I survived!

I survived!

My, my, my…where to begin?! Tongue out


So A LOT has happened since the last blog.  We had the launch party this last weekend which was awesome–thanks to everyone who made it!  It was a great time, but I also faced some not-so-great challenges.  Our party spot was in Newport–a smoke em' if you got em' city.  This was my first time going out to a bar since I quit smoking, and boy did I want one.  I was just watching people smoke and blow the smoke up into the air, thinking, "That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen."  Ohhh, it would have been so easy to just smoke one–GOD, it would have been easy!  There I was, drink in one hand, and nothing in other.  It felt so weird I could have put a sock puppet on my empty hand and talked to people with it just to do something!  Thank goodness I had a straw in my glass 'cause that kept the right side of my body occupied, although the puppet would have been rather interesting.


Well I made it through the night without a smoke, and actually tomorrow will be my 1 month mark.  WOOHOO!!!  Hooray for me!  Laughing  Now, my second challenge…drinking.  Somehow I managed to survive the drinking/cigarette combo.  I also had to watch what I was drinking with my calorie consumption.  Obviously beer would not have been the proper choice–it's a pork chop in a can!  I tried for a Stoli and Diet Coke, but no Stoli, so I went for my next favorite, a 7 & 7 (Seagrams 7 and 7-Up).  Diet and straight liquor, that is about the best choice you can get for a bar drink–I just can't do wine while breaking a move on the dance floor.


Next challenge–the food.  Ahhh!!!!  Yell  Of course there was a HUGE pot of the best appetizers ever–Swedish Meatballs.  Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.  God, it all looked so freakin' good.  I could have just grabbed the whole pot of meatballs and a toothpick, then go in a corner somewhere and just chow down.  I made a plate up for my mom and my aunt (they are the 2 hot ladies that look like me in the party pics) but made nothing for myself.  I frantically grabbed Chrisy to check out the spread with me.  Thank goodness she was there or I would have really gone over my limit!  After breaking it all down, I opted to skip the apps and saved my night snack for a little something when I got home.


So I survived the party with no smokes and no munchies.  Can we say miracle?  LOL–I like to call it a "Miracle on York Street"!  *insert drum and cymbal roll, and a groan for the cheesy line*


Saturday came the weigh in and our class about exercise.  I lost another 2 pounds!  I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed it was only 2, but Holly told me that is normal, and is actually the proper amount to lose.  So I'm up to 8–almost to the pre-quitting weight.  Our exercise class was pretty fun too.  Shocker here, but I used to run varsity sprints in high school (couldn't tell by looking at me now though!) so I am already familiar with the fundamentals of a good workout.  However, we talked about easy things to do at home and how long to do certain parts of a workout.  Jeannine busted out the good old resistance band and showed us all these cool ways to use it.  Of course I went out this week and bought one.


Finally, I faced going out to eat on Sunday.  Dunn dunn dunn….at the Cracker Barrel.  Oh how I love some country cookin', especially the chicken and dumplins (yes, dumplins with no "g").  I usually get the dumplin dinner with my sides as fried apples and even more dumplins, plus biscuits (my arteries are clogging just typing this).  I went with a more sensible chicken tenderloin dinner with green beans, mashed taters, and fat-free Italian on my side salad.  Of course, me being the excellent student that I am Cool, I ate the proper portions and boxed up the rest.  I survived the CB, but I'm still not ready for Skyline.


I want to say something important here.  I have had many people ask how I am doing with this program, and when I describe what I got going, the most common thing I hear is, "oh, so it is like Weight Watchers."  NO, NO, and NO!  It is nothing like Weight Watchers.  I'm not saying they are bad or ripping on them, but Personal NewTrition and Weight Watchers are 2 totally different things.  I'm learning how to eat and with proper portions.  I'm learning how my metabolism affects my calories.  I'm learning why I eat the things I do.  It is a complete change in my eating habits and lifestyle.  I repeat, they are 2 totally different programs.


Whew, ok, got that out…


Alright, well I'm off to work out.  Look forward to a special birthday edition next week!  Oh, and I want to leave everyone with a quote from my daily calendar.  I find it very fitting for everything I've shared so far and everything my future holds…just something to think about: 

                            "Nothing will work unless you do."  -Maya Angelou