Hooray for downtown!

Hooray for downtown!

SO… I’m really excited about downtown right now. I spent the night before Thanksgiving – biggest bar night of the year – ALL downtown. Like a “real” downtown. Can you believe it? There wasn’t any “let’s get out of here before it gets late and we get mugged” or “let’s get out of here because it’s lame.” It was “let’s get out of here because there’s about 10 things going on downtown and we want to go to all of them.”

I used to live in Philadelphia. My apartment wasn’t any bigger than a broom closet, but it was in the city. I loved it and chose to live there because there were things always going on, the city was alive and it was all very walkable. I missed that so much when I moved back to Cincinnati. Everything here you have to drive to because where there’s a good restaurant, it’s far from good nightlife, and there certainly isn’t a few good nightlife places near each other. Until now!

Some great downtown hangouts are The Cincinnati Mansion, Cadillac Ranch, Sully’s, Bang, and your good ol’ McFaddens that began the whole 7th St. downtown nightlife.

If you haven’t been downtown lately, you should. There’s nothing like emulating the episodes of Sex in the City walking down the skyscraper-lined streets in fabulous fashion ready to let your hair down with your best girlfriends.

And because you read Cincy Chic, we’re sure you’ll look ever so chic doing so…