Can it be?

Can it be?

Alright, let me set the mood…


It’s Friday afternoon.  I just got home from a long, long work week.  I’m killing some time before I run some errands by going through some things in my bedroom and rummaging through some old pictures.  “Man,” I think to myself, “I never realized how much weight I put on.”  I thumb through some more, thinking back to how a girl never realizes how beautiful she really was in high school.  I pause on a few, laughing in remembrance of what incredibly stupid and silly thing I was doing at the time the picture was taken, and sigh when I find an old prom picture.  Funny how we waste all those years trying to look one way, thinking we are never beautiful enough, never truly appreciating what we really looked like, isn’t it?


Then it hits me.  My head perks up like one of those prairie dogs.  I scamper up off the ground like a kid on Christmas morning and run to the other side of my bed.  Slowly, I lean over, pull my blanket up, and slide out a long, smooth container.  I eagerly wiggle the container out completely and pause for a moment in anticipation. “Should I do this?” I ask myself, “Is it time?”  “Yes,” say aloud, “it is.”


It was at that moment my heart started to quicken.  I had one of those tight lipped smiles—the kind of smile that appears when you are a given a gift and you really hope it’s what you wanted.  I snapped open the lid, setting it aside, and I stopped.  I just stared at the contents for a second thinking of the disappointment I might feel had I should have waited.  “No,” I told myself, “just do it.”  I grabbed one of favorites.  I stood back up, and let it fall open, sizing it up and inspecting every small detail.  I prepared myself and then held it back up in the air. 


I took a breath, turned to face the mirror, and pulled one foot through.  I quickly pulled the other foot through.  I stared at myself in my full-length mirror and continued pulling up.  I heard music—the tune from Rocky was softly beginning to run through my head.  I watched myself continue pulling up and the music got louder.  “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…” I repeated over and over.  I went past my knees, past my thighs, over my butt, and then….


I buttoned them!  No sucking in, no lying on the bed, no need for pliers to pull the zipper up—they fit!  Yes ladies and gentlemen, I did it.  I FINALLY fit into those old jeans! Laughing


I kid you not; I jumped up and down, laughing and clapping my hands.  I even started to tear up.  I turned and checked out the view from the back; I turned again and checked the view from the side.  I started jumping up and down again.  Hands on my face, I stood there and stared.


THAT, my friends, is the feeling of accomplishment.  I have worked since February on this.  I made a lifestyle change for the better.  I am 14 weeks smoke free, 20+ pounds lighter, and man oh man, does it feel good!


Next stop—the dentist.  It’s time to make that change that started all of this.  Oh how I hate the dentist, but it’s time to complete the package.  Mental goal picture, here I come! Tongue out