I’m a Crystal Violet!

I’m a Crystal Violet!

Cincy Chic just brought on Psychic Karen as a new writer and she’ll be doing aurascopes each week. We’ve been trying to find an online-friendly psychic or card reader, and then we found Karen on whatsmyaura.com, a site where you can get online readings, learn which aura color you have – heck, even find out your pet’s aura color!

Here’s what I found out today… I’m a Crystal Violet! When I took the free 2-question test on Karen’s site, whatsmyaura.com, I learned the following about myself:

Crystal Violets are one of the strongest color combinations in the spiritual group. They are clear headed, mentally alert, and have the ability to bring clarity to complex issues. In addition, they are natural and intuitive healers who use their energy to help others to make sense of the world, and can guide people through difficult, confusing times. They only get involved in causes if they know they can make a difference. Crystal Violets think in terms of the community – locally, nationally or globally. They are aware of how their actions, and the actions of others, contribute to the spiritual, physical and emotional environment. Crystal Violets help others to think beyond themselves to improve the quality of life for everyone. They can use their gifts to bring ideas to the forefront, to lobby for environmental or political change, or to lead in the health/wellness, medical or spiritual arenas. They need help to give themselves permission to satisfy their own needs, and a support system to build them up if they fail to meet expectations.

Woah! Pretty interesting stuff! The line that really struck me was the “They only get involved in causes if they know they can make a difference.” That’s so true, especially with our upcoming Bras with Flair on the Square event coming up! I definitely encourage you to be a part of this worthwhile event as well!

Tonight, Pete, my fiancee and I are off to watch My Fair Lady tonight downtown. Very excited!

Have a great day!