Free music… and planning my BIG DAY!

Free music… and planning my BIG DAY!

Do you like free music? I do! And I also love learning about new, under-the-radar-not-on-the-charts-yet kind of music. I just learned about the PERFECT site: You go to the site, type in an artist you like and it plays music in that “genome” or genre all day long for you! So, for example, I like Amy Winehouse (and not just because she has an awesome first name). I like her soulful voice, the busy horns and bluesy beat. So, Pandora finds other artists (old school and fresh to the scene) based on my Amy Winehouse preference. And with each song, you have the option to give thumbs up or down to sway it’s future playlist decisions. So, for example, it thought I might like Beyonce. WRONG! I don’t like Beyonce. I gave it thumbs down. So it knew not to play anything Beyonce or anything like her ever again. Ahhh… I love it. Sorry, I just had to share my new-found knowledge of the best site ever.

Actually, a friend of mine from college told me about it. I met up with what I call the “Core Four”… us four girls stuck together all throughout college and now into the “real world.” We’ve been in eachother’s weddings, and we’re making a point to visit eachother at least a couple times a year, which is really special. They say you’re lucky to find one good friend in life. I found three. 🙂

Speaking of wedding. I’m doing pretty well with the planning. We have the place: The Verdin Bell Event Center The graphic designer for all save the dates, invites, table place cards, thank you cards, etc: Cincy Chic’s graphic designer, Cassandra Pedersen. We have the photographer (who also does all the photography on our site): Neysa Ruhl Photography She did an awesome job on our engagement photos… here’s a couple:

Click here for more of our engagement pics…

And my friend, who costumes for the Aronoff, is going to make my dress. We’re going to go down to Lexington to a material warehouse to pick out fabric for it. And for bridesmaides dresses, I’m thinking about doing something similar to the gold ones in this video: So, I think my colors are going to be champagne and gold… and a hint of fall colors in the flowers. If you know of any good florists, cake places, other random wedding things I’ll probably need, let me know by commenting on this blog (or in an email to