Hi it’s me Ramona

Hi it’s me Ramona

Where do I begin!!  It all started at 2:00 p.m. at Tuscany Spa and Hair Salon.  As I walked through the door and told them who I was they all introduced themselves and sat me at a table with a cup of coffee.  What a way to start – especially after being with 15 wonderful children since 7:45 a.m. – remember I work at Milford Extended Day and have a pre-school class.  So, as I’m finishing my wonderful cup of coffee Anu enters and tells me she will be doing my eyebrow threading and they take me to a room behind closed doors (I was sure this was so that none of the clientele would hear me scream!!).  Well, what a room – music and all.  I told Anu she must be as calm as a cucumber.  The bed was heated and I could not of been more relaxed.  They even had music.  The threading did smart a little but not to bad and now for the first time in my life I have eyebrows.!!  Then she proceded to dye my lashes.  This is a deffinite must for the summer.  Just imagine swimming or sunning and not having mascara run down your face.

O.K.  – enter the owner.  What a lady.  I had time to wait before my hair adventure and she instructed Nicki to take me to a room for a massage.  Something else I will be doing again.  I hope she has her hands insured.  Are we getting the picture here?!!

Next, Jennifer is taking me to her station for my hair.  She is truly an artist and a miracle worker.  I had my hair highlighted and colored.  My natural hair color is red, so we stuck with that and she made it darker and added gold and blond highlights.  Then, on to the cutting.  She is better than Edward Scissorhands!!!!  My hair has never looked so fantastic – thank you Jennifer.

Now for the frosting on the cake.  Brittany did my make-up.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.  She also comes highly recommended. 

My adventure ended at 6:30 and believe it or not I had a meeting to make at 7:45.  I wanted to go to a crowded place, call my handsome husband and tell him to meet me and see how long it would take him to find me!!!  Kind of like a treasure hunt!!  But it was a mandatory meeting.  I did get a lot of oooohhhs and awes when I entered the conference room and even more when I walked through the door at home!

Needless to say my adventure was wonderful and I highly recommend Tuscany to all the ladies that want to really pamper themselves.  And most of all remember… you are worth it.