For you Dee…

For you Dee…

Well everyone, I finally caved.  After 2 ½ months of working my butt off and resisting temptation every stinkin’ Friday night, I went for it.  I had…




Ahh, my love affair with pizza was rekindled, and the fire between me and Veggie Primavera burned again.  Our bond is strong my friends—strong as the most passionate love that walks this great earth. Kiss OK, not really, but it sure felt like it.


So it all started once again with my prego friend.  She oh so kindly picked me up during my oil change, and from there we decided where to eat.  The only problem at that point—we both weren’t really hungry.  So we cruised on into Lawrenceburg debating where we should go.  God bless her.  She knows I’m watching what I eat now and she is so understanding, which for a pregnant chick, is a miracle all in its own.  However, even though I’ve never had the joy of expecting, I still know that when a pregnant woman thinks something sounds good, you should accommodate it.


We went back and forth, “I don’t care, you are watching what you eat,” then I’d retort, “I don’t care either, you are pregnant.”  After a while, back at the lot to pick up my Jeep, she started to stare off into the distance just north of where we stood and got quiet.  She looked at me like a little girl does when she asks her dad for something and sheepishly asked, “Do you know what sounds good?”  She nodded her head in that direction and said, “A tuna hoagie.”  Just like the North Star, I knew where I needed to go.  “I can do that.”  As I said it, I swear I heard a piper playing old Colonial tunes, with a drummer rat-tat-tatting on the way to battle.  The sun was going down behind me, and as my hair blew in the wind like the flags from the car lot, I accepted my challenge.


When I walked through the door of LaRosa’s, my senses went into overload.  The warm, sweet smell of rising dough and melting mozzarella lingered heavily in the air, and for a moment my heart skipped a beat.  We sat down, Dee laughed, and asked, “So what are you going to get?”  Without hesitation, I hurriedly responded, “Personal/Small, Prima Veggie, pan crust.”  OK, so I knew the pan crust shouldn’t have been my first choice, but come one, it has been 2 ½ months people!  I did get a side salad instead of fries though (I already took that boat with the Arby’s incident) so I secretly didn’t fee too bad.Cool


The moment finally came.  Our waitress placed my little pan of heaven in front of me, and this rush came over me.  I picked one of the little pan-quarters up, looked oh so lovingly at it, and slowly took my first bite.  Ecstasy, sheer ecstasy!  I let out a sigh of sweet relief and smiled from ear to ear. Tongue out Sad, but true.  I could have caressed my Prima Veggie, but I didn’t want to be a total weirdo.  Diedra about lost it.  She had sat there, waiting, knowing full well what my response would be (after all, she is one of my best friends—she knows how I react to good food).  Apparently my reaction was priceless.


So halfway through the meal, Dee asks if they have a nutritional menu.  Undecided Reluctantly, I looked at it, but was totally surprised.  I really didn’t too bad!  Hey, hey, hey, I got my pizza and would live to talk about it!  I was on cloud 9, which happened to be made of rising pizza dough at that time.  I don’t know if it was the fact I haven’t had it in a long time, or I was just able to really appreciate the blend of Buddy’s ingredients, but that was the best serving of pizza I have ever had in my entire life.


However, with every up, there comes a down.  It wasn’t like the Arby’s wrap ordeal, but I messed up just a wee little bit.  Unfortunately there was a tad too much sodium in my pizza rendezvous, and I paid the price the next day.  I had a maintenance class, which apparently 12 hours isn’t long enough for your body to flush out the water that is retained when eating pizza.  Hello, it’s not like I lapped up a salt lick all night!  Nevertheless, my 2 weeks of workouts and wheat went right out the window.  Holly told me it was that pizza, and to give it a couple of days for the water retention to ease up.  The scale still went down, but it’s the principle of it all.  That kind of water weight isn’t something a Midol and heating pad can clear up.  Yell GRRR!!!


So here’s to you, Veggie Primavera.  Prima, I love you, and I’ll see you again soon, but it’s not going to be the night before my class.  And Dee, you let me know when you want a tuna hoagie again.Wink