorrow (4/15) morning and give some of the tips we’ll be sharing at the lunch n learn. So, we’ll be on FOX 19 from 8:45-9am tomorrow! Check us out if you can!


Another amazing thing that recently happened is the Cincinnati Regional Chamber asked me if I would give a testimonial about the benefits of the Chamber for their upcoming ad campaign. Of course, I said yes, so they just did the photo shoot for that last week, and they said my shoot went the best. 🙂 They said it will be appearing in the Business Courier and possibly billboards, so keep your eyes peeled!


Personally, things are going pretty well. I’m still training for the Pig. Not as hard as I should be, though. I’ve only ran about 10 miles tops, and I should have done an 18 miler by now. I ran this weekend and my knee started to bother me around the 9 mile mark, so I’m somewhat worried. The Pig is only a mere 20 days away!


I went to go see my finance in action at his new job as a morning anchor in Dayton on Friday. That was really fun! I can’t believe how “on the fly” everything is on TV. It always looks so polished when you’re sitting on your couch watching the end result. But you wouldn’t believe the shenanigans that go on literally a few seconds before and DURING their air time! We got to talking about it last night with the family and we got to thinking it would be a fun reality show to do a behind the scenes of how making the news really happens.


And Dino is doing well. He’s in his rebellious teenage years right now. So, he’s tearing up everything, defying authority and getting very vocal when he doesn’t get his way. He must take after me because those are the things I used to do in my rebellious teenage years! 🙂


Here’s a picture of Mr. Dino trying to look innocent after tearing up a $50 bed pillow.