Here’s the game plan…

Here’s the game plan…

Well everyone, we have a plan. I knew I had a ton of work ahead of me, but I guess when it’s all laid out, it kinda takes you back a bit. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark, but I’m betting that those extreme makeover shows skip a ton of info between the before and after picture. All I know is I’m thankful I’m getting my work done by the best of the best and every step is taken for a reason. At any rate, here’s the 411 on my consult…

So I got to see the mold of my mouth. I had to laugh—I have the smallest teeth EVER. Who knew cause I have such a big mouth—haha! Anyways, so I have small teeth, which actually works for me because I have a very nice arch. Hmm, maybe I should use that as a personal ad, “green eyes, long brown hair, nice arch…” Really, for having all my wisdom teeth in, nothing got shoved out of place, which works for my benefit.

Oh, and I found out a handy little tid-bit of info. My theory has always been this—screw root canals, caps, or filling after filling on those back teeth you can’t see…just pull the damn thing and spare me the time and pain. Well, apparently I’m not the Albert Einstein prodigy I thought I once was. Dr. Gibberman asks, “Do you like to eat?” Umm, yes, very much so. “Do you like to taste your food?” Yeah, every savory LaRosa’s bite. Apparently my tongue isn’t the only factor why that prima veggie pizza tastes like heaven! If those back teeth aren’t there, the food is chewed elsewhere, completely missing all those taste buds. Decision: fix them—I love food way too much.

I got to see my whole “slide show” if you will of my pictures and that nifty computer system they have. To reiterate, I HATE my teeth and smile. It’s hideous, embarrassing, childish…I can go on and on. Seeing it up close was a little rough, but it really put into perspective how badly I need this.

Without further ado, here is the game plan:

1) I go in for a cleaning next Thursday—nothing big, just a typical cleaning. After that, I’m scheduling a 6 month visit to keep my butt in line (well, Jennifer is scheduling me, but I like to think I took the motivation to do it—it makes me feel better if I tell myself that).
2) I’m getting all those cavities taken care. All those as in 11—yeah, told you guys it’s been a while. Who knew that even if you brush every day and didn’t have any tooth pain that those little devils could accumulate that fast? If that isn’t testimony enough for the rest of the anti-dentist crowd to get a check up, I don’t know what else to say.
3) Corrector piece. It’s like a retainer, but it will make sure that everything is in its proper place so I don’t go and bash the veneers right out of my mouth since I’m grinding somehow (possible when I chew). I kinda felt like a farm animal for a second, but was reassured, “No, you do not chew like a cow.” Dr. Gibberman thought I wouldn’t be too happy with wearing it, but he had to laugh when I responded, “I don’t care, as long as it’s not head gear!”
4) Zoom whitening to see what my natural shade is. This will be the deciding factor as to if I get 6 or 8 veneers, as well as what shade so I don’t have brown bottom teeth and blinding flashers on the top. Yeah, gives the phrase “two-toned” a completely different spin.
5) Deal with the cusped (not cuspate—thanks a bunch spell check, and a real thanks to Dr. Gibberman for filling me in—hahaha, no pun intended). As I said before, that little sucker is clinging on for dear life. Question is if it’s pulled, will the permanent tooth come down on its own later and screw up all the hard work he’s gonna do, or does it need to be cut out? YIKES!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that none of the above happen and it just chills up in my pallet like it has for all these years. Then will it be bridge or implant? That is yet to be determined by the oral surgeon.
6) Finally, after all the preparation, I will get my perfect veneers to finish the transformation!

So there you have it. Hopefully things go smooth with the oral surgeon’s decision—right now that’s the only thing that worries me, but I’m trying not to think about it until I cross that bridge (or implant). *insert rim shot*