09.30.08 – I’m a Mrs.!!!

09.30.08 – I’m a Mrs.!!!

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlinPhoto 32.jpg


Wellll….. it happened! I’m married! Officially Amy Ann Scalia! I’m in the process of changing everything over (ahem, nightmare). But it was such an AMAZING event. It all went so smoothly. My dress was perfect (thanks Madison Ave. Bridal) and the girls’ dresses made them look like little Oscar statues. It was beautiful. Our custom jewelry was impeccable (Paolo Jewelers) The flowers and centerpieces (Courtenay Lambert) were breathtaking. And my makeup was my favorite… airbrushed mineral makeup… from Zoe Custom Cosmetics. I felt like an angel. And when I saw Pete at the altar with a tear in his eye I just knew I was starting the most incredible new phase of my life. And I’ll forever have a partner.


So, now we’ve gone through a few of the exciting firsts… first dinner as a married couple, first time signing the new name, first time introducing him as my husband.


We’re taking a delayed honeymoon in late December over new years. It was a surprise for Pete. I told him about it at the wedding by having our honeymoon tour map put on his groomscake. Now we have that to look forward to! Here’s an amateur shot from the wedding! I’ll post professional shots as soon as I get them!!