2.7.08 – Quote of the Day – The Mafia

2.7.08 – Quote of the Day – The Mafia

At every party there are two kinds of people – those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other. ~Ann Landers

This weekend is unbelievably busy! Lots going on in the city. It all gets started tonight at the Havana Martini Club where we’ll be having our first “Chic Night” of the month. Should be really fun with lots of people there. I hear the “Wedding Mafia” will be having a happy hour there, too. So it should be a packed crowd. By the way, if you haven’t heard about the Wedding Mafia, I highly recommend you check out their site, yourweddingmafia.com. Basically, if you’re not into the big bridal shows, you can become a member of the mafia (haha, that sounds funny 🙂 and then they give you a hand-selected, objective list of the best wedding vendors in town in all different price ranges. Basically, they do the homework of figuring out who has a good reputation at all different price points. And if you have any problems along the way, feggetabaddit… the mafia has your back and will get the vendor back in check. As a new bride, and the future wife of a huge Italian family… I had to become a member of the Mafia. 🙂

Speaking of wedding stuff… if you are interested in the big bridal shows, there’s the mother of all bridal shows coming to town this weekend: BridalRama. We’ll be there at a booth taking pictures, so we hope to see you there! Go to bridalrama.net to learn more about it!

Before the big BridalRama event, I am doing something really fun on Friday. My friend Carolyn is having a “Swap Party” where we bring clothing and accessories that are still in style, but just don’t look right on us, and we swap with the others at the party to get items that look good on us. I’m really excited about it! Carolyn and I will be together again on Saturday night at the “Party in our Pants” event at Paul Brown Stadium. Basically, the Cincinnati Ad Club gets together once a year to honor the best advertising campaigns, but they always have a funny theme. This year is fun pants. I’m SO SO SO looking forward to all the crazy pants we’ll see at this thing… I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!

And lastly before I sign off, I have to share this video of Dino. It actually relates back to the mafia thing I was talking about earlier… kind of. Like I said earlier, Pete is Italian, so when we came across a toy that was this duck with a cigar coming out of his bill and when you squeeze it, it says in an Italian Goodfellas accent, “Do you think I’m funny? What am I – a clown?” we just HAD to get it! It’s so funny to hear him playing with this toy that keeps repeatedly saying “Do you think I’m funny? What am I – a clown? Do you think I’m funny? What am I – a clown? Do you think I’m funny? What am I – a clown?” I took a video of him this morning… enjoy!