1.23.09 – Social Networking/Interactivity lunch ‘n’ learn notes

1.23.09 – Social Networking/Interactivity lunch ‘n’ learn notes

Here are my notes from a lunch ‘n’ learn I did yesterday about the benefits of social networking, interactivity, and other web-based wonders….I told them I would post my notes on my blog! So, here they are! Please contact me at astorer@cincychic.com if you have questions!

•    “It’s who you know…”
      o    Story about projector
•    Tried to get one today through traditional routes; didn’t work
•    After putting a request on Twitter/Facebook with my phone, I knew about 6 local projectors, free for our use today, within two minutes    
•    So, quite ironically, I was able to get this projector for my social networking luncheon talk, through social networking!
•    Social networks closely resemble us in real life
      o    Image – Make a lasting impression that people will remember, positioning yourself as the subject matter expert
      o    Updates – Like to tell people what’s new
      o    Network – Meet as many new people as you can
      o    Connect /Engage– face time with important prospects, building business
•    Social networking, your web presence, helps you do all of the above virtually, reaching many more people than a little networking meeting will do any day
      o    Image – customize the look of your site/social networking page to match your branding/ a top-notch website says there’s a top-notch person behind it
      o    Updates – social networking sites allow you to easily update all those that are interested in learning more about you. Hundreds or thousands (depending on how hard you work on building your online connections) with a few keystrokes. Updating your website regularly does that as well – suggest having an RSS feed of updates on your site for your social networking pages
      o    Network – social networking sites (algorithms to find people you might know) and the “googbability” of your personal website can end up working as a dating service for your business. Let it do the work for you.
      o    Connect /Engage– social networking sites help you suggest people that other people might want to know (facebook) recommend professionals you should work with (linkedin). On your personal site, I suggest developing an e-newsletter to connect on a regular basis with your database. Use polls/comments to initiate two way communication. Give behind the scenes look into your business.
•    Because I let social networking get the word out about my business, I don’t have to spend all my time in networking meetings.
      o    The sole reason we were able to get 14,000 opt in subscribers in two short years without spending a dollar on advertising.
      o    You either spend money or time to get in front of people
•    With money being so short, use your time to build your business with these effective online tools
•    Recommended social networking sites:
      o    Twitter – instant updates, many mobile apps for on the go info
      o    Facebook– instant updates, many mobile apps for on the go info, event invites and instant chats
      o    MySpace – instant updates, mobile apps, bulletins, event invites (time consuming though)… still on top (but slowly losing market share, quickly to Twitter) but still effective, according to Nielsen
      o    Linkedin – by far most professional. Updates, recommendations, connecting with colleagues (past and present) and getting leads based on industry/friend recommendations
      o    Podcasts – allow people to subscribe to your feed, new podcasts are automatically downloaded to their iTunes (it’s always best with the information automatically goes to your users, instead of your users remembering to come to you)
      o    Streaming video –  ustream
      o    Classmates.com – doesn’t get as much coverage but there are a lot of people on it, according to Rubi Consulting
•    Does skew younger right now, but this is our new generation and it will soon be mainstream
•    Don’t lose your MAIN web site in the mix, though
      o    Always have your friends click through to your site to “learn more” or “read the rest” …view pictures, etc (unless you have time, and then only post to Facebook and MySpace because of the tagging aspect)
•    You have to go to where the people are to lead them to your site. Don’t let them “get the milk for free” on these other sites, or waste time doing the same thing over and over on all your sites.
      o    Have your website link to your social networking sites so people can join your “entourage”
      o    Be more personable on your SN pages than on your professional site. Give them the “behind the scenes” on your SN pages
•    Don’t forget the power of Google in the mix of all the social networking hoopla
            o    Reference google tips

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I also promised that I would give information about good Blackberry applications. Go to http://www.facebook.com/mobile/ and learn more about the FB app. Or go to facebook.com on your browser from your phone and download the application it suggests for your blackberry. And for Twitter, here’s a link to learn about the Twitterberry application.

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