I’m getting closer

I’m getting closer

Wow, time has flown since my last blog. First and foremost I should explain why I’m just getting to blog about the last dentist visit as well as my upcoming appointment. In my creative mind I thought it would be more enticing to talk about my cleaning and my oral surgeon in one blog, and since they were just days apart, it worked out better. That was until my big let down. Let down is a bit of an understatement actually—I will go into detail later. So I was not quite in the blogging mood for about a week, and as Murphy’s Law seems to rule lately, our internet started moving slower than molasses and would constantly boot me off when I finally felt up to typing. I’m talking watching paint dry would be more productive than sitting here watching the hour glass spin.

I don’t know what the gig was, but I can’t complain now—I’m up and running and I have a lot to share, so here it goes….

The last appointment I had was to get my teeth cleaned, something I haven’t done in years and is probably the sole reason I have all these cavities. I was looking forward to it though—it almost made me feel like I was getting a clean slate. I sat down in the chair, had a quick convo with Dr. Gibberman about my upcoming oral surgeon consult, then Karen got to work. I’m really learning a lot about dentistry and all these interesting facts about teeth. For example, did you know that you form more build up on the lower teeth that need to be cleaned because of the glands there? Or did you know we need fluoride treatments as adults because our gums recede? Yeah, its’ not just guy’s hairlines ladies—both men and women suffer from our gums creeping up on us.

So I get the best cleaning ever—Karen chipped away, primarily at the stains on the back of my lower front teeth, and gave me a painted-on fluoride treatment. It did look as though I hadn’t brushed for days and had flaky stuff on my teeth, but at least with the treatment she gave me I could eat and drink immediately after. Wow, did that cleaning make a difference—when I showed my dad my cleaned chompers, he thought I actually had my teeth whitened! I can’t wait to see what they look like when that happens—I’ll be like Ross from Friends on the teeth whitening and black light episode!

Well, I went on my merry way, with the next trip being to the oral surgeon. This is where I got bummed. OK, hacked off and shifting into bitch mode is more like it. So I take my nifty x-ray in and immediately old memories start flooding back to me. The office was blah, and while the girl at the counter was nice, the rest of my visit was like I went back in time. There I sat, pretty much being told what my options are for the tooth rammed up in my jaw. Oh, what do you know, he pushes the gradual pull down bracket thing and braces, and then tells me to call an orthodontist. Umm, NO!!!! I wanted to cry. I’m 26 and I had to hold back the tears or fright and anger like I did when I was 14. Not only did the guy not crack so much as a half grin at my witty answers, but made me want to call off this whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, he is good and explained that I am in good shape and shouldn’t have any issues getting the tooth down whichever route I took, but he was no Dr. Gibberman.

Basically I stewed for days about that visit. I had a lot to think about too. He pretty much told me I had three options. First, there was the braces idea. That my friends was a breath he should have saved. Nope, not gonna happen. You’re wasting your time. If I wanted braces I would have called an orthodontist years ago. Second option was to obviously cut it out and do the implant. Third, cut and do a bridge, which he also didn’t like. Whatever, jerk.

So I’m still torn on implant or bridge. I’m putting that guidance in Dr. Gibberman’s hands when I see him this week. He is like my Yoda, my Mr. Miyagi to the dentistry world. The great wise one who all go to in search of answers and reassurance. I’m thinking the bridge, but we’ll see.

I get my cavities filled on Wednesday—all 11 in one mouth numbing visit. I wanted to get it done in one shot, so I need to get a good song list together on my IPod. I’m thinking slow ballads or rockin’ 80’s music. I’m not too nervous…yet that is. I think I’m more worried about drooling all over myself until the novocain wears off. This ought to be an interesting event to report back on.

Here’s to Wednesday—may the novocain be strong and my saliva glands go dry!