12.18.07 – Quote of the day – Creative Holiday Ideas

12.18.07 – Quote of the day – Creative Holiday Ideas

“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm” – Earl Nightingale

I couldn’t agree more with that quote… I also think the two feed into each other. I create when I’m excited and full of ideas, and I have even more energy after hand-making holiday cards or beading my newest piece of jewelry. Pete things I’m the crazy craft lady, but I can’t explain it… I just love to be creative. Today, I want to share some creative holiday ideas with you…

First of all, with us just moving to our house, our tree skirt got lost in the shuffle. So, I got creative and our tree now has a tree dress! I took a pretty gray long dress of mine (check out the picture below of it in action! haha… I was a Greek Goddess for Halloween 🙂 and on the right you’ll see it as its alter-ego, the tree skirt. Looks nice, huh?

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Secondly, I love to personalize, but don’t always have the time for it. For those people who share the same sentiment, go to http://www.personalizationmall.com and create a personalized gift just in time for the holidays. If you celebrate Christmas, it’s only SEVEN DAYS AWAY! Luckily, personalizationmall.com ships in 2-3 days! A friend of mine just sent me a personalized mini canvas from there, so that’s how I heard of it. It’s really high quality stuff!

And thirdly, I know you can’t buy it for the holidays, but I just found out about it, so I have to tell you… maybe you can redo a room in time for your New Year’s Eve party. It’s called “Wonderful Graffiti”… Click here for a few examples of how customers have used these wonderful rub-on quote/word wall transfers. They’re fabulous!! Enjoy and have a great day! PS… how do you like the new holiday-themed site? Tell us in the comments below!!!!