have a free cup of coffee today!

have a free cup of coffee today!

Morgan Freeman wants to buy you a cup of coffee today! Well, kind of…


To promote the upcoming Morgan Freeman/Greg Kinnear movie Feast of Love, MGM is treating patrons of "local" coffee shops around North America to a free cup of coffee tomorrow, Thursday September 20.

MGM is sponsoring this "North American Coffee Day" (not "National" since the event includes Canadian shops) during which "customers will be treated to free coffee by stopping by one of 92 coffee shops in 59 cities in North America in order to celebrate love, life and coffee in the spirit of the film’s coffee house backdrop." On the movie's official website you can view a list of the participating coffee shops that will give out free coffee from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Thursday (TODAY!)


 The Cincinnati location on the list is: 

The Coffee Emporium Roasting Company Cyber Café
110 East Central Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45202


All of this comes at a great time… we're now putting together our coffee issue that will be coming up in a couple weeks! Get excited!!! 🙂