08.16.08 – It’s electric (outages)!

08.16.08 – It’s electric (outages)!

“Behind Every Problem Lies an Opportunity” – I think this is a quote from someone famous, but I don’t know for sure because I can’t look it up on the internet. ARGH!

You know, it’s really difficult to run an online publication with no internet. Maureen Jacob, our managing editor, and I have been nomads traveling anywhere in the city with electric and internet. Yesterday it was the Ft. Thomas Starbucks. Today it’s the Coffee Emporium on Central Parkway. For some reason though, my computer doesn’t like the connection settings here and won’t actually let me on the internet. So, I’m writing this blog in a Word document and I’ll copy/paste it once I actually get somewhere that has that crazy thing called the internet.

Man, I don’t know about you, but this weekend’s wind storm totally caught me by surprise. I heard that the weather system leftovers from Hurricane Ike were coming through. I thought there might be a little extra breeze, maybe some rain. I certainly didn’t expect Armageddon to hit! During the first part of the storm, we were at Christ Hospital with Pete’s grandma. (She’s there recovering from a surgery, so keep her in your prayers.) The wind was whipping around that high-rise and even knocked out the hospital’s power! Luckily they have a generator to power all the necessities like the patients beds and ventilators. But the air and TVs kept flickering on and off and it was very unnerving. Then we went to Pete’s parents on the West Side and it was like driving through a Allstate commercial. You know, where a random tree falls on your car and Dennis Haysbert’s deep voice says “Are you in good hands?” I’m sure lots of people were asking themselves that same question, rummaging through home insurance paperwork, squinting to discern the fine print, and wishing they hadn’t put off calling the tree service to cut down that rotten tree in the backyard (that’s probably now in their front yard).

***UPDATE: I have internet!*** Maybe the Coffee Emporium’s internet knew I was going to write bad things about it and decided to let me in.

So, on another note. It’s t-minus 11 days before my wedding! I really can’t believe it. I only have a few little details to take care of (and a few big bills to take care of! 🙂 and then it’s the big day. Two weekends ago, a bunch of my girlfriends from high school/college/”real world” – coming from Cincinnati, Chicago and Miluawkee – all came out to celebrate my looming nuptials for an entire weekend. It was so much fun. I loved seeing them all learn about each other, become friends with each other and hear them share embarrassing stories about me! I feel really lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people. And I’m so excited to see them again in 11 days!

I’m going to try to catch up to work now that I actually have internet!