04.30.08 – Editor in Chic Blog – YAY! Up and Running (literally!)

04.30.08 – Editor in Chic Blog – YAY! Up and Running (literally!)

“I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.” ~Ancient Persian Saying

Okay, first off, I have to just say that I’m really emotional right now. I watched “Extreme Makeover – Wedding Edition” ….holy cow. Last night’s episode was a tear jerker (like, I’m sure, all of them are). But for some reason, this episode really hit home for a lot of different reasons.

The guy on there that wanted to get married had fought cancer four times at the ripe age of 40. Because of all the chemo he endured, he had an extremely weakened heart. In fact, he was on a pacemaker, awaiting a heart transplant. Even though he wasn’t strong enough to play, he loved sports. So, he threw himself into his sports writing career. But through all the time off for chemo, he ended up losing his job. He genuinely didn’t think anyone would ever want to love a jobless, cancer patient with a pacemaker. But someone did. She met him at a benefit dinner… apparently, she was running a marathon to raise money for an organization and he was the keynote speaker for the event to thank all the fundraisers. She fell in love and – regardless of if he lived one or one hundred more years – they wanted to get married.

But with only one breadwinner, and lots of healthcare bills, there was no money for a wedding. Enter the “Extreme Makeover’s I Do Crew”!!!!

In three days, they created this immaculate wedding and reception, gave them a Sears shopping spree (they could buy ANYTHING!!!), got a free car and ESPN Magazine is going to let the guy write a feature for them. AHHHH!!!

Ok, that’s not even the best part. It was their vows that really had me sobbing uncontrollably. Not only were they staring right into eachother’s eyes when they said “’till death do us part” but his vows went a little something like this: “The doctors tell me I have a weak heart. But right now, at this very moment, they couldn’t be more wrong. I feel so alive with you. So strong. I feel like I have such a full heart. And it’s all because of you.” I’m crying again….geesh….

SO… my little knee issue doesn’t seem like that big of a deal all the sudden. It doesn’t hurt that I got an amazing deep tissue massage last night where my therapist helped me loosen up my hamstrings, which he says was affecting the way that I ran, which affected my joints – my knee in particular.

I went on a run this morning, and I felt like new! So, the Pig and I will meet again this Sunday. Wish me luck! I’m going to get a Kleenex now!