I picked my teeth!

I picked my teeth!

Oh wow, I am getting super excited now! The last few weeks have been jammed packed with teeth happenings and I’m getting butterflies just thinking about it. I went a couple weeks ago so that Dr. Gibberman could check in on how the occlusal guard was working for me. Looks like that little plastic wonder did its job—I was biting the way I should be. Who would have thought that goofy thing would correct years of the hard work my brain has put in destroying my mouth? OK, so destroying is a tad extreme, but I certainly wasn’t doing myself any good.

While I was there, he went ahead and corrected my bite, saving me a trip up there. Sorry Krista, I know I asked what the technical term for what he did was the other day, but I forgot. All I could think was, “More Novocain? Right on, that felt kinda good when my cavities were filled…could always use that tingly sensation again!” “Nope!” Krista smiled, “it’s completely painless! He actually uses an instrument with a diamond tip.” Hey, hey, hey! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, even when it comes to the dentist! So away Dr. Gibberman went, smoothing out my teeth so that I wasn’t grinding and doing all that damage. After “tap tap tapping” on this funny blue paper that looks like the back of a carbon copy, he smoothed some more, then voila! My bite was corrected!

It’s amazing how different my mouth feels. I really never realized how jacked up something as simple as your bite was. I don’t find myself clenching my jaw, and I feel much more relaxed when I’m “at ease”.

So this week I went for my cosmetic evaluation. Woo hoo, more impressions! Krista is a plaster goddess—no gagging mouthful of goop or junk all over my face. Of course I get a little bit, which looks like I was eating White-Out, but it was just some flakes around my lips. Bless her heart, she even covered me up with a blanket cause I had a skirt on my legs were chilly. After she did her part, Dr. Gibberman started the eval. We talked about what I wanted my veneers to look like (I’ll describe more later) and went over again what I want to gain with a new smile. Next, Krista whips out her notes and Dr. Gibberman goes to town. I had to show a big smile (which I still feel self-conscious about) so he could see my “mid-line”, which is basically the line between your two front teeth and its position to your mouth. What do you know, mine is a little to the right. Of course I had a mid-canyon, so I have no idea what I am looking at, but he did.

He proceeded to take these impressions of what I am guessing are the teeth next to the front two, and my cuspids. It was weird, but totally cool. It was this plate type thing that had 4 waxy caps on it and big stick in the middle (which placed my mid-line). I have to laugh now—I felt like I was Forrest Gump when he got his magic shoes with all the measurements to mold out my teeth. Next he measured my teeth and talked about the size of what my veneers will be. Like I said before, I have small teeth—and nothing proves that more than having this little itty bitty measuring device sizing up my chompers.

Pretty soon we were done, and he left me and Krista to discuss size and shape. Yes, I was able to sit there and go through a book and pick what I wanted. It was like getting a new car, I swear! “Should I go with the LE or the LX package? Do I want a sunroof? Hmm, green or silver?” It was so much fun—like I was choosing how I wanted my life to start over. The power was in my hands, but dear Lord, I can’t make a decision like that to save my life. I flipped back and forth, and eventually came to the decision of “square-round, square-round, pointed.” Wow, that sounds like a 3rd base coach or something. In a nut shell, the square-round is a little more feminine, where something such as square-square is more masculine. The pointed is my cuspid, which I decided on that only because if it’s too pointed, Dr. Gibberman can smooth it out to something I like.

So there you have it. I picked my teeth out! Oh, and I might not have to have this stupid baby tooth and permanent tooth cut out either! We are thinking we might take a different route. Ah, ah, ah—can’t tell you that until next time. Next week I go in for my Zoom whitening—which I can’t wait for because I can’t remember the last time my teeth were perfectly white. I’M SO EXCITED!!! It’s really here; my dream of a perfect smile is almost reality. Somebody pinch me! Till next time!